posted by davidt on Wednesday October 31 2007, @08:00PM
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Set List:

The Loop / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / Last Of The Famous International Playboys / Sister, I'm A Poet / All You Need Is Me / London / Billy Budd / Girlfriend In A Coma / Irish Blood, English Heart / That's How People Grow Up / Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / I Like You / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Tomorrow / Stretch Out And Wait / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Jack The Ripper / How Soon Is Now? // First Of The Gang To Die

setlist provided by Joe Benzon, Mel Torment
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  • Did he Play Interesting Drug Again?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @08:06PM (#282237)
    • Re:Did he? by maryII (Score:1) Wednesday October 31 2007, @09:42PM
      • Re:Did he? by skintorpedo (Score:1) Wednesday October 31 2007, @09:46PM
  • Is everybody out Trick or treating?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @08:09PM (#282239)
    • Re:WTf? by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday November 01 2007, @03:27PM
  • did everyone go out drinking libations with the ghost of Edgar Allen Poe after the show tonight? Inquiring minds want to know what Morrissey sang and said tonight. We're waiting.
    artful dodger -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @08:42PM (#282243)
    (User #13974 Info |
    and as for me, I stand with the tribe of Morrissey.
  • Happy Halloween (Score:2, Informative)

    the loop
    stop me
    last of the famous
    sister i'm a poet
    all you need is me
    billy budd
    irish blood
    that's how people grow up
    last night i dreamt
    why don't you find out for yourself?
    crashing bores
    i like you
    stretch out and wait
    death of a disco dancer
    jack the ripper

    first of the gang

    mozz came out in a tux with bowtie. the whole bands was shirtless with loinclothes. evryone had something ertten on their chest. boz's said "disco dancer", mikey's said "yes sir i can boogie." he threw 3 shirts including 1 into the balcony. no interesting drug, so i feel i must continue the tour in dc. when i get home to philly pics and video will be on my myspace -
    Joe Benzon -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @08:44PM (#282244)
    (User #12767 Info)
  • If it's true that he was in a tux and his band were graffitied and wearing loin cloths... Isn't it kind of shocking? I mean, how is it possible for him to feel so Fun after having fired Kristeen so recently?

    I dunno... it rankles.

    I await your attacks with baited breath.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @09:05PM (#282247)
  • incredible show. the only problem was the venue, which is run by someone who doesn't know the words honor or integrity. not only did they screw over everyone who bought a ticket for the july show through craigslist/ebay etc , they also let people who had reservations at the rams head tavern go in first. in both cases, they had told people who had called ahead of time that that wouldn't be the case. i was fuming by the time i went into the show- but morrissey was spectacular.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @09:40PM (#282251)
  • No successful stage invasions this show. Morrissey actually tried to pull people on stage during the encore (at least that is what it looked like to me) and in one such attempt he actually got pulled into the crowd. He crowd surfed for a few seconds as the bouncers helped him back on stage. I have never seen that happen before! He didn't look mad about it but he didn't look too pleased either. Other than a lot of nonsense going on in the crowd around me (a near fight because (god forbid) someone was pushing, cameras being confiscated and some crazy guy who came out of nowhere and stared at some guy next to me for like 5 minutes and then left...) I thought it was a great show!
    foolwithradicalviews -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @09:43PM (#282254)
    (User #20352 Info)
  • First of all, I can't believe the size of that venue. I wish all of Moz's shows were in venues of that size. My friend and I arrived pretty late in the day (just an hour before doors open), didn't eat in the tavern, and yet got into the third row, which was basically just a few feet from where Moz would be. There wasn't even enough space on the stage to have the screen in front of the drum kit.

    Second, there were a few too many drunks in the crowd. Lots of shoving, lots of moving about, so that pretty soon on the whole right side of the stage positions had changed. Everyone got moved to a new spot by some totally psycho woman who was waving her beer around (and some fake badge that she said was a police badge, giving her the right to move us aside).

    My friend and I waited after the show to see Moz, but no luck. Came out some other entrance and scurried onto the bus.

    Overall a great show, though, all thanks to the venue. Great size, security wasn't overbearing and rude (many were quite nice), and they moved us in efficiently and orderly, so that even upon arriving my friend and I had time to scout around before choosing a spot.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @10:54PM (#282261)
  • were the line crashers there? what were they wearing, and give us some names? maybe we can make this a sticky? discuss.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @11:24PM (#282264)
  • photos of Solomon shirtless, plz :)
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @11:32PM (#282266)
  • Batty Baltimore! (Score:2, Informative)


    00 Klaus Nomi: Wayward Sisters
    01 LOOP
    02 STOSH
    03 P'BOYZ
    06 LONDON
    07 BUDDY
    08 COMA
    09 OIRISH
    10 THROW UP
    12 WHY DON'T YOU F ?
    14 I LIKE YUH
    16 2MORRER
    17 STRETCH
    18 PARIS
    19 DITHCO
    20 RIPPAH
    21 HSIN ?
    22 FIRST

    This is the most playful Halloween gig I've ever seen Mozzer do!

    At first I thought th'Lads were simply topless, but then when the lights came on, I was astonished to see that they were not wearing trousers! I would've liked to see their reactions when they got the memo about what this evening's costume would be.

    As others reported, Boz had the words "Disco Dancer" on his chest. Solomon (who got lots of cheers and applause from the salivating gay male and het female contingent) had a box drawn around STOSH Me, and his nipples appeared to have red hearts painted on. Gosh, even *I* couldn't stop staring! Matt had WAUKEGAN on his chest. Jesse had something like "LET'S FEELY". It seemed rather Japanese to me because the Japanese are fond of Engrishisms as "let's " as in "let's car to restaurant". Couldn't really see it too well because his guitar strap (oo-er) was obscuring the letters most of the night. On Jesse's back was written "HENCHMAN EN MEXICO", which I believe is a pun on "Hecho en Mexico" (Made in Mexico) and maybe on the notion that a henchman does El Jefe's dirty work. Mikey had "YES SIR I CAN BOOGIE" on his chest. I was totally mystified by what was written on his back: CLEVELAND IS MY WOMAN . Is this like the "wide to receive" written across the ass on the '97 tour shirts? Th'Lads also had shiners painted on some of their eyes. Some people think that what was written on th'Lads' bodies looked like Morrissey's handwriting. Oh ho, I would've loved to see Moz applying that to them!!

    Moz did a lot of moob caressing and even shirtlifting :o !! Life is not supposed to be this fun, damnit!

    He made some atypical lyrical changes, but I had too much to drink at unhappy hour, so I can't remember. Okay, one that I can recall happened during Jack the Ripper -- "You don't agree, but you NEVER refuse" and "You don't agree, but you WOULD NEVER refuse, WOULD YOU?" It also reminded me of one night when he did it in L.A. and sang, "I want you, yes ALL of YOU!" with a wide sweeping gesture. But he didn't repeat that tonight.

    Moz mentioned with no small amount of sarcasm how glad he was to be #94 in the list of 100 top living geniuses in The Telegraph but added that there's always a big but(t)...out of all the names, they could not spell his correctly. But then after all, it's The Telegraph and how can we expect such things out of them, eh?

    After either THROW UP or PARIS, with some of us cheering particularly enthusiastically, he said, "Thank you, music lovers! All twelve of you."

    He asked something like "On this special day what happens" and handed the mic round to the house right side of the audience. Various people said things about Halloween. Other people who didn't get the mic shouted that the special event was that Morrissey came to Baltimore! Moz seemed mock disappointed and asked, "Is that all?"

    When Moz left to change shirts, Boz started tapping on and quasi-massaging Arturo's shoulders with his bare footie! Hah hah, Arturo took it good-naturedly while everyone else, from security guards to audience members was cracking up at the spectacle.

    For Halloween, my costume was a cheesy-ass pair of devil horns, a pin-on devil tail, and the black "Je suis Morrissey" shirt = I am a handsome devil. I had called him a "handsome devil" in SF. I had a whip, too, but I left it in my room because I was afraid the venue wouldn't let me bring in the prop. I wasn't allowed to bring in the satanic pitchfork made of plastic when Moz played a Halloween show in '97.

    When he gave me the mic and asked for suggestions, I gave Moz an R. Crumb tin of Devil Girl hot
    Mel Torment -- Wednesday October 31 2007, @11:55PM (#282268)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • Yep it was a great show and Morrissey was great along with his band.
    However I couldnt see much because three gigantic bulky men were blocking all my views.
    I grabbed his shirt only to have my finger and arm twisted to the point where I couldnt move it for a few minutes but in the process of tugging on the shirt I broke some buttons off and after the show scurried for them. I might as well get something out of it.
    Nina from Girl in A Coma was awesome to talk to and I loved her halloween/ day of the dead tribute to Frida.
    I didnt like however how people at the back of the line got into the venue before some of the people who were there since early on. I guess that's just the venues fault.
    i kindof wanted him to play Lucky Lisp.
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 01 2007, @12:01AM (#282270)
  • thats gotta be some kind of record.

    Opening with "The Loop" was fantastic. No "Interesting Drug" so I'm extra stoked I saw that last NYC show.

    The lads' loincloth getups were ridiculous, and Boz looked especially hilarious.

    I've decided I really like Girl In a Coma.

    My tour ends here, and I don't know what to do with myself now haha. Cheers to everyone I met waiting in line and hanging out over the last week and a half. I will see you in far off places.
    Darth Vegan -- Thursday November 01 2007, @01:08AM (#282274)
    (User #19076 Info |
  • not even a B-Side from ROTT.
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 01 2007, @04:15AM (#282281)
  • I could not see the left rear side of stage from where i was standing so i should have gotten there earlier for a better view but the music was great and Morrissey was excellent. Thanks for coming to Baltimore!!!!
    PaulInBaltimoreMD -- Thursday November 01 2007, @05:52AM (#282284)
    (User #20354 Info |
    ...and when a train goes by it's such a sad sound...
  • I hope I get my song..........Keith
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 01 2007, @06:05AM (#282285)
  • The sight of Morrissey taking the stage in full evening dress surrounded by a mostly-naked band in loincloths is perhaps one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It seemed to me that Morrissey spent most of the night trying not to laugh, or look too pleased with himself. He kept glancing over at Boz (who looked absolutely crazed), and cracking up. Morrissey almost didn't make it through "How Soon is Now" because he was laughing so hard.

    The band is fantastic, and those who complain that they are not The Smiths are missing the point. It's 2007, and Morrissey has put together a crew that rocks very, very hard. He will not go gently into that good night, and it's that attitude that I just love.

    This is the last show of the tour for me. I first saw him in England, on the first leg, and have been there on-and-off since then. Words cannot express how spectacular it has been. Last night was the ultimate show - small venue, nearly-naked band and Morrissey - the Man Himself, in full voice, good humor, and great form.

    There is no doubt that Moz still has it and, more than that, he approaches fifty with more grace, talent and sex-appeal than most men half his age can muster.

    The Queen isn't dead, long live the King.
    Anaesthesine -- Thursday November 01 2007, @06:21AM (#282289)
    (User #14203 Info)
    If Moz did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.
  • Anyone get photos? I'm dying to see the wardrobe.
    KurtyP -- Thursday November 01 2007, @06:51AM (#282294)
    (User #9228 Info |
  • .... I think it was during the first or second song.
    Boz looks especially joyous with a sombrero on...
    the band looked kind of miffed to be practically naked...Morrissey smelled like church, and was a bit stingy with the handshakes.
    Eric and Roland were my favorite people in line..
    and the girl behind me, Boz side, in the red shirt, I was proud of your attempted stage crash.
    ninja hawkins -- Thursday November 01 2007, @07:28AM (#282298)
    (User #20356 Info)
  • One thing that I haven't seen mentioned yet was Moz's long, awesome story about The Top 100 Living Geniuses, released yesterday (10/31/2007), found here:;jsessio nid=L4DP0I2KHAODLQFIQMGSFGGAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/200 7/10/28/geniustable128.xml

    Moz told us about the list, how he was #94, and then how his name was the only one misspelled on the entire list!

    The story was followed laughter, cheers, sorrowful awwwwe's, and his errupting into "... Crashing Bores".

    It was perfect!
    Woodspread -- Thursday November 01 2007, @07:44AM (#282302)
    (User #19461 Info)
  • Would love to make contact with the girl from Tom's River that I talked to at the show in Baltimore. You know who you are...we stood in the back by the bar. I can verify who I am...
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 01 2007, @08:17AM (#282313)
  • he finally acknowledged me and took a present from me, was a wonderful night
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 01 2007, @08:30AM (#282315)
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          • Re:after 15 yrs by SpanishBloodUKHeart (Score:1) Thursday November 01 2007, @12:48PM
    • Re:after 15 yrs by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday November 01 2007, @02:26PM

    Click on the blog at the top

    Joe Benzon -- Thursday November 01 2007, @10:01AM (#282335)
    (User #12767 Info)

    2 videos to come soon :)
    nowherefast944 <[email protected]> -- Thursday November 01 2007, @10:41AM (#282344)
    (User #19739 Info |
    sycophantic slag
  • Cell phone pics of the Halloween Concert!

    enjoy. 625826/
    RobJenga -- Thursday November 01 2007, @10:58AM (#282349)
    (User #20358 Info)
  • You were dressed all in black and had a cat woman maks on for most of the show. I could not take my eyes off of you. I was on the other side of the balcony. Just wanted to say you were stunning.
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 01 2007, @11:09AM (#282354)
    • Re:Cat Woman. by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday November 01 2007, @12:43PM
  • Please!
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 01 2007, @12:29PM (#282366)
    • 1 reply beneath your current threshold.
  • when he handed the mic and said 'its halloween' what does that mean?'

    i was soooo tempted, to yell "Kristeen Young!"

    was way too far back..
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 01 2007, @01:19PM (#282391)
  • Baltimore is also famous for the film 'tin men' as well as a cracking song from the 'Fine Young Cannibals'

    Best foot forward,


    Anonymous -- Thursday November 01 2007, @03:19PM (#282417)
  • I just acquired a petrol driven chainsaw, can i bring it to your rehersals/studio to help you record Speedway?, i think that song would really suit your voice and how you feel about people here, i'd post the finished recording on your myspace for you if you'd like?.
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 01 2007, @05:21PM (#282434)
  • Great show! Especially enjoyed Death of Disco Dancer. Morrissey handed my daughter the microphone twice but she was too awestruck to speak! Special note to my brother in Argentina: I kept my promise and the letter was hand delivered by your beautiful niece. He accepted it and asked her,"Is this a present?" Thank you to the gentleman next to me who allowed us to squeeze in beside him before the rush came in. We had one of the best views in the house! You also looked out for my daughter when some of the crowd got a little rough. Very cool. You helped her second concert experience to be incredible. You're one of the most dedicated fans I've ever met and what a gentleman you were last night! Take care and enjoy the rest of the tour. And hopefully no more broken ribs for you my friend!
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 01 2007, @06:27PM (#282436)
  • Just saw that there are "last chance" tix available through Ticketmaster for tomorrow's show in DC. Price is $19 and it doesn't seem to require a password. The tix that come up are tier level in the back; there are still full price tix for sale closer in...
    LucasT -- Thursday November 01 2007, @07:40PM (#282443)
    (User #16225 Info)

  • When he was asking about the specialness of October 31st, was he referring to Johnny Marr's birthday?

    Sounds like a great show!
    charmingjeane <{aidabetz23} {at} {}> -- Thursday November 01 2007, @09:22PM (#282454)
    (User #6742 Info |
    "But don't mention love!"
  • He played Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me.. I am jelous. He did not play that one here in LA.
    Morrisseyvive -- Friday November 02 2007, @12:07AM (#282462)
    (User #14765 Info)
  • of a mentally challenged person since the waterboy
    Anonymous -- Friday November 02 2007, @06:00AM (#282488)
  • You people saying this was great show have low standards. Morrissey was great. The music was fine, the set, etc...but WTF was up with the audience? A tiny venue, standing room admission and yet no one pressed towards the stage, no one moved or jumped or danced to the songs...there was no sea of fans swaying and singing back and forth, nothing, just mentally old, sober, comatosed folks getting upset when someone brushed against them, trying to hold thier spot like it was some designated seat...just horrible, horrible, horrible.

    This was nothing like a Morrissey concert I remember...I thought I'd go to Baltimore to see Moz in small space, but feck all if I knew I'd be surrounded by such lumps, I would have stayed at home.


    Smiths <reversethis-{moc ... a} {2eporhtdniw}> -- Friday November 02 2007, @06:51AM (#282497)
    (User #215 Info)
    • Re:No, just no by Boz's Grrl (Score:1) Friday November 02 2007, @07:05AM
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    • Re:No, just no by MozzNurse (Score:1) Friday November 09 2007, @04:12PM
  • I count 8 smiths songs :-), hoping this appears on Dime
    bowieboots -- Friday November 02 2007, @10:15AM (#282536)
    (User #19180 Info)
  • I took a friend of mine to this concert for his birthday. Both of us live in NY. Morrissey of course gave a stellar performance but what surprised the both of us were the people in the audience. Only the very few seemed to be really into the music. The crowd was young and yet only the people who were right by the stage expressed joy to be there. No one really moved much or sang the songs. It seemed like they were there because someone made them. In all honesty the opening act got a better reaction than Mozz himself. Are Baltimore people just the "joy on the inside" kind of people?
    MozzNurse -- Thursday November 08 2007, @12:09PM (#283500)
    (User #20407 Info)

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