posted by davidt on Monday November 05 2007, @09:00PM
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Set List:

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / Tomorrow / Irish Blood, English Heart / Last Of The Famous International Playboys / Sister, I'm A Poet / The Loop / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Jack The Ripper / Stretch Out And Wait / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / All You Need Is Me / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Billy Budd / Let Me Kiss You / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / How Soon Is Now? // First Of The Gang To Die

setlist provided by FDR, dewdrop
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  • what did i miss...? how has girl in a come been? are the crowds more respectful to them or do they get the same shit that kristeen did?
    ella-reflex -- Monday November 05 2007, @09:16PM (#283113)
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    Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free...
  • .. was amazing.
    He said "For Thanksgiving, please don't kill anything"
    "Thanksgiving yes. Thankskilling, no"
    Anonymous -- Monday November 05 2007, @10:31PM (#283122)

    Banners were unfurled. "No one" jumped from the mezzanine. What was up with the denim?
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Monday November 05 2007, @10:51PM (#283124)
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  • The only way to sum up my third Morrissey concert, after many years of fandom.

    First, big thank-yous to my new friends from far-off, and not-so-far-off places. I much appreciate your kindness, you helped make the whole experience even better!

    The night is mostly a blur, I'm not sure how I even got home, but I'll do my best. The setlist seemed basically unchanged since the previous night's, but Interesting Drug, Boy W/Thorn, and Pigsty were missing. Someone else, I'm sure, will fill in the exact order. Personal highlights: Jack the Ripper (I know, but I love it!), The Loop, and Death of a Disco Dancer (love the "Day in the Life" style ending). Please, Please, Please was almost like church singing, I could have sworn there were harmonies in the crowd. And the crowd, from what I saw, was really into the entire show, singing, dancing, etc.

    Moz and the boys came out wearing matching dark blue denim jackets and jeans. No shirt underneath, which meant those of us close enough got generous glimpses of soft Moz belly, and, once, some Moz butt crack. I could almost make out the brand of undies he was wearing, and there was some kind of bright blue sticker/band-aid on the left side of his chest.

    Moving on...two shirts were thrown out, one a white button down with white floral designs, and the Je Suis...t-shirt at the end. Boz came over to observe the first one being torn apart, while the tug-of-war match over the second went on for a good 10 minutes. Moz accepted a gift from one of my new friends, a Sacha Distel LP, among other items. He handed her the mike, and she explained they were 'gifts from Paris.' He held up the record approvingly and set it up on the drum stand, atop the Irish flag draped there, courtesy of the Irish couple next to me. The band then went into I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris, as if on cue. Very cool.

    A couple of stage invaders nearly made it up during First of the Gang. The first was the guy directly in front of me, who had brought his nine-year-old daughter to the show. After him, all hell broke loose in that area...bodies hoisted over my head, I was being pushed and pulled in six directions at once, literally in the middle of the crush. I couldn't even pay attention to what was going on onstage at that point, and I was really concerned about the child, who really looked frightened. Luckily, the security guys (who were pretty decent--not too hardcore)pulled her over the barrier, away from the melee. It was scary, but exhilarating at once.

    There were numerous lyric changes, but others will be more reliable for those. A few random words:
    (After Stop Me)"Welcome to my sickbed." (cough, cough, cough)
    Something about celebrating Thanksgiving, and not to make it "Thankskilling."

    I missed a lot of what he said because of the noise around me, but he was moderately chatty and handed off the microphone twice.

    Again, kudos to my friends who got their gifts to the intended recipients...well done, ladies!

    All in all, wonderful show, I was happy to be there.

    Anonymous -- Monday November 05 2007, @10:58PM (#283125)
    • band aid by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 06 2007, @06:02AM
  • The first four on this list and the last two are in the correct order...songs 5-18 are out of order: Stop Me, Tomorrow, Irish Blood, Playboys, One Day Goodbye, The Loop, Sister I'm A Poet, Paris, Billy Budd, Stretch Out, Jack the Ripper, Why Don't You Find Out, Crashing Bores, All You Need Is Me, Death of a Disco Dancer, Let Me Kiss You, I Just Want to See the Boy Happy, Please Let Me Get What I Want, How Soon Is Now?, First of Gang

    Morrissey welcomed us all to his "sickness"...he had an obvious cold...

    20 songs versus the 21-22 he's been doing... He dropped two that were on the setlist, but I didn't have a chance to see which two...

    Just like at Chastain...he did 18 versus the 20-21 he had been doing leading up to that show in July. We can't catch a break here in Atlanta!

    Overall, the show was fantastic. He changes the lyrics so much these days during certain songs that one feels like there was more banter than there really was. He asked us to celebrate "Thanksgiving" and not "Thanks-Killing" by sparing the turkeys, ducks, etc. Ripped on Fox News, blah, blah, blah. One audience member gave him a gift bag which included an album by an artist whose picture was printed on the cover, but I didn't recognize. It looked like an old record from the 1950's or 1960's and the picture was of a young which Moz gave a puckered "smooch" sound to and then he set it up against the bass drum. Was he smooching at a collector's item or at a picture of a handsome young man, we'll never know...

    He referenced Chastain to which people booed.

    The venue floor (general admission) at the Tabernacle is an open floor with no permanent seats at all. With everyone packed in, the floor seemed to be about 3/4 full. There are two balconies...from where I was positioned on the floor, which was second row behind the barricade on the right side, I couldn't see the upper balcony. The lower balcony seemed about 1/2 full, but everyone was standing up. After the second song, the light effects programmed the house lights "on" for about two seconds, at which point Morrissey looked up to what must have been a very empty upper balcony--disappointment was written all over his face, which I thought was kind of weird. From the stage, however, this would have seemed like a very well-attended show. The Tabernacle is a big place.

    Stage invaders during encore failed miserably. There were your standard, huge...I mean HUGE...bouncers who, upon their closing in on a potential stage invader, were going for the heads of these concert-goers. Folks, I think the whole stage-invasion thing is done... Although, Morrissey was actually pulling on the hands/arms of people caught in no-man's land between the barricade and the stage. The massive bouncers were taking swings at these people and pushing them back while Morrissey held onto their hands and was pulling towards the stage...why is he continuing to do this? It didn't take away from the show or anything, but I've read it elswhere and I'd have to agree...Morrissey sort of "gets off" on these stage invaders even though it's obvious they could never make it on the stage, and may perhaps spend the night in the hospital! (I didn't see it, but people were talking about a woman who jumped from the lower balcony onto a tower of speakers and then down from there...goodness!)


    Jack the Ripper was amazing...the slow-down at the end into the repeat of the verse when the music is at its climax at the end...this song is wonderful.

    Jesse Tobias is fantastic...he was again tonight.

    Moz and the boys were in denim...looked good...

    Moz changed into a white shirt, then a black, and then a Je Suis Morrissey tee-shirt. All three made it into the crowd. I mean this with all due admiration and respect...Moz needs to work-in some exercise.

    Moz hung out on the left-hand side of the stage (facing it from the crowd) for 70% of the show.

    No mention of Julia...not saying that's good or bad...but people seem to wonder about
    dewdrop -- Monday November 05 2007, @11:03PM (#283126)
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  • I saw a tall pasty brunette with peaches taped to her dress. I think that was Kristeen. Baby White was carrying her purse.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 05 2007, @11:08PM (#283127)
  • Dear Moz,

    I'm sorry. I see the error of my ways; I didn't understand fully what was going on before. That is my fault. But now, after some investigation and a bit of soul searching, I do. I will apologize, individually, to everyone involved.

    Will you forgive me?


    You Know Who This Is
    Anonymous -- Monday November 05 2007, @11:14PM (#283128)
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    • give it a rest wont you!!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 06 2007, @01:04AM
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  • lyric changes:

    "is there any point in ever having children? oh, I'll NEVER know."

    "and fate NEVER handed it to me. Ugh."

    "you're WASTING all your time" (something like this. words to this effect)

    "and when I die, I WANT to go to hell"


    "Je Ne Seis Quois?" (no, I can't fucking spell it.)

    "Does anyone have anything horribly embarrassing to say?"


    Dammit, Moz. I wish, I wish... Oh, why do you have to be so YOU?

    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 06 2007, @01:14AM (#283146)
  • As a long time fan who has been on the fence about returning to concerts, would merely like to say that if all the shows were as exciting and fulfilling as Atlanta was, it would be worth all my disposable income not to miss another.
              Opening, he said "Welcome to my sickbed", and after reading in earlier posts here that he sounded a bit scratchy in Greenville, I had this horrible sinking feeling that I'd picked the wrong show. But - oh! Not in the slightest! There was a bit of grimacing and throat clearing (off mike) through Stop Me and Tomorrow, and I wondered for a minute if he went with International Playboys just because he doesn't have to sing so much of it; the audience just takes over! He sounded (as always)glorious, just figured he was being a perfectionist. But certainly by the time The Loop started, he seemed to have forgotten any earlier difficulty and was just having at it. Dancing,wrapping his entire body around the music and the work of vocals. As a point of curiosity, why is it movement that would make you or I look like a spastic duck look suave and stunning when he does it? Some of us are just....better, I suppose.
              I was in the first balcony, front row, just left of center (thanks to you, FDR, for the encouragement - I will be naming my firstborn after you. Or my next cat, w/c is more likely), and the view was everything anyone could hope for. The only downside is that you're a little hesitant to stand and dance, so as not to ruin the view of the people behind you, a temptation I resisted with less than perfect success :). If you're ever at the Tabernacle, and you're in it to look, not to touch, this is the place to be. If Himself is ever at the Tabernacle again, I'll be seeing you there.
              Still out of it, just finished the long drive back to Asheville (four hours, ish). And I don't think I could describe the show better than dewdrop earlier, but I just HAD to chime in for a moment and agree.. This was an amazing show. Morrissey seemed happy with the crowd, came back to do First as an encore when you have to imagine he might have rather retired to - what does a vegetarian rock god use in lieu of chicken soup, anyway?
              Oh, one final thing - and I am ashamed to have left it last - I showed up for Morrissey, and he was every bit of enough, but ye gods, the band was brilliant!!! Start to finish, top to bottom brilliant!
              Right, enough idiotic fan-girl fawning. I shall take my transported (and slightly road tranced) self off to bed. After a few more hours dancing around the house.
    marqzdecarabas -- Tuesday November 06 2007, @04:09AM (#283157)
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  • Moz and the boys really played some excellent songs at the Atlanta show. Having seen Morrissey several times, he didn't seem quite as "up to it" as in previous performances. Not to mention, the sound was slightly off and his voice sounded higher than usual. Overall, great show. The fans seemed to really enjoy it.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 06 2007, @06:25AM (#283168)
  • Anyone have any to share?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 06 2007, @07:41AM (#283185)
  • You Have Killed Me was NOT played...

    In that slot, he played "Let Me Kiss You"...and that was probably in response to the giant hand-made banner someone had brought to the show that read "Moz, Let Atlanta Kiss You" that was dangling from the lower balcony...
    dewdrop -- Tuesday November 06 2007, @08:24AM (#283192)
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  • I want to frame it and hang it in my office. I've looked in vain on the internet for it. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
    El Toro -- Tuesday November 06 2007, @11:23AM (#283212)
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  • Can anyone confirm what I heard from nezmito...
    "someone gave a shout out to the "frink" last night in Atlanta. When handed the microphone, a lady of obviously good taste standing in front of the Boz side of the stage spoke the words "more jeans frinkyness." At least that's what my ears heard. Moz responded with one of his patented devilish grins" :D!! YEAY!!

    p.s. That same grin that will accompany his photo when 'frinky' gets in the dictionary :p
    Corrissey -- Tuesday November 06 2007, @11:53AM (#283214)
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    Here you'll find my thoughts and I
  • my god, the show of my life.

    didn't even sleep half a night; i'm still reeling from the adrenaline that possessed me and told my head "jump from this balcony onto those equipment shipping crates just a short distance below, then easy hop to the stage, and moz will be yours! nevermind arturo crouched right behind the crates...yeah, arturo will be really nothing once this rail and drop get outta my way. =) well, almost right... arturo fought me, i fought back, more like wrestling with the hulk. finally, just finally, at the bitter end, moz made it over my way just in time, and grabbed my hand before i was pulled off stage. WOW. i knew all that gymnastics i did as a kid was meant for something in my life!

    ok, it is hard to type, my hands a'shakin', my mind still a mess. but not a hair on my head touched. no hemorrhaging, no open wounds, no bruises, not even a scratch.

    HUGE thanks for all the wonderful guys i met in the mezzanine (on jesse/mike's side) -- frontera mex mex grill restaurant franchise owner, you were so very kind, who helped me hold and then securely fasten the first banner ("DEAR MORRISSEY, LET HOTLANTA KISS YOU" with big red lips at the bottom), gentleman two seats down who so kindly helped hold up the 2nd banner ("we LIKE you for your FRINK, we LOVE you for your MIND"... this one got A LOT of smiles and laughs from the peeps down below me!!), and FDR who ultimately gave me the courage for a most exhilarating stage invasion. (sorry FDR that it wasn't you...well, NO I'M NOT!)... and thanks too FDR for mentioning me jumping from the mezz in your setlist post... probably everyone here scratched their heads thinking "now why is he saying that there wasn't anyone, ie no one, who lept from the mezzanine? how strange." heh heh

    I sooo appreciated all the "high fives" i got after leaving the stage and stumbling back to the rear of the venue...and thanks to sweet "alice in wonderland" who kept me company once i got to the back of the tabernacle and when i could barely stand up and worked to say something coherent! thanks to my ATL friends who celebrated with me after the gig, and most of all and EXTRA HUGE THANKS to my brilliant husband who helped with all the banner prep work, technical know-how (we are NO artists!), pasting the "Hotlanta" insert over "New York" this go around, planning, plotting, and persistence putting up with me, and who DIDN'T STOP ME when he heard: "i'm going for it --- over this balcony". (i was definitely not right in the head last night!)

    if any kind soul has pictures of my leap, struggle with arturo, and/or moz hand shake, please lemme know. i will be so grateful. or if you have pics of my banners from the floor, please share!! i would like to see how it looked from down there.

    oh, and morrissey, thanks dearly for acknowledging our side of the mezz...glad you saw us up there and read us! =)

    p.s. special recognition to uber-frinker Corrissey who gave me the idea to continue to remind Moz of his frinkyness along the way on this tour... btw: someone on the mic mentioned his frinky jeans last night too! oh, and it really did work to cling to "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" --> good one corrissey; it worked for me

    p.p.s. arturo - i guess you weren't bored anymore once i landed next to ya! (i shouted down to him earlier in the night that he looked bored ----> he smiled about it THEN...)

    luvved that little piece of harmony last night...

    no one in particular -- Tuesday November 06 2007, @12:13PM (#283220)
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  • Thanks for coming to Atlanta- I asked you to add ATL on this forum several months ago and you responded that it would be too risky- hopefully we proved you wrong.

    I thought the show was exceptional. You didn't hold back, even though it would have been easy enough to do, considering your cold. More importantly, you didn't cancel- which a lot of artists might have done. But that's how people grow up, no?

    Plenty of banter with the crowd, plenty of energy with the performance... certainly not cabaret night at the Pig and Chick. ;-)

    See you the next time... and the next time... and the next time. Actually, see you in Miami on Thursday night.


    A SweetandTenderHooligan
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 06 2007, @01:15PM (#283237)
  • good afternoon, friends. I gleefully attended last night's show, my 3rd Moz experience since 2004, and it was the best of the 3! so much energy and talent on that stage!

    does anyone recall how he introduced his band members? It sounded like "...alive alive" or something from my balcony seat.

    I hope to post a full review once I've soaked it all in. it was such a spectacular night that I was so happy to share with everyone at the Tabernacle!

    ambersan <[email protected]> -- Tuesday November 06 2007, @03:49PM (#283257)
    (User #12788 Info)
  • Before "Let Me Kiss You", he said something like, "I'm about to make a suggestion."

    After "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself?", he asked, "So, why don't you find out for yourself?" Someone apparently said "Security" to which he laughed and replied, "There is no such thing as security."

    The number of lyric changes was ridiculous...I couldn't keep up with them all. A lot at the beginning had to do with him being sick.

    In "Last of the Famous International Playboys", he of course did the whole "Fox News hands them stardom" thing...but he also sang, "The last of the!! me! me!"

    He did stay on the left side of the stage most of the time but it seemed like he was singing out to the right. Or maybe it was just my wishful thinking...

    Last note: Glad he wore the jean outfit at my show! :)
    tanz der arroganz -- Tuesday November 06 2007, @07:04PM (#283275)
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  • hello again. could anyone please tell me what artist and song was being played as Moz's intro music? I had been used to Imperfect List, but this was totally different and really powerful. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much...
    ambersan <[email protected]> -- Tuesday November 06 2007, @08:57PM (#283289)
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  • This was my first crazy trip to the East Coast to catch a Moz show. Won't recount my pitiful story about missing the Greenville show after buying 2 tickets (to get closer), but lesson learned for future far-off places... What made it all worth it was all the friends met (in Greenville after the show and at the Atlanta show) who share the love and understand: Jackson (wuhoo for the Boz t-shirt, honey!), Valerie (soooo happy for your Paris gifts! Moz was so delighted to open your package =), Sing-Me-To-Sleep and her husband (thanks for letting him hoist me up for a chance at a shake... glad you were able to- Go Irish!) Bobby, Nancy, FDR (a true delight, dear! enjoy Florida! Wish I was there with you!), Valerie #2, new friends in line (Kenny x2 and others I'm sorry your names slip me but your faces don't), Eduardo (so wish I could've taken your offer for Florida), girl artist and her pops, and Thanks to D. for inspiring my trip! Got to meet the band and get autographs afterward. At last, met Jesse and exuded my admiration :D Now still need Morrissey, so cannot quite die happy yet! And Solomon, too (sorry for mixing you guys up, Matt!). Thanks to Mrs. Farrell (?) for putting up with my fandom with Mike, too. Sorry we didn't end up with a picture of all three of us, but it was wonderful meeting you, too.

    [Note to Moz for the cold (and anyone else sniffling and feverish): Sinus-Rinse and Emergen-C powder mix (available at CVS, RiteAid, etc.). Use them/take them separately, of course. I swear by it! Oh, and sleep! I sent these items to Julia hoping she'd deliver them last time you was sick on the East Coast. Hope they were delivered one way or another... who knows?]

    Moz was in top form, I couldn't tell he was really sick at all and actually big question mark arose from my head after he said "welcome to my sickbed", light greenish-blue bandaid peaking out from his left chest and something plastic like the back clip of a pen, same color, hanging out the back center of his jeans from the waste (both eventually disappeared with shirt changes and his sweating). Cute to see him tug up his lowrider baggy jeans (like we all do) throughout the show ("Fashion! Turn to the left! Fashion! Turn to the right! Oooh bop...."). He appears to me to be keeping in shape despite getting thicker because he's toned chest to waist in front, but just thicker in width overall (well, like a lot of us these days, I suppose, as most of us are beyond our teen years!) (note #2 to Morrissey: get a liver test and easy on the alcohol- okay, broke rule #1 for Alanon, sorry, but I love you dear. Or perhaps he really did get in an accident and injure his back like he sings in "That's How People Grow Up", so he's not able to do the cardio as well perhaps. Some massages and physical therapy are in order after this tour. -> I have a great referral!). I actually think he's still very sexy, despite not being whatever size he used to be. I love how he keeps his chest hair now, too, instead of waxing/shaving it. Moz manliness for all of us! I noticed the waistband of his briefs/boxerbriefs(?) and chuckled. Yeah, someone must be reading this forum or viewing the pictures. No more indecent exposure from Moz (but damn, I missed the butt crack someone else mentioned! hee-hee!)

    imo, the 5+ foot barrier was a damper in Moz getting more chummy with the crowd. Mid-set, I forget which song, he started to imply his loneliness up on stage (with his tone of the lyrics) and wanting us to try forward. I'm glad he did reach out to hand the mic off to a couple lucky ones, as mentioned before (yay, Val!!). No shoutout to Julia, as mentioned (curiously) before. This was my very first time of all my shows being close to the stage house-left, as opposed to house-right (someday, the front, someday! And with a strong lifter again, I hope!). I missed admiring Jesse closer but Solomon is himself a veritable sex-machine up there! And Boz with his campiness/crazy distant expressions! It was good to get another perspective of the show.
    romeogirl -- Tuesday November 06 2007, @11:16PM (#283297)
    (User #2891 Info)
  • You were about 15th in line near the French (?) people? I didn't realize you were local 'til I saw you driving off. I just wanted to give you a nod. I thought you just didn't speak English. I've got a piece of shirt for you if you want it. (I saw the t-shirt struggle.) Just drop a comment.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 07 2007, @07:23AM (#283316)
  • There was someone up in the balcony that Moz gave a very strange look to- almost as if he was saying, "What did you just say?"

    Moz then said (and I paraphrase) "Someone in the balcony absolutely hates me!"

    What the hell was up with that? I think it was after IBEH, which he clearly- for the 20 millionth time- expresses his distaste for Republicans. Like that's cutting edge news...

    Anyway, just curious- did anyone see what the idiot was doing, or hear what he was saying to Moz? And secondly, why do people persist in this sort of idiotic behavior? It's Moz for God's sake- if you disagree with his views to that degree... then DON'T ATTEND- Moz is clearly not for you.

    Just my .02,


    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 07 2007, @07:54AM (#283323)
  • Just a few more hours and I'll be seeing MOZ in Melbourne! I saw him in Boca Raton in July and cannot believe my fortune that he's coming back my way AGAIN during the same tour! What can I say? I love him, I love him, I love him, I love him... This is 2,000 seat venue and I got tickets in the pit! YES!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 07 2007, @01:22PM (#283344)
  • sorry folks but my pictures did not develop well , i will post some of them later but the quality is poor.
    eVes_Dad -- Thursday November 08 2007, @08:17AM (#283467)
    (User #19696 Info)
    • Re:ATL Pictures by sing-me-to-sleep (Score:1) Thursday November 08 2007, @10:51AM
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        • Re:ATL Pictures by no one in particular (Score:1) Friday November 09 2007, @05:59PM
  • Hi everyone. does anyone know of a promotional ad or poster that was created for this show that might be available for purchase? I found one on eBay that had Kristeen Young still listed as the "special guest", but I don't know what my chances will be of winning it. any info would be most appreciated.
    ambersan <[email protected]> -- Saturday November 10 2007, @09:07PM (#283953)
    (User #12788 Info)
  • It was my first time seeing Morrissey, and my first time attending a concert alone. I managed to be at the far left end of the very front row. Everything went nicely, nothing too insane or crazy. I enjoyed Girl in a Coma, and was impressed with the amount of time it took both GIAC and Morrissey to set up equipment (30 minutes, not bad at all.) Between GIAC and Morrissey, there was a screen that displayed old commercials and other things hand selected by Morrissey, the screen dropped when Morrissey came out and began with Stop Me. Overall it was amazing, International Playboys, Stop Me, Why Don't you Find out for yourself, Tomorrow, and First of the Gang were definite highlights of the show, however the two best songs in my opinion were Stretch out and Wait, and How Soon is Now? Especially since I touched Morrissey on the hand during this song. It was a very good show, however I was confused as to why Girlfriend in a Coma, the Boy with the Thorn in his Side, Suedehead, and Hairdresser on Fire were left absent.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 29 2007, @03:12PM (#289926)
  • What on earth gave birth to you?
    Anin (or...etc) -- Tuesday November 06 2007, @05:30AM (#283161)
    (User #20291 Info)
  • LOL, these posts make me laugh so much. It's soooo obvious that the guy has issues with his own sexuality. Hanging around on a 'Morrissey' site too, hmmmm...? Go to admire the guys wit too, a true Oscar Wilde! The more he protests the smugger I get!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 06 2007, @05:39AM (#283162)
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