posted by davidt on Saturday October 13 2007, @11:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / In The Future When All's Well / The Loop / Jack The Ripper / Sister, I'm A Poet / London / Tomorrow / Human Being / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / I Like You / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Billy Budd / / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / All You Need Is Me / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Irish Blood, English Heart / Stretch Out And Wait / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / I Will See You In Far-off Places // First Of The Gang To Die

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  • Hmm...did he play anything extra special?
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 13 2007, @11:01PM (#278249)
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  • so. the anticipation is killing me. how was it? was he sad to go? was he excited to be gone? and i bet the set lsit was amazing. damn i wish i could have gone...
    morethanfashion -- Saturday October 13 2007, @11:04PM (#278250)
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  • just beautiful
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 13 2007, @11:05PM (#278251)
  • I could'nt make it either but wish I was there
    lime7 -- Saturday October 13 2007, @11:08PM (#278252)
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  • Set list?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Anonymous -- Saturday October 13 2007, @11:14PM (#278253)
  • The Final Night (Score:2, Informative)

    HSIN/ in the future/ loop/ jack/ sis/ london/ tomorrow/ human being/ find out for yourself/ bores/ like u/ disco/ billy/ shoplift/ need is me/ one day/ irish/ stretch/ paris/ far off places// 1st in the gang
    BOYRACER76 -- Saturday October 13 2007, @11:16PM (#278254)
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    "just put your arms around me. I won't tell anybody"
  • So devastated I was not able to go tonight,..I'm mad as hell I could not get my "fix" tonight.How I wish I was Julia right now. The ones I did attend, however, were phenomenal..I was so close each time, he saw my sign, got a piece of his shirt, failed at my attempt to get onstage, thanks to the oh so gentle security.Moz ya look HOT. There will never be another like the Moz...Viva Moz! I'll be counting the days until he returns. Thank you for all the wonderful shows, I felt like a teenager once again..In the meantime, I shall wait for all juicy details..
    mozzylvr5 -- Saturday October 13 2007, @11:30PM (#278256)
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    • Re:Yes (Score:2, Informative)

      Great night! Hit the last five shows, and dug it. Different vibe and experience every night. Was about nine people from the stage left, but as soon as the show started was crushed forward to about fourth because of the swell of people pushing behind.

              During Kristeen's set, some dude kept yelling show us your tit's again and again. I felt bad for him showing how un-evolved he was in front of so many people, and Morrissey said later, " Now Kristeen said, I want to encourage nudity at the start of her show, which I didn't really approve of or something like that " ,..and then I believe in reference to the constant show us your tits comment, he said, " All that money and education gone to waste, ... that was that the best you could come up with " Sort of a funny back handed dig at the catcalls.

            Also two total ding dongs rightly pissed off close to ten or so people all around us, becuase they thought they were the biggest fans or something. Some people left to get away from them and yelled continually during the show to have them ejected. I can't put my finger on it,.but they were so self centered with some sort of self entitlement or just drunk. Don't get me wrong, I encourage getting your groove on, ....but feel your surroundings out and be sensitive to those around you and when everyone around you is seething with resentment, right at you, and when your dedication to having a good time is ruining it for everyone around you....get a clue, or I guess there may be no hope for some fools. I enjoyed the show, but felt bad for some of the smaller girls who just had to escape the hysteria leaving the pit.

              Morrissey rocked it, I think he felt the love, but you never know. At the end all the band mates came out with Manchester? jerseys on, and they all threw their shirts into the crowd. Good times, peace
      fast tony anderson -- Saturday October 13 2007, @11:57PM (#278263)
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      I only gamble with time
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  • These last couple of shows was a great experience. Got to hang out with some cool people and made some new friends. We no longer have to stand online anymore. The only thing that sucked was that dark fat guy with pubic hair all over his face to try to mask his bad acne. He kept bitching about the line in his little girly voice and even said he would start swinging if he didnt get rail. Yeah Right!! He is fat and wide but you could tell he is weak and a wimp. He would have gotten his ass kicked by anyone there. Anyway, great show and experiences. Peace Out! Serge
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @12:01AM (#278265)
  • The show started out great...but the last 1/3 of it just fizzled... could have/should have ended a lot stronger... on a more up beat note... not the encore, but the show proper...
    slightly disappointed with the ending of the set.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @12:07AM (#278267)
  • I can't believe that I made it out alive. Was it just me or was the crowd insane. 4000 bodies pressed against mine....not a good feeling. I cannot believe what an amazing show Morrissey put on. I am still spellbound. Thanks to all you Morrissey fans that I know who you are. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. A dozen stage invaders tonight. Everyone was trying to make it onto stage and everyone went insane. Security guards tried their best to keep them off, but did not succeed. A couple of guys did make it onto stage. One of the guys that did make it on stage was a Morrissey look-alike (in his early years back in the 80's.) He gave Morrissey a hug and Morrissey noticed the resemblence and gave him a smile. He truly appreciated the love and admiration from this fan. Morrissey, thank you for a wonderful tour. Now I am going to go...please....Sing me to sleep...sing to me...I am tired and I don't want to wake up on my own anymore.....I love you Morrissey!!!!!!!!
    poetrylover -- Sunday October 14 2007, @12:24AM (#278272)
    (User #18707 Info)
    With loves, and hates and passions just like mine...
  • The show was good, not one of my favorites, but still good. Anytime we get to see MOZ it is a privelege.

    The crowd seemed rough,edgey, un-like any other show I have been to, it was a totaly diffrent vibe. I agree with the poster who said the first 1/3 was good, but the last half fizzled.

    There did not seem to be much finallity to being the last show in LA. I say this meaning Moz did not seem to send any sort of heartflet goodbye or get emotional like he sometimes has. It seemed more like a finallity for the Palladium.

    No special encore, FOTGTD.

    During the encore, things got hectic, tons of people trying to get on stage. One guy fell head first onto the ground and sat their dazed and trampled for the entire song. If there was a double encore, it got scrapped, too crazy.

    All in all, good fun, it's Moz after-all and he was in top form. Just no finallity to the evening, I do not think he is done with LA just yet, at least I hope not.

    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @12:25AM (#278273)
    • Re:Final Night by seasick59 (Score:1) Sunday October 14 2007, @07:12PM
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  • awesome awesome show! great set list! great spot until people start shoving everyone. hey, i like the pushing and shit but once youre hurting people and acting like a complete asshole then its not cool..but whatever...anyway, moz looked too good like always! he threw 2 shirts i think..and the guys threw their chivas shirt too. standing through kristeen young's set seemed like an eternity. i saw only one guy actually make it onstage and hug the man..lucky! very awesome fun show! :] and waiting in line for around 6 hours was totally worth it!
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @12:25AM (#278274)
  • had a blast.this show is #26 for me.carlos congrats on your wedding.i will be there dog. danny your a homie for life too. to the girl i met today Toni,hope u can make it to the Jesus & mary chain concert W/me. hey Alex,i told u i can drive drunk!Awsome set list. I wish moz could've played The Boy Racer,oh well.Hey! anybody see the asian dude from Sixteen Candles today? Long duck Dong? Had a chance to talk to him today,cool cat,as well as Kristeen Young's drummer.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @12:38AM (#278277)
  • was up w/ the crowd, so fucken crowded and so sweaty, I swear to god I thought I was gonna pass out!! Any who big ups to the 2 dudes that helped me get the shirt you know who you are you guys are fucken awesome. To the girl that was behind me who lost her shoe... I hope you found it, p.s I gave your brother a boost so he could shake Morrissey's hand. I saw him opening night then tuesday, wed, thurs, fri, sat, and I didn't even get a handshake, but getting a piece of his shirt made up for it!!!! Great fucken show. Two dude's that helped me get the shirt, and girl who lost her shoe say hi to me on myspace
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @12:42AM (#278279)
  • Moz was great as always. The show wasnt the best in the west but it was a really good show. Now who the hell hit him on the face with his favorite flower when he was singing? One thing i hate about the Palladium is that you seem to be at the bottom and can't see the stage at all. If you're short, forget about it. You cant see a damn thing. I feel bad for the short girls. I'm 5'10 and still had a hard time seeing him. The place was crowded as hell. No big ending like everyone is saying but hey its Morrissey's back yard here in Hollywood. He'll be back =]
    HeLLkAt999 -- Sunday October 14 2007, @01:03AM (#278286)
    (User #14735 Info)
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  • I can't believe that I almost forgot to say what the highlight of the night was and it was Boz taking off his shirt and exposing everyone to see his Greek God body =/ And all the other chaps took of there shirts as well so the ladies had fun for that moment =]
    HeLLkAt999 -- Sunday October 14 2007, @01:13AM (#278288)
    (User #14735 Info)
  • What happen to Boz???
    Who ever did that to him, deserves a bitch slap.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @01:40AM (#278291)
  • An LA show where the crowd were up for it. I have practically begging to be crushed and smashed over the last two weeks, and tonight was wild down front. Loved it.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @02:04AM (#278298)
    • Re:finally! by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday October 14 2007, @08:56PM
  • On a couple accounts:

    1. Pissed, err drunk. Maybe!

    2. Pissed at the A-hole who got confrontational and prevented me from recording the show. As a result I got only snippets. This meat-head wanted to fight and kept pushing me to the extent that security swarmed the area and I had to abort my efforts. Although I was disappointed with the show, one of the things I have enjoyed the most is enabling others who could not attend the opportunity to re-live the momment. Especially those who put forth the effort to provide for others because I understand how much effort it takes. Regardless of my feelings I have a little footage from Monday and nearly the whole shows from Thursday and Friday and will post soon enough.

    3. I understood from the beginning that I should not expect too much. Yet, is it too much to expect a little? Considering the vast catalog of music, was it asking too much to deviate from the setlist any? Instead we only heard songs that had already been played during this tenure. I'll give it to the band because they were spot on! Crisp! But this is LA, a supposed 2nd home, and an extremely unique and dedicated fan base. So why wasn't there something unique played? I have seen an ass-load of shows this year and the earlier leg was the same way. At the Borgata show, the last one on the earlier leg, I thought he might go out with a bang but instead he abbreviated the set by eliminating a song. Same thing occured tonight. What a way to give thanks to loyalties.

    4. Piss-poor attitude. I have always enjoyed Moz's mimmicking of the crowd because I realize that after so much time on the road it's difficult to cope with hearing the same things over and over. But it seemed there was no interest in anything anyone had to say. You can't hear anyone when everyone is yelling but to mock the crowd the way he was is condascending. To say that it was good to see all the chubby faces was no way to pay homage to the "irregulars". For the second time he made light of the cancellations by joking about the pipe bursting, which i my mind only reiterates the fact that it may be only a ruse.

    5. Seeing him after the show at Cat and Fiddle only proves how inaccessible he is. I made no attempt to approach him because I think it is proper to respect his space. But why go to such a place where you kow an abundance of fans will be and then set up a perimeter and strong arm others away? You held court while looking like Andy Capp (sp?). Your whole career has been predicated on attention yet you only further alienate yourself.

    6. It is my opinion that you must not have any awe for your audience. If the only time you feel alive is when you are onstage then I guess I have to ask who is it you are entertaining? Yourself or the fans?
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Sunday October 14 2007, @02:07AM (#278299)
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  • Uneventful night. Others got the mood right by stating there was a climax that just never came. Same encore as the previous shows. Moz must plan on coming back here soon because he just gave us night number 4 of 18 all over again!

    Still, Moz is Moz. We got what we paid for: An excellent show. Maybe not by Moz standards, but i'll take him over anyone.

    Seen my man David T. in the crowd!

    Now I guess it's back to eighties bar club nights and bacon-wrapped 'dogs' to get my Moz fix.

    No more HEYHEYHEYHEYHEYHEYHEYHEYHEYHEY. Dude was on fire today! Anyone else see that?

    Boz had a black eye. Looked kinda like he was just trying to do something different.

    They gave "it" to the "Bjork Identity" tonight. If i'm being completely open, the best thing about tonight is that I won't have to stand throughout another of her sets in order to see Moz up close (hopefully). I know i'm not the only one that feels this way.

    But you know what? I keep it to myself. One of the worst things you can do to a person is insult them in front of other people/strangers. The clones went to town. I know this was the last chance you clones had to "get off" on her, but was it really necessary?

    If i'm being open again, i'd like to bend her over and floss my teeth with her thong. Is that old goat Visconti hitting "it"? Man, I gotta start producing some records. But I don't put that kind of pressure on her. To the "winner" that said 'show us your tits': How does it feel to have Moz call you out on it? You do appreciate a musician's efforts...right? That's why you are there...correct? How do you other clones think this jerk feels now? Hope it was worth it.

    That Jeff White is a bad ASS on drums! Say what you want about the "Bjork Identity" and her "shreds", this guy has talent. Hope he works with Moz one day.

    Saw what appeared to be World Series of Poker champ, Jerry Yang get up near the stage. How did he grow a "pomp" so fast?

    Moz seemed genuinely greatful for the people that came out all 10 errrrrrr 8 nights. This was my highlight.

    Thank you Moz for just being there.


    Jim Rome -- Sunday October 14 2007, @02:48AM (#278302)
    (User #720 Info |
    ...and how?
  • I would like to take time to thank the following people I met out here in LA:


    And anyone else I forgot to mention. Sorry if I forgot anyone. It's been the longest and best week of my life. Thank you all for being my new Moz family. I thank you with all of my heart, that's if I had one ;)

    The set tonight showed nothing new, but it was great to see HSIN open. I would have liked to see another song, who wouldn't of though. I am pleased with everything that I have seen so far out here. I am very thankful he took my gift again. Elaine's was far better of an Elvis record. I loved the way he held it over his face. He took mine during Shoplifter's when saying "hand it over..." It was a record of 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong. I would have loved to have given it a listen, but I got more enjoyment out of seeing Morrissey take it from me.
    First Of The Gang was ca-razy! I got kicked in the nose a few times, as did April. I know Andrea must have gotten it too. I tried to keep the crowd off you all, but I couldn't. I am so happy I got to come out here and experience this. I bet the east coast fans are nothing like this.

    Leaving LA in 3 hours, time for some sleep.
    Goodnight, and thank you.
    JoeyfromIndy -- Sunday October 14 2007, @03:05AM (#278307)
    (User #19878 Info)
  • someone post some videos of the final show
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @09:36AM (#278324)
  • To say the least I am truly Disappointed, truly truly truly AHHHHHHHH!
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @09:44AM (#278327)
  • they're always present, and they always find a way to ruin a Moz show if anyone gets too close to their fat, fugly latina girlfriends. what idiots!
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @10:42AM (#278334)
  • I am interested to see video of the encore craziness, if someone shot a link! Thanks.
    vande17941 -- Sunday October 14 2007, @11:36AM (#278341)
    (User #20096 Info)
  • OMG, the sound was the best evah! Well, it ought to have been after so many nights of frustration for Moz and by extension, us.

    Setlist solid wiff many middling "hits". The dropped song from the setlist was "Youngest", I think. I'm so thankful he didn't subject us to Boy Yappy even though I like Mikey's trombone playing.

    Human "Bean" was brilliant.

    Like Friday's, Saturday's crowd is the "popular" crowd, so nothing special would be played. My only mistake is I'm hoping...that Sing Yer Life would be played, but since it wasn't sound-checked, I didn't hold any hope for it. If You Don't Like Me... is an obscure b-side, so he wouldn't have played it either on a popular night.

    I think the reason why the Friday crowd was so tame compared to the earlier weekdays was that mostly insane "die-hards" and young kids (or those young-at-heart and irresponsible enough to cut class/work) would attend. The cut-rate tix and promotions for free tix attract a younger, more pashernate kind of person who's willing to take risks.

    I thought I would have the worst Moz-over evah, but despite sleeping in the car instead of a bed (too tired to drive home safely after late-night Thai) and having attended my last intended gig of this tour, I feel okay. My head, shoulders, arms, and legs were sore last night (and covered with ugly, hard bruises), but I'm feeling no pain right now even without the benefit of pharmaceuticals or any kind of therapy except Morrissey. All you need is M.

    Left the Palladium happy in the haze despite the gross smell of sausages and ciggies polluting the air. Marijuana smoking was heavy (and present every night), but I think I'm inured to it by now.

    Got to pick from a couple of superb spaces at the barrier despite being stuck about 25th or so behind all the queue-jumpers and list-anarchists : ). I had been rather down all Saturday and preparing myself to have to go to the balcony, but I think the saints smiled shyly down upon uth rucky rithperth.

    D was next to me and got the first handshake from Moz of the night (during the opener HSIN). I got one right after. Then that beautiful bitch got a 2nd one from El Mozzer later on in the night! : )

    Moz said so many funny things that my head is spinning. I'll make a separate post when I can get it together. But I remember these moments...

    Said that tonight they had a close call with another burst water main. I couldn't help but guffaw loudly, and Moz was standing right in front of me. I'm sure other people laughed, too. So Moz asked, "Is that funny?" I think audience shouted back NO. But I said YES.

    When he mentioned that their little wagon was trundling off to Salt Lake City, audience booed. Moz also made a crack about Glendale (a bland local middle-class suburb) -- its name is redundant, meaning valley-valley or even sillier -- broad valley-narrow valley. Like, omigawd, totally awesome!

    Moz asked some bizarre pun-question about what does one call a man with a womb? A womb-man? A woman? I was so relieved not to have the mic in my face and be asked this nonsensical question. A woman answered, "Woman" and Moz approved. I wonder if Moz is fixated on getting pregnant with his auto-donated sperm and artificial womb. That monologue in SF is still the most bizarre thing he's said on this tour.

    During Stretch, sang "It's the Manchester blood in my veins again." Pointed the mic at us again and let the audience answer the question "Is there any point in having children?" And we faithfully shouted, "NO!" or "NO! NO! NO!"

    There were several moments where Moz just stood back, not singing, and let the audience sing the lyrics. Sometimes it appears to be due to him botching it, mic problems, monitor problems, or because we're just so loud.

    During One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell, he's been changing the words around. Earlier, I thought he was singing, "When I die, I'm going straight to Hell." But the last two times, I noticed he sings, "I WANT to go to Hell." And earlier, he used to admonish
    Mel Torment -- Sunday October 14 2007, @11:37AM (#278342)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • It was a great show.
    Morrissey was really happy. The Palladium of course was packed.
    Kristeen Young was awesome as always. Her hair looked really cool, and her dress was nice, it had a big batch of fake grapes sowed on. She sounded great. At one point she said, "You guys are being so kind, please be rude again."
    And then later she said something like, "I'm so glad you guys like this, and for those who don't, well this isn't for you."

    Morrisey came out, I noticed that there wasn't a back drop this time. He first came out wearing a black shirt. His hair looked great. He started with How Soon Is Now, which really pumped up everyone, even though they were alreayd pumped up since the moment they entered the Palladium. He played Human Being, that was so great. He played Shoplifters which was also incredible, well every song was incredible. The crowd was rowdy, but not that rowdy. There was a lot of crowd surfers trying to touch Moz's hand, and most of them did. He touched a lot of hands. And he was so sweet in recieving gifts. At one point he just started taking everything people gave him. He recieved a lot of letters, two Elvis 12'inch records, one 7 inch record of some other band, A Taste of Honey book, and a poster a fan made. He sounded great, I mean during one song, he commented how he wasn't in tune, but he sounded great.
    At one point he was just thanking everyone who was able to attend all then shows. And then he commented on the water pipe breaking that other day. And then after that he said, "I want to thank the Palladium people for dealing with me and not shooting me."
    He made a comment saying how he had finally put together the best band, and then introduced the band.
    His encore was First of the Gang which was great, all the band came out wearing Chivas shirts. At that point everyone went crazy, so many people were trying to crowd surf and shake his hand on the same time. One guy actually made it on stage. And then Morrissey thanked everyone, took off his shirt and threw it into the crowd. Boz and the rest of the band did the same thing, it was awesome.
    So yes it was an incredible show, great way to end his California shows, and great way to close the Palladium before it gets renovated.
    Sanchez -- Sunday October 14 2007, @11:38AM (#278343)
    (User #17450 Info)
    "Sing me to sleep, sing me to sleep, I'm tired and I, I want to go to bed"
  • Show opened with much energy but the show did fizzle toward the end with no emotional good-bye. There was NO real thank you from the king himself, as he looked down on his subjects. The mexicans were not that bad closing night. They were well behaved, however, always present, thanks to Morrissey's love for the brown savage-the new mob of cunsumers to add to the bank account. The best band ever? We all know death of a disco dancer was much better than opening night but they are not The Smiths. Overall it was a good show. I was glad i went and time flew by so Morrissey did his job. And to all those fans who belileve that Morrissey should stop and say "hey what's new with you?" must get a clue. Attend the shows and enjoy the music, that is all you get.
    RockyRags -- Sunday October 14 2007, @12:00PM (#278346)
    (User #19277 Info)
  • To everyone in the VIP ten-pack crew: you are awesome. I genuinely had a great time these past two weeks and everyone I met and chatted with while lining up was cool as hell. Special thanks to Joey, Joel, Andrea, Diana, Tom, Melanie, Doug, Elaine, Alex, John, and everyone else I was lucky enough to queue up with or stand next to during the shows. Everyone in the first few rows was always really friendly and polite and I really appreciated that. I'm going to be sad at work tomorrow knowing I won't be getting off early to race down to the Palladium to line up with y'all!

    Keep in touch! Hopefully we will see each other in far-off (or not-so-far-off) places!

    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @12:10PM (#278352)
  • Well I only attended 3 of the 8 here but each one was fantastic! Monday 10/1 was about 1/2 full but still the energy was great and I loved the setlist! Stood right side about 15 heads back.

    Saturday 10/6 was very full and had a great vibe as well. Stood center about 20 heads back.

    Wednesday's Carson Daly taping was a quick and dirty affair but was the closest to the stage (about 4 people in front of me) I have been since the Florida shows a couple months back!

    Last night's finale Saturady 10/13 was easily the most packed and loudest crowd. Great setlist. My friend was a bit late so we started about 40 heads back but people kepted rushing forward throughtout the set so we just followed the wave until the end and so we ended up about 10 heads back for the encore "FOTGTD"... All in all a fantastic 2 weeks of Moz Angeles fun! I didn't miss having to camp out in line all day long like my "irregular regular" friends (bless you all) did like we all did together in Florida (it was worth it to do it once in a lifteime- but hey been there, done that) and it was especially nice not having to miss work- and also sleep in my own bed!!

    But hey I am stil going to New York next week for vacation- so I will see you "irregular regulars" @ Moz then!!



    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
  • I couldn't make last night's show. And ,if so,did he take Wally?
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @01:14PM (#278361)
  • Last night was a great show...if you could see it! I was only about 3-4 people from the barricade behind Julia but I spent most of the concert trying to keep my head above water. I understand that the front is going to be crazy, etc, but I couldn't believe how insensitive alot of the guys around me were being. I almost suffocated between two fat arms. One of the guys next to me practically trampled a tiny little Mexican girl next to me and then wanted to start a brawl with her boyfriend just to show how tough he was. So lame. I was really glad when he decided to get boosted up for a handshake and security hauled him off. Early on a guy next to me was trying to get Moz to take his flowers and was doing everything he could to claw his way over people. It was funny when he decided to get boosted up for a handshake and he ripped his shirt open in an homage to Moz. Moz looked over and was too far to shake his hand so he just did these funny swimming motions with his arm and then a cute diving to the side thing, like "see ya later, dude!"

    So yeah, it was a great show if you could see what was going on, but I really couldn't see alot, despite being reasonably close to the front (I'm too short). Moz took a handful of gifts...he seemed very pleased about an Elvis record and held it in front of his face for a long time. I gave him a letter that said "marry me?" on the front. He saw me waving it around during the show and seemed to chuckle a few times. I think it distracted him a little when he was doing his jibberish about the man who is a woman who has a womb or something because I was holding it right above Julia's head. When he finally took it he seemed preoccupied with what the Peta sticker said on the back.

    I got so roughed up from the show that I actually breathed a sigh of relief when it was all done. Went out to the side of the venue afterwards to see if we could see Moz leave...after about ten mins or so of waiting, the gates opened and he drove by in a BMW Z3 convertible (in the passenger seat). He gave a shy smile and wave through the foggy windows as everyone cheered.
    mell -- Sunday October 14 2007, @01:26PM (#278364)
    (User #20022 Info)
  • Very sad that this whole Palladium thing is over with. It was such a great experience. I gave up hope on trying to get on stage last night and just put my mind on handing him my letter and waving and saying goodbye...which turned out beautifully. Great way to end the eight days.

    Thank you to everyone who has tried to help me up there and to everyone who's made these two weeks more than enjoyable for me. It's going to be weird not having to go to the Palladium anymore..I was quite used to and fond of it.

    I hope we'll all be able to see each other again in the near future. Take care!

    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @01:54PM (#278371)
    • Re:Hm =\ by romeogirl (Score:1) Sunday October 14 2007, @06:07PM
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    • Re:Hm =\ by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 15 2007, @10:51AM
      • Re:Hm =\ by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 15 2007, @02:59PM
  • I had a BLAST at last night's show despite what many of the other posters are commenting. Yes, I suppose we were all hoping M would dig deep for some unexpected grand finale especially since he opened with HSIN. But ultimately ... so what! We were treated to 8 nights of Moz heaven and I choose not to look that gift horse in the mouth. Nor was I expecting personal thank-you note hand outs to us 10-pkrs in the front few rows. I thought the show was a fabulous fare-thee-well to Los Angeles.

    I have to admit that swimming in the Palladium Petri dish for the past two weeks has taken its toll. I'm covered in bruises and monkey bumps, trying to fend off a cold and catch up on some much needed R&R. The Moz diet has done me very well though - a fine combination of not eating due to line anxiety/no dinner and sweating out buckets of water weight. I'm actually sporting my "skinny" jeans that haven't seen the light of day in about 2 years.

    I have had such an amazing time meeting some super cool people in the 10-pk line. I love making new friends in unexpected places and I hope we manage to stay in touch. You guys made these shows all the more memorable for me - April, Joey, Andrea, Alex, Tom, Joel, Melanie, Tammy and Eddy & Estela (of course). April, you're the hub sister ... start planning the reunion. ;)

    Back to reality tomorrow ... boo.

    doney86 -- Sunday October 14 2007, @01:59PM (#278372)
    (User #19327 Info)
    It was dark as I drove the point home.
  • Although the final show was anticlimatic, these shows at the Palladum were great as a whole. I'm so thankful I got to spend time with my Cali friends again, plus meet some new ones. I'll see anybody on my coast who is continuing on with the tour.
    Joe Benzon -- Sunday October 14 2007, @02:03PM (#278373)
    (User #12767 Info)
  • last night's show was great. the setlist wasn't too different from the other nights but the energy was awesome. I was up front and desperately trying to get a hand shake, finally during FOTGTD i just got on top of the crowd and streched out and waited for Morrissey. after a guy got on stage and hugged him, he slowly walked to my side of the stage where i was being held in the air. He reached out and shook my hand. I yelled out thank you and i love you as i held on to his hand. i don't know if he heard me but he slightly noded. Thank you to the guy who picked me up and to my sister who recorded it. I was in the air for a while wearing a black KROQ shirt. if anyone has some pics i happen to be in i would love to see them
    biggurl12 -- Sunday October 14 2007, @02:11PM (#278376)
    (User #19834 Info)
  • The TJ show was crazier: Fights! Sweat! Blood! When some guy called Kristeen Young "gaviota"! That said, last night's show was amazing, and I will NEVER forget it! Good to see the Palladium go out with a bang! Thanks Morrissey!
    davrone -- Sunday October 14 2007, @02:50PM (#278383)
    (User #20151 Info)
    • Re:Overall by Mrs. Woolf (Score:1) Sunday October 14 2007, @03:53PM
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  • Anyone have links to the two carson daly performances, or was only one shown so far on tv?
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @03:28PM (#278389)
  • i had the best night of my life last night
    words cant describe it
    morriss sii -- Sunday October 14 2007, @04:25PM (#278400)
    (User #20191 Info |
  • at the encore, after shaking moz's hand, i went head first over the barricade on to the floor where security was, and eventually getting trampled by everyone trying to get on stage. did anyone get video of that? i was the dude at the right of the stage wearing a white v-neck t-shirt. all in all, it was a dream come true to touch MOZ!
    mozzcar -- Sunday October 14 2007, @04:27PM (#278402)
    (User #20190 Info)
  • In my opinion thursday night's show was by far the best, great set-list, good people, just a few tech. problem's but the set list was very good, what about you fellas?
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @05:46PM (#278406)
  • The closing number of the night was one of the most emotional and moving things I've ever seen. While the song selection for the last 3rd of the show may not have been all it could have, the final moments were what really put this performance absolutely over the top. I was truly overcome. ¡Viva Los Angeles! ¡Viva Morrissey!
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @06:44PM (#278412)
  • to The Well across the street and met this beauitful woman. And as for the last gig at the Palladium. One concern who in the fuck with the dude with the beard was that a chick or a dude. Whatever it was the persona had to be a chick. A fat chick with a beard mmmm intresting my buddies and I were debating if it was a chick. As for the people who concerning about the setlist of the last 9 dates. I tell ya what I could care less what you asshole thought about the set list.
    Moz 1988 -- Sunday October 14 2007, @07:46PM (#278420)
    (User #18895 Info)
    • Re:Mozz Rules by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday October 16 2007, @12:07AM
  • Even though its not, thats how it felt...Shame the setlist was by far the worst of the tour, thursday and friday killed last nights...murdered it! But Im glad some fans thought it was the cats knackers on Sat night, but ultimatly I felt it was a disappointment..."throwing my arms around Paris/Far off places" to end the main set. Come on now. Moz remarked that it was on to Salt Lake City for them and Salt lake is more or less "Just like LA.", some fans laughed, some had mock boo's. I dont know, Im sure people there can stand around not dancing just as good as those in Los Angeles can!

    I only attended 5 of the 8 concerts but suprisingly to me I didnt recognize too many people from one show to the next. I did take note of a lot of people who were going to thier first show, they didnt know the way in or the secruity procedure! Casual fans I guess. Ive always thought you are in or you are not...obviously not the case. This might explain the fans who dont know the songs and look generally puzzled all the time. If anything can.

    I think on reflection there were two gigs going on in there. The first was for those who got there early enough to get up close centre stage, sit thru K.Y...Fucking heaven help us...not move for drinks or bathrooms and generally whoop it up. The second was getting there at a reasonable time (8.30ish) and fight for some spot to see amongst the cardboard cut outs masquerading as fellow Moz followers, I did both and they were worlds apart, on every night 75% of people in there stood motionless. Certainly emotionless. The people near the front were into it every night all the time. Props to all of them.

    As I drove that bullshit drive back to Vegas today I was trying to figure out a show to go to before tours end. Maybe New York (remember MSG? Could lightning strike twice? Is it a risk worth taking?), maybe Miami? (That Horatio Cain might be there), Is there any shows in UK planned, Im heading back that way for the Sex Pistols anyway. Could Moz play a show or two somewhere? I get that the tour continues but its probably over for most of us...shame it went with a whimper and not a bang!....I'd still do it all over again though! In a heartbeat.
    Foster88 -- Sunday October 14 2007, @07:55PM (#278421)
    (User #17605 Info)
    I have spent my whole life in ruin's, because of people who are nice.
    • Vegas? by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday October 14 2007, @08:47PM
      • Re:Vegas? by Foster88 (Score:0) Sunday October 14 2007, @09:03PM
  • For Morrissey.

    Well, I've been on a wonderful high on pure Moz these past two weeks and it's been truly wonderful spending it amongst other lovely fans (rusholme ruffians and gentle souls... ok, troublemakers excepted). Thank you to the new friends, as I'm quite a shy Moz fan and not usually a 'networker' in that respect. You've all brought me out of my doldrums and I will keep the memories with me forever.

    Last night the audience was relatively quiet between songs, there was lots of 'dead air' where Moz would've heard anything said. I yelled out a couple one-liners so he wouldn't feel too lonely up there on stage (crickets?). A few other did, too. From what I saw last night and on the posts here, the center audience was definitely more physical (and the rest of the quiet crowd already experiencing separation anxiety and sadness?). I'm glad my side (right of stage) were the nice folks. We got pulled around from the center brawl, but held our place and kept hopping along with the songs. The bullies weren't going to mess up our show!

    The volume definitely picked up during the classics... Smiths songs, some solo songs (I can't remember now which ones, but it was wonderful). Moz happily wandered the stage to hear us all sing to him.

    Moz was a bit quieter in general, too. I think he said something about being drunk the night before or something. Or maybe there was a feeling of completion in the air... as we all made it through. Some of the things he said were silly and awkward. I thought it was cute. He gave a very heartfelt thank you to all of us for coming out through the run. I think it's fine he didn't get all slobbery about it. I don't think it was the right night/right crowd for him to get too emotional. Thanking us "chubby cheeks" well, I thought he was definitely including me in that because I've always hated my chubby cheeks and very aware of them (it's those steroids I've had to take for my illness all my life! Damn!), so I accepted it very affectionately. Yay! Chubby cheeks loves Moz! I didn't think he meant any harm. (Hey, if you've got chubby cheeks, that means he saw and noticed you! Be happy!)

    Julia did not speak, but I think he asked her if she wanted to or it was someone else he referred to (b/c the answer did not sound like Julia). Friday night Julia refused the mic for the first time (unheard of!). Moz reacted concerned and confused at that on Friday night (kept looking back at her like, 'what?' 'is everything alright?')

    His apology on behalf of Kristeen's comments about wanting to see people naked was ... interesting. When K left the stage after her set, she seemed to be held inside the backstage doorway for quite sometime...a talking to? Hmm, I'm not sure what that was all about, but Moz wanted to restore some propriety in the evening, I suppose. Didn't want it to be crazy bra-throwing night?

    It was good there were no real frustrations with sound Saturday like the night before. While waiting forever in the rain Friday after the show, I was wondering if he was figuring all that out, or taking care of business, or partying? Or all three perhaps! I'm p'd off to read that I missed him at the Cat & Fiddle post-show on Saturday. My friend was begging to go home. I was truly disappointed... So he drove off with foggy windows (I did insist on sticking around for that at least) and just drove over to C&F? Someday, I pray, I'll be fortunate to bump into him! Or someone please let me know where to go? ...earlier?

    Overall, we got sweet, rockin' Moz last night. Accepting just about every note, letter and gift from the audience, very into the songs and giving his all. The band were really into it as always and very tight musically. Solomon was rocking out more downstage on Saturday. That was sweet to see. Jesse was a little more shy but came down for his moments too (Disco Dancer). He was rocking out more with the band (I love when he gets into it!). Caught his eye before the sho
    romeogirl -- Sunday October 14 2007, @08:11PM (#278423)
    (User #2891 Info)
  • I was center stage about 4 rows back with my g/f and the chick in front had some smelly ass hair. It was disgusting. It smelled like garlic. My girlfriend was about to hurl because of that so during "I like you" I threw her up, she shook Morrissey's hand, and escaped from the stench.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @08:48PM (#278433)
  • Was just listening to this song earlier and realized how good it could be live- especially now. I wonder if Moz would consider playing this once and seeing what the response was? Would be a huge crowd favorite I think.

    What say, Moz? Eighteen months hard labour seems... fair enough!
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @09:03PM (#278441)
  • So..not about saturday night but carson daly..this girl had a Moz purse, i think it was blue and on the arm strap it said MORRISSEY, has anyone else seen it? or know where i could find it or something? thanks!
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 14 2007, @09:31PM (#278448)
    • Re:moz purse by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday October 14 2007, @11:42PM
  • aside from the new york dolls clips, does anyone have any idea as to where moz gets his clips from the pre-show from? anything will help, thanks.
    kevinpz -- Sunday October 14 2007, @09:56PM (#278450)
    (User #20107 Info)
    "some of us is turning nasty."
  • What songs are played before Kristeen Young?I know Rumble,Rockabilly boogie,G.I.COMA,Smoking Popes,Ramones etc.. there is a song that starts w a wah wah peddle.

    KOFFINJOE -- Sunday October 14 2007, @11:54PM (#278457)
    (User #18722 Info)
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