posted by davidt on Friday October 26 2007, @08:00PM
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Set List:

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / Billy Budd / All You Need Is Me / Irish Blood, English Heart / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Ganglord / That's How People Grow Up / Tomorrow / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Death Of A Disco Dancer / The Loop / Jack The Ripper / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Sister, I'm A Poet / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Stretch Out And Wait / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // First Of The Gang To Die

setlist provided by Amsden, Joe Benzon
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  • Intro: Klaus Nomi

    Stop me

    Billy Budd

    All you need is me

    Irish blood english heart

    Shoplifters of the world

    Gang lord

    That's how people grow up


    I just want to see the boy happy

    Death of a disco dancer

    The loop

    Jack the ripper

    Crashing boors

    Please please please

    Find out for yourself

    Sister I'm a poet

    Goodbye will be farewell

    Throwing my arms around paris

    Stretch out and wait

    Life is a pigstye

    How soon is now


    First of the gang to die
    Amsden -- Friday October 26 2007, @08:09PM (#281044)
    (User #20293 Info)
  • Who opened?
    Anonymous -- Friday October 26 2007, @08:11PM (#281045)
    • Re:Open? by fut (Score:1) Friday October 26 2007, @08:14PM
    • Re:Open? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday October 26 2007, @08:37PM
  • Started with a differet intro (not imperfect list) - sounded more opera esque

    stop me
    billy budd
    all you need is me
    irish blood, english heart
    that's how people grow up
    i just want to see the boy happy
    death of a disco dancer
    the loop
    jack the ripper
    crashing bores
    please please please
    crashing bores
    why don't you find out for yourself?
    sister i'm a poet
    one day goodbye will be farewell - had a trumpet solo going into the song, i'm not sure what it was, i think it was something new york related
    i'm throwing my arms around paris
    stretch out and wait pigsty - a guy got on stage but Morrissey had waked off stage, so he was just standing there and arturo came over ad clobbered him - he was bleeding
    (auld lang syne) how soon is now?

    encore - first of the gang to die
    Joe Benzon -- Friday October 26 2007, @08:15PM (#281048)
    (User #12767 Info)
  • Was the intro Klaus Nomi's Wayward Sister. If so, I don't think Moz has used that for years.
    Keeping Mine Hidden -- Friday October 26 2007, @08:40PM (#281053)
    (User #12705 Info)
  • Have not seen Moz in a few yrs and I have to say, this show was amazing, the energy from Morrissey and the band was amazing, great set list..Klaos Nomi opener was a shock, dusted off after many yrs..the loop, jack the ripper and sister I'm a poet were gems! Billy
    Bud and Why Don't you were awesome to hear..all in all, wicked show..can't wait for Sunday!!

    Anonymous -- Friday October 26 2007, @08:47PM (#281054)
    • Re:Amazing by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday October 26 2007, @08:49PM
      • Re:Amazing by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday October 26 2007, @09:12PM
  • Opening act was Girl in a Coma. Crowd seemed to love them. They were decent. Much more grrrl than Kristeen was.

    Great show, but damn that far-away barricade is really affecting the atmosphere. I was in the balcony and got a great view of all that was happening below, and the first few rows, which are usually rowdy, were very calm and still. Part of it was probably the type of people at the rails. There were a few old women who basically just held still there, no moving or singing or reaching for shakes or anything. Why do those people even try to get up close to the rail if they just squat there like lumps?

    Still, once again during the encore there was a rush of bodies to the stage. Not as successful as Tuesday, but a few got handshakes. One dude was basically thrown over the rails by the very crowd he was trying to plow through.

    Oh, and one guy did manage to invasion the stage, but that was mid-show, and right after Moz had already stepped away for a shirt change. the guy got up there, looked around, laughed at the situation, and then arturo very forcefully shoved him into the hands of another security guard. I think the security is really uptight after seeing all those previous invasions on Tuesday.

    Oh, and the venue has its head up its ass. It doesn't know how to set up lines, how to manage them, how to get people moving. It still lumps us regular folks with the 5-day package people, then asks them to step forward, throwing off the line, allowing people to cut. And in the day they split up the line so as not to block a driveway, and yet no one goes to the second line. they walk up to the first, so that you have people in the front of the line who have been there 5 minutes and people in the back who have been there hours. The venue staff has no clue what's going on, can't answer questions, barks their confused orders, and just generally makes the very beginning very stressful and annoying.

    Anonymous -- Friday October 26 2007, @08:58PM (#281057)
  • I heard it was 'business casual' (JEANS!!) night again!! Yeay! (did he throw it out to y'all?)
    Corrissey -- Friday October 26 2007, @09:04PM (#281060)
    (User #18538 Info)
    Here you'll find my thoughts and I
  • I've been to all 3 NYC shows thus far and have to say that tonight was an issue of poor timing. While the show was "fine," it was the least impressive of all the 3 nights. The crowd was rowdy and ready to roll when moz hit the stage -- with crowd surfers only two songs into the show. But, the band and moz seemed a little sluggish out of the gate. As the crowd wained, Moz and the band pushed harder and harder to win back the excitement. Never really crossing....the band and Moz kicked ass during the final 3rd of the show, but the crowd was drunk and tired. Hopefully all will get rest tonight and I predict tomorrow and Sunday will kick ASS!
    fashionette -- Friday October 26 2007, @09:17PM (#281064)
    (User #20294 Info)
  • Did anyone else feel a kind of awkwardness in the air when Kristeen's vocals kicked in for "That's How People Grow Up." I think even Moz was displaying it.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 26 2007, @09:17PM (#281065)
    • Re:That's How by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday October 27 2007, @08:20AM
    • Re:That's How by Checkerphil (Score:1) Saturday October 27 2007, @01:35PM
      • Re:That's How by Chrissy!! (Score:1) Saturday October 27 2007, @08:42PM
    • Re:That's How by Chrissy!! (Score:1) Saturday October 27 2007, @09:10PM
  • Had a great night tonight. Thought Girl in a Coma were good, danced more to them than Kristeen. I was on Jesse's side 3 rows back and everyone around me was singing and knew most of the words which was nice. Moz asked someone in the front where they were from and they said "Paris" and the guy next to me chimed in with "Sheffield". I was too nervous to shout Scotland. Moz took some gifts, an lp, which he placed on the drum riser and a purple cuddly toy. I have a picture but can't post till I get back to Scotland. Some one else gave him some kind of action type figure in a box and he studied it and then he said something about it being "New York humour" and he would laugh about it tommorrow. Threw out one dark coloured shirt and then the t-shirt at the end. Morrissey was wearing lighter coloured jeans than the last time, he looked amazing. All the band were wearing pale pink shirts and similar pale jeans. Came back out wearing the white embroidered shirt. During HSIN he seemed to be getting a bit tangled up in his mic cord, at one bit it ended up loosely around his neck. He got down and did a bit of a workout on the drum riser, he was there for ages. There was a small stage invasion at the last song. The girl in front of me got up on the barrier and the guy next to her was helping her up but she didn't quite make it and landed in the pit. Morrissey saw her fall and pulled a face but he then grabbed her hand and pulled her up onto the stage. This made a gap at the rail and a few people jumped over but I don't know if they actually made it as I put my head down as there were lots of feet flying. Morrissey moved over to the other side and security were a bit overwhelmed. It was a great show, too many good points, Morrissey dancing like his old self with the tambourine during The Loop, he was really shaking it,loved Ganglord, Pigsty, Jack the Ripper, Stretch. Oh and Morrissey does wear underwear as I got a good picture when he took of the black t-shirt and his jeans were down low.
    scottishblood -- Friday October 26 2007, @09:35PM (#281070)
    (User #19658 Info)
  • Pictures from tonite's performance: mmerstein-1026.html

    feel free to post a comment-

    Anonymous -- Friday October 26 2007, @09:53PM (#281073)
  • Shoplifters - - including the part where moz is taking the NY dolls Lp.
    Sister I'm a poet -

    Excellent show and I was so happy he did shoplifters again as I was wearing the Elvis single cover Smiths shirt :-)

    2 more show to go and I am still waiting for Piccadilly Palare!!!

    Oh and thank god (or cunnilingus) that Kristeen is off the tour, together with this tour, the UK one and the last US, I have seen her more times than most of my favourite bands...

    More videos to follow soon.


    Anonymous -- Friday October 26 2007, @09:58PM (#281076)
  • And Morrissey, do you think you've made the right decision this time?
    Elvis Depressly -- Friday October 26 2007, @10:49PM (#281086)
    (User #20234 Info)
  • Well it was my first Morrissey show and it was a great show. (since i can't compare it). I almost got his shirt and by the end of the night I went from being fifth from the gate to second.
    only bad things:
    -drunk rowdy people ready to fight.
    -people skipping the line and going to the first line when I was there since noon.
    -oh and someone stepped on my head and nose...ouch!
    but oh well. I still enjoyed it.
    I also got my friend Laura into Morrissey and she was in awe when he came out.
    oh and thanks to this guy I met while in the crowd. He was really nice and passed around some gum. sorry i forgot your name. :)
    Anonymous -- Friday October 26 2007, @11:03PM (#281093)
    • Re:awesome by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday October 27 2007, @05:53AM
  • OK..Listen..was anyone else around the weird crucifix lady? WTF was that all about?

    I was up at the front on the right side and some lady and her old man come barrel assing up into the crowd in front of us and she's pumping a crucifix HARDCORE through the entire show.
    I was really skeeved out. She had a greasy braid and orange sunglasses. Way out place and way scary. She kept making nasty comments about the people around her like she owned the joint.

    PS. Hi to the folks that were in front of me.
    I'm not sure of your accent, excuse me ,but I think it was English or Irish.
    I heard you mention Morrissey-Solo, but I couldn't talk to you because I was too busy staring at the crucific lady.

    Anonymous -- Friday October 26 2007, @11:05PM (#281094)
  • Girl in Coma is AWESOME! I wanted to see them play their two shows in NYC but it was the same nights as Moz. but now I can see them for the next two nights. WOO!

    i love Nina's voice. just beautiful.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 26 2007, @11:05PM (#281095)
  • for the borgota show-
    cos this was the best ,greatest
    overall show ever !
    i'v never felt so alive
    in the whole of my life
    ganglord, death a of disco , pigsty
    markmustb1 -- Friday October 26 2007, @11:23PM (#281101)
    (User #13161 Info)
    cos no one ever turns to me to say ...
  • Does anyone know what each of the band members use for picks? I found one on the floor on the way out...mine is a yellow Dunlop .73 mm version. I saw Jessie throwing yellow picks into the crow during the show but I think they all use yellow versions.

    Any info greatly appreciated.
    kissmyshadestoo -- Friday October 26 2007, @11:30PM (#281105)
    (User #19050 Info)
    I'm just a country mile behind
  • Who punched Mozzer in the face? He had a bruise on his right upper cheek.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 26 2007, @11:32PM (#281106)
  • Great show but lousy weather!

    I shared my umbrella with a girl I met waiting in line...her first show! Whoever you are good luck with your music/entertainment career!

    -Stop Me
    -The Loop
    -Jack The Ripper (amazing!)
    -Stretch Out

    Enjoy your shows everyone!
    kissmyshadestoo -- Friday October 26 2007, @11:34PM (#281108)
    (User #19050 Info)
    I'm just a country mile behind
    • Re:Great show! by Checkerphil (Score:1) Saturday October 27 2007, @02:03PM
      • Re:Great show! by goinghome (Score:1) Saturday October 27 2007, @03:31PM
  • Nothing really stellar, just a couple short clips so far. The unsteadiness is explained below! You can check out the videos at: and

    (hopefully more to come, I'm new at YouTube and some over 100k, not sure what to do!)

    So, great show tonight. Not as good as Tuesday (set list didn't have the same energy in the beginning imho), and really no good stage invasions. But, I think it just might be the total asshats that I was surrounded by. I was about 4 or 5 people back left of center and anyone near me knows the one dude in particular I'm talking about. The stoned off his rocker, blank-staring waste of space who met an equally stoned girl, both of whom tried to saunter down to the front and didn't make it, mainly thanks to me :)

    Not only that, my videos are a little rocky because I was constantly being bumped into by stoner, female friend of stoner and then, most disturbingly, by an extremely androgynous, waifish, crystal-meth addict looking, REALLY drunk girl who kept dry-humping me while trying to take really crappy pictures. I really could not have been surrounded by more annoying people! Though, besides them, most around me were great.

    And to my friend from Texas, if you read this, hope to see you sunday (front row!) and all my pictures came out blurry or I would have emailed them to you. If someone can post how to set a digital camera to take good indoor pics it'd be much appreciated.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 26 2007, @11:49PM (#281109)
  • LA radio announcement - Jerry Finn is producing the next album.

    This is seriously bad news IMO, as Finn contributed to the "bland-out" of YATQ.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 27 2007, @01:47AM (#281126)
  • -look at all of the posts.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 27 2007, @02:08AM (#281128)
  • What time did Morrissey take to the stage?
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 27 2007, @04:39AM (#281142)
    • Re:Show Time? by carlos (Score:1) Saturday October 27 2007, @04:55AM
      • Re:Show Time? by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday October 27 2007, @05:57AM
  • what a fantastic night! dare i say it's my favorite of all 3 nyc shows.

    hop over here for a series of pics [].

    chokedamp -- Saturday October 27 2007, @05:05AM (#281151)
    (User #19723 Info)
  • For all his sins & quips, for all his faults. He has given SO much to me. I really dont care if he is gay or straight or bi or try sexual - he has given me so much. OK, call me ill, but this is the case. I LOVE Morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 27 2007, @05:16AM (#281152)
  • why am i reading thread after thread about the crowd, the drunks, the venue, the railing, and the rain? uh, last i checked, i saw an absolutely wonderful 90 minutes of morrissey. i havent seen moz in three years and he completely blew me away. my personal highlights were Jack the Ripper (what a tremendous song) and Life is a Pigsty, which nearly brought me to tears.
    love that moz.
    i might need to go back on sunday.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 27 2007, @07:54AM (#281189)
  • julia momnent !!
    markmustb1 -- Saturday October 27 2007, @09:06AM (#281207)
    (User #13161 Info)
    cos no one ever turns to me to say ...
  • I am planning on going Sunday (already went Tue) and am trying to figure out where the best place to stand is? I'd like to be relatively close to the action without getting kicked in the head or bum rushed by some drunk asshole. On Tuesday I was on the right hand side next to the rails and this was OK but it was still cramped so I figure i may as well try to get closer. Thanks
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 27 2007, @09:41AM (#281217)
  • I got First Mezz tickets. Is this decent? Can I see the stage pretty well or is it far far back?
    klions99 -- Saturday October 27 2007, @09:41AM (#281218)
    (User #3814 Info)
  • No one I talked to at the venue knew anything about a poster! We were suppoed to receive it last night. Has anyone found out any info on when we will receive it? Better yet, if I see Julia tonight I'll should just ask her directly since she is the one who adverised it in the first place!
    Mozillow -- Saturday October 27 2007, @10:37AM (#281221)
    (User #18555 Info)
  • a little bit later than usual, but my review of last night's show is now up on EF... erstein-ballroom-23_27.html []
    NYCWolf -- Saturday October 27 2007, @12:11PM (#281244)
    (User #10973 Info |
    "Down here, it's our time! It's our time down HERE!"
  • Does anyone know the password for the 45.00 ticket offer for Sunday's show at the Hammerstein?
    Mozillow -- Saturday October 27 2007, @12:52PM (#281251)
    (User #18555 Info)
  • I observed last night that the man, the myth, the legend’s, voice keeps on getting increasingly and constantly more beautiful than ever. There is literally no one, no artist, no singer, not anyone -- that can surpass Morrissey’s unique and mesmerizing angel voice. How radio stations do not play him is something I’ll never never comprehend. I especially love all of his new songs. I have come to accumulate a new epiphany regarding Paris. Paris Hilton’s family, if you trace them back to hundreds of years ago, literally hailed from Dublin. Hence now after months of analyzing the song, I think when Morrissey is referencing Paris in the song, I think it is highly likely that he is drawing the connection that he is contemplating a future stop in Dublin maybe.
    I guess it wasn’t meant to be that I gave you that last night but it’s the symbolism that counts and when it’s meant to be, I shall give it to you.

    God Bless you Morrissey. You were one -- you knew you were one and you shall always remain number one in my book -- Always.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 27 2007, @01:40PM (#281267)
  • does Morrissey have to pay Johnny Marr money to play Smiths songs live? How do the legalities of that work? i also assume that the whole catalogue is open to play, correct?
    carlos -- Saturday October 27 2007, @02:25PM (#281277)
    (User #1308 Info |
    "This world may lack style, I know..."
  • for those of you who have GA tickets: what time are you planning on getting there?
    Curtis -- Saturday October 27 2007, @03:42PM (#281293)
    (User #19549 Info)
  • posted this in another thread, under another name. for some reason i couldnt use my same login & password here. but this was somehting i posted in the forum section so that might have been the problem. anyway here it is. I hope morrissey & the boys go out on a big note this weekend before leaving the nyc area.

    [QUOTE=newbie;684119]1ST ever morrissey show last night. one of the best rock concerts i have ever experienced. over the top. a very very good show.

    morrissey, the band, and the audience were hot from the first note. i was first row, center, balcony, and i had the best experience ever. high energy firiday night nyc show. what friday night rock shows should be. a blistering sweaty melodic mess. as it should be.

    I am 41 and only got into morrissey/the smiths about 5 yrs ago. but last night i got a whole knew perspective on morrissey.

    highly recommended.

    they were brutal in a good way. great musicians. the rhythm section was tremedous. great guitarist(s), pulling out acoustics when need be, that could always be heard. couple guys mutli-instrumentalists. i think there were trombone, clarinets/oboes, accordian, friggin awesome. I do think the drummer was MVP band member though. he was EXCELLENT. This could have been a zeppelin show or somehting. these guys rocked. and the audience luved it. yet, through-out it all, morrissey's great poetry, voice, and melody somehow always remained center focus.

    morrissey was sounding wonderful, going from a deep kind of voice and then hitting hi-notes. Alittle operatic in such a good way. also he was into his bands swing like everyone else. he could have just gone along for the ride, but he was out there giving each song it own wonderful sincerity & unique vibe. considerin how energetic & loud the band palyed, you still picked up on alot of morrissey's nuanced singing style.

    he really gave his heart last night, at least i think so.

    his voice was like another instrument. last night morrissy was the foreman and his band the wrecking crew. I luved it when he said "are you tough enough," " or "are you ready?"(cant remember the exact words) and we were yelling right back, "yeah!!" it was rowdy but not towards each other. To me it seems like everyone simply wanted to release there own energy at morrissey and the band (and dare i say, release them at life's frustrations & realities :)) but in a celebratory manner. More like, "thanks gents for giving us the chance to have a great sweaty time, singing & dancing!" (although i heard in this thread a fight broke out, but i didnt witness it. too bad for that. i hope no one was seriously hurt.)

    My friend was in shock at what he was witnessing. I told him, this is not like the bootlegs you have heard of him in the past. I told him, these guys are going to peel the paint back, but the sound quality remained excellent throughout. the 1st 4-5 songs were relentless in their energy...and yet the energy NEVER let up.

    we had hit a great nyc irsh pub before hand but morrissey & his merry band slapped us sober. they came out like a pile driver. and we were happy and glad for it.

    really really extraordinary performance & experience.[/QUOTE]

    neubie -- Saturday October 27 2007, @03:45PM (#281294)
    (User #20304 Info)
  • turn to page 11 of today's (Saturday) NY Post.There is a picture of her leaving Hammerstein Ballroom.And solo (without ex James Blunt).
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 27 2007, @04:45PM (#281302)
  • Or Did he give good head?
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 27 2007, @04:55PM (#281304)
  • This just in...Morrissey is in a tuxedo!! Tux Frink :p
    Corrissey -- Saturday October 27 2007, @06:26PM (#281311)
    (User #18538 Info)
    Here you'll find my thoughts and I
  • Yes, he is. Maybe that's why Tony had to let him go. Michael Imperioli was at the show tonight.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 27 2007, @09:11PM (#281364)
  • Morrissey responds to someone in the crowd: "...You didn't say King Leer did you?"
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 28 2007, @11:22AM (#281564)
  • If anyone saw the idiot getting busted by the bouncer when Morrisey had left for a shirt change, could you post any pictures you have to me. I plucked up the courage went for it, got on the stage, didnt get Morrisey and got a nasty scar for the trouble, but I would still love to see it again.
    Doona -- Thursday November 01 2007, @03:54PM (#282424)
    (User #20364 Info)
    Sheffield Lee
  • Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself


    The Loop:
    Flax -- Tuesday November 06 2007, @12:19PM (#283221)
    (User #17733 Info)

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