posted by davidt on Friday November 02 2007, @08:00PM
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Set List:

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / Irish Blood, English Heart / Interesting Drug / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Sister, I'm A Poet / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Billy Budd / Jack The Ripper / The Loop / Stretch Out And Wait / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / Tomorrow / I Like You / Good Looking Man About Town / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / That's How People Grow Up / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Dear God, Please Help Me / How Soon Is Now? // First Of The Gang To Die

setlist provided by Joe Benzon, Mel Torment
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  • couldnt make it tonight
    Anonymous -- Friday November 02 2007, @08:01PM (#282694)
  • I heard George W was there , was he groovin to the Mozzter Mash ?
    Anonymous -- Friday November 02 2007, @08:04PM (#282695)
  • Day of the Dead (Score:2, Informative)

    stop me
    irish blood
    interesting drug
    death of a disco dancer
    sister, i'm a poet
    one day goodbye will be farewell
    why don't you find out for yourself?
    billy budd
    jack the ripper
    the loop
    stretch out and wait
    please please please
    i like you
    good looking man about town
    crashing bores
    that's how people
    boy with the thorn
    dear god

    encore - fotgtd

    the people who wet to baltimore and didn't go this show - you made a big mistake. you mised a good one. the stage invasions during the encore were perhaps the rowdiest i have ever seen (and this was my 34th show. mozz commented that the elections were coming up and it effects the whole world so vote with caution. the lads had catholic school boy outfits on. i have some more pics and videos and you will see them on my page tomorrow -
    Joe Benzon -- Friday November 02 2007, @08:23PM (#282699)
    (User #12767 Info)
  • Tonight's show was truly dream-like. I was impressed by the Wolf Trap show in July, but this was on a whole different plane. Incredible energy between Moz and the fans. Intimate venue. Great setlist (and almost completely different than Wolf Trap). I was especially pleased to hear Stop Me, Interesting Drug, Stretch Out, and Dear God.

    Moz taunted us after Dear God for our paltry stage invasion showing thus far. We made up for it, however, during First of the Gang to Die in a spectacular fashion. I swear, it looked like a replay of the Live in Dallas video. I would estimate that 20 or more individuals made it on to the stage. Security was swamped and Moz was loving every second. To the woman who ran up and kissed Morrissey just as the final song ended, thank you for giving us a picture perfect Moz moment to remember forever. That was amazing. This is what every Morrissey show should be like. The heart feels free...

    Anonymous -- Friday November 02 2007, @08:55PM (#282706)
  • that was my first show and it was amazing. everything i dreamed of. i cannot believe he did PLZ LET ME GET WAT I WANT wooooow! and the crowd jumping up at the end, i counted at least 11??? not sure.... wow, so great, the girl at the end was the PERFECT end to any concert i have been to, MOZ smiled BIG TIME

    and i loved it when he gave the mic to a girl in the crowd and she said "i'm in heaven" and he goes "how do you know this isnt hell"

    Anonymous -- Friday November 02 2007, @09:04PM (#282708)
    • Re:wow by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday November 02 2007, @09:14PM
  • Wow - take 2!! (Score:1, Informative)

    He played "Interesting Drug" again tonight - I thought I was going to faint! Moz was sport a black shirt and grey dress pants for the evening. He didn't get the memo on the Frink thread that he was to wear jeans. The boys dressed in white shirts, dress pants and ties - they reminded me of The Geek Squad. Boz was wearing glasses and looked quite cute in them.

    Mozza didn't seem as chatty as I recall from Wolftrap but he did have a few brillant remarks like calling our town "Scotchington". Loved the comment that next year is an important one as we can get rid of Mr. Nasty. What was with all the "Oh Lay, Oh lay, oh lay" going on? Felt like I was at a DC United game, the chant got the attention. I couldnt help myself and join in.

    This was the first time I heard Dear God live. I was cringing after hearing about the heckling he recieves during that song - I most say it was beautiful live. At the end he took off his first shirt. A female stage invade made it and got to SHIRTLESS HUG. I'm so green with envy - she's my first hero of the night. I hope somebody got a picture of this, it was classic!

    One guy made it on stage during HSIN? and the 2nd shirt went into the crowd. It was nuts during First of the Gang - he was bombared with invaders. It was hysterical, barely got 5 words of the 1st verse in. And the girl in the purple sweater at the end of the stage who got the kiss and danced off the stage - she's my other hero of the night.

    I can't believe it's over - I'm so sad.

    Laura aka Ms. Chievous
    Anonymous -- Friday November 02 2007, @09:12PM (#282709)
  • People are so uptight and reserved in DC - I don't feel like the enthusiasm Moz deserved was there. Everyone stayed in their seats in their assigned rows, and they didn't really let go, dance and give Moz the love of which he's so worthy. The stage invasions were awesome though (even though they started really late in)! It was like a freakin circus at one point - very entertaining.
    Anonymous -- Friday November 02 2007, @09:38PM (#282716)
  • He was everything I expected and more!
    Loved it.

    tao_jones1984 -- Friday November 02 2007, @10:17PM (#282720)
    (User #11808 Info)
  • Despite the venue being only about 2/3 full, Moz and the band were in great spirits and full of energy. This was possibly the best set list in terms of covering his whole career I have had the pleasure of hearing him play out of about 15 shows over the past 10 years. I almost passed on going. Boy, am I glad I didn't! I missed the local(ish) Baltimore show as my own band had a gig and decided it was worth the 1.5 hour drive tonight after a week of hell at work.

    The only low point was the sound wasn't so hot the first few tunes. The bass drum was so loud that the guitars were very difficult to make out (maybe this was b/c I was up in the cheap seats? I prefer the view from there though). Fortunately this was rectified a few songs in. Oh, and sorry, but I think "Dear God Please Help Me" is a rather weak song, even moreso in concert. Moz was off key through most of the song but spot on for the most part through the rest of the set.

    The claims about the massive stage invasions during the encore are entirely true! I didn't think this happened anymore but I was wrong. The security weren't too brutal about it either. They did their job but I did not notice any excessive force. The last girl that got up made a nice sneak around from the side of the stage behind the house speakers on Boz's side. Nice one, if you are reading this!

    My first time seeing Moz was back in 97 and I never thought I would get to hear "Interesting Drug." I was thrilled he did this one again. I thought NYC would be the only lucky ones! The new tunes are pretty good too. Sorry if i am not up on them yet, but the one with Boz on clarinet and Mikey on trumpet doing a "call and respond" type thing was great and a refreshing change for the old man.

    Moz's band seems to be getting tighter and this is the first time I have seen Boz dancing around like a fool (I mean that in a good way) since the Kill Uncle era shows I have on VHS. Boz was playing more lead guitar than he has the past few times I've seen him and I was glad to see that. He improvises a little here and there and just has "it" (i.e. the energy, passion, the ability to visibly show he is having fun, etc.) Jesse just doesn't have that, IMO. His playing is very "sterile" though more than adequate.

    On the Quarry tour, I wasn't too impressed w/ Mikey but he really has become an integral part of this band. He is an UBER talented guy, covering everything from keys to guitar to a lap steel during "Billy Budd."

    The Walker boys seem to be holding their weight but Moz, I must point out I am a better bass player than Solomon (sp?)... you know you wanna change up bassists next tour :)
    thedude -- Friday November 02 2007, @11:08PM (#282726)
    (User #5545 Info)
    • Re:Wow! by king leer (Score:1) Saturday November 03 2007, @12:47AM
      • Re:Wow! by thedude (Score:1) Saturday November 03 2007, @09:34AM
        • Re:Wow! by king leer (Score:1) Tuesday November 06 2007, @02:19AM
  • I had heard that DAR would be a horrible venue for a Moz show, but I had been to enough seated venues to think "Yeah, but everyone rushes to the stage and so it sort of becomes like a GA show anyway." I was wrong. The dour predictions were dead right: DAR doesn't deserve Moz.

    First off, security were total pricks. They seem to represent the standard D.C. security acumen: everyone's a threat and they are to be treated as such. So basically they demanded to the extreme that everyone stay at their seats; at most other seated venues, when this happens, the guards eventually realize no one's getting hurt and let people stay near the stage. Here, no way. They were shoving, yelling at people, threatening explusions (I saw at least two people get taken out).

    Then, after one person did a stage invasion and returned to the crowd, two guards came over and began trying to shove him out of the building. Arturo actually ran to the edge of the stage to wave them off, but they ignored him and forced this guy out. Thanks for the warm welcome, security.

    And to those saying Moz looked thrilled...are you kidding me? He was clearly annoyed by the constant scufflings going on before him. I don't blame him. He said in that true-to-you interview that a concert is dampened for him when people are chained to their seats. And here they certainly were.

    Overall, DAR is a horrible place to see Moz, and I'll never go there for anything else again.
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 03 2007, @12:52AM (#282742)
  • Setlist

    00 Klaus Nomi: Wayward Sisters
    01 STOSH ME
    02 OIRISH
    04 DITHCO
    06 ONE DAY G'BYE
    07 WHY DON'T YOU F ?
    08 SILLY SOD
    09 WIPPAH
    10 LOOP
    11 STRETCH
    12 PARIS
    14 2MORRER
    15 I LIKE YUH
    18 THROW UP
    20 GAWD
    21 HSIN
    22 FIRST

    My roommate (the one not snoring at present) just said, "I'm so happy, Mel!" Of course, he had just hugged Moz not once but twice onstage tonight! He was first up at the encore, knelt before Moz, and I believe Moz bowed back. The snorer got a full on body hug and just kept repeating later on, oh God!

    It was a beautiful blur for everyone in my room, like a ballet of respectful passion and loving hooliganism. There was no barrier. We thought Eddie was gonna kick our asses, but he didn't! : ) The security pretty much let us slide back into our places in the front row. I didn't want to try to get my fat old ass up there, but I helped my compas show Him their love.

    The sound was surprisingly good, and Moz hit most of the notes especially beautifully on GAWD and WIPPAH.

    During the Loop, Moz was energetically playing the tambourine, and his silver ornate bracelet fell off YET AGAIN! Why does this keep happening? A kind fan (unlike that selfish ring thief) near the center of the front row returned it to Moz. At first I thought it was the tambourine. The tambourine did lose a few of the metal bits again towards the end. Either they buy cheap tambourines, or Moz is just banging the hell out of that thing! ; )

    Boz got some fantastic attacks of crazy legs happy feet, especially during the Loop! Yay! It's been far too long since I got to be on the Boz side.

    After ONE DAY G'BYE, let one girl have the mic, and she said she was in Heaven! Moz then responded, How do you know we're not in Hell? Well, if that show was Hell, "when I die I WANT to go to HELL!" : )

    Towards the later part of the set, Moz came over and asked, Do you want to continue on from last night? I don't think the mic picked it up, but I said, "No, but I want to give you this since some of us is so nasty". I had given him an antibacterial hand-cleansing wipe because I was concerned about the nasty virus going around since the NYC shows and Moz touches a lot of those nasty hands of ours...and then touches his own mucus membranes (oo-er!) without realising it! l []

    I know it looks like a wrapped condom packet, but it's just a towelette. I may be a professional perv, but I'm all about hygienic perversity. Who wants to see Moz fall ill from filthy hand contact and then cancel more shows? Not I!!

    Moz replied, you have a valid point because some of you feel pulpy. I wasn't sure if I had heard that right, so I said, "Huh?" and looked puzzled. Moz kindly repeated himself, "Pulpy! You know, moist..." Hmmmm....that's a new one to me. Pulpy?! I really don't want to know... ; )

    Then Moz did I LIKE YUH, which is a now a handshaking classic. He did shake several hands during that song. Then I noticed he didn't use the antibacterial wipe after that song. He had placed it on the drum riser with care and left it there.

    As I noted this to my musical seatmate, Moz broke into GLMAT! Yay! It sounded like he changed some lyrics, but now I'm not clear on what those changes were. I was out of my head during it. But I was surprised at how good of a mood he must've been to make fun changes with a seldom-played song.

    There was something off-sounding about the pacing and tuning of guitars on that song, but Jesse played a particularly snazzy bit on GLMAT. The audience seemed to receive it with more enthusiasm than during the previous times I have heard it live.

    I am also pleased to note that on the setlist, Moz seems to be acknowl
    Mel Torment -- Saturday November 03 2007, @12:57AM (#282743)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • Morrissey and the band do well wherever they are. But this place (and the people in it) did everything they could to ruin that. Everyone was INCREDIBLY uptight about the seats. I remember being in the pit at a show last year, and when Moz came on tons of people poured into the pit next to me. I didn't care. The more the merrier. But the concert-goers in the front here were flipping out when people tried to squeeze next to them. Granted, a lot of them were middle-aged and probably don't go to too many Moz shows (let alone GA ones), but come on. You don't need all that elbow room when there are some really desperate fans just behind you, who paid the same for tickets. That's the problem with seated shows: unlike GA, they really don't reward the more devoted fans, the ones who want a front space more. Security wanted everyone in their seat, and most of the people were only too happy to comply. D.C. is full of rigid and uptight people, I know, but you'd expect Moz fans to be a bit more...well, enthusiastic about Moz shows. Not so insensitive and stodgy.
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 03 2007, @01:00AM (#282744)
  • what a great night -- Moz seemed in good spirits I must say the crowd around me was pretty lame. But I didn't let that stop me from enjoying a sweet sweet night. Some highlights = Jack the Ripper, The Loop. HSIN was incredible. I think 2 shirts went into the audience. Tons of stage invaders the girl in the purple dress ? was so cute I was so happy for her. After the FOTGTD encore Boz made a paper airplane of the setlist and sent it into the front section. Some of the lyric changes: "Please please please let me have who I want" (for the entire song); 'IT's the Manchester Blood In my veins" "America is sick to death of Republicans" in IBEH
    the gong was awesome esp. in HSIN
    I cant remember what else I wanted to write so thats it for now. look fwd to pics/vids Thank you Moz we love you !!!
    Comadre -- Saturday November 03 2007, @05:50AM (#282766)
    (User #14721 Info)
    Wielding a bicycle chain
  • Moz wore a rather odd expression when Kristeen's voice came over the opening of Thats How People Grow Up after he sacked her in New York, then the song was dropped from the rest of the gigs. So - has her vocal sample been removed, or does she still do backing vocals for this song now she has been excommunicated from Planet Morrissey?
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 03 2007, @08:19AM (#282788)
  • Anonymous -- Saturday November 03 2007, @08:25AM (#282791)
  • Was pumped for Mozzer show in DC. Been ging to shows since early 90s. Had a great spot stage right -first row. No moat! Through 6+ songs then some ahole told me I was in his seat and called secutiry to have me leave. WTF! What has happened to Moz fans? It's all gone commercial. Fucker must be in the Bush camp. Can;t wait for next show --- butno bald aholes, please.
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 03 2007, @08:26AM (#282792)

  • Hey All,

              Two incredible nights of Moz. If you wanna check out some of my photos, go here:

    bonobaltimore -- Saturday November 03 2007, @09:57AM (#282804)
    (User #20379 Info)

  • Sorry...for D.C. and Baltimore Moz shots, go here:
    bonobaltimore -- Saturday November 03 2007, @10:01AM (#282806)
    (User #20379 Info)
    • Re:Photos... by Corrissey (Score:1) Saturday November 03 2007, @10:45AM
    • Re:Photos... by LucasT (Score:1) Saturday November 03 2007, @05:14PM
  • This was my seventh MOZ show since 99 and I had A great time. I had floor seats about half way back or so. As soon as the movie clips came on we went up and sat in empty seats closer up. When the intro music came on we got up and rushed to the front with everyone else. I got A spot dead center up front and then security grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me just behind the first few rows. Thats where I stood for about 2/3 of the show. I really don't get why when you have about 100 or so people trying to get up front and 2 security guards people bother listing
    to the security. If everyone just ignored them and kept pushing they would just have to give up. I kept trying and A song or 2 before he threw out his first shirt I slipped past them. I ended up getting the whole collar from the first shirt thrown out. Just like in Baltimore people only fought over the shirt A little and then cut it into pieces. Unlike the Atlantic City show where I had to hold on while people went nuts fighting over the entire last song just to cut it up when the show was over anyway. During the last song I thought I have to get on stage the same thing I think every show end then chicken out. I knew this
    was the last time I would be seeing him for at least A little while so I had to go for it. Right before he was about to take off his T-shirt at the end of the show I got on stage and gave him A hug and A kiss and then dove back into the crowd untouched by security. It was A dream come true. Luckily I didn't hurt anyone diving into the crowd and people were in A good mood. If anyone has pictures or video of the last song I would love to see it. My friend took his last photo right before I got on stage. So if anyone has A picture or video it might be the only chance I have to get A photo with MOZ so please please please. I had on A long sleeve black Your Arsenal tour shirt. You can post here or email me at [email protected]
    Also to the girl I ended up standing next to both nights it was nice talking to you (pick up that live at Kroq I was telling you about) hopefully I will see you again sometime. A Truly truly truly awesome show GOODNIGHT AND THANK YOU.....Quentin
    Last House. -- Saturday November 03 2007, @10:54AM (#282813)
    (User #17410 Info)
  • the energy was amazing. he was clearly enjoying himself, and to me, that's what mattered. I won't repeat what others have already said, but he practically dared people to get onstage, I didn't see anyone get beaten up like they have at other shows I've been to. he really made an effort to shake hands with as many people as possible, as did Boz and Jesse at the very end.

    I don't know why there are so many complaints about DAR. I was fine where I was and while it wasn't "rowdy" everyone around me was into the music and it was NOT library like at all. the only complaint I had was the staff shooing us out at the end of the show, we really did not need to get a seizure in the bathrooms when they were flickering the lights as a less than subtle attempt to tell people to get out.

    Moz must like the venue if he's come back here for a second time. maybe us D.C. folks aren't as *crazy* as other places but he made time for us on this tour, he was in B'more on Wednesday, he came to N. VA in July...other artists completely stiff the entire area. yes, maybe the seats are cramped, but DAR is a seated venue and always be. so if you're expecting a GA show, you'll be disappointed - so go to another show where you can sneak your way up front. there's some of us who enjoy a show where we don't get elbowed or trampled on. I wasn't even up as close I've been in the past and I had a great time.
    mozandeffect -- Saturday November 03 2007, @01:30PM (#282833)
    (User #13082 Info) evil something you ARE, or something you DO?
  • Might have been asked before, but the very first video that plays. A wierd French guy doing Russian dancing etc...
    Does anyone know who he is what the number is & if its available?
    Saw it in Wolf Trap & thought that was wierd, now i think its wierd & i want it:)
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 03 2007, @03:48PM (#282854)
  • it was security. I had bad seats but moved up four times. The first two security shoved me harshly and Im tiny. third i was right in the spot where he threw the first shirt (it probably would have landed on my hands) but had the move (probably the only one to move) because a guy screamed in my face saying if we didnt move they were going to throw us out and then he shoved me when there were too many people behind who were not moving and were there after me.
    I ended up on the second row on the left of stage thanks to a woman who didnt mind me sneaking into the row. THANK YOU!
    but morrissey didnt seem to like the speaker on the left because it took up most of the room on the left and he couldnt interact with fans. thats why he stayed on the right mostly.
    Im sad cause its my last show for this tour and im dead broke but im also sad because i dont remember him playing the first four songs because security shouting and pushing harshly.
    Morrissey and the band were amazing and overal his performance made it a great last show for me.
    tisk tisk to security!
    i cant believe they were so rude and ruff. I can understand if a fan is trying to fight them but throwing out a stage diver, screaming inpeoples faces, and pushes people, lord. not even pushing they were grabbing us by our shirt and pushing us back hoping we land in the ground. Im a tiny not even menacing 19 year old girl. yeah I was really gonna resist him. lol
    I LOVE YOU MORRISSEY. can't wait til you go back on tour.
    best two weeks of my life now i must ctach up with all the school work i was ignoring.
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 03 2007, @03:50PM (#282855)

    Blog at the top
    Joe Benzon -- Saturday November 03 2007, @03:51PM (#282856)
    (User #12767 Info)
  • Whoever made a posting that Moz was in great form is on drugs- I could tell he was not happy nor responding well to the uptight DC cronies, and the stupid new-comers doing soccer chants between songs- they can all go f-ck off.

    To me the best part of a concert is not the singing but when the artist goes one on one with the audience. It seems Moz just wanted to get the hell out of there last night, and I do not blame him. Very little talking, interjection with the audience. Plus I know how much he must have dreaded being so close to that stupid moron bush just down the road...

    Moz did not seem happy with that bullshit. DAR is am awful venue: expensive, stuffy, and not meant for a fun concert. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not play there again Moz!
    ALABASTER -- Saturday November 03 2007, @05:21PM (#282864)
    (User #20382 Info)
  • Because of my job I have been either out of town or our man has cancellled every time I have ever tried to see him since...........1991!!!!!!!!! Yes, that is right, I have not seen Morrissey since 1991. Chicago, Aragon Ballroom November 8th 1991 it was a Friday. I remember it well. I skipped work and almost got fired due to a bad roommate at the time. Anyway, the BEST and only MOZ show I have ever seen. I am so dissapointed. I have had the opportunity to see him a few times but like I said I was either out of town or he cancelled. Signed, Morrissey's biggest fan and memorabilia collector ever......ME
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 04 2007, @02:33AM (#282899)
  • This was my first ever Moz show and it couldn't have been any better. The only complaint I have is the security. As I was sitting in the hall pre-show I heard one of the black women working say to the security, "You better all be ready I just heard they like to jump on stage during these shows". To which the security, all brutal and animal like, said, "Oh we will be ready, we love to tackle people!"

    When I got to my seats up in row J I wasn't disappointed, the arena was small and I'd still see Moz, but I wished I could be down in the pit. That's when the most wonderful thing happened. Two very very kind women walked towards my boyfriend and me and handed us two tickets, four rows back from the stage. I was speechless! I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    The people working were unusually picky about exact seatings and half the time I wasn't even sure they knew what they were doing. I had one man look at my tickets for three minutes before walking me to the wrong seats. I had to correct him and again he looked at my tickets for some time.

    All the songs were great and I was close to tears during several of the songs. I was close enough to see Moz's facial features and those blue eyes. At one point he was scanning the audience and our eyes met.

    I was happy to see all the people run on stage and at one point I thought the whole crowd was going to overflow onto the stage. The security was rough and pushed us all back almost knocking me to the floor. After the show while waiting outside for Moz to come out, I overheard several gay jokes coming from the security.

    Moz came out the back and quickly rushed into his bus. He was wearing a tan blazer and he shyly smiled at us waiting in the cold.

    It was the best night of my life and I couldn't have asked for a better first concert.

    What were the film clips from before the show?
    At the end of IBEH he was singing something and I couldn't make it out?
    Ian_Brady -- Sunday November 04 2007, @06:14AM (#282904)
    (User #13446 Info)
  • I was originally meant to go to the Baltimore show in July for my birthday (after skipping the VA show-which was on the actual day), so you can imagine how disappointed I was when the show was cancelled. Luckily, I was able to see the Halloween show in Baltimore. I love Halloween so I went to the concert dressed festively as a vicar in a tutu. The show was great and Moz and the band were in top form. I decided that night that I had to see the DC show. By chance, I happened to score some ridiculously good seats in the 3rd row at D.A.R. (Thank you, Christian!)

    This show was my 4th Morrissey concert and although I love the man, I've had mixed experiences. Everything from driving hours on end only to have him leave the stage after 3 songs with no explanation (later reportedly due to illness) to having him hold my hand and sing to me at another venue. I would have never thought that I was actually going to make it on stage and have my very own Live in Dallas experience (although I had, of course, thought about it over and over again).

    The girl who got up on stage first was right in front of me and I was elated when she was successful in reaching him. The security was tight and although I considered it, I didn't think anyone was going to be able to make it on stage. From my view, when people began rushing the stage at the beginning of FOTGTD it looked like waves of people crashing on the stage--one would get up, then disappear into the crowd as someone else was getting on. AWESOME. The energy of the crowd was amazing! I actually wasn't sure if I'd even make it to him until I cleared the speaker and saw Moz look at me with raised brow, an amused smile and open arms. (!!!!)

    The security was gentle and friendly with me. I was surprised that they were letting stage invaders go back to their seats to finish the show. A few of them even congratulated me later.

    I found a photo of the moment on Flickr(Thank you, Mike!) and watched the video on photobucket. (Rewind, rewind, rewind-Thanks, Fran!) Am I missing any other photos/vids? Please let me know. I really can not thank you enough for capturing that moment for me to remember and share. Thanks to everyone for cheering me on and making it that much more memorable. (As well as proving to myself that it REALLY did happen! ) I'm still smiling like a fool.

    The Girl in the Purple Sweater (Ginna)
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 04 2007, @10:57AM (#282921)
  • Hi, I was wondering if any of you cool people had any picture or video of the first girl jumped on stage nov/2? It was me but I was there by myself so I dont have any picture of me and Morrisey.. I have looked and looke on the Internet and not success. Would anyone have one I would be sooooo sooooo happy.. thank you thank you
    gissella -- Sunday November 04 2007, @09:36PM (#282976)
    (User #20389 Info)
  • Hi, I was wondering if any of you cool people had any picture or video of the first girl jumped on stage nov/2? It was me but I was there by myself so I dont have any picture of me and Morrisey.. I have looked and looke on the Internet and not success. Would anyone have one I would be sooooo sooooo happy.. thank you thank you
    gissella -- Sunday November 04 2007, @09:54PM (#282983)
    (User #20389 Info)
  • This is bogus. The one posted below is correct.
    Anonymous -- Friday November 02 2007, @10:47PM (#282724)
    • Re:Setlist by Mario ll (Score:1) Friday November 02 2007, @11:47PM
  • boxers??????????????

    ugh.. why not in LA?

    Anonymous -- Saturday November 03 2007, @01:10AM (#282745)
    • Re:Setlist by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday November 03 2007, @08:41PM
      • Re:Setlist by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday November 04 2007, @09:33PM
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