posted by davidt on Monday September 24 2007, @11:00PM
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Set List:

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / All You Need is Me / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / That's How People Grow Up / Tomorrow / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Stretch Out And Wait / Billy Budd / Ganglord / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / You Have Killed Me / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Everyday Is Like Sunday / In the Future When All's Well / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Life Is a Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // First Of The Gang To Die /// Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

setlist provided by CaffeineBloodstream
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  • Gave my ticket to a friend because I'm stuck in Detroit. Heard Tomorrow, Ganglord and Shoplifters over her phone.
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Monday September 24 2007, @11:13PM (#274908)
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  • Where's all the jerk-offs with their Blackberry's or IPhones; We need the scoop on tonight's show!!
    Anonymous -- Monday September 24 2007, @11:15PM (#274910)
  • This time included Shoplifters, Ganglord (Get your fat ass back to the ghetto part included).
    Only 2 shirts went to crowd, again no stage diving. The distance between the audience and stage is just too wide, and security too tight. One girl fainted and was carried off though. Lots of chatter with fans, one called him a handsome devil and he replied "cheap sentiment."
    He just gets better and better!
    Cheers, Raquel
    Hasta Miercoles!
    Anonymous -- Monday September 24 2007, @11:23PM (#274911)
  • Setlist (Score:2, Informative)

    Stop Me
    All You Need
    Boy Happy
    Grow Up
    Why Don't You Find Out
    Stretch Out
    Billy Budd
    Killed Me
    D Dancer
    Future Well
    Boy Thorn /HSIN
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Monday September 24 2007, @11:36PM (#274912)
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  • The only set list changes were in the 09 and 10 slots, replacing National and London. There was more talking, many mic changes and audio issues, two shirts tossed, no stage invaders.

    On 9:05pm (again)

    00 - A Child Ill (different from last night)

    01 - Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
    02 - All You Need Is Me
    03 - I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    04 - That's How People Grow Up
    05 - Tomorrow
    06 - Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself?
    07 - Stretch Out And Wait
    08 - Billy Budd (aborted due to Michael Farrell, then restarted)

    Moz talked about how the head of Iran was on our TV today. The head said there weren't any gays in Iran. Moz said it's because they shot them all.

    09 - Ganglord
    10 - Shoplifters Of The World Unite
    11 - You Have Killed Me
    12 - One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
    13 - I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    14 - Death Of A Disco Dancer
    15 - Everyday Is Like Sunday
    16 - In The Future When All's Well
    17 - The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
    18 - Life Is A Pigsty
    19 - How Soon Is Now?
          - (brief break)

    When the came back on the stage, they bowed forward instead of last night's backward. They then tilted until they all tumbled onto the floor. Boz grimaced as if he was too old for that horseplay.

    20 - First Of The Gang To Die
          - (brief break)
    21 - Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

    As much as I like "Please", it's a more mellow ending that isn't as encouraging of invasions.
    CaffeineBloodstream <{handinglove} {at} {}> -- Monday September 24 2007, @11:39PM (#274913)
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  • It was a truly magnificent show. Just wonderful!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 25 2007, @12:40AM (#274917)
  • Well, I don't have much to add from Caffeine Bloodstream's excellent review except personal asides.

    Strong smell of "San Francisco counter-culture" "Turkish tobacco" pervaded the Fillmore during Mozzer's set. Caused me to have intense post-gig munchies yet again. Went for Thai this time.

    Moz came out wearing black trousers and black shirt. Changed to a blue shirt. I think he changed to a light turquoise blue...or was it a sky blue? I blame the contact high for my crap memory. Th'Lads wore the grey shirt that's being sold as merch. Has dates on the back, some sort of heraldric design featuring a large M and a rampant lion and rampant unicorn (?). The trousers the poor Lads were forced to wear were the ugliest mustard yellow things I've ever seen. For encore, Moz wore that black "Je Suis Morrissey" shirt with "It's Morrissey's town, we just live in it" shirt. It's also for sale as merch.

    I finally found the merch table: there's a light blue shirt that says "Morrissey boys club" (I think -- again, I blame the contact high). There's a red shirt with "Morrissey Lads Club" on it -- looks like a riff on the green Salford Lads Club shirt. As mentioned before, there's a kelly green shirt with the highway emblem "Morrissey 101". There's a host of t-shirts from previous legs of the tour as well. All but one ($40) are $35. These are good looking shirts, so you'll want to be saving your ducats in advance.

    Back to the show == technical problems with mic made Moz grimace a lot and tap it. It was very funny when he would repeatedly drop the mic stand and then jump back as if shocked by the booming noise it made each time. Heard some crackling noise from the stacks during opening song. Moz quipped that it was the 48th mic change that night.

    Guy behind me to my right needed to shower before the gig. Every time he raised his arms in an attempt to touch Moz's hand, I cringed from his powerful b.o. Moz didn't touch Stinky's hand, but Moz did shake mine.

    I was hoping to make a public service announcement about bathing before gigs, but when Moz actually handed me the mic (third time), all I could say was, "I'm sorry I couldn't hear your question. So I will say this: I'm sure I speak for many people when I say you are a handsome devil!" Crowd cheered. Moz modestly pointed to himself and asked, "Me?" I said, yes, you! As usual, he couldn't accept a compliment, so he said, "Cheap sentiment." Why, yes, I'm quite certain you can afford me. Now whether I can afford you is another matter altogether. ; p

    I didn't ask the question I originally intended to ask. It also made me nervous because he was looking impatient, and he mocked me the last time. He was very chatty tonight, so even though the crowd was just as sedated as the night before, Moz must've been having an excellent time and enjoying himself talking up a storm between songs. He used to be so laconic, just saying "Thank you" between songs, and now you can't get him to shut up! : )

    I hope they do a more rousing song for the encore on Wednesday and Thursday because Please is too reverent to be interrupted by stage invasions, so no one tried. Or maybe we were just too stoned.

    The videographer guy was there again, but there were fewer or no other photogs in the pit this time. Good. Last night I felt the media were impeding my ability to enjoy the show. I hate it when they shoot pics of our faces. Harsh troof an' all.

    In TJ, there was an Asian videographer. Perhaps it was Bucky Fukamoto, the guy that's been doing Mozzer's viddy shoots since 2004. I didn't see him after TJ. Now it's just a white guy shooting the vid. I saw him outside shooting footage of two Moz-alikes -- Tom (1995 Moz) and Mark (current Moz) -- standing together. I think there's a rupture of the space-time continuum! ; p

    Same commemorative posters were being distributed gratis again.

    Can't wait for Wednesday!
    Mel Torment -- Tuesday September 25 2007, @02:37AM (#274919)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • post in here anymore? ;-)
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 25 2007, @04:42AM (#274927)
  • Was there for sunday as well as monday, and thought the new songs sounded much better the 2nd time around. Show was great, only downside was a Very drunk individual, who insisted on yelling and swaying his bulky frame around, drizzling his drink on others. When someone complained, he threatened to "break his nose" was pretty ugly. Three separate instances of this dolt's antics in all, one at the expense of the latter half of "stretch out and wait". Nice going...he was the person yelling obscenities in know, the favored hobby of Morrissey's very literate fan-base.

    I sincerely hope he "gets his fat ass back to the ghetto" and forever there remains.
    Brian Colin -- Tuesday September 25 2007, @08:24AM (#274938)
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    plagiarism begins at home
  • I have a bunch of posters dating back to the 80s....he had a sexy hairy chest. Then when he took his shirt off the other night, it was totally smooth. Very interesting...i doubt aging gets rid of hair, or does it?

    I just think it's funny, that's all.
    WizardofMoz1078 -- Tuesday September 25 2007, @08:39AM (#274940)
    (User #20039 Info)
  • I'm curious as to about what time people are starting to line up for general admission shows - any tips?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 25 2007, @10:57AM (#274955)
  • No one has mentioned if the venues reek of his Avignon Incense cologne. I remember in Atlantic City, one of the crew guys came out and sprayed the stage & all of us in the front row with his cologne. Not to mention, it was sprayed on the barrier itself. Maybe Moz needs to do that again since a lot of people seem to have a showering problem.
    mozgrrl -- Tuesday September 25 2007, @10:57AM (#274956)
    (User #2393 Info)
  • stop making fun of Madonna! Ok, Britney..fine. But at least Madonna proved herself. I mean, she did go to NYC with nothing at 20. I also love who Moz does-Nico, for example. But she did heroin, and wound up dead. So I sometimes wonder about Moz's heroes to some degree. James Dean? A beautiful man who made a few films and died shortly. I wonder how he could be a hero to Moz? I love JD too, but he's hardly a hero.

    So to get back on track, yes, Madonna is more annoying now than ever. But she doesn't "mime" on stage like he insinuates. They need to go out for lunch. Morrissey should meet Guy Ritchie. He should also remember Madge was a vegetarian for years.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 25 2007, @11:20AM (#274958)
  • much much better than most of the songs on this setlist. bring it to waukegan.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 25 2007, @12:08PM (#274966)
  • Pre-Show Film Footage
    Some of Morrissey’s idols are broadcast on the screen prior to the band taking the stage including the New York Dolls, James Dean and Richard Davalos from East of Eden screen tests, Bridget Bardot, and an episode of Elliot Ness with the unseen criminal being referenced as a fellow named Morrissey. Very entertaining dialogue. Also, it’s my guess (don’t recall anyone covering this before) that the backdrop for the performance is a photo of a young Richard Burton??

    Autographed Poster
    Adjacent to the Fillmore Shop in the lobby where you can tour buy t-shirts, two staff were offering three lottery stubs for five bucks to get the chance to win an autographed copy of the Fillmore commemorative poster. If you’re lucky, you get a phone call to inform you that you’re the winner.

    Because we left the venue late, there were no posters left, but we bought one off a homeless guy for $10. So, if the poster is important to you, head out before the herd to retrieve the poster.

    After the performance, they ran out of certain t-shirts (especially size small) including the Je Suis Morrissey t-shirt so if you want a particular shirt, buy one before the show.

    The Show
    As someone almost as old as Moz, and, thus, having had the good fortune to see the two Smiths tours (Meat is Murder at the Kaiser, Queen is Dead at the Greek Theatre!) while in college, and all but two local performances during his solo career, I have to say that last night’s show was rocking and energetic, and my favorite solo performance to-date. Perhaps because it’s an intimate venue. He is also a hell of lot more chatty and expressive than he ever was with the Smiths or early solo career. It’s like he’s finally comfortable in his own skin, unlike old footage of interviews, which are cringe-worthy.

    Unlike what a couple of hardcore fans at the front of the stage indicated in posts (that the audience was staid), everyone was happy, dancing, and joyously singing in the middle where I was stationed. Everyone around me was polite and happy. All races, all ages. No one pushed or shoved. People were into the show (few photo-takers), high-fived when classic Smiths songs were played, and didn’t spill their drinks---no easy feat when you’re bouncing up and down. Even in the post-show t-shirt mob, people were polite with each other and chatty.

    A couple of random bits: At one point, when someone from the audience interrupted his commentary, he abruptly spat out: “Shut up (to the offender). Do you want me to leave (to the audience)?” It struck me that he was preening like an aging queen. I found him amusing.

    I loved the fact that Morrissey mocked Ahmadinejad for his assertion that there are no gay people in Iran in a speech at Columbia University. See here for the NY Times coverage of this speech: /25iran.html?em&ex=1190865600&en=aa048435079ab53c& ei=5087%0
    Moz also made mention of San Jose, but I couldn’t hear him well enough to make out his thought. I suppose it was likely a casually snide comment.

    In any event, as I settle into middle age, he continues to be my muse!

    Salford Lassie -- Tuesday September 25 2007, @12:11PM (#274968)
    (User #12434 Info)
  • I can't quite remember the quote verbatum or what he was replying to but he did say something to the effect of:

    "Well I can just turn around and go home. There IS an episode of Grey's Anatomy on!"

    This was during one of the first couple of songs. Afterwards there was a general "Noo" from the crowd. Very funny. Surprised nobody has mentioned that particular quote.

    What do we think?

    -Wonderful joke
    -Silly truth?
    littlethreat -- Tuesday September 25 2007, @12:16PM (#274969)
    (User #20052 Info)
  • No body has mention the bright yellow, drapery fabric looking trousers the guys were wearing. Is the bands "uniform" all Morrissey's idea or the band decides on that. Those tousers would have fit perfectly in the Brady Bunch or a Blacksploitaion film of the 70's
    someraincoatedlovers -- Tuesday September 25 2007, @01:37PM (#274993)
    (User #10290 Info)
  • Paris Hilton! Hellooo people..wake up! Moz loves Paris Hilton. They go clubbing all the time.
    WizardofMoz1078 -- Tuesday September 25 2007, @02:14PM (#274998)
    (User #20039 Info)
  • Roaming the TL? The Castro?! SOMA leather bar? Checking out the latino life in the Mission? I'd put my finger on that. Or staying in bed at his hotel? Someone has to know where he is. I am also thinking he might be at Neiman's downtown buying new D and G dress shirts for the next few nights.
    WizardofMoz1078 -- Tuesday September 25 2007, @04:29PM (#275015)
    (User #20039 Info)
  • Moz, it was the best I can do.
    And I did my best.
    I tried.

    We have to find the other way in a different places.
    So, thank you-you're the true poet.
    I love the world around you.
    Keep singing the good songs.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 25 2007, @04:30PM (#275016)
  • Is there any new merchandise being sold, or is it the same old stuff as before?

    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 25 2007, @07:23PM (#275034)
  • Even with half a team out, knowing the milk cupn is...well

    Torres we Luv You Cheap at half the price
    Just a pity you dont resemble jose mourinho
    Morrissey is obviously too much to ask
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 26 2007, @07:11AM (#275055)
  • I am anxiously awaiting the NYC shows as I have tickts for a few nights. Thus far, I feel that the setlists have been a bit of a downer, from what I have read. Of course, I haven't seen any of the last few shows, so I don't mean to be unjustifiably critical and I am sure that these concerts were fantastic as they always are. It just seems like there are a lot of new and/or mellow songs on the setlists and I would trade a few of them in for some that rocked out a bit more. Any thoughts?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 26 2007, @09:23AM (#275062)
  • lol
    My mother cat brings twigs in everyday, enough to make a cat bonfire
    It's loveable, her cry for endearment is something else, i of course respond

    Sonny (her son that is) justlooks..

    ha ha ha
    Any other soft sod have the problem?
    I'm beginning to think she thinks shes a nesting bird
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 26 2007, @09:24AM (#275063)
  • Anyone from South Orange County I can carpool with?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 26 2007, @10:05AM (#275064)
  • Hmmm... I see the set list isn't going to change for those places that have more than one show.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 26 2007, @12:44PM (#275091)
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