posted by davidt on Sunday September 23 2007, @11:00PM
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Set List:

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / All You Need is Me / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / That's How People Grow Up / Tomorrow / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Stretch Out And Wait / Billy Budd / The National Front Disco / London / You Have Killed Me / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Everyday Is Like Sunday / In the Future When All's Well / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Life Is a Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // First Of The Gang To Die /// Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

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  • Just got home and good news to report. The crowd was incredibly enthusiastic and Moz looked very pleased. I believe How Soon is Now, Boy With a Thorn in his Side and Life is a Pigsty were added since last time, encores were Last of the Gang and Please.
    3 shirts thrown out, lots of pushing and shoving and a very cute 10 year old girl got to shake Moz's hand during Boy with a Thorn in his Side, lucky chica!
    Cheers, Raquel
    Hasta Manana
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 23 2007, @11:16PM (#274731)
  • What a brilliant, fantastic show!!!

    How funny, when Moz handed a gal the mic and she complained that $35 was too high a price for the concert shirts, he replied: "Don't buy it. Don't stress. Don't buy it. Just stay home. Knit."

    Lol! :)
    isen -- Sunday September 23 2007, @11:30PM (#274733)
    (User #18601 Info)
  • I think the only difference from Las Vegas was the insertion of "The National Front Disco".

    01 - Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
    02 - All You Need is Me
    03 - I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    04 - That's How People Grow Up
    05 - Tomorrow
    06 - Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself?
    07 - Stretch Out And Wait
    08 - Billy Budd
    09 - The National Front Disco
    10 - London
    11 - You Have Killed Me
    12 - One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
    13 - I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    14 - Death Of A Disco Dancer
    15 - Everyday Is Like Sunday
    16 - In The Future When All's Well
    17 - The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
    18 - Life Is A Pigsty
    19 - How Soon Is Now?
          - (brief break)
    20 - First Of The Gang To Die
          - (brief break)
    21 - Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

    More details coming,
    CaffeineBloodstream <{handinglove} {at} {}> -- Sunday September 23 2007, @11:37PM (#274734)
    (User #10964 Info)
  • this show showed how much more moz loves LA.
    moz was not so chatty and the crowd was perhaps the worst.
    the man himself was suberb as usual though the crowd was lacking everything from manners to enthusiasm
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 23 2007, @11:48PM (#274735)
  • No, not because Morrissey was horrible. He was awesome. He was great. I hated the fans.

    It started out fine for the most part. I met some really nice people in line. We got there around 3 o'clock. Chatted with a few people. It wasn't until around 5 o'clock that people just decided to cut in front of everyone. In the beginning there were only 20 people in front of us and by the door opening there were about 35 - 40!

    When we finally did get in we got to get to the second row. I was fine with it because that is where I wanted to be or so I thought. During Kristeen's performance everything was fine. (BTW, what was with Kristeen's attitude? She seemed mad!) No pushing, no shoving, and no elbows. When Moz came out everyone began pushing. This is completely understandable but this was just HORRIBLE. My boyfriend had to protect me from falling over and getting trampled.

    To top that off we were standing by the crazed, obsessive fans. The ones that would DO ANYTHING to get to their beloved singer. They would even crush you to death. This one girl kept elbowing my boyfriend in the head repeatedly to try and force her way up to the front row. (WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING? THERE IS A BARRIER!) To make it worse she smelled of horrible, horrible B.O. I am talking B.O. that seriously made me leave the crowd. I was vurping it was so bad.

    Her and her lame friend finally got in front of me and my boyfriend after many elbows in the back and head. Then all of a sudden she starts to cry. Seriously CRY. For why? Because she didn't get the - GASP! - shirt off his back? Because she didn't get the touch she so desperately needed to make her life complete? Because she had some spiritual moment? Who knows. If you are going to cry, go the eff to the bathroom. You are ruining the experience for everyone else because you are just wasted space. You aren't even paying attention to what is going on.

    Also, why do couples think you want to see them basically have sex at shows? This couple decided to full on rub up on eachother and make out right in front of our faces. She was practically laying on my boyfriend just to get her whole mouth around her boyfriend's lips. It was disgusting. If you want to basically have sex, go home. You obviously aren't there to enjoy the music. (Which by the way they weren't, because they said something about being in the front and how they didn't want to because they really didn't know his music or something to that extent.)

    One thing that I thought was hilarious was when that fan said Moz's shirts were too expensive. He basically told her to not spend her money and go home. I recorded the whole thing. Brilliant.

    Moz was amazing though. I loved him. He was worth it. The thing I have learned was that I NEVER, EVER want to be in the front ever again. Especially with fans that have no consideration for others around them.

    And to think this was a birthday gift to me. Happy Birthday to me, I got to enjoy Morrissey for about 10 minutes. The rest of the time I had to deal with almost throwing up, getting trampled, and getting elbowed in the back of the head. Also add the dirty looks I was getting because I wouldn't let the B.O. girls friend in front ot me.
    Lovers Bend -- Monday September 24 2007, @12:26AM (#274738)
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  • I f*cking hate (the majority of) Morrissey fans.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 24 2007, @12:34AM (#274739)
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  • This was my 10th Moz show this year and it was certainly one of the best. Fantastic set list. I love all the new songs and I got to hear "Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself" and "Stretch Out And Wait" Does life get much better than that? No. Not really.

    Morrissey looked and sounded really wonderful. I heard there were some minor sound problems, but everything sounded very good to my ears. He made a couple of fun comments. He said something like "To those of you that like to fiddle around on the internet and give us your opinions about absolutely everything, which we all really need, I just want to tell you one thing..." and then he introduced the band along with all their middle names. He said Jesse's middle name was county jail. I chuckled.
    Later he said something similar to "Did you know that medical science has figured out how to make an artificial womb in a women's stomach? Which means, of course, that she can have a baby. It follows that they can put an artificial womb into a man's stomach. Well, I popped my name down on the list. In fact, I am the list. And I am going to inseminate myself with my own sperm so there can be absolutely no doubt who the father is."

    I thought the crowd was good, but I wasn't very close. Almost everyone was singing during most of the songs. Everyone seemed pretty mellow but very happy and reverent. I look forward to tomorrow night.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 24 2007, @02:10AM (#274754)
  • I truly enjoyed Moz's performance (stellar as always) and the band was fantastic as well (especially Mr. Tobias), but I was disappointed with the venue. I've seen a ton of shows at the Fillmore, but the sound was horrible tonight. I heard from someone that they had to use the house sound system which probably had something to do with it. The crowd was full of weenies as well. There were a bunch of stick-in-the-mud types around me. I just don't get it sometimes... security was spot on (Arturo was behind the barricade) keeping things proper but not to strict.
    Besides the "technical" details, the set list was FANTASTIC!!! It was great to hear a new batch of songs in the mix and I'm loving the development of the new material. Ringleader is my favorite Moz album (from a writing standpoint) so I can't wait for the follow up... See you all back in S.F. shortly!

    **Also... After seeing a ton of shows over the past few months, I must say that although I enjoy the smaller venues due to being able to have a more personal "Moz-perience", I will say that seeing him at the Hollywood Bowl was pure magic. That venue with Morrissey owning the town on such a large stage with excellent sound and lighting, just seemed like it was made for him.**
    elmozvis -- Monday September 24 2007, @02:29AM (#274757)
    (User #9352 Info)
    ... everybody's lost ...
  • hey, where's Viva??

    oh wait, probably too busy shoving his foot in his mouth
    nugzie -- Monday September 24 2007, @02:38AM (#274760)
    (User #19748 Info)
  • hello to all the pretty ladies at the show, an a very special hello to the family who took their 10yr old to the show. Great meeting the dad and the daughter near the bathroom. Their was a single girl with that family about 29yrs old (Hello) chiquetita :)
    FONZIE JR -- Monday September 24 2007, @02:58AM (#274764)
    (User #17785 Info)
  • I had a fantastic time at the show! Mozz was just Mozz,meet some great prople inline and hung out inside the venue.Had some drinks watched the show.....super time. See ya at the club the 3rd Thurs. of every month in S.F. :)
    FONZIE JR -- Monday September 24 2007, @03:13AM (#274767)
    (User #17785 Info)
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  • What time did Moz go on & end his set. I have tickets for the next 2 show and I have to figure out what time to ditch my job and what time I will be sneaking back. Thanks
    Anonymous -- Monday September 24 2007, @06:39AM (#274790)
  • ...why Morrissey pretty much doesn't interact with his fans anymore except during his time of stage? I remember, years ago, when he used to be very confident signing autographs, 7"s, setlists, etc...but now he really seems to go out of his way to avoid us.

    Seems like Miss Riley has become a stand in for the whole lot of us....
    Anonymous -- Monday September 24 2007, @07:37AM (#274795)
  • Perhaps Morrissey shared my opinion that Jerusalem wasn't quite working for the entrance, because the music reverted to Klaus Nomi's Wayward Sisters. I had flashbacks to the concerts in '91! Woah, not another acid flashback in the Fillmore!

    Many people looked like they were having a great time, but I must be spoiled rotten because I though it was just a meh show. Not that there was anything wrong with what MOrrissey did. He was hilarious and sounded very good.

    Maybe it was the skunk weed someone was smoking in the audience all night. Maybe we all got a contact high, cos the audience was very laid back. Come to think of it, I was ravenous after the gig! ; ). TJ was a lot more fun and exciting. Of course, the setlist was completely new and shocking (even though we heard all the songs previewed at soundcheck). But the Mexican audience was just way more pashernate and fun to be with.

    In the grand tradition of the Fillmore, groovy posters were printed to commemorate the event. Utter class. They were distributed for free to exiting patrons. It featured a mysterious male figure standing under an umbrella in the rain. In the background were a male/female couple. It reminded me of "two lovers entwined pass me by...". The design was kinda Parisian art deco.

    If I were not so knackered from driving in (on the 101!) from LA, I would've lain awake all night pondering Mozzer's bizarre joke about donating his own sperm for his artificial pregnancy. After the show, as my friend John from Manchester and IMAET fame said, you know Morrissey is having a good time if he is talking utter nonsense. Therefore, Morrissey must've been having the time of his life!
    Mel Torment -- Monday September 24 2007, @07:42AM (#274796)
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  • That was my 10 yr. old daughter who was lucky enough to shake the hand of Moz during The Boy w/a Thorn in His Side. A special THANKS to all the GOOD people around us who helped keep her safe and called Moz's attention to the coolest 10 yr. old in the building. Her first grown up concert and a touch from Moz. Who could ask for more. Viva Morrissey
    californialove -- Monday September 24 2007, @10:22AM (#274817)
    (User #19142 Info)
  • I was in the best seat in the house. Upstairs, sitting right in front. I could see Moz enter the stage and leave (the stairs, I mean). Why do people still care about being in front? Standing there for hours, esp. during Kate Bush..I mean Kristeen Young's, performance. Four hours of standing, give or take? Fu*k no! Yeah I love the man, but I can't believe how often I used to do that. I used to obsess about getting in front so I could just touch his beautiful hands. Not anymore. I'm almost 29, not 19. Being face to face with someone's backne is not that appealing to me anymore :)
    WizardofMoz1078 -- Monday September 24 2007, @11:49AM (#274822)
    (User #20039 Info)
  • Morrissey was beyond amazing, but I agree with everyone's comments about the audience. I was probably the youngest fan there but I still know that Moz fans are usually much more enthusiastic. Lots of annoying drunk people. Lots of poor crowd etiquette.

    That aside, he put on a fantastic show and the setlist was like my dream come true :]
    miss noir -- Monday September 24 2007, @11:51AM (#274823)
    (User #20040 Info)
  • I went to this and this might sound odd...but why do these people think they "own" Moz? What is with the pretentious attitude they have? And what is with these guys that even do his dance moves on the dance floor?
    Anonymous -- Monday September 24 2007, @11:56AM (#274826)
  • I've seen Morrissey loads of times, but this was the first time at the Fillmore, and I loved it.
    The set list and general vibe were great. Although I do agree people did seem a bit more laid back, I was sort of in my own world and just concentrated on watching the performance and enjoying the music. I was fortunate enough that the audience members in my near vicinity weren't too bothersome.

    However, one thing I would criticize about them is the overabundance of people concerned with documenting the event by taking photos or video oe recordings throughout the show. I wanted to say to one girl in particular that perhaps she should put down her camera and take the opportunity to enjoy the moment and experience the show. Instead, she spent a majority of the time looking at it through the viewfinder of her digital camera, blocking my own view of the stage a lot of the time. It's one thing to get a few good snapshots in, but unless you're a hired photographer it's silly to spend the whole show concerned with getting good pics to post to your blog. Whatever happened to just being there to have a good time?
    Anonymous -- Monday September 24 2007, @12:32PM (#274831)
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  • It will be interesting to see how much, if at all, he changes up the setlist over the next three shows.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 24 2007, @12:34PM (#274832)
  • Here are photos of the free poster, a photocopied setlist, a button from his D&G shirt, and my piece of the t-shirt: 57602147444881/ []

    Sorry no photos of the show. I have one on my phone and haven't retrieved it.

    Surprisingly, there were no stage invasions. I didn't even see any attempts. I squandered my opportunities but was just happy to be up front shaking his hand and grabbing my souvenirs. Maybe Wednesday or Thursday! I was near Arturo and he's a little menacing though I did catch him mouthing the lyrics on several occasions.

    I agree that Morrissey wasn't very chatty. A couple other things he said:

    At the beginning, something along the line of, "I've never been one to swing [he pronounced it "schwing"] a cat, but if one were to swing a cat, there isn't much room here."

    Afer "Stretch Out and Wait", he said it was his personal motto.

    After "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris", he said it was not about Paris, Texas.

    And a simple yes after passing the mic to a guy in the audience who asked if the backdrop is Richard Burton from "Look Back in Anger".
    King Bing -- Monday September 24 2007, @02:29PM (#274854)
    (User #18609 Info)
  • What is the layout like? Is there seating? Balcony?

    Reason my wife has a sprained ankle right now, and getting trampled in the crowd might not work.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 24 2007, @05:08PM (#274877)
  • does anyone know where i can find the new moz songs, such as one day goodbye will be farewell and im throwing my arms around paris?

    hecallsmelover -- Monday September 24 2007, @05:56PM (#274885)
    (User #20047 Info)
  • I enjoy watching you on stage, singing, dancing, acting silly, but mostly I love to look at your pretty face. I can't help but wonder what it's like to kiss your lips. Sounds kinds lame I know but it is true. I will see you in far off places......L.A.!
    redbob -- Monday September 24 2007, @06:35PM (#274893)
    (User #19360 Info)
  • It is appalling to read how horrible Morrissey fans behave when he's performing. I'm 34 and have been a huge fan of Moz since I was 15 and have been to many shows. It seems that the lack of dignity and respect among fans declines with each tour. I truly don't understand it. Honestly, if I were Morrissey, I'd be so sickened by it that I wouldn't tour anymore. In 2004, I was in the pit thinking it would be the ultimate experience as a fan, and never have I been so disappointed with the way the fans behaved. The pushing, shoving, and general lack of respect shown to one another was unbelievable. My husband was lucky enough to catch his shirt, only to be punched and cursed at by the others around him who were trying to get a piece of it. I will never again be part of the pit and risk my own safety. After being shoved to the ground and knocked on my ass by other fans, it's just not worth it. I'd rather enjoy the show with those of us who know how to be respectful to everyone who loves Morrissey.

    Seasick in Atlanta
    Anonymous -- Monday September 24 2007, @08:16PM (#274899)
    • Re:Pathetic by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday September 25 2007, @06:14PM
  • Sunday night was my 4th concert this year seeing Moz. I had never been to the Fillmore, and loved the idea that my first time there was going to be to see Morrissey. Great venue, had the feel of San Francisco.

    Moz was amazing as always, and I was in the 2nd row, right about in the middle. Loved being able to see his blue eyes. I have to say of all of the concerts I have been to (and all of them I did get in the 1st or 2nd row), this was the worst, most aggressive crowd I have ever experienced. Believe me when I say I am obsessed fan myself, but I would never harm fellow fans in a crowd. People were pushing so hard, elbowing, shoving, and just being rude. I was crushed so hard at one point, I could not breathe, and exited the beloved front for my safety.

    I do not regret going to the concert, but I think the bass drum quoted the crowd perfectly, "Some of us is turning nasty".

    Atleast there was one gentle soul in the crowd, that of course was Moz.
    carebearsue -- Monday September 24 2007, @09:12PM (#274900)
    (User #20048 Info)
  • I found these photos from the 9/23 show

    NICE!!! hotos-morrissey-san-francisco-ca-092307
    Comadre -- Tuesday September 25 2007, @06:05AM (#274930)
    (User #14721 Info)
    Wielding a bicycle chain

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