posted by davidt on Tuesday July 24 2007, @08:00PM
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Set List:

Panic / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / All You Need Is Me / You Have Killed Me / In The Future When All's Well / Let Me Kiss You / Whatever Happens, I Love You / Girlfriend In A Coma / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Disappointed / That's How People Grow Up / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Irish Blood, English Heart / The National Front Disco / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / How Soon Is Now? // The Last Of The Famous International Playboys

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  • "We're really missing you and you've only just gone. Our hearts, they left with you...what else can we do?
    We're here, we won't move"

    Rest up, friend--u deserve it. Goodnight and THANK YOU! xo
    Corrissey -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @08:09PM (#269661)
    (User #18538 Info)
    Here you'll find my thoughts and I
  • I hope this was a good one....
    Hope to see you again...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @08:11PM (#269662)
  • This is what Borgata staff threatened us with as we lined up tonight. "If you try and get on the stage tonight you will be arrested for trespassing!" Crowd looked miniscule at the beginning of Kristeen's set but grew substantially. Raucous, rowdy crowd by showtime. Got very wild up near the barrier. Was able to get the cuff of Moz's black shirt. First one of three to come off during the night. One girl got up on stage early on. Then during Playboys, quite a few attempts, but very few successes. Don't know how the ones who got up there managed to jump the barricade as it was very high. Very friendly crowd helping each other during the complete chaos at the end. Great night to end the tour on. Met some very nice fans from the area as well. Hi to you all.

    Probably the last time I'll see Moz as I am moving to far off places. Can smell incensed cologne coming from my pocket as I type, so no complaints from me.


    9 x Fined
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @08:50PM (#269672)
  • whoever went was super lucky to see his last show in america probably this year.
    ringchase -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @08:51PM (#269674)
    (User #19560 Info)
  • Having gone to both shows, (The Mann Center being my first Moz concert ever!) I hafta say I liked the Mann Center performance better. Or maybe I just have personal space issues because I was in the standing room up front this time haha. He seemed a little more into joking with the crowd and did alot more vocal flourishes at the Mann. But tonight was still an amazing night.

    "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris" could possibly be one of my favorite Moz tunes of all time. I'm a bit worried though, after he finished the song he told Julia that he didn't think the crowd liked it very much. (when really I'm sure they were all just listening intently trying to learn the song!) I could see it being a 2nd or 3rd single from his new CD, though he'll prolly lead off with a harder hitting song.

    Oh and Kristeen Young was very sexy although I'll admit I almost never can understand what she's singing.

    WOX von Wubbins -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @09:23PM (#269678)
    (User #14866 Info)
  • What an utterly amazing night. I am still in shock and still trying to process what just happened. I was onstage and kissed Morrissey.. ..And no, I didn't get arrested; I made it out just fine! I was talking with these two guys all night and I mentioned to them that I wanted to get up there, and they told me they would help me. I knew I wanted to go for it, but didn't know if it was possible because it seemed like a pretty good jump. Then in the middle of the last song (International playboys), my two new friends looked at me and we went for it!! I thought I was done b/c two security guards grabbed me as soon as I got over, but then Morrissey came over and grabbed my hand. It was a tug of war for a minute, but then they let me go and Morrissey pulled me up!! How unbelievable?! When I got up there I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek!! I jumped off the stage and nobody said anything to me. As soon as I got off so many nice people were slapping me five and this one awesome girl gave me a hug but all I could do is cry and cry....
            On top of my ridiculous luck, I managed to get a piece of his shirt, thanks to these three nice people who were splitting it up. Thank you so much for my little shard of shirt, I will treasure it forever!! It even smells like him!! I also have to thank my boyfriend Bruce who tried desperately to get me a piece of the shirt too. Most of all, I want to thank those two wonderful guys who catapulted me over the barrier, without you there is no way I would have ever made it, and Morrissey for grabbing my hand and pulling me up!!! I love all of you, thank you for an amazing night! If anyone has any pictures of me on stage I would greatly greatly appreciate it if you would get in touch with me. Please feel free to email me at [email protected]. I hope everyone who was there had as much fun as I did, it was definitely a night I will never forget!
    geekycheeks -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @09:30PM (#269681)
    (User #19465 Info)
  • What a great concert tonight to end the tour!! Moz was in fine form and very chatty with the audience throughout. A couple of cracks in the voice but he overcame it well and was heartfelt on all of the lyrics and looked genuinely glad to be there. I finally got the answers to who "Julia" is. He asked her at one point why the audience was screaming for him. Her answer was "appreciation" (and some other stuff I couldn't make out.) We got to hear the new stuff including "Paris" which I thought was quite good.
        I found the antics of security a bit disturbing on the encore. They were very rough with the stage invaders especially one chap who was thrown to the ground when he made it onto the stage, managed to crawl across the stage to Morrissey despite being physically blanketed by security, only to almost reach Moz and then be thrown (that's what it looked like to me) back into the audience. It was unnecessary and disturbing to watch. I think they got too carried away with their job and didn't need to be that physical with the fans. I don't think Moz was too thrilled about it either.
          The place did not look full to me with most of the people in the bleachers moving down to the pit area. I wonder how many seats went unsold after the original cancellation and rescheduling. I thought Moz deserved a better showing of his fans. The place holds about 2500 and their might have been 1/2 that there.
          Kristeen's set was unintelligible. My husband and I did not understand one word of her lyrics. We were concerned it was the acoustics of the venue causing it, but Moz was very easy to understand throughout. So it must have been her or the mix by the sound board. The music sounded interesting enough, but who the heck knows what she was singing about!
          I can now die a happy girl...I got to hear "Please,Please, Let Me Get What I Want." Thanks for everything tonight, Moz. Words can't describe how much that song means to me.

    mbsmoz -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @09:41PM (#269682)
    (User #19522 Info)
  • First, I thought tonight was much better than the Mann show. The acoustics seemed much better in the indoors venue, and I, for one, like the Borgata Event Center b/c the GA tix allow you to get close to the stage. It's a fan-friendly setup!

    Moz was very talkative. He spoke to Julia frequently. He asked, "Why do people scream? Julia, why do they scream?" He couldn't find her for a moment, and asked, "Julia's left the building?" Then he gave her the mic and she said, "Appreciation. Jubilation." He replied something like, "I don't think so. You're just being nice."

    At another point there was a young boy, and Moz asked his name and offered the mic. He said, "Kyle." Moz didn't understand, then butchered the name before finally getting it right. He was truly embarrassed and walked away as the band started the next song. Touching moment.

    Another stand out exchange was with a couple of Argentian fans, who asked Moz to play their counry. He asked where, and they said a city I didn't catch, but later on Moz said, "Buenes Aires", which I took to mean he would rather play there?

    He introduced the band, saying most of them were "rough" and "ready", but for Boz he said something like, "He who must be obeyed". Towards the end, the band and Moz interlocked arms and took a bow. The evening seemed to have a theme of fan appreciation throughout.

    The usual lyrical changes were made (Americans sick of Republicans, Fox News) etc.

    He left out Pigsty and TIALTWNGO. Like the T-shirts for sale at the show, the new songs seem flat to me, without much of a hook. But all in all, the band was fantastic and my friends and I had a great time. Well, I wonder, is this the last time I'll see Moz?

    Thank you, Morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @10:04PM (#269686)
  • the problem is they arent your average venue security, its the same security they use for the casino. This is the 2nd concert Ive seen there and believe me they dont put up with shit. It really was great however to see them chasing the fans around on stage at the end of Playboys.
    Other than that an amazing show, my first Moz show. Cant say I got to shake his hand or anything but we had some serious prolonged eye contact during Please Please Please & Thorn. My god that was better than sex!
    NewArtRiot -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @10:06PM (#269688)
    (User #19738 Info)
  • I've seen Moz several times, but this ranks up there among the best. Waaaaaay better than the Philly show last night. Got there hours early, waited in line forever, but it was worth it. Despite threats that we'd be "Arrested for trespassing"...dude, seriously. Got a great spot up front when doors opened, right behind Julia. Sitting through Kristeen Young wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. I don't think I'll be buying her record anytime soon, but I've heard worse. Although whoever told her her eye makeup looks good like that should probably be shot, but I digress...Moz came out, and gave it to us one great song after another, the tempo did not let up at all. Knew it would be a good one when 2 out of the first 3 songs were tunes he did not play the night before. The crowd in my area was very energetic. I almost cried during "Everyday Is Like Sunday" Managed to get a piece of the last shirt he threw out, which smells phenomenal- anyone have any clue what scent that is he wears? But yeah, many thanks to the 3 or 4 very cool people I shared the last shirt with- I don't think I've ever had a tighter deathgrip on anything in my life, thanks for not cutting or burning my fingers off- our teamwork let us all go home with a wonderfully scented souvenir.
    Darth Vegan -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @10:09PM (#269689)
    (User #19076 Info |
  • What do you think Moz will do now that he has the rest of the year Off???

    I say alot of rest and brew-haha's aha!!!!

    Viva Morrissey!!!
    Hesaid -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @10:27PM (#269697)
    (User #12049 Info)
    I know what will make u smile tonight...
  • let's have it, eh?
    Darth Vegan -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @10:54PM (#269700)
    (User #19076 Info |
  • Why did my flowers get taken away at the door? I saw plenty being thrown at Morrissey.

    Also, that fight for the last shirt was disgusting. I almost got trampled. I have it all on video. After I calmed myself and caught my breath, I went back over to the fight, cut myself a piece of shirt and walked away. Stupid boys were still fighting over it after 5 minutes.
    I'm just pissed because there were little kids in that audience. I hope the one in front of me got out ok.

    I got to meet a few people from here which was awesome. I also found out that there were some bitches in the audience. Cat fights all over.
    If anyone was standing behind Julia with me, did you see this?

    Great show, but awful crowd (in my area that is).
    I have bruises like I went to a Slayer show..LOL

    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @10:57PM (#269701)
  • After much strife and disappointment with the cancellation of the two shows I had planned on going to, it was fantastic to finally see Morrissey. And on the last night of the tour to boot. Only my third show ever, in addition to two I saw in the UK in December. I hope this isn’t the last I will see of our well-dressed friend…

    As previously stated, the venue was quite small and not sold out; though you’d never know it up front, where the energy was high and the adoration palpable.
    I feel it necessary to offer my apologies to those near me ( front center three ‘rows’ back ?) that i accidentally shoved or elbowed. I'm sure everyone's used to it, but still...

    Generally speaking, it was a crowd of nice, friendly people. I met some kind people in line, including the girl who gave me a rose from her boquet so I could give it to Moz. Too bad they took all the flowers away…Still ,thanks! I especially want to thank the girl slightly behind me who helped my shorter redhead friend get back a bit closer to me. Somebody moved at one point, and you helped nudge her into the new spot instead of taking it for yourself. That was very kind and much appreciated.

    Kristeen is not quite my cup of tea, and I do have a hard time understanding what she says, but she was nice tonight. I like her comment that went something like " I know this is Morrissey's show, and this is your house, and i would just like to thank you for welcoming me into your house." That was pretty classy. I was highly amused to see two burly security guards come out before her set with the sole task of sprinkling glitter onto cymbols and drums. I also enjoyed that Baby Jeff came out with a lollipop.

    After Kristeen was the usual video, and then a man came and sprayed something into the audience all along the stage. Since I haven’t had the privilege of going to any other shows on this tour - and had not yet seen this happen – I can only assume he was spraying cologne? Please enlighten me if you know what this was all about.

    The beginning of the set was great; starting with Panic ( which I hoped would be TQID), then moving into another uptempo crowd pleaser FOTGTD. After this was The Youngest Was the Most Loved (my favorite from Ringleader), and then All You Need is Me. How true. Not long after this was Boz on the clarinet telling me that I would be a happy girl since I would get to hear Whatever Happens, I Love You.

    That’s all I remember for the order or songs…though seeing as there is no setlist yet posted, I will take a stab at naming the ones he played:
    You’re Gonna Need Someone, Let Me Kiss You, Girlfriend, The Boy with the Thorn, HSIN?, Please,Please Please…, Everyday is Like Sunday, Disappointed, You Have Killed Me, In the Future.., I Just Want to See the Boy Happy, Irish Blood English Heart, National Front Disco, That’s How People Grow Up, I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris, The Last of the Famous…

    He did the usual adlibs, and dropped some lyrics here and there for one reason or another. He was pretty talkative and charming with the crowd, letting several people speak. He did find Julia, though I still don’t know what she looks like, and he asked her the question about why people scream. Her answer was honest, but I would have preferred to hear something a little more along the lines of “we scream simply because it is much easier than forming coherent sentences when overly excited.” Some person also asked him to kiss her hand, and Morrissey did not seem very pleased. He backed away a couple of steps, muttering something, and eventually one of the guards whipped it out of the lady’s hand and gave the mic back to him.

    He barely sang any of International Playboys before more people started trying to get on stage. (There were a few successful stage invaders before this). Then security pretty much freaked out, as others have written about, includinf the kid who got bodyslammed or clotheslined or something equally unpleasant. Moz kind of raised an eyebrow and shook his head in disapproval.
    takemebacktoblighty -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @10:58PM (#269702)
    (User #19409 Info)
  • questionable setlist,half crowd,end of tour perhaps..
    was anyone disappointed?
    markmustb1 -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @11:21PM (#269705)
    (User #13161 Info)
    cos no one ever turns to me to say ...
  • give us the facts:

    relevant highlights
    morrissey mannerisms

    keep it simple. i don't care if it was your first concert or if the guy ahead of you sang to all the songs or smelled bad, shut the fuck up!

    give us the facts, you idiots
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @11:29PM (#269708)
  • I was taking pictures with the cameras of 2 girls behind me. If you are reading this send me some of the pictures please.
    starless -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @12:06AM (#269717)
    (User #19741 Info)
    • Re:pictures by bogdana (Score:1) Wednesday July 25 2007, @07:40AM
  • I smiled when moz was singing the Girlfriend in a Coma line "Do you really think she'll pull through..." and he gestured to the side of the stage where the first stage invader (female) was escorted off. He was playful and friendly with the crowd the whole night and looked so handsome in his blue shirt!
    wendigogal -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @12:25AM (#269722)
    (User #19742 Info)
  • Had trouble holding the camera steady up front. Still got a couple ok shots.
    9 x Fined -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @01:31AM (#269727)
    (User #18826 Info)
  • When morrissey opened up... he said, "Atlantic City of all places."
    Christ was he right.
    What a shitty place for any human. It's filled with entitled acting heterosexuals and stupid wives out for a "girls night." Which translates into moms acting slutty.
    Getting into the theatre there wasn't much difference.
    Wedges? To a morrissey show? for the love of god? WHY!
    In1804 -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @04:52AM (#269736)
    (User #19720 Info)
  • Last night was a strange show.

    As others have pointed out, the place was only half full. You would not know that up front, where mayhem prevailed.

    Morrissey seemed visibly unenthused, I thought. A different man from the night before, when he was positively glowing. To his credit, he did not phone it in, he really made an effort.

    The highlight for me was "Please, Please, Please," which was absolutely stunning. It seemed like he squeezed the whole American tour into that one. The depth of his emotion was epic.

    This was the first time that I have been right up front, and I now understand - Morrissey is the best smelling man alive. Really, I get it. I went weak at the kness when I got a whiff of him - he has pheremones that just won't quit. I'm not the kind of person who generally enjoys other people's sweat, but Morrissey is a walking chemical reaction. ; )

    On our way home, my husband and I dropped by a rest stop on the Parkway. It was very late, and the place was closed up and terribly depressing. I was feeling kinda down, and somehow a bit conflicted about the whole evening. Then I met a lovely couple - I think it may have been the girl who Morrissey pulled on stage. We were all goggle-eyed about the whole event, and about Morrissey's ridiculous, inexplicable attraction. Then the guy pulled out a piece of Morrissey's shirt, which we all proceeded to smell. It was so funny - two couples, one very young, one old enough to remember The Smiths, in a rest stop in New Jersey, handling a holy relic. I don't know why I found the whole thing so terribly moving, except to say that the man is still magic. He is an antidote to the mundane.

    One note on Kristeen Young - she seemed visibly dejected last night, and I can understand why. I'm not a particular fan of her music, but it's clear that she is mad about Morrissey, and that she "gets" him. He is a beautiful anarchist, indeed.

    Anaesthesine -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @05:19AM (#269742)
    (User #14203 Info)
    If Moz did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.
  • Kind of in order, but not really:

    First Of the Gang To Die
    The Youngest Was the Most Loved
    Whatever Happens, I Love You
    Girlfriend In A Coma
    All You Need Is Me
    Let Me Kiss You
    In The Future When All's Well
    You Have Killed Me
    The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
    That's How People Grow Up
    Everyday Is Like Sunday
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    Tne National Fron Disco
    I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
    How Soon Is Now?
    Last Of The Famous International Playboys

    I think these were all the songs. Life is a Pigsty was supposed to be after please please, but Moz cut it. Mikey was actually already sitting at his keyboard facing the side of the stage so Moz had to walk all the way to the side - almost off stage - to get his attention.

    My 12th Morrissey show, I was 3 people behind Julia. fantastic night. I bet those dicks are still there fighting for the last shirt!

    How about that tackle security made on that skinhead? amazing.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @06:42AM (#269749)
  • What better place (in America anyway) to sing the lines:

    "This is the coastal town, that they forgot to close down, come Armageddon, come Armageddon, come."

    Lets just hope he's not singing, "hide on the promenade, ectch on a postcard, how I dearly wish I was not here..."

    Greenespace -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @06:46AM (#269751)
    (User #19702 Info)
  • You were taking pictures with your phone and an actual camera. You kept taking really good pictures... can you please post them to flickr?

    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @06:52AM (#269752)
  • Here's a link to some of the photos I took... many more to come soon! s/72157600995316725/detail/ []
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @06:55AM (#269753)
  • I've been seeing Morrissey since 1991 (first time in Wembley Arena, i was the one that wore that vintage 1992 tour shirt) and ever since i've been hoping to see the above song performed live, over the years I lost hope but when i saw the set list of this tour I could not believe it...well i guess it will never happen now, why Panic why?? I saw that song already on the UK tour last year and to be honest it's one of those songs that sounds better in the album. So i shouted "the Queen is dead" throughout the show and Moz even replied once "Of course you can say whatever you want, it is a free country..." :-) Also i think that "The Boy..." was quite poor performed in terms of guitar playing, Tobias needs some lessons from Johnny...

    I was the one that shouted "Morrissey" during Kristeen set, didn't mean to put her down just something we use to do in the UK tour. I have to admit though that her set was terrible, sorry not my cup of tea, I miss the days when Moz had really good opening acts (Libertiens, Sack).
    One last thing - there was this guy at the front(left side) that for some strange reason decided to fight with everyone (including that tall blonde chick) bloody wanker.
    KarelMoz -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @07:28AM (#269768)
    (User #11748 Info)
  • bogdana <[email protected]> -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @07:51AM (#269776)
    (User #14942 Info |
    I can admit Im a crashing bore. Some people might be truly disappointed about that. But, Im not sorry.
    • Re:Pictures by nowherefast944 (Score:1) Wednesday July 25 2007, @05:10PM
    • great shots by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday July 25 2007, @05:56PM
  • Great show...thank you Morrissey for a great tour, rest up and feel better my friend. I have many good photos from the show on myspace...I am lindaleigh69, request me as a friend if you'd like to see them...I was on the rail so the pics are nice :)
    lindaleigh69 -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @08:28AM (#269783)
    (User #19527 Info)
    uNruLy GirL
    • Re:moz in AC by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday July 25 2007, @08:43AM
      • Re:moz in AC by lindaleigh69 (Score:1) Wednesday July 25 2007, @05:23PM
    • Re:moz in AC by geekycheeks (Score:1) Wednesday July 25 2007, @01:34PM
  • I have my videos up on myspace. They are just clips of some songs, talking and the fight for the shirt. Some are good quality and some are not.
    The pictures I took are EXCELLENT. I will be uploading them tonight and I'll post the link.

    Here's a link to my page

    when there click on videos underneath my picture. You will need to have a myspace account to see them.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @09:03AM (#269793)
  • i don't think anyone has mentioned this, but fuck the skinny white bouncer who was in the center. his name was ronnie. he was the biggest prick i've ever met. and i don't mean a prick in the way that bouncers can be pricks. i mean, he sat 10 feet from kristeen young during her set, and talked very loudly with some folks in the front row (equally disrespectful) about how much they thought she sucked. and i don't know if that was why, and i'm not sure how many people saw, but kristeen cried through more than half of her set. i'm sure she's emotional about the tour ending, having been opening for morrissey for the last year, but this douche bag was not helping matters.

    i don't care how much someone dislikes an artist. until that person has been on stage, and poured their heart out through their work, and had people ridicule them, how can anybody possibly think they know how she feels??
    helloiamthegirlracer -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @09:27AM (#269800)
    (User #12566 Info)
    • Re:bittersweet by carlos (Score:1) Wednesday July 25 2007, @10:28AM
    • Re:bittersweet by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday July 25 2007, @10:48PM
      • Re:bittersweet by helloiamthegirlracer (Score:1) Thursday July 26 2007, @05:38PM
        • Re:bittersweet by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday July 27 2007, @01:35AM
          • Re:bittersweet by helloiamthegirlracer (Score:1) Friday July 27 2007, @12:29PM
    • Re:bittersweet by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday July 26 2007, @04:34PM
  • I saw the Moz at the Paramount about like 15 yrs ago, It was good but last night was awesome. Maybe it was the anticipation of seeing him since I had tickets to the garden and didnt get the Borgata ticket till the last minute, I truly had a great experience and met some great people, The two lovely woman from Long Island know who they are. Did anyone else pick up that Moz was shooting the sound guy looks almost like he was mad at the levels or what was happening with the sound about 3/4 way through the show?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @10:00AM (#269806)
    What did they spray at the audience right before he came on? Air freshener?

    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @10:16AM (#269814)
  • FYI the two dudes from Argentina said they were from Buenos Aires, but Morrissey didn't understand at first, had them clarify, and then made some banal comment about what a beautiful place it was. It was quite a prolonged interaction -- him handing the mic over about 3 or 4 times -- the last two of which, one of the guys insisted Morrissey kiss his hand. "Kiss my hand, Morrissey! Kiss my hand! It is my dream!" He kept deploring Moz. Morrissey at first stumbled off a bit as though contemplating, but, being historically a very self-respecting person, just muttered "Disgraceful" a number of times before launching into the next song. (After all, they should have been begging to kiss HIS hand, no?)

    The little boy being exploited by his mother was named Kyle, though Morrissey at first said "Carlos," and then, jokingly, "Car-lo," in an Italian accent. Other comments included the "Say what you will-- this is a democratic society, supposedly," and other typical political jabs.

    A highlight for me (besides having a prime vantage point for watching a half-naked Morrissey trot off the stage in his middle-heavy middle-aged glory a total of four times), was when, during the raucous crescendo of HSIN, he curled up in a fetal position and just lay there, cradling his head with his arms for a good 40 seconds. For a moment I thought the seizure-inducing strobe lights must have done him in.

    Also, I thought it was interesting that he used the same spoken-word intro (does anyone know what this is?) to open the show that he used during the YATQ tour in '04. No Serge Gainsbourg though, this time.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @10:26AM (#269818)
    KurtyP -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @11:43AM (#269840)
    (User #9228 Info |
  • In order, taken directly from the sheet:

    PIGSTY (On setlist but skipped)
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @12:00PM (#269846)
    • Re:Setlist by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday July 25 2007, @04:14PM
    • Re:Setlist by mozmic_dancer (Score:1) Wednesday July 25 2007, @08:29PM
  • I just wanted to thank everyone for all of the posts and emails I have received since last night's show. I love you all!!! If anyone has any pictures or more videos of me getting on stage and kissing Morrissey I would greatly appreciate it if you could get in contact with me. I think I still need more proof to believe it really happened!! Thanks again and feel free to email me at [email protected].
    geekycheeks -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @12:09PM (#269849)
    (User #19465 Info)
  • I did. . .I got up and gave him a'll be happy to know I tackled those narsty bouncers (but the fellow who escorted me off stage was very very considerate and let me back in)!!! If anyone was able to grab an image of the blonde girl w/ the pink shirt, first to get on stage- pls pls do post them:) Otherwise will someone pls comment on the breakdown during "Let Me Get What I Want". . . .did Moz share a moment w/ us or were those tech difficulties? It garnered some tears from me. Thanks to everyone there- IT WAS A GREAT TIME, HUH? Given the modest turnout, we really offered our very best to give him a sweet send-off. THANKS
    joanofarc13 -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @12:31PM (#269859)
    (User #19721 Info)
  • and now we just want to see our boy happy & resting. It has been our pleasure & privilege having him here. Thank you for such a memorable tour!!
    poetrylover -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @12:47PM (#269864)
    (User #18707 Info)
    With loves, and hates and passions just like mine...
  • I know it was bound to happen, but the Philly show was simply better than last night. The AC GA crowd was too raucous and aggressive, the security were complete assholes, and quite frankly, the band has turned their backs on the fans by not really doing aftershows anymore. I mean, this was the last night of the tour! I know they're not spring chickens anymore, but they ought not to run off to the buses moments after the show. Let's face it--Moz has always been anti-social and we all knew that. But it was his band and crew that was the glamorous glue that endeared themselves to the fans. They would hang with the fans and were very gracious. I just don't know exactly when they lost interest in hanging out with the fans, but it's a crying shame. I did get a piece of the shirt and it stunk up my whole hotel suite. In a good way, I mean.. OK, flamers, start flaming!
    baltimoz -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @01:10PM (#269871)
    (User #19454 Info)
  • Please please at least a few one-offs! Blackpool Empress Ballroom (beautiful venue), Brixton Academy (for a change), Manchester Apollo?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @01:17PM (#269872)
  • good show. not as good as philadelphia. the crowd was very late arriving due to the fact that there was re-entry and a casino to amuse them while they waited. it may have been a smaller crowd but keep in mind it was a tuesday and AC is a resort town. nobody lives there. in truth it is really in many waysa suburb of philadelphia. much of the AC draw went to phila instead because it is a bit of a hassle to get to AC on a tuesday then go to work and such, lets face it alot of his fans are getting older. but still a good time.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @01:57PM (#269884)
  • so i went to the last 2 shows and loved national front disco, but has anyone noticed he NEVER says "front disco". its alwasy national then nothing. the crowd sings it so it might be hard to notice. in fact i didn't notice until the second night, because a friend pointed it out in phila. maybe this has been discussed, but i was amused by it.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @02:00PM (#269886)
  • ... and still I was totally blown away!
    Like many others, I was disappointed after NYC & Northampton were cancelled, but decided that it was more than worth the four hour drive on the eve of my birthday to go to Atlantic City. It was perfect. He is perfect. He is beautiful, brilliant, hilarious, and perfect. his facial expressions were killing me- some real classics, like whenever he shook someone's hand he would look utterly disgusted and wipe it off on his shirt. The ripping off of his shirt the first time was incredible, very dramatic and well-timed. And for a fairly smallish crowd in America (I ahev found UK shows are wayyy more boisterous in general- Glasgow being a personal fav- and i prefer that!) , there was a lot of love and a generally great feeling amoung the crowd. I was about five people back in the center - near the tallest man in the world- and any pushing was out of love and in no way negative. To the guy who knew who Kitaro was- itw as a real pleasure meeting you and i hope you enjoyed the show!
    I am still feeling high and full of love for Moz and for other fans. I really really hope he does add a US leg to the fall tour because I would love to see him in NYC!!
    goblinmoz -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @02:03PM (#269887)
    (User #1580 Info)
    "now my heart is full..."
  • Well I am very very happy to see that all of you had an awesome mesmerizing time at his concert in Atlantic City. I didn't get to go to it because I don't go to any concerts of Morrissey's unless I can be assured being really close up so I don't go to general admission ones. Right -- because I'm just one of those people that cannot stand and wait in lines -- I just can't stand being around crowds of people so I hope when he comes back, he'll play a lot more shows that are not general admission ones. I also didn't get to see him in PA because of preparations for going up to Saratoga and it conflicted with my schedule on that night in particular. But for me as I saw him in both shows in Boston and the one in Boca Raton -- for me the Florida show was my personal ultimate one. It know a lot of people after reading the post on Florida didn't seem to feel the way I do but for some unknown reason even to me, it just had this profound, mesmerizing, deep meaning. In the second show in Boston when Morrissey threw the shirt, it landed on the back of my head and the people standing near the back of my hair pushed my head so hard so I think that was the beginnings of me going out with a bang literally as I got banged in the head and then in Florida, the security people had to bring me several water bottles to keep me from passing out which resulted in having to pour water all over my head and dress so that resulted in sort of a wet tee-shirt concert. Hence I really did go out with a bang - I still have headaches from those rude people in back of me. Interestingly, the first time I went to Boston, the people were so nice, kind, and gentle when I got the shirt and they were not violent and they were nothing like what I have been reading regarding the physical abuse connected to these shirts. I just wanted to say that I feel very happy that you people got to have the ultimate experience that I did and I also wanted to say that it's so perplexing to me how there are soooo many different types of Morrissey fans. I mean look at that poor woman that got stripped off all of her clothes and they physically abused her? Then there's the people by me in the first show in Boston that were so gently and nice and in no way abusive. More importantly there was this one guy, I wish he would come out here to say Hello, the one who said "let her have it" regarding the shirt because whoever he was, he was like guardian angel was sent and I want to thank him again. Then there are the people at the second show in Boston that banged me in the head so hard … so there you go. I hope a lot of you realize now how important it is to be up close and I hope you see the vast difference of when you are right near the stage versus being in orchestra seats and so on.

    Well baby I hear the blues a calling -- tossed salads and scrambled eggs
    Morrissey has left the building *cried*.

    Maybe we'll get a miracle and he'll come back really really soon.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @04:51PM (#269915)
  • the choice of venue seemed very fitting for a moz show. something about a fancy ass casino for a sassy man. security was hilarious. trying to be professional and in control. i heard we were called "wild savages" or something along those lines. and then threats of arrest before even getting near the stage. hahahaaaa.
    before kristeen came on people by me were talking about julia and wondering who she is, and she was like 6 feet away. wonder what julia thinks of the attention? loves it as much as the man?

    i liked this show over philly, even tho i got to hug him then. full on tears broke out during panic. there was a guy next to me with his son. he was telling his son about when he first saw moz when he was 16 and during the show, the son got to shake mozzers hand. fucking great. only part that sucked were some of the people, but i felt they were worse in philly.

    the last shirt was thrown and i caught one sleeve. i held on for dear, dear life. there were only a few, then everyone around tried to get in on it. people started breaking it apart anyway they could, thats just fine. security tried jumping in and i pulled toward stage right and knocked people all over the place. what can i say. "the pressure's on, because the pleasure hasn't gone and I'm, not sorry for, for the things I've done". i came home with a good sized piece of the shirt including to gucci cuff buttons.
    shawnxvx -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @05:48PM (#269925)
    (User #19746 Info |
  • THE SHIRT:How excited I was to have a piece of the pink shirt. It only came way by working and trusting 2 other people...we split our piece!

    THE COLOGNE:They sprayed cologne right before he came out..was it the Comme de Garcon?

    The PEOPLE I would like to contact:
        British Dude that split the shirt with me
        Photographer that I talked to after the shirt rip...check out the post.
        Guy who asked me If I was Julia at the end of the night

    Overall, a great crowd with one exception:

    All you nasty folk who try to walk, no stand, in front of people right before the first song and then say you are looking for your underestimate people.

    Do you think we are dumb and/or doormats! And then you think a simple shut the F up or threat to punch will do the are mean, mean, self centered jackalopes....stay home!!!!!
    musicmattersman -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @05:53PM (#269926)
    (User #18472 Info |
  • Some very brief comments from me.

    The Borgata is a beautiful hotel and I agree that security was completely overwhelmed. The problems started on line; the venue is on the second floor in the Events Center and the only access to that floor was by an escalator guarded by two people. No one was allowed up until 6:30 p.m., so if you can picture this strange scenario of a hundred or so people mulling around in groups talking and drinking in front of the Gypsy Bar and the Metropolitan PRETENDING not to be lining up until it was announced by security that it was now OK to start a line!

    Then, of course once security was satisfied with the quality of the line (and this was a big production in itself), then and only then did they allow people to board the escalator. Then, that line gets separated in two and that's when no-flowers policy and statements about being arrested for "trespassing" if you invade the stage were made (and met with rolled eyes by most.)

    I made it to the railings, but very far left of the stage where the floor lighting and wires were. I didn't mind, for I had a good view of the show. Kristeen Young did her thing and made her thanks to Morrissey and the audience for letting them be "guests in your house." Very nice.

    After the films and "Imperfect List" did the "big M" and the band come on; Moz all in black and the band with white short sleeves and black eyes (did Kristeen do their make-up?) It wasn't a packed house and the fact that it was a Tuesday night may have played a big part of that, but the crowd was loud and boisterous. There was indeed a sense of occasion in the air.

    The sound was great (I was near the speakers, too) and it was good to see Boz, Sol, and Jesse take turns during some moments in the show to walk front stage for their chance to shine. Morrissey wasn't perfect; it seemed that in some moments, he left off words, but he was in great spirits, if not almost somewhat relieved that he made it to Atlantic City for what was to be the last show of the tour. He was chatty with Julia and some others, and also made some heartwarming comments thanking everyone. There was a humorous moment involving some folks from South America; that woman in particular who insisted Morrissey should kiss her hand. Moz was somewhat amused.

    Morrissey said hello to a beautiful little boy near me, perhaps about three or four years old who got to say his name on the mike. Poor Morrissey couldn't tell whether he said Karl, Kyle or Carlos, but the boy was happy for the special attention.

    Something very weird and disturbing occurred near the end of the show when Morrissey came near my side to shake hands; he grabbed a hand with his right and then suddenly winced and withdrew his hand, making a fist and then stretching out his fingers. I think he may have received some sort of an electrical shock. He also reacted in a way someone with a pinched nerve in his finger would do. The expression on his face looked to me like someone in agony. At that point, he took his little break on the floor during the song, but with that same hand tuck between his knees. Maybe I misinterpreted that incident, but when he got up, he seemed fine and had no problems pulling people up on stage during the encore. One young man had his shirt stretched to the limit by security. Most that got onstage got rushed away by some in security as if they were being sneaked away from someone who had their back turned for the moment, so as not to arouse suspicion. I sensed some rebelling within the security ranks.

    Morrissey threw I think four shirts and ended the show bare-chested. Matt Walker kicked away his big bass drum, and Boz did his balancing act with the guitar. I was delighted to see Matt Walker stepping over the lighting and wires (almost tripping in the process) in order to give that same little boy his drumsticks and some bottled water. I was also delighted to fling my little gift for Morrissey at someone on stage who was also holding some notes and assorted stuff hoping he would include mine in the
    mozmic_dancer -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @10:06PM (#269982)
    (User #11277 Info)
    "I am the fun and the fair, on a Mozsite for the criminally insane..."

  • One of Moz's security guys(not Arturo) threw a stage invader back into the audience in Phillie and really hurt someone in the audience. The security guy with the goatee- I think his name is Eddie. I believe it was one of the "irregular regulars" that got hurt. Hope she is okay.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @10:11PM (#269983)
  • I remember early on he made a comment that there were a lot of spectacle wearing people in the crowd.
    Also, during one of the rants on repubicans he meantions something about "our country"
    OUR country..LOL Is he an offial citizen? Does he have duel citizenship? It got me thinking...

    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @11:56PM (#269990)
  • He sang a few lines of 'Swingin on a Star' by Frank Sinatra ("Would you like to swing on a star? Carry moonbeams home in a jar?"). He also made the observation that he doesn't dance, he fidgets!
    anonomuirgheasa -- Thursday July 26 2007, @10:13AM (#270025)
    (User #17346 Info)
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