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Set List:

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / Tomorrow / Sister, I'm A Poet / London / The Loop / Jack The Ripper / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Stretch Out And Wait / I Like You / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / All You Need Is Me / Billy Budd / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Let Me Kiss You / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / You Have Killed Me / Dear God, Please Help Me / How Soon Is Now? // First Of The Gang To Die

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  • Great show, awesome venue. Morrissey looked and sounded fantastic, and he was really chatty. Highlights included The Loop (the whole place was rockin'), Dear God Please Help Me (Mozz seemed very emotional during this song, and he sang it beautifully), Jack the Ripper, I Like You, All You Need is Me, and the World is Full of Crashing Bores. There were two shirts thrown into th crowd, and there or four people made it onto the stage during FOTGTD (the encore). All in all, an absolutely wonderful show--thanks Morrissey for rockin' Utah!!!

    Anonymous -- Monday October 15 2007, @10:09PM (#278644)
  • stp me if ?
    s i'm a p
    why don't you f ?
    i like you
    crashing b's
    all you need is
    billy b
    disco dancer
    lemme kiss
    one day goodbye
    killed me
    hsin ?


    Anonymous -- Monday October 15 2007, @10:10PM (#278645)
  • very very chatty!! fantabulous!!! we loved it except for the part where Morrissey decided to change the seated venue to genadmin, which sucked because we had FRONT ROW until all these asses decided to stand up in front of us. Yeah, thanks for that!! But other than that wouldn't have missed that SEXY man for anything!!!
    Anonymous -- Monday October 15 2007, @10:24PM (#278647)
  • Lucky people in utah!

    i wished morrissey stay in hollywood lasted forever!
    ella-reflex -- Monday October 15 2007, @10:30PM (#278649)
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    Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free...
  • His first words!
    I thought at first it was going to be a little odd being it was a barn but it turn out to be one of the greatest show I've ever witnessed from him I was at his first ever show in america in San Diego Back when we were all young its seems so long ago but anyway great show got second row almost in the middle some might gripe that we stole their place but hey you could have gotten up and watched his glory i'm still in awe got to shake his hand my girlfriend took excellent pics wish he would had sang Pigsty but cant complain at all Thank You Morrissey for a great show
    Good night and thank you!
    Viva Moz
    Awake13 -- Monday October 15 2007, @10:35PM (#278651)
    (User #20184 Info)
  • petting zoo next door aside it was a great show with morrissey in a seemingly great mood. how can you not be amused after leaving los angeles to play in a barn, which served no alcohol, but did serve nachos with processed cheese!!
    Anonymous -- Monday October 15 2007, @10:37PM (#278652)
  • stop bickering and tell what he said, what he did, how did he look.
    It's all about himmm.

    Anonymous -- Monday October 15 2007, @11:44PM (#278663)
  • Pictures [] from the Lehi, Utah show.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 16 2007, @12:12AM (#278667)
  • If.He.Was.So.Chatty.Tell.Everything!!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 16 2007, @12:31AM (#278672)
  • Entrance Music - The old Grange Hill theme tune

    Striptease with a Difference
    --Brief intermission in which Morrissey insists that Boz leaves the stage in order to shave - calling him an utter embarrassment. In the meantime, Jesse Tobias leads the crowd with a chant of "War is over" with Morrissey mumbling after each line "It really isn't" whilst scoffing some homemade creamcakes--

    Whip it (Devo Cover)
    King Leer (Morrissey asks Julia when she last had a bowel movement)
    Hand in Pants
    NEW SONG - Gary Glitter's Eyes (met with a chorus of polite applause)
    Tony the Pony

    --Brief intermission in which Mikey Farrell raises his hand for permission to talk. After a minute of quiet deliberation, Morrissey allows him to speak. Mikey announces that he has left his Farfisa organ at home and thus they cannot play "Far off places". Morrissey flies into a momentary fit of rage--

    I Will See You in Far Off Places (with organ part replaced by Mikey humming slightly off-key)
    Satan Rejected My Solo Career
    Journalists Who Lie

    --Before the next song, the stage crew pull out a Victorian schooldesk on which Morrissey pens a new song, apologising for the lack of organisation - blaming, perhaps inevitably, Mike Joyce. The new song debuts after about 13 minutes of writing and is titled "You can't spell slaughter without laughter"--

    NEW SONG - You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter
    You Have Killed Me (with ammended lyrics -"Morrissey is me")
    Work is a Four-letter word
    Will Never Marry
    Paint a Vulgar Picture (Morrissey announces during the song that he objects to the guitar solo, insists that it becomes a trumpet solo and, still angry at Mikey, demands that Boz plays the solo despite his lack of trumpeteering skills)

    --Brief intermission in which Moz reads a list of registration numbers of cars that are double parked in the vicinity of the venue.--

    Easy Lover (Phil Collins cover during which Moz throws slices of vegetarian ham-substitute at Gary Day, apologising after each throw)
    Little Man, What Now?
    How Soon is Cow?*

    Lucky Limp (followed by Morrissey moaning about the US electoral system for approx. 8 minutes - using slides, a powerpoint presentation and an amusing anecdote involving a bubble bath)
    Teenage Dad on His Estate

    Exit music - Goldfinger

    *Childish wordplay version of a Smiths classic
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 16 2007, @06:48AM (#278707)
  • if miss/mrs. Hairdresser on Maudlin Street got on stage and did her 'leopard skirt lady' move?

    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Tuesday October 16 2007, @07:41AM (#278713)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
    • Re:I wonder by Corrissey (Score:1) Tuesday October 16 2007, @07:45AM
      • Re:I wonder by Celibate Cry (Score:1) Tuesday October 16 2007, @08:44AM
    • Re:I wonder by Corrissey (Score:1) Tuesday October 16 2007, @11:28AM
  • Some things he said:
    Welcome to the petting zoo.
    He said something about having the Utahns tied up in the back and drugging them, which they were enjoying.
    He asked some guy "Are we close to Ogden?" (Northern Utah city) the guy said yes, but this was not the correct answer.
    There was an 8 (?) year old boy in the front who he interacted with a bit, asking his name and his age and eventually taking a shirt from the boy which he put on the drum set and must have given back at the end of the show, because the kid was wearing it and had Boz sign it.
    He talked about how glad he was that Tony Blair was now gone and that next year we would be rid of "the munchkin" and then played 'Death of a Disco Dancer'
    He let a few people in the audience have some microphone time, one person he told to say “Some wise words”
    After playing ‘Someday Goodbye will be Farewell’ he asked if we would like to know what the song meant and after everyone cheered, he went into the next song. Cheeky Morrissey.

    I’m sure there was much more that I’m missing. There was the obligatory Julia comment which I can’t recall, so anyone else want to add?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 16 2007, @08:19AM (#278722)
  • Does anyone know the opening music/words? (what played right before he went on) Seemed like the same as the spring show, thanks
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 16 2007, @12:30PM (#278808)
  • Hey guys, I'm the birthday girl from last night and I'm just wondering if any of you awesome people got pictures you can send to me, especially if you caught one of me jumping on stage? PLEASE! Thank you and you were all great last night, Thanks for an awesome birthday!
    pagnani32 -- Tuesday October 16 2007, @01:04PM (#278818)
    (User #20208 Info)
  • How many people were at the show, was it sold out?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 16 2007, @01:14PM (#278821)
  • For thoes of you that aren't familiar with the Thanksgiving Point Venue here is a little info. It is a place that has a lot of different kind of attractions: Restraunt, Shops, Movie Theaters, Dionsaur Museum, Botanical Gardens, a Golf Course, Fair Grounds, Show Barn, and a Petting Zoo. The Show Barn is right in front of the petting zoo. Yesterday I took my little boy to the fairgrounds (which is on the south side of the petting zoo and show barn) to a scarcrow festival there. Well I parked in the parking lot at the petting zoo. And I kid you not there, about 200 feet(give or take a few feet) from where I parked was camp Morrissey. I couldn't belive it. We had to walk on this little sidewalk to get to the fairgrounds. And we walked right by all of the tour buses. You totaly could have reached out and knocked on one of the doors. It was awsome. I didn't see Moz :( Although I don't know what I would have done if I had. The funnest thing is that the buses looked right into the petting zoo, and the petting zoo looked right into the buses. And if the wind had shifted in the right direction it would have smelled quiet fresh! If you know what I mean. Forward to the concert. I was late so I missed Kristeen Young. I wonder was the crowed nice to her? I got there just in time to see the movie clips. Same as TJ, Vegas, and L.A.. Then the Imperfect List came on and everyone (mostly) was standing an cheering. Then the moment we had all been waiting for. Morrissey graced us with his beautiful self, wearing a slate gray shirt and gray pants. He looked pissa! He said " Welcome to the petting zoo". Ha! So funny, then went into Stop Me. It was so great. People were having a great time, singing and dancing. It was awsome! Then he said something about people being druged in the back. I can't quite remember what he exactly said. Then I think it was durning The Loop, that Solomon broke out the Stand up base. He was on fire. It totaly rocked! Loved it! I can't remember after what song, Moz said "that song is for all of you offficinaottos"(not sure if i spelled that right). If anyone remembers what song that was please feel free to correct me. Then after Jack the Ripper someone yelled out "You didn't sing the third verse. He said " Not true, not ture dear friend that just isn't true, and then turned to Julia and I think he said Julia that just isn't true. Alot of the other stuff he said has already been shared. So I won't repeat. He asked the little boy how old he was and the kid said 8 and Moz said me too. I thought that was cute. Some guy said something about being at the palladium, I couldn't quite catch. He had the mic to close to his mouth, but said something about coming all the way from L.A. to see Moz in Utah. And then Moz asked Julia for some wise words and she said "Thanks for singing, and it seemed like Moz appreciated that. Moz took his shirt off durning LMKY, of course. Not much of a
    fight for the shirt, but I couldn't tell. I'm only 5'0". But people seemed to be pretty considerate of each other. Congrats to the lucky dog who got the whole shirt. After a short shirt change Moz came out in a charcoal or black shirt, still pissa! They did the awsome bit of between Dear God and HSIN. At the end of HSIN Moz was lying on the stage and Boz came over and was pretending to shoot him with his guitar. It was pretty funny too. Band was in a really great mood too. Playful and funny. Boz was on fire, as was the rest of the band, some may dissagree but I like the new additions to the band. I have seen them five times this year and they only get better. After HSIN they ran back Moz changed into the Je'Sui Morrissey T, with his madallion and chain haning out, and looked even more pissa! During 1stuv. Lots of attemts at the stage. Only about four made it. And it looked like he was trying to drag someone up but I don't know that they made it. Two girls made it. One girl hugged him around his waist from behind it was cute. The band came out and shook alot of hands and interacted with the fans, which I have never really seen befor
    T-RACH -- Tuesday October 16 2007, @02:25PM (#278843)
    (User #19827 Info)
  • Moz, please come back to LA. I miss you. How can you give us so many shows then just leave?

    Julia, will you please adopt me?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 16 2007, @02:56PM (#278847)
  • Saw Moz in Myrtle Beach,SC back in July at the House of Blues about three rows back. Sweetly surprised to hear the news that N. American tour would continue! Can't wait to see him again in Greenville,sc and next nite in ATL,Ga. We have 2nd row aisle... for all of you fans that have had a moment in heaven by just touching the MAN, I patiently await my chance. Last time all I got was a touch of the stagee that he'd graced during the encore in his pastel, pink button down. That alone was a rush.
    I hear Moz was looking for a specific hair salon when he was in SO-CAL and an admiring fan helped him out....MOZ!!!! I'm a hairdresser look for me to hand you my card in Greenville- ANYTIME you need even the slightest snip, I'm there, no need for you to have to seek out a haircut

    Can't wait to see/ hear you!! Love the set changes! Hopefully The LOOP, Ripper, Poet, Death of.., Nat'l disco will still be on the set. I did notice that one night was recorded at the Palladium(??) and he opened w/ Last NIght I Dreamt that Somebody loved me....TAKE ME THERE!! What a beautiful lyric..

    See everyone in Gr'ville & ATL!! CHEERS>>>
    Dink -- Wednesday October 17 2007, @06:16AM (#278920)
    (User #19717 Info)
  • There are a lot of ugly honkeys in Utah.

    Puto tu Madre.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 18 2007, @11:19PM (#279176)
  • Thank you Morrissey for the great evening on Monday. I have been a long time devoted fan since the Smiths in the 80's and I always wished to be able to be on stage with Morrissey and give him a big hug. Well Monday night I was able to do such. Yes I am the gal who hugged Morrissey from behind.....Oh the pleasuse is mine. The band was great especially Boz. Although I do miss seeing Alain Whyte and Gary Day. Thank you for the great concert and until next time.
    mozqueen -- Sunday October 21 2007, @05:01AM (#279442)
    (User #20245 Info)
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