posted by davidt on Saturday September 29 2007, @10:30PM
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Set List:

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / First Of The Gang To Die / You Have Killed Me / That's How People Grow Up / Sister, I'm A Poet / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / The Loop / Stretch Out And Wait / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Let Me Kiss You / Tomorrow / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / I Like You / All You Need is Me / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / In The Future When All's Well / Dear God, Please Help Me / How Soon Is Now? // Irish Blood, English Heart

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  • Just got home, show was solid. One encore, IBEH. Show seemed pretty short, maybe an hour & 14 minutes. Venue was about 1/2 full, though it is a 4,500 seat arena so it made the crowd look smaller.

    He seemed pretty chatty, passed the mic to about 4 people. I cannot remember the entire set list, Everyday was added though. Someone will post soon with the entire set list.

    I must say that I prefer the smaller venues, you just don't get the same feel as a seated arena or bowl. As I mentioned though, show was solid.

    Looking forward to the Palladium shows, get the GA feel back.


    Anonymous -- Saturday September 29 2007, @10:37PM (#275600)
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  • Here are my fleeting memories; I wouldn't swear in court, though:
    Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / First Of The Gang To Die / You Have Killed Me / That's How People Grow Up / Sister, I'm A Poet / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / The Loop / I'm Throwing My Arms
    Around Paris / The Boy With A Thorn In His Side / Let Me Kiss You / Tomorrow / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / I Like You / All You Need is Me / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / In The Future When All's Well / Dear God, Please Help Me / How Soon Is Now? // Irish Blood, English Heart
    mojojojo -- Saturday September 29 2007, @10:48PM (#275602)
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  • does anyone know about what time he's been getting on stage? im not a fan of kristeen's music, and i got miss work to make it on time.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 29 2007, @11:46PM (#275603)
  • Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
    First Of The Gang To Die
    You Have Killed Me
    That's How People Grow Up
    Sister, I'm A Poet
    Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself
    The Loop
    Stretch Out And Wait
    I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    The Boy With A Thorn In His Side
    Let Me Kiss You
    One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
    I Like You
    All You Need Is Me
    Everyday Is Like Sunday
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    In The Future When All's Well
    Dear God Please Help Me
    How Soon Is Now?

    Irish Blood, English Heart

    Anonymous -- Sunday September 30 2007, @12:40AM (#275607)
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  • It was a really good show. I loved it. I luckily ended up in the front row and shook Morrissey's hand. It was really great. He didn't play Billy Budd or London, but man, the setlist was great. Morrissey seemed happy. I mean, I think he was enjoying the show.
    He made his special comments like always.
    He said something about how the crowd should be louder so the people that live around there can know that there's a concert.
    And then he said something about how he had recieved thousands of letters telling him not to play the piano on Death of a Disco Dancer.
    And then he asked the crowd who they wanted to vote for in the 2008 election. Most people said Morrissey. And then he said that not one boy in the world has George Bush as his hero.
    He threw out two shirts. One during Let Me Kiss You and then that black t-shirt that saids Je suis Morrissey during Irish Blood English Heart.
    I think he enjoyed it, I hope he did. I loved it. The crowd wasn't that energetic, but they were cool. Everyone was kind of calm and nice. But yeah, a great show like always.
    Sanchez -- Sunday September 30 2007, @12:49AM (#275608)
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    "Sing me to sleep, sing me to sleep, I'm tired and I, I want to go to bed"
    • Re:Santa Barbara by Stoney the Pony (Score:1) Sunday September 30 2007, @12:54AM
  • I am no Mel Torment but here goes …

    Rushing out of my house at nearly 5pm, I made the 90 mile trek from LA to SB. I’ve never been to the Santa Barbara Bowl before so I was excited that this would also be a first experience there. We made great time and arrived just as KY took the stage. At that time, the GA pit was about 1/4 full. We made our way stage left and suffered thru the KY set. Sorry, I just don’t get it. I think the drummer is awfully good (& easy on the eyes too). But Kristeen is just … well, pretty awful. She had some collar thing on tonight that was supposed to look like an Elizabethan throw-back but it just sort of looked like whipped cream to me. Her set was pretty much the same. She came on just after 7pm and I was checking my watch at around 7:15p waiting for it to be over.

    The venue … quite nice. Beautiful setting, parking was a breeze, weather was perfect. All the makings for a stellar Moz show.

    The crowd … crickets … crickets … Let the derision begin. I’m sure I’ll get flamed for what I’m about to say but seriously folks … do you have a pulse? Of course, I can only speak for my immediate surroundings which were about 3 rows back on Boz’s side. For the most part I felt like I was in a sea of corpses. Honestly, I’ve experienced a more energetic crowd at a goth show. At one point Moz even mused that if we made as much noise as we could, the neighbors down the street might actually know there was a concert going on. Bah!

    Regardless, Sir M was amazing. He looked dapper as always in black trousers & a dark steel grey/bluish shirt. Th’Lads were sporting matching brown shirts & trousers, looking like upscale UPS delivery men. “Stop Me…” opened the set. I was so looking forward to hearing Sister, Loop, Stretch Out .. & WDYFOFY on this leg and was not disappointed.

    The huge unexpected highlight for me was “Dear God ..” I haven’t heard this since the Pasadena show in February. His voice never sounded better. His performance was magical, entirely goose-bump inspiring. L-L-Loved it. It’s not as good as a transition into HSIN as Pigsty but beautifully awesome nonetheless. I decided not to sneak my camera in this time but regretted it only during this performance. The man looked and sounded simply amazing.

    All & all it was a great show. Moz & the boys gave it their all and did not disappoint. I only wish the crowd had been more enthusiastic and the venue more full.

    Ah but there’s always Monday … the 1st of 10 in my hometown.

    doney86 -- Sunday September 30 2007, @01:12AM (#275612)
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    It was dark as I drove the point home.
  • morrissey punctual. came out at 8 on the dot. first time to hear "tomorrow" live and it was amazing. HSIN great! "all you need is me" best of the new songs i think. coulda used a better or second encore. IBEH played at 9 1/2 pm. short set. yawn, i sleep now, night-night.zzzz
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 30 2007, @01:16AM (#275613)
  • what did the crowd say? Those are always interesting...
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 30 2007, @02:10AM (#275617)
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  • All You Need Is Me: Great. Strong pop song. Should be on the album.

    Paris: reasonable - pretty but underdeveloped. Would make a nice b-side.

    Farewell: Great. Love the mariachi trumpet. Keep for the album.

    Grow Up: Poor, musically and lyrically. Please lose this one Morrissey, or relegate to a b-side.

    Will be interesting to here Alain's new stuff where he is "on fire".
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 30 2007, @05:12AM (#275618)
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  • Does anyone happen to have videotaped "One Day Goodby Will Be Farewell" :?

    Could anyone give a link to the song, if it's already been posted on youtube?

    Thanks mucho macho
    Mrs. Woolf -- Sunday September 30 2007, @09:46AM (#275629)
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  • Did anyone see Martin Gore from Depeche Mode at the show? He lives in Santa Barbara, and jokingly while making the trip, we laughed at the fact that he would go see Morrissey. Surprisingly, as we were walking back to the car, who did we spot in the plaza...MARTIN GORE! Very kind, shook hands, exchanged quick words, an end to a wonderful night.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 30 2007, @10:00AM (#275630)
  • I agree that the crowd was lackluster. I saw him at the Ventura, and the crowd was fantastic, but the sound was horrible. It was fab to actually hear his fantastic voice and see the full production on stage.

    I was sad that the Bowl wasn't full of fans. They sold out at Ventura. I am thrilled, though, to have seen him twice near my home in two different venues, two different crowds, two different experiences.

    And I didn't balk at paying $35 for a shirt to prove I had been to the concert.
    Jillinsb -- Sunday September 30 2007, @11:07AM (#275639)
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      • Re:SB Concert by Jillinsb (Score:1) Sunday September 30 2007, @08:25PM
  • why do people always complain about the fans involvement? arent you there for your own pleasure? everytime i where boring, sleeping bored looking... i think your the ones that are all that because your giving your attention to them and not to the real purpose, which of course is seeing Morrissey live.
    joeymozzer -- Sunday September 30 2007, @11:29AM (#275642)
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    Anonymous -- Sunday September 30 2007, @11:55AM (#275645)
  • I'm selling exclusive early-entry tickets into the Morrissey concerts on October 2,3,5,9,11, & 12 in Hollywood. I bought the 10-pack featured on which allows fans with these unique tickets to enter into the venue FIRST before anyone else (it is a GA concert). I only have one for each day and I'm just trying to re-coup my cost because I cannot go to all of the shows ($50 for each ticket).

    Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested. I'm in the Inland Empire and can meet you to exchange...
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 30 2007, @12:58PM (#275656)
  • I've never posted here before, but here goes.

    Be there for Kristeen Young's set. Except for the Letterman show, I'd never seen her, and had never heard any of her songs. She's a great performer (I bought 2 cds). On to Morrissey.

    Morrissey said something like, "It'll be dark when you're driving home tonight; be careful, or something thilling might happen."

    A fan complimented him on how he looked and sounded, and he replied, "I can't take compliments... anyone have anymore?"

    "Everyday I wake up and... and I drink. I wake up around noon and say to myself - I'm the only one there..."

    Yes, he took his first (black) shirt off at the line "physically despise" in "Let Me Kiss You."

    When he said that he couldn't see a boy in America hoping someday to grow up to be GW Bush, there was a smattering of boos. Now, SB and CA are liberal, so I write this off to the fact that people wanted to enjoy a concert free of politics. Most of the country (and the world, I suppose) is suffering from Bush fatigue.

    When Morrissey came out, someone behind me screamed, "Morrissey is old and fat." Very unfortunate comment. Someone beside me commented, "I thought he'd look a lot worse than that."

    Another guy by me, who could not stop air drumming (who loves Morrissey for the drums???), kept screaming, "Suedehead!!!"

    I can't remember which song it was, but Morrissey said, "Okay, before you nod off..."

    Perfect night. I've seen Morrissey 4 times (first since early 1990s), and this was by far my favorite. He sounded great, looked great and seemed happy. Thank you!
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 30 2007, @01:06PM (#275658)
  • She was complaining when we were in line waiting to gei in--she's lost her wallet. And finally she found it. ANd just for my luck-she happened to be staning right there next to me at the concert. I wanted to tell her to shut the F up. She was been loud with some other friends. When they were playing the James Dean video she was talking and talikng. She did not let me enjoy the videos.
    Morrisseyvive -- Sunday September 30 2007, @02:02PM (#275664)
    (User #14765 Info)
  • I thought something strange was afoot when I overheard one of the ushers say to his mate "Can you believe all these people who come at the last minute?"....7.30? last minute?...Sure enough by the time you park and wait in line for the booze wristbands its almost eight bells and the intro stuff is playing off in the distance, everyone's twisting was playing at the top of mount kilamanjaro...shit, time for a sprint up a fucking hill that would kill any Tony Bennett fan the next night at the same venue, I was sweating worse than Paris Hilton taking an IQ test after the trek up that mountain...8 o'clock? No one told me or many others of a noise control law in the nieghbourhood, any future concerts with such laws locally it would be good to be forwarned, thankyou...Although to be fair when I got to the floor the first thing I thought was "oh,its ok, there's no one here"..It didnt fill up much either in the next 90 minutes, which I dont mind if those who are there are into it...but they are not...looks like Moz may have bitten off more than he can chew on this tour, we'll see, LA just around the corner...the crowd bashing has been done to death so I'll pass this time.

    Moz was again in fine form, setlist was good I thought with sister Im a poet, the loop ant stetch out and wait my favourites, I got the feeling a lot of people didnt know them songs though, a bit of a premature end I thought, waiting for please x3 but it didnt happen,A bit of a bummer.

    Moz quotes..."As you can see the nights are getting darker now, so be careful, on your way home something thrilling might happen, and you wouldnt want that""As you know the election is coming up next year and let me ask something,do you think there is a little boy anywhere on the whole of America who wants to grow up to be like George Bush?(moz laughed)"I dont think so"....crowd had a mixed reaction to that, mostly cheers but some boo's..were they jeering Moz or Bush?...I hope the latter.

    All told a good night and on the way home I saw a "ILUZMOZ" licence plate on a car in front of me getting on the 101 freeway. Who's car was that? Anyone know? Anyway, it made me smile...I might just die with a smile on my face after all. Hollywood beckons.
    Foster88 -- Sunday September 30 2007, @02:03PM (#275665)
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    I have spent my whole life in ruin's, because of people who are nice.
  • Sounds like a great show ! You don't know how lucky you are,

    Anonymous -- Sunday September 30 2007, @03:22PM (#275675)
  • are here: 14240803/ (remove any spaces in the link.)
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 30 2007, @05:21PM (#275686)
  • In the current live shows, is this linked to HSIN in the same way that Life Is A Pigsty was..? (Incidentally, has anyone else pointed out the eerie similarity between this song title and the final phrase on the tape recording made by Brady and Hindley as they tortured Lesley Anne Downey...? The last words the child is heard to utter are "No, please .. God, help me". Back to Suffer Little Children territory, methinks).
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 30 2007, @06:39PM (#275694)
  • great show, fucking lame crowd. why do people who don't even know the words, come to the show and give you dirty looks when you sing along to one of your heroes that you've been listening to for 20 years? i don't go to your fucking velvet revolver show and stand around looking bored so stay the fuck away from my moz show! mainstream, mtv watching, clueless cunts!!! go to fucking hell!
    crh -- Sunday September 30 2007, @08:38PM (#275707)
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  • did anyone see anyone try to get on stage? i saw a bit a scramble and heard morrissey say something about a nice try or something? anyone have any details?
    charming_man69 -- Sunday September 30 2007, @09:06PM (#275714)
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  • While I haven't seen Moz since 91 in Berkeley, I have been a fan since 87 (I was 15 at the time, and as far as I can tell, the first time I heard 'There is a light...' just happened to be the very day that Johnny broke up the band! - sorry?). Anyway, His Majesty's Voice has clearly matured with age. I had read posts where others had mentioned this, but even after hearing 'Earl's Court', etc. I couldn't really believe it was true. That is, until last night's concert. There really is a richness in his voice, that didn't exist even in the Smith's days. Also, he was still pulling off the higher notes/falsettos (e.g. end of BWTTIHS!). Here are my personal highlights from last night's show:

    Stop Me - Wow, has this song ever been played live by Moz before this tour? It was unbelievable. Mark Ronson can suck it. This was like nothing else. Amazing melody changes (going higher on 'crashed down on the crossbar' and 'plan a mass murder', etc.) and lyric changes (and so I drank one, I was in for...).

    Sister, I'm a Poet - Just awesome. Really emphatic on the lyric 'a plastic bag stranded at the light, this ONCE was me...' After song was over said, "Brother, I'm a Poet" for some reason.

    Stretch Out & Wait - Unbelievable to hear this song live. His voice was so good on this song. Funny lyric change: 'And is there any point ever having children, oh no no no' with accompanying finger wag! Also, mixed up lyric early on singing 'And will the DAY end in the nighttime oh I don't know, and will the world end in the daytime oh I don't know' but pulled it off nicely!

    TBWTTIHS - Personal fav. Outtro vocals were amazing. This was a clear difference from the 91 tour where Alain? was singing backup for all high notes. Last night Moz did all the singing and hit all these notes perfectly!

    Dear God... - This was so great to hear live. When he sang the explosive kegs b/n his legs part, the fairly quiet crowd went crazy!

    IBEH - Not a personal favorite, but I had no idea how much this song could rock live. Great encore, showed the band at their best (although I too was hoping for Please, Please, Please... afterwards).

    A few Moz comments that I can remember (most likely a paraphrase or approximation of the actual quote):

    "Every day I get up in the morning, eventually. I get up at the crack of noon, and look at myself in the mirror. Well there isn't anyone else there! And I say...' band starts "I Like You"

    "Some of you have noticed how it is getting darker ealier now. So when you are walking back to your car, be careful, something thrilling might happen. And we wouldn't want that."

    Moz gave the mike to a few people in the front row, and one guy said, "You're existence is everything, you are so beautiful" Moz: "When is the last time you had your eyes checked." He handed the mike to Julia and said, "Julia would you like to say anything?" She said, I agree entirely with what he said" (referring to the previous person's quote). Moz answered, "I just can't handle compliments...anyone have anymore? No? Oh well..."

    The rest of the quotes have been mentioned pretty accurately in previous posts, but the only one I would add would be when right before IBEH the encore, Moz said something to the effect of, "Thank you, you've been great. Now drive home safely...and don't hit me."

    All in all a great concert! To those complaining about the crowd, who cares? Just enjoy the amazing opportunity we all had to see the best lyricist/vocalist/persona in rock history perform at what may have been the vocal peak of his career!
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 30 2007, @10:03PM (#275717)
  • So was anyone else really bummed out that he didn't want to do Death of a Disco Dancer?? I was so looking forward to that song and with my luck he said he'd never sing it live again. I'm truly truly disappointed.
    cementedmindz -- Sunday September 30 2007, @10:24PM (#275719)
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    • Re:Disappointed by Stoney the Pony (Score:1) Monday October 01 2007, @09:18AM
  • doney86 and several others covered the SB show very well and pretty much expressed what I would have. So here are some little odds and sods I have to add:

    Bass drum motto ("SOME OF US IS TURNING NASTY") is back to brown from blue. Intermission viddies unchanged. Forgot to note it earlier, but on this leg of the tour, the music before KY includes the original (Patti Smith) version of "Redondo Beach." The house speakers at the Fillmore are shit, so the pre-show music can barely be heard once the audience fills up the venue.

    Back two tiers at SB were not filled up, and I felt sad for Moz. The crowd was slightly more excitable than SF's. Front people were very excited...if a little winded from racing up the steep hill to get to the Bowl.

    Wouldn't you know, the smell of Billy Budd became apparent by the 2nd Moz song. Because it was an open air venue, the scent dissipated more quickly. WTF is up with the stoners and hippies getting into Moz ; p !? It didn't used to be like this at Moz concerts.

    Moz was in fine form despite the disappointing turnout. All throughout this leg, I've noticed his little tummy-tum peeking out beneath the bottom buttons of his shirts. I want to pat it every time I see it!

    However, I felt a little letdown after the show because the encore seemed too brief. We heard them soundchecking "Tomorrow" -- which was played that night -- and "If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look at Me", but that was just the instrumental. I would love to hear that song! I'll still miss "Good Looking M", but if they play "If You Don't Like M", I'll be appeased.

    I bet there was another song on the actual setlist that wasn't played, just like with Human B in SF. No setlists were given out to the hoi polloi because they shoo'd us out of the venue before any were given. I saw Boz's guitar tech just collect them all and crumple them in one big ball. I've heard from someone that the crew are instructed NOT to give away setlists from shows that are aborted so that we won't know what was supposed to have been played. I don't know how true this is, but it seems plausible given the way they were behaving.

    Moz let me have the mic again. He asked who had something to say. He teasingly twirled the mic around several times as a bevvy of hands grabbed toward it. Then he kept snatching it away. I gave up until he settled down and let me have it.

    I was going to say something about my birthday on Sunday (I don't want a boy for my birthday cos I'm a lazy dyke, but I want Moz), but it would've taken too long, and he's too impatient. So I simply said what was on my mind at that moment -- "Morrissey, you look and sound gorgeous!"

    He then asked me sarcastically, When was the last time you had your eyes checked? It was four months ago, Mozzer. As i have said before, he can't take a compliment. He even acknowledged it, saying that he can't take a compliment...does anyone have another?

    SB is a gorgeous town. I liked that you could see the stars above during the show. The weather was perfect. The next morning, we strolled along the beach before heading back down to smoggy Hell-A.

    After my double burfday dinner (hi, Mary, Ben, and Shiho!) at Garden Wok on Sunday night, we cruised by the Palladium. At 22:12 there were about 15 su---- errrr ummmm fans camped out there. Well, the lesson I learned from SB and past Moz Palladium shows is to be well-rested and fit before the shows.
    Mel Torment -- Monday October 01 2007, @12:26AM (#275724)
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  • Forgot to add that as in the previous show (last SF show), there was no entrance music. Moz just turned up.

    It was strange because usually after Betjeman's A Child Ill, there are pealing bells as Morrissey enters. In SF, there were no bells. Mmm. It was better with the bells. I thought Klaus Nomi's Wayward Sisters would've been a good choice for SB.

    Maybe he will resurrect the theme from On Her Majesty's Secret Service for the Palladium shows.
    Mel Torment -- Monday October 01 2007, @01:11AM (#275726)
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  • Longtime Smith/Moz fan. Have seen a decent number of shows over the years (more than some, considerably less than others). I currently reside in Santa Barbara and have seen him here in the past at the same venue as well as another.

    As others have mentioned, my immediate thoughts were also that the crowd was somewhat smaller than in the past. No doubt the extensive touring had an effect but I'm certain it mostly has to do with the L.A. shows to follow. There were enough people though where I didn't feel disappointed in the turnout.

    As the show progressed, I was extremely surprised that the crowd was so sedentary. It was without a doubt the calmest Moz show I've ever been to.... EVER! I mean, there was very little movement. That's not completely horrible because I absolutely hate the idiots that crowd surf or just look to start trouble with total disregard for others enjoyment. Anyway, I started off to the right about midway deep in the pit. I thought it was just that Julie and some of the regulars were on the right and that somewhat dictated the "rowdiness" (not a slam on them in any way. I just figure they've been to sooo many shows that they just don't get all crazy and are there just to enjoy the show in their own way by watching). But it seems others that were on Boz's side say it was the same over there. Just seemed odd to me. I really couldn't believe only the one person tried getting on stage, too. With them filming the show, I'd have thought for sure that many would have attempted it.

    I can't really explain the crowd other than to maybe guess that my observation would be that there are less younger fans than there were say even 3 years ago. Also, it seemed that some of the greaser/ruffian types are now there with girlfriends instead of their boys looking for trouble. Like I said, just an observation. In contrast, I did see Modest Mouse at the same venue a few weeks back and the crowd was understandably larger, younger and more energetic. I'm not a big fan but went and gotta say I was a bit disappointed in the show as a whole (but that's another thread). Ok, enough crowd.

    I really liked the show a great deal. The sound was great. The venue is really quite nice. Probably one of the nicest settings you could ever hope to see a show at. The only gripe I have is that because it's outdoors, there will undoubtedly be a large cloud of dope smoke hovering over everyone. The place is notorious for it and it's disgusting. Trade-offs.

    Like I said, I really loved the show. I really liked The Loop... it's been a long time and it's even better now than I would have guessed it could have been. I'm still really digging the embellishment at the end of How Soon Is Now.

    I honestly didn't hear many boos regarding the George Bush slam. The comment was followed up with more jeers directed towards Bush than it was towards Moz making the statement.

    Not sure if it was mentioned but Moz started just a hair after 8pm and was done almost exactly at 9:30. I was surprised that the intro music had seemingly been dropped after having read some other reviews from prior shows.

    The band are really quite good as I guess one should expect after playing so extensively now. I know some will not like to hear this but I really think Matt is as good a drummer as Moz has had (and I really liked some of the others a good deal, as well). Michael is indispensable at this point, too. He brings another dimension to the songs that really helps. Boz is well, Boz. Consummate professional and really still seems to enjoy playing. I'm as nostalgic as the next fan but Jessie and Solomon do quite well, too. Bringing back the stand up bass is a welcome addition. I missed it all these years!!

    Regarding Death of a Disco dancer, I thought Moz's comments were misunderstood. I thought he meant that the letters were requesting he not play the piano on it and he was agreeing not to. I didn't think he meant that fans didn't want them to play the song anymore. Maybe I was mistaken?

    The only negative for me real
    Anonymous -- Monday October 01 2007, @01:51AM (#275727)
  • loved the show,moz was awesome,the crowd was lame,wasnt like the pasandena show,setlist was great,santa barbara venue perfect for a show,thanks moz for putting another great show,I'll be going to hollywood show comming up,see all you greaser there!!!!!
    rockabillyben -- Monday October 01 2007, @07:21AM (#275743)
    (User #20091 Info)
  • from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara for the show and it was stellar. MOZ was very chatty, worked the crowd and showed his back less than he did in SF.
    My MOZ CAT license plate was confiscated, but with any luck will be on the forthcoming DVD.
    Lot's of cool people at the show -- and you lucky LA'ers enjoy the next 10 nights...

    groobgirl -- Monday October 01 2007, @08:48AM (#275753)
    (User #18548 Info)
    "At last, At last, At last"
  • i dunno if this is authentic but it sounds like the man himself. awesome interview dealing with thatcher, getting a record deal, new songs and french movies

    is this an official sanctuary site? anyone know?
    Anonymous -- Monday October 01 2007, @09:21AM (#275758)
  • did anyone know who the two people that were filming the show are? is it for a dvd or what.. hope so i loved the show, oh does somebody have a clean taping of "why dont....." i have waited since i first heard this song to hear it live in person. thanks
    joeymozzer -- Monday October 01 2007, @09:51AM (#275761)
    (User #5229 Info)
  • Anyone know if Moz has his own sound guys? and if they bring all their own gear(mics,speakers,etc)? Just curious.
    Anonymous -- Monday October 01 2007, @12:29PM (#275780)
  • It was a fun show, people comment on the crowd, but this is Santa Barbara, everything is pretty mellow around here and why give grief to people who paid good money to see Moz? Moz and his boys got paid at the end of the night thanks to such dull people, so complain about all the supposed fans who didn't even bother showing up.

    On a side note, as my friend and I drove home we were listening to That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore on the Ipod through a Monster Cable FM Transmitter and we kept hearing Last of the
    International Playboys come in, we turned right on De La Vina and LOTIP was gone, so my question is, whoever you are who was following us, did you hear TJIFA?
    Anonymous -- Monday October 01 2007, @04:43PM (#275795)

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