posted by davidt on Tuesday October 30 2007, @08:00PM
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Set List:

Simon Smith And His Amazing Dancing Bear / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / Billy Budd / Tomorrow / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Irish Blood, English Heart / The Loop / Sister, I'm A Poet / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Stretch Out And Wait / Jack The Ripper / I Like You / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / All You Need Is Me / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / The National Front Disco / Death Of A Disco Dancer / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Dear God, Please Help Me / How Soon Is Now? // First Of The Gang To Die

setlist provided by have_a_go_adam, Jeniphir
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  • time goes by so slowly. . .
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 30 2007, @08:02PM (#281983)
  • was a great show- band was good, but the sound was off at times. Morrissey was very playful. Had 4+ stage invaders during encore...

    And to the fools fighting for a shirt in the front row (the Je Suis Morrissey shirt), you all are fucking lame. Grow up.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 30 2007, @08:04PM (#281984)
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  • no time to hesitate
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 30 2007, @08:05PM (#281985)
  • Great show, couldn't have asked for a better selection of songs, in my opinion. Congratulations to the four or five of you who made it on stage!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 30 2007, @08:06PM (#281986)
  • did Morrissey seem horny tonight?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 30 2007, @08:08PM (#281987)
  • Set List (Score:2, Informative)

    Stop Me
    Billy Budd
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    The Loop
    Sister, I'm A Poet
    Why Don't You Find Out For Yrself?
    Stretch Out & Wait
    Jack the Ripper
    I Like You
    Crashing Bores
    All You Need is Me
    One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
    (That's How People Grow Up is on the list but was not played)
    National Front Disco
    Death of a Disco Dancer
    Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    Boy w/ the Thorn
    Dear God, Please Help Me
    How Soon is Now?

    First of the Gang

    This is from Moz's own setlist which a kind man handed to me! I got on stage but couldn't get close enough to hug Moz. Sound was v. spotty. Crowd was (typical of Boston) v. subdued with only 4 or 5 stage invaders. He took lots of gifts (all books, from what I could tell--one may have been a scrapbook?).
    Jeniphir -- Tuesday October 30 2007, @08:09PM (#281988)
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  • seems like a shorter set then he has been playing
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 30 2007, @08:23PM (#281991)
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  • who was the man in the backdrop tonight?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 30 2007, @08:26PM (#281992)
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  • The Muppets! (Score:2, Informative)

    omg, I forgot to mention that he opened by singing the first verse of "Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear" which Scooter sang on my Muppet Show cast album when I was a kid.

    It sounds like I'm making it up, but I swear it's true!
    Jeniphir -- Tuesday October 30 2007, @08:29PM (#281994)
    (User #19554 Info)
  • He came on stage and, with the stage lights still off, sang a few lines from "Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear" with Mikey playing piano along side.

    He made reference to the Red Sox homecoming parade with a comment along the lines of he woke up very early, at 12, went back to bed after the noise and said congratulations to much applause.

    After "I Like You" he took a bunch of gifts and placed them in front of the bass drum (still with the "Turning Nasty" cover) and said, "Thank you. Nothing else?"

    He made note of the fact that the last time he was on this stage (which would be October 2004 I believe), he mentioned Oscar Wilde had once stood there.

    His usual change in "Irish Blood, English Heart" from Labor & Tories -> Republicans was met with much applause, but his joke that he figured out why Obama needs to be elected -- namely, he couldn't imagine the amount of public spending required to sustain Hillary's hair -- faired just okay.

    In "Stretch Out And Wait" he asked "is there any point in ever having children?" and answered affirmatively, "NO!"

    Thoughts on the show to follow
    have_a_go_adam -- Tuesday October 30 2007, @08:40PM (#281996)
    (User #15505 Info |
  • Was it just me or did Morrissey seem drunk in the first half of the show...he was stumbling about,,,,,,havent seen him quite like that before...

    and the bouncers were so gentle! kudos to them for handling the stage invaders so nicely!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 30 2007, @08:40PM (#281997)
  • so far we've heard that Moz seemed horny, and drunk... I guess God did help him, eventually.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 30 2007, @08:44PM (#281998)
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  • great, In fact, a couple songs were religious experiences, totally trnasported to a complimentary universe and, the rest was great except for Boy witht he thorn- way to off tempo- I have never heard it live before anywa, MOZZ it quite something - blew me away
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 30 2007, @09:09PM (#282004)
    • Re:orpheum by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday October 30 2007, @09:13PM
  • by far the best morrissey show ive attended. had shit balcony seats but mananged to sneak into the best seats in the house during the first song. the vip balcony on the side of the stage. got questioned by a few securities but played it cool and mananged to stay in the "abraham lincoln/ john wilkes booth seats" . almost jumped onto stage from then but pussied out towards the end. my bad
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 30 2007, @09:23PM (#282007)
  • Morrissey was in top form, joking, engaging the audience, singing his heart out. Fantastic set list, stuck to his tougher, rock-ier numbers mostly, the new songs, and a few Smiths classics. Amazing.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 30 2007, @09:54PM (#282015)
  • Incredible gig, band is outstanding progressing many songs farther than on album. Death of disco dancer was out of this world, sound quality was amazing much better than any of the hammerstein gigs, overall incredible show. 1 song missing=last night i dreamt..
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 30 2007, @10:00PM (#282020)
  • The show was much better than the Bank of America Pavillion show, probably because he was healthy and because it was indoor. I left fully satisfied by the performace.

    Great show due to his energy. Fun to see some people make it on stage too. It was obvious people would make it to the stage with the front row so close. Not that many could make it up though with assigned seats, but 4 successful and 1 complete failure wasn't bad.

    Like what another poster mentioned, I also wasn't blown away by Boy With A Thorn In His Side. The guitars weren't jangly enough, and the beauty of the song is diminished without that. Many Smiths songs are like that -- too many guitars and feedback kill them. I was so happy to hear the song at the Pavillion, that I didn't feel this way. The second time around, I felt it didn't do the song justice (for any newbies in the crowd).

    Since the person I brought is not very familiar, I wished Moz allowed the beauty of the softer songs to be felt, but the excessive grunting on some killed that vibe sometimes. Still, there were many powerful moments. Dear God Please Help Me was performed exceptionally. You Better Find Out For Yourself was appreciated immediately by my date. She like the concert despite not being familiar with his work.

    Among the louder songs, I Like You was also great. I was bummed he didn't play London. That must be great live.

    I was sad that the set was only 21 songs, and I was hoping to hear Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want again, but at least he sang it at the Pavilion.

    I'm glad he extended the tour and returned to Boston.
    djmo -- Tuesday October 30 2007, @10:10PM (#282021)
    (User #19452 Info)
  • Let me see if my stuffy brain, affected by the cold can tell what it captured. The impression I got is that Morrissey was more terse and uptight in the first half of the show and gradually went on loosening up (specially after getting the gifts, which he takes like a greedy child) until he was totally at ease with the crowd towards the end of the show. Others might disagree with my impression (and feel free to do so), but this is what I sense. I spent most of the show sitting down, as I had a slight fever, and couldn't even sing to the tunes like I usually do - and curiously the whole side I was sitting at (seat 13, role E, balcony, Morrissey's right side) was also sitting down. At one point Morrissey seemed impatient with this area of sitters, while the rest was up and cheering, but, as for me, if only he knew I couldn't have lasted through the set were I not sitting down.

    Being at the balcony gave me a distant but very privileged view of the show - since I could see the whole band, all of Morrissey's moves, the ones of the audience - orchestra and balcony -and it gifted me with a very dramatic effect. Sorry if I am presenting things so out of order, but I will try to continue in my stuffy way.

    I remember several moments in which there was this interesting game of teasing with the crowd. In closed venues (it seems, I'm not sure) he tends to be more chatty and interact with the crowd, probably because the sound is better, or perhaps because the Orpheum is a small venue. So there were those moments in which he teased the crowd (and it doesn't take much, when it comes to Moz) by saying "This morning, as I was lying in bed (three times)", to which the crowd (well, part of it) responded with a loud "aaahh", and then right after rising their expectations of some spicy comment, he said, "as I woke up with the sound of your voices (or something like it, I couldn't hear very well because of the cold) I went back to sleep at 12", and then he said something like "I appreciate it, thank you" (not exactly in those words, but along with this idea). His most notorious political comment was that it was good if the US had Hillary Clinton for president instead of Osama Bin Laden, because Bin Laden would just waste too much money on hair treatment with all that hair he had". Another comment that people thought would be shocking and controversial and which ends up being funny because he gives a comic demonstration that he gets people politically inflamed and then shows he doesn't really care that much for politics anyway. He is the King of detachment. The only thing this "half-angel, half-man" is really attached to is his music, in which he seems to put all his passion and his true message in. The rest of the non-sung time, he just jokes about everything. The highlights of his passionate singing tonight, for me, was :

    The Loop : which he sung shaking his head like he shook that tambourine he had in this hand. He'll do that at times, but I think he did it much more often during the The Smiths and The Boxers era - at least from what I can tell via youtube - a questionable via.

    Dear God Please Help Me: as we all know, he sings this with a special intensity, and the kneeling on his knees (to which the crowd cheered) and the long "bridge pose", complemented by soft shifting movements on the floor just added a mesmerizing emotional touch to it.

    Jack The Ripper: I loved the way they made a different sound during the intro of this song, and the way he finished the last part of this song, singing "You don't agree, but you don't refuse, do you, do you" (correct me if these words are wrong, I am not in my best shape right now).

    Death Of A Disco Dancer: amazing band work and light work too. The end of the song was hypnotic, with all those flashing lights and instruments played in ultimate synch. Moz doesn't have just a band. He has a modern orchestra. All of them are outstanding.
    As they usually do, they walk up to the front, two or three at a time, and give a show within a show. Boz w
    Mrs. Woolf -- Tuesday October 30 2007, @10:15PM (#282023)
    (User #14157 Info)
  • debra....i met you on the staircase after the show.....please respond!
    spdylko -- Tuesday October 30 2007, @10:26PM (#282026)
    (User #18685 Info)
  • The dream-like moment is fading from my memory all too rapidly: finally making it on to stage, embracing and kissing the man, telling him that I love him (my appalling exact quote: "I love you! I fucking love you!"), sixteen years or so after seeing him for the first time...

    I don't really know what to say about it, other than thanks to Jeniphir, whose golden ticket I was lucky enough to procure.

    A completely surreal moment, but one I highly recommend to all who dare.

    Oh, and nary an Irregular in sight! No line trickeries in seated venues...I bite my tongue now.
    mjparkin -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @02:20AM (#282040)
    (User #17185 Info)
  • Anyone know who wrote the music for Paris / All You Need / Grow Up ...?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @04:53AM (#282051)
    • Re:new songs by have_a_go_adam (Score:1) Wednesday October 31 2007, @09:02AM
  • Such a scene..the stupidshirt throwing. PLeaseeeeeeeeeeee stop doing this. A big fght erupts near us at the final shirt thrown. There was 2 girls who tried to get on the stage. (I have the video) One had gun tattoos on her hips pointing to her ass. He slithered away from her. She never made it. The other was crying almost in the front row left..and he shook his head at her to say NO way. One girl on the right sort of made it and he looked at her funny (maybe because she was sitting with infamouse Julia.)
    A guy tried to give him a hat near the end and it was a brand new RED SOX hat and Moz shook his head and said NO, the guy turned around.
    The comment about Hillary and her hair was stupid, most people almost booed. Obhama is his guy I suppose. It don;t matter , he cant vote lol

    One song was done over, after it started .I got that on video too..I'll post later.

    Sound was great but they did have difficulty at first . What a great venue.
    We had 6th row center and the crowd was TERRIFIC except for the end and all the Hecktors trying to crash the stage. Only MEN got through.
    (all on video)
    Ohh what a night!
    djkim -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @05:25AM (#282062)
    (User #19553 Info)
  • For those interested, I'm uploading / mastering my recording of this show, and I'll post it on the appropriate forums when it's done, which will most likely be tonight, but possibly tomorrow. My first Morrissey show! :-D It was pure magic.
    HardRain62 -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @05:44AM (#282065)
    (User #18453 Info)
    • Re:Recording by djkim (Score:1) Wednesday October 31 2007, @06:32AM
      • Re:Recording by HardRain62 (Score:1) Wednesday October 31 2007, @03:38PM
        • Re:Recording by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday November 01 2007, @01:46PM
  • Just read through the comments, and I can't believe noone's mentioned the start-then stop-then restart at the beginning of "Sister, I'm A Poet". During which he said something like "Sorry, we're new at this..."

    But regardless, it was a fantastic show...he never disappoints.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @06:01AM (#282068)
  • My apologies to the people on the tour forum who took my words about the starting time as the gospel. I was shocked when Girl in a Coma finished up at around 8:05. Moz hit the stage at 8:33. A lot of people were coming in late.

    GIAC were OK. Very polite and earnest, although not my taste in music.

    My seat was row QQ (14th row) and there were many, many blocks of open seats down in that area. I ended up moving down to about the 8th row for most of the show. The staff at the Orpheum are very polite and did a good job of keeping order without being pricks about it. I got tapped on the back once when I moved a little too far down the aisle.

    Nice to see that Moz wipes his hands off on his pants before he shakes the first hand. I'm sure there are people who would want the extra sweat, but I appreciate his consideration of his fans hands. Shook his hand twice tonight! During First of the Gang I moved up and was standing on a front row seat and got my foot on the edge of the stage before the big bald guy pushed me back. Given all the stuff I've read about how the bouncers are jerks, I thought they were as restrained and respectful as you could ever expect. Stage invaders were dropped back into the aisle (not ejected).

    The music was great. I thought the sound was fine. Something happened in the middle of one song ("One Day Goodbye..." maybe?) where he kind of cut out a verse and ended prematurely. The band huddled after that and then played the next song. The new songs all sounded great. My thanks to past concert goers for posting them here so that they were as familiar as the rest of the show.

    I noticed that when Moz first came out his hair was very flat (no quiff at all). After a song or two he kind of pushed it up and then he looked normal.

    Lastly, for future reference, the Orpheum changed their policy about 2 weeks ago and then now DO allow you to bring drinks to your seats (you used to have to finish up in the lobby). Much nicer to be able to enjoy my $9 beer during the show, rather than having to chug it and get back to my seat.

    Looking forward to seeing him again in couple years....
    wemissumoz -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @06:04AM (#282070)
    (User #4088 Info)
  • Been a Morrissey fan for 20 years now (yikes! I'm old!), and seeing him live makes me fall in love with him all over again. Great set and great show. I never thought I'd see him perform "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself." I can die now...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @06:24AM (#282074)
    • Re:Boston Show by have_a_go_adam (Score:1) Wednesday October 31 2007, @09:05AM
  • I went to my first Morrissey concert this summer (the now infamous Bank of America Pavillion show, and it's follow-up) and have been hooked ever since. I went down for the Friday night show at the Hammerstein and rounded it out with last night's show. I've only ever gone alone (how Moz of me) but it has never mattered, not when Moz looks at you and sings those words with that voice. Last night was incredible and I cannot wait until I can see him again and hear all the new songs. Thank you to everyone in the audience who helps to make these experiences invaluable. I'll be interning next semester at a company that works with the man himself and I'm becoming quite certain that it must all be a cruel joke that I should be so lucky. Until then, I'm still on cloud 9...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @06:35AM (#282076)
  • I love The Smiths and Morrissey. When I found out he was coming to Boston, I KNEW I had to go. This was my first Morrissey show and I'm still on a high from it! It was great, everything, from the lighting, the songs, etc, etc. I was really hoping that he would play Tomorrow, so I'm glad that he did. How Soon Is Now was amazing to see live, especially with the lighting effects and everything.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @07:06AM (#282082)
  • During "Farewell" Morrissey had problems hearing and missed the children smell verse. After that song he twirled his finger at the band and they changed guitars and Mikey moved to a different keyboard so it was clear he skipped a song. We find out that it was That's How People Grow Up. While getting ready to play NFD I was yelling, You skipped a song!!! I was in the 4th row so he might have heard me.

    I think the reason he skipped it was that playing 2 unknown songs back to back and having the first one not go over well was that he didn't want to lose the crowd. Just an opinion.

    I noticed that the people in the front row for the most part had no idea what the new songs were and even saw a people leave to go to the loo or the beer line. He also had a lot of people leave from the first few rows during the beginning of DOADD. Suckers. They missed an amazing song and who knows if he will ever play that again after this tour.

    Ok, moving on. Someone mentioned the stop and start of Sister I'm A Poet. They started the song but absent from the music was Jesse's guitar. They stopped the song. The guitar tech came over and fixed something in his pedals/cables/etc and when the song started again there was a much heavier sound as Jesse's settings for that song were pretty high on the gain.

    During Stop Me at the end of the song he went over to the drum riser and read the "Some of us is getting nasty" in one of those ways that Morrissey says things that must be heard, not described.

    I'm not sure if this was mentioned but when giving the mic to various people, he started with Julia who said something pretty basic for her like "Welcome back to Boston. You sound wonderful" or whatever. I don't have the exact quote but you get the idea.

    One girl said, "Best birthday ever!" Morrissey said, "I have to ask" and she said "43" She said something else, I don't remember but Moz commented "It's a good age... I know."

    One girl got the mic and she said, "I want to request Suedehead. It was my husband's birthday yesterday." Moz says, "Is he here?" She points to him and he says, "Well, it was your birthday YESTERDAY, not today."

    Someone else got the mic and pretty much froze up and said, "I saw you last year in London and came up from Philly." He commented about that being a long way to go.

    The funniest thing for me was during the encore when he sang, "...and the very poor" and waved to the people in the balcony as he sang it.

    Lyric changes were pretty standard. Nothing stood out to me as being new.

    Boz and Solomon came to the edge of the stage numerous times and had an extended stay there during The Loop.

    Morrissey was wearing a blue shirt and dark denim pants. The band wore the same pants and I think were wearing tan shirts. Moz changed shirts after Disco Dancer and was in a greyish shirt. The audience got that one and he came back out in the Je Suis shirt for the encore, which also went to the audience.

    Getting on stage at the Orpheum is one of the easiest things to do. There is no barrier and the stage is less than 4 feet high. After people got on, they went right back to their front row seats. It was pretty funny. No one made any attempts until the encore and most people were pretty calm about it except for the aforementioned thong-girl.

    It's interesting how they use keys and accordion to make up for the lack of anyone who can do the backing vocals in Alain's range during Find Out For Yourself.

    At one point Morrissey said.. "Last time I was here...." I started yelling "Oscar Wilde" but he didn't acknowledge me. "Last time I was here, I told you that Oscar Wilde stood on this very stage." He continued on about that and seemed really thrilled to be on that same stage.

    It was a very good show but there were no surprises in the setlist. I didn't think there would be any and that most surprises happened in LA and NY because of so many people going to multiple shows.

    That's all I can think of. I did my best on the quotes, I'm sure they are all wrong in some way but when the audio comes out those who download it will be able to correct me :)

    Oh, one last thing... there was no security check. They scanned my ticket and off I went.
    bored -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @07:41AM (#282093)
    (User #8415 Info)
  • Although not perfect, this was a great performance. When Morrissey began complaining about the sound, I was starting to get worried. He did this in San Diego and so the show only lasted an hour. But I was glad to see he plowed through.

    I was also pleased with the crowd. Maybe it was just my side, but people seemed to be excited. Considering the show wasn't sold out, it sure was pretty packed (I guess those $20 tix helped).

    I don't have much to add than anyone else hasn't already except some pictures. I noticed signs saying cameras were strictly prohibited for this show but after seeing a few people using their without complaints from security, I took a few towards the end of the show. Here's some: JPG [] JPG [] JPG [] JPG [] JPG []

    PeteMoz -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @08:21AM (#282100)
    (User #2608 Info)
    I don't want to be judged. I would sooner be loved.
  • One thing that kind of bugged me was the lack of using spotlights to highlight band members when they were being "featured". By this I mean Boz doing a guitar solo etc. Most of the time everyone on stage, except for Moz, was in the same lighting. I guess I'm used to a visual cue if someone is doing a solo. There were several times when, for dramatic purposes, the stage was fairly dark and, without a spotlight, someone would be soloing and you couldn't even see them.

    I don't know if this is Moz' way of saying, "I'm the star. No spotlight for you!" or if it's just the way the lighting guy chose to do it.
    wemissumoz -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @08:36AM (#282104)
    (User #4088 Info)
    • Re:Lighting by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday October 31 2007, @09:14AM
      • Re:Lighting by wemissumoz (Score:1) Wednesday October 31 2007, @10:12AM
  • At the end of the song when it gets all maniacal, Boz went over and starting plunking on one of Mikey's keyboards.

    Not a major detail but one I left out of my previous post.
    bored -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @08:49AM (#282109)
    (User #8415 Info)
    djkim -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @09:58AM (#282128)
    (User #19553 Info)
  • A couple things that may have already been mentioned, not sure:
    At the beginning he said
    "We know where we are, let's hope for the best."
    Also Boz was making really creepy faces during Jack the Ripper. Looked like he was having some trouble and yelling at his tech during FOTGTD. Did anyone hang out by the busses after the show?
    Fart box -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @10:21AM (#282136)
    (User #18845 Info |
    • Busses by tommyf117 (Score:1) Wednesday October 31 2007, @10:47AM
    • Re:Good show by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday October 31 2007, @01:38PM
  • - In "Irish Blood, English Heart", he reformulated: "...for the day when Americans are sick to death of Republicans..."

    - Being particularly rude while introducing the band, he inserted "last certainly least" before naming the percussionist, then: "There is such a thing as too much information. Ignorance is bliss. Look at George W Bush: so blissful."

    - Another political comment: M joked, "I just thought of another reason why we need Barack Obama[1] instead of Hilary. Think of all the public funding required to sustain that hairdo."

    I was one of the few people who positively reacted to this statement. The rest of the audience was dead silent. A sad testament to Democracy in America, someone in this forum just posted (mistakenly) that he suggested "Osama Bin Laden" -- that's pathetic (and heartbreaking)!

    [1] []

    - The Orpheum theater is beautiful and intimately small. Morrissey commented that this is the very stage where Oscar Wilde stood and spoke to Boston and "of course, nobody listened."

    - I thought the set list was great, particularly the two Strangeways,.... Prior to the first song, they pumped Klaus Nomi's "Death" over the PA.

    - Lots of cute boys in the audience. What's Morrissey's trick? :)
    oiboy -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @10:28AM (#282138)
    (User #20346 Info)
  • larry bird , the patriots, the redsox
    and morrissey -
    packing my new jersey bags and moving to boston
    markmustb1 -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @10:51AM (#282152)
    (User #13161 Info)
    cos no one ever turns to me to say ...
  • Hello my name is Paul, as most of you will know i run a Smiths & Moz night in Manchester called Maladjusted, and front a popular Moz/Smiths tribute band in Manchester as Morrissey, which is called Ambitious Outsiders, as some of you will have gathered i have had my fair share of problems on this site in the past, and do NOT approve of the way homosexuals are treated here, or the way in which the Webmaster runs this site, publishing damaging news articles that i know for a FACT that Morrissey finds most upsetting and vile.

    Despite my humble opinion of this website, not being in keeping with what the webmaster wishes to be seen on the front page by 'Fans' i continue to think of solutions to this such as meeting up with David to discuss our differences in private, or simply getting this website shutdown, this dispute has been ongoing for the best part of 3 years, however let us not leave the main points in question.

    I am still waiting for an apology from site owner David Tseng for simply allowing the same old trolls post the same old scummy filth & lies about my private life and leaving it un -moderated, most of the filth posted contains the worst type of homphobia and abuse seen anywhere, and David seems to just leave it there because he knows it will upset me and others.

    Another trend in keeping with this website is for the webmaster/moderators to encourage the 'Troll' to impersonate me calling itself 'FYS' and it attempts to make me look stupid and claim i am into the 'bear scene' and that i have attended U.S concerts, while i am involved in rehersals, i actually -

    A)Am not into the 'Bear Scene'.

    B)Have not been to any U.S shows.

    C)My arse does not stink.

    D)I am not fat.

    E)I am not hairy.

    Thankyou for taking the time to read this post.

    Paul from Ambitious Outsiders & Maladjusted.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @12:17PM (#282167)
  • Phew im sweaty, it must be all that anal me and Gerald have been doing, i feel bear rough.

    fys (the eye surveying Meatloaf, and his stage posture)
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @02:37PM (#282198)
  • didn't moz make a comment about (the world is full of crashing bores) for all the people outside? was he talking about the red sox fans or the suffolk law school?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @03:49PM (#282211)
  • It seems like at every show he has made some political commentary, sometimes at length. Given the level of vitriol, I wonder how he'll contain himself in DC. I'm taking bets on whether or not he replaces the Je Suis shirt with something of a less playful message.
    reilly -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @04:04PM (#282213)
    (User #20233 Info)
  • The singer from the band Fate Or Trouble, the band who covered Everyday Is Like Sunday was at the show last night as Morrissey's guest. Morrissey is a fan of their cover. Wonder why he didn't perform the song in his set?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @04:42PM (#282217)
  • I recall Moz saying something last night about his doctor being in the audience, and then he scanned the middle section looking for him and pointed him out... confirmation on this?

    Thought I would mention it for all of you obsessives who hang on to every detail! : )
    mis anyos mozos -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @06:06PM (#282223)
    (User #16473 Info)
    • Re:doctor by resurrected21 (Score:1) Wednesday October 31 2007, @07:30PM
      • Re:doctor by leavewithme (Score:1) Wednesday October 31 2007, @07:42PM
  • Sister I'm a Poet?
    I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet (but stop me, ahem) After SIAP he queried "and the meaning of the song is?" letting the question mark hang out there for about 2 beats --when no one came back with anything loud enough or "right" enough -- he let fall "..nobody knows!!!" I felt shame, even though I have some ideas about what the song means, they can't be summed up in 2 beats. What is everybody else's impression?
    also, if you DO know "the short answer" to the question of meaning of sister I'm a poet...would you be so kind to educate me?

    What a beautiful man and show. Thanks everybody for your insightful comments, they really really helped me...
    leavewithme -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @07:55PM (#282235)
    (User #20351 Info)
  • From down front (Row QQ) the crowd seemed to be up on their feet all night, as always another Smiths song or two would have been nice, but his new songs were grreat as well.
    This band was incredibly "fuckin" tight
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 01 2007, @05:34AM (#282283)
  • I am fairly certain he is catching a little something. I am also singer, and he kept doing those little tricks (like pressing his index finger to block one ear). This may just be because he could not hear himself in general. Understandable, because the acoustics were awful from my section on the balcony. Yet, throughout the concert, there were several instances that implied he had a head-cold or something of the sort. Even his speaking voice.
    I heard his most audible strain during Dear God Please Help Me. It was the end of the show, and almost entirely in falsetto. That's a feat for any man to accomplish. However, having attended the past 3 NYC shows as well, his voice has never sounded so forced during that song. Just not his norm.

    When he crumpled to the ground postDearGod (the Auld Lang keyboard melody), placing his legs upon the drum platform, he thrust his hips into the air. A couple of times.
    Beautiful literal display of one of my favorite songs.
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 01 2007, @07:01PM (#282438)

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