posted by davidt on Friday October 12 2007, @11:00PM
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Set List:

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / You Have Killed Me / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Tomorrow / Irish Blood, English Heart / Disappointed / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / The National Front Disco / Girlfriend In A Coma / Sister, I'm A Poet / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / I Like You / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Billy Budd / Jack The Ripper / Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / Ganglord / Let Me Kiss You / Stretch Out And Wait / Dear God, Please Help Me / How Soon Is Now? // First Of The Gang To Die

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  • Dying to hear if he did Jack the Ripper again!
    maryII -- Friday October 12 2007, @11:03PM (#278093)
    (User #19348 Info)
    Let the right one slip in.
  • stop me/ you kill me/ boy happy/ tomorrow/ irish/ disappointed/ y don't ya/ national/ girlfiend in a coma/ sister/ crashing bores/ I like u/ disco dancer/ billy/ jack/ please 3x/ ganglord/ lemme kiss ya/ stretch/ dear god/ hsin?// 1st in
    BOYRACER76 -- Friday October 12 2007, @11:09PM (#278095)
    (User #9118 Info)
    "just put your arms around me. I won't tell anybody"
  • ...and posted downloadable (for you, kittens, all for you) decent quality but enjoyably-listenable mp3s of "All You Need Is Me" and "Arms Around Paris" at Rhamphorhynchus Records which can be arrived at by hammering your keyboards to the tune of
    and incidentally, by morning I will have ALSO posted a very good quality recording of "That's How People Grow Up" from the June 29th Letterman Show.

    (Since the official album versions won't be out until Hillary's second term...)

    Enjoy, lovers!

    The Bicycle Tragedy
    Bike Tragedy -- Friday October 12 2007, @11:42PM (#278098)
    (User #19831 Info)
  • Awesome show tonight..i have some tickets for Saturday night's show that i'm selling. Send me your e-mail if you're interested??
    The Ordinary Boy -- Friday October 12 2007, @11:49PM (#278101)
    (User #2371 Info)
  • (sigh) and it was magical...being so close and yet so far..The blue of his eyes was mystifying..I'm still in a daze..Dang, has he been working out?! His glutes looked awesome! I feel bad about interrupting him, but I'm kinda glad he told ME nicely to shut up...
    MOZtilda -- Saturday October 13 2007, @12:05AM (#278107)
    (User #19320 Info)
  • About an hour before the gates opend is when I decide to go to tonights gig. Managed to find a VIP/FOTL tix on craigslist for $60 bucks (kinda steep) but, I tried to haggle the chick down to atleast 50 clams but, she wasnt havin it. I drove out round 6pm, and totally scored finding me some FREE street parking only couple blocks away. I got in the VIP line since my ticket was "on its way to meet me there". They let us in at round 7ish, managed to get a GREAT spot AGAIN dead center 3back, only clink in that was the SIX FOOT FOUR guy that was front row. Christine Young has grown on me, I enjoyed her set. She was cool, hamming it up a bit, her outfit rocked, (I loved it bitch) she looked kinda HOT. Some prick next to me shouted out to her, "Show us your tits", I senced that she was upset with the comment, cos she said " I can imagine you in a wife beater something or the other" . But, was cool (can someone hook me up with a burnt copy of her cd?) Soon as the "movie bit" ended, I smoked my bowl and away we went! Again he played the intro with the women speaking about damnation. The crowd was LOUD when Moz and Co. took the stage. As always Moz looked like a straight-up West Hollywood PIMP! Them DG shirts are fuckin MAJOR! Kicked it off with Stop Me, the fuckin place fell about, it was rocking. Noticed that Moz was having some trouble with his mic, he kept making faces towards the sound guys. He seemed miffed. This went out for a few songs. I dont member everything in order.
    ~ He said if we dont come tomorrow (sat/final LA gig) he's gonna whoop your ass!
    ~Sal played fantastic, that kid can play.
    ~I half FAINTED when they did Jack The Ripper and National Front Disco. Girlfriend In A Coma was a MASSIVE sing a long as was Death of A Disco Dancer. This was my 4th LA gig and Im lovin it that hes playing this one. Very nice with the lights going and everything. Same with HSIN.
    ~ Moz was chatty but, not as chatty as Mondays (10/8/07) gig.
    ~THE CROWD SUCKED! Not any stage inv. AGAIN til the very end. Some dude, tried to make his way up like midway through the gig and the chicks next to me were almost in tears cos the dude went over them. LAME, your at a gig in a mosh pit, whatdyou expect? I always say if you dont wanna get hurt in a pit, watch from the balcony. The side facing the stage to the left, looked like they were having it the whole show. Nice.The girl infront/next to me, gosh I already forget your name but you guys were way cool. True fans. I helpd her over the barrier. Security was kinda tight but, not as bad as tuesdays gig.
    ~Moz did a ton o hand shaking. For a few years, I thought, I was on Mozs shit list for some unknown reason, maybe he saw me giving him forks at the Ventura gig a few months back and that made him refuse to shake my hand at a few LA gigs in the past. The entire gig Id stick my hand out to him to shake but, he never would. I shook his hand in 91 and 99. the final encore comes on FOTGTD, a rip roaring rendition of it, Boz and Co. givin it their all, the crowd hav suddenly woken up, GEE I wonder why? Masses and masses of crowd surfers, Moz trying to shake hands with all the brave ones, I some how have managed to end up front row center in all the KAOS, hes pacing the stage back and forth making sure he's trying to get everyone, when he's passing me, and stops, reaches out towards me, and "SHAKES-MY-HAND" without sounding like a 12yr old backstreet boy fan, the tears just rolled down my face, and I shouted to him "THANK YOU MORRISSEY" and for that split few seconds, I knew Morrissey understood "the story of my life". No, Im not washing my hand tonight, just one night though. His hand was super soft. Not sweaty just warm. lol
    See you bitches tomorrow.
    Gin N Tonic Jil -- Saturday October 13 2007, @12:44AM (#278113)
    (User #7276 Info)
    You're not down with who I am but, look at you now you're all in my hands...tonight I'm a Rock N' Roll Star!!
  • Crashing Bores! Oh my god. I can't even express how badly I want to hear this live.
    andreatobrazil <[email protected]> -- Saturday October 13 2007, @01:38AM (#278127)
    (User #17575 Info |
  • We just got back home after tonights great show, but the thing that's really crazy, is that we drove by the venue after having some drinks at the bar, and there's already about 30-40 people in line for tomorrow nights show!! This was like at 1am! And, it's pouring rain outside and it's supposed to continue all night!! C, S, V, G, etc.. I dunno how you guys do it? I love M, but I value my health and sanity, lol.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 13 2007, @01:42AM (#278128)
  • Oh yeah, everyone is out in line!

    Thanks to everyone who made me feel like part of a Moz family out here in LA. You all are great.
    JoeyfromIndy -- Saturday October 13 2007, @03:01AM (#278134)
    (User #19878 Info)
  • Show was great, though not as fun as the last. Sang GF in a Coma as one of the 6 Smiths songs tonight but nothing really new for the LA crowd.

    Somebody tell me that Moz didn't really say that whoever doesn't show up tomorrow he'll "whoop thier ASS"!!!!!!!! Beneath the "DeeGees", Evian spritz, and tea, Moz "gots" some hood in him.

    Kinda funny when Moz yelled out to Boz, to which he replied in an Englishy way: "Yes suuuuhhhhh!" Boz then "gets" it and rips into Jack the Ripper.

    People were barely into it, already thinking about tomorrow's final gig. We'll see if we get "Drive-In Saturday", "Still Ill", "Song From Under The Floorboards" or some b-side not performed live yet.

    That's if Moz quits "jaking" it! He "jaked" during the first song. I have a feeling sound guy at the beginning of the show, with the Moz Posse shirt, is gonna hear it tomorrow. Sad thing is, it's probably just Moz "jaking" it! Someone in the crowd called him out on it too!

    He gave the mike to a fan who asked what he hears in the mike because "to us you sound wonderful". Moz didn't fall for it as he told this lame-o: "You're trying to be encouraging. That only works with..."

    At this point the alcohol takes effect yet again and I can't quite remember what he said. Any clones wanna grab this vine and finish the swing?!

    I think I was distracted by dudes selling ducketts at the beginning of the show. What is with those "scalps"? What can they possibly want a duckett for? Either LAPD does a good job of hiring undercovers, or these scalps must resell very high because none of them seem to be "with" it. One guy in particular creeped me out:


    This "zombie" wouldn't let up! Which brings me to how Moz left the stage: With his arms out like, you guessed it! One of the undead. I kid you not! Moz came hard tonight. Can't say the same for the crowd, but homeboy better get rest for tomorrow's "trim"!


    Jim Rome -- Saturday October 13 2007, @03:49AM (#278140)
    (User #720 Info |
    ...and how?
  • im still hoping he will play there is a light the never goes out. I really really hope he will
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 13 2007, @04:40AM (#278145)
  • Is there anyone else that is just as disgusted as I am at the "clique" of people at the front of the "10 pack" line?

    You motherfuckers aren't the only ones to dish out 500+ dollars for Morrissey.

    And don't give me that "Boo Hoo, cry me a river" sort of shit!

    I understand that a "list" is made of people who are in line, but the loverly Mel Torment writes it up. So therefore whoever is on the list is her friend and will get the barrier, but to those she doesn't know or doesn't care to know she'll just tell them that it's not a guarantee that they get a good spot on the floor.

    This isn't high school. This is Morrissey. Everyone who paid the money for all 10 tickets should be able get at the barrier, be able to shake his hand, get a piece of his shirt... We shouldn't have to put up with this childishness

    I wonder what Morrissey would think if this was brought up to his attention.

    I just hope that this doesn't happen to again when he plays in New York.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 13 2007, @06:32AM (#278147)
  • Quick dispatch -- drama in the queue and then mild rain started to really piss down around midnight. I don't have to respond to anonymous cowards, but I don't make a list for whomever I feel like. I don't know most of the people, and I'm always asking their names. Sorry I'm senile.

    If say 60 people bought the 10 day package, and there is space for about 30 people at the barricade, then it's inevitable that some 10 day package holders won't get up front. Don't blame me for how disorganised the Palladium is when it comes to letting people in and taking tickets.

    There really are no guarantees. In Frankfurt last year, I was the first to queue (and Germany is quite cold in the winter), but I didn't even make it to the barrier because the security guard couldn't open up the lane of the corral I was in.

    I was 20-something on the list Friday despite leaving right after Thursday's concert to get back into the queue, and I didn't think I'd make it to the barrier, but I did. It was astonishingly calm and civil until the encore.

    Moz gave me the mic. He asked, "Are you well?" I said I was feeling rather nasty (he emphasized the motto "Some of us is turning nasty" at the end of one of the early songs). Couldn't hear me, and handed me the mic again. After the 2nd failed attempt, I just refused the proffered mic. Then E took the mic and asked Moz what he's hearing up there (because the monitors going out clearly frustrated Moz) but what we're hearing sounds wonderful. Moz said E;s encouraging words only works for children and ponies. Awww... Moz the pony ; )

    I think during FirstUv, when Moz sang "and the very poor" he pointed at me. It was funny at the time.

    As others have written, crowd rather dull compared to the unexpected rowdiness of the previous weekdays. I myself felt a little out of it.

    Yesterday, I was experiencing anticipatory grief at how the Palladium residency was going to be over soon. But then in some way, with all the nastiness of gig politics (in the queue, in the venue, etc.), to be finished would be a relief.
    Mel Torment -- Saturday October 13 2007, @08:39AM (#278158)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • I want to go to SAT.....didn't get to go Fri.

      Somebody please email me at [email protected] with how many you have, price, and your phone number. These are for me and/or me and a friend...not for resale. Thanks!
    vande17941 -- Saturday October 13 2007, @08:46AM (#278159)
    (User #20096 Info)
  • After some technical difficulties, I managed to get this up on YouTube and posted the link yesterday....then I realized by 5 pm, most of ya'll were already in line for the show.

    I admit that this video is horrible and it didn't help that I had to compress (it even more to get it up on YouTube)...but I when I recorded it, I was focused on the sound. I left the front pit in order to capture the full sound of the music which was better in the back.

    I can't wait for the studio version to be released! ENJOY!!

    tamkim -- Saturday October 13 2007, @09:09AM (#278165)
    (User #19517 Info |
  • does anybody know if he left the "ah ah nobody knows me" part out of jack the ripper. wondering if he has been doing this or if thursday was an exception
    thevoice -- Saturday October 13 2007, @09:12AM (#278166)
    (User #20169 Info |
  • After last nights show I understand a few important things..firstly, you dont have to wait in line for a booze wristband at the front of the hall! Now they tell me? Just go to the bar inside and the guy will give you one..better late than never.

    After the gig last night there was little time to waste in getting back to the hotel to catch Moz on the telly, Carson Daly show, "all you need is me"... not shabby at all! But before that on the Conan show there was Mark Ronson doing "stop me"....shabby dosent say it all. DISGUSTING does. Attempted Murder right there.

    Nevertheless (is that one word or three?), It tells us all we really need is Moz and yes, I will miss him when he's gone and please lets have "There is a light" to close L.A., Is that too much to ask?....Ive had enough of arguing over spots in line and downloads, Lets make tonight an all time gig to remember...Im going to the zoo today to see if I can see a Giraffe in the meantime...sue me, I like Giraffes! Elephants too.
    Foster88 -- Saturday October 13 2007, @10:06AM (#278174)
    (User #17605 Info)
    I have spent my whole life in ruin's, because of people who are nice.
  • Morrissey, you and your band members look so freash and clean when you walk onto the stage. You look like you shampoo your hair, noxzema the heck out of your face and put on some cologne. Address the crowd please! You can't imagine the smell! Tell these fish smelling, horrid breath, under-arm smelling people to shower before they arrive to the show. I was about to reach into my friends purse and put deodorant on the guy behind me who had his arm pits in my face. MOZ, YOU NEED to tell these people to shower. I am sure they will follow your direction.
    redbob -- Saturday October 13 2007, @11:51AM (#278190)
    (User #19360 Info)
  • What time to the doors open!? Gotta get in line now!
    davrone -- Saturday October 13 2007, @12:07PM (#278191)
    (User #20151 Info)
  • Now there's a man who knows how to fold a paper airplane properly. BRAVO! And he's pretty good with a guitar also.

    *smoochies on the cheek*

    (Don't tell Mobster)
    tenforum -- Saturday October 13 2007, @12:22PM (#278194)
    (User #18742 Info)
    I said and I'll say it again. November spawned a monster. What? November. Monster. Spawned. You heard me.

    why don't you find out for yourself?
    jack the ripper
    i like you
    and a few more, check them out & comment
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 13 2007, @01:29PM (#278203)
  • hahaha I got the sorry little maggot mad! hahaha
    Hey imbecile, pipe the fuck down, you jealous little worm.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 13 2007, @03:35PM (#278219)
  • so. i just found out a few mins ago, that my ride situation is fucked! so if there is anyone comming rom the huntington beach/long beach area. PLEASE COME GET ME! i'll give you gas money/ buy you drinks. and wil be forver in your debt. PLEEEEASE
    morethanfashion -- Saturday October 13 2007, @04:46PM (#278232)
    (User #18852 Info)
  • Does anyone have video or pictures from 'First Of The Gang To Die'? If so, please let me know! I held the beloved's hand!

    PS. Sorry about the anonymous post; I have yet to create an account.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 13 2007, @06:01PM (#278238)
  • did anyone else see "the donger" from sixteen candles last night?
    ella-reflex -- Sunday October 14 2007, @03:30PM (#278390)
    (User #13859 Info |
    Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free...
  • I swear if a person wanting to chit chat with some one do it in the fucking loby. As for the dude with AC/DC the next time you go to a concert like this show. You never shut the fuck up at all and especaily during Ganglord. Dude if you want to talk with your g/f. I would advise you to go the fucking loby and keep on drinking your shity beer.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @06:31PM (#278411)
  • Does anyone have video or pictures from the encore? FOTGTD? I held his hand! I was the girl in the white shirt, btw. :D

    PS. Jill & the other girl whose name I forgot (sorry) and her friend who isn't the gay guy, HELLO!

    Aside that, it was a lovely show. Second time seeing Mozzy, and it was a good one. Very nice coming out the Palladium to rain. Although I didn't have a sweater, I'm not sure if there could have been any better way to leave.
    Chynna -- Sunday October 14 2007, @08:12PM (#278424)
    (User #20182 Info |
    • Re:Encore by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 15 2007, @12:55AM
  • Like hey guys I am back from Hollywood just saw MORRISSEY twice Friday and Saturday night. Friday was incriable. Met a hot lookin woman. Of course she passed out on my lap. And I was brusing her hair as she was sleeping. What a night and last show was pretty cool. All in all I was pretty hammer.
    Moz 1988 -- Sunday October 14 2007, @08:50PM (#278435)
    (User #18895 Info)
  • That is the wonderful scent lingering in his shirt. I wear the same scent, so when he hugged me in Cleveland we looked at each other as if to say Wow, we smell great.
    winner5 -- Thursday November 15 2007, @02:33PM (#284454)
    (User #20452 Info)
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