posted by davidt on Wednesday January 30 2008, @03:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / Last Of The Famous International Playboys / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / That's How People Grow Up / Billy Budd / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / Stretch Out And Wait / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Sister, I'm A Poet / Life Is A Pigsty / Irish Blood, English Heart / All You Need Is Me / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed / The Loop / Death Of A Disco Dancer // First Of The Gang To Die

setlist provided by BenBudd / mspendl828
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  • i thought the rest of the dates would be canceled, but i guess not.
    ella-reflex -- Wednesday January 30 2008, @03:03PM (#293285)
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    Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free...
  • NO Call, No Show.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 30 2008, @03:03PM (#293286)
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  • Setlist (Score:3, Informative)

    Thanks to "BenBudd" who has been texting from the venue...

    01 - How Soon Is Now?
    02 - Last of the Famous International Playboys
    03 - I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    04 - Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
    05 - That's How People Grow Up
    06 - Billy Budd
    07 - Something Is Squeezing My Skull
    08 - Stretch Out And Wait
    09 - I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    10 - Sister I'm A Poet
    11 - Life Is A Pigsty
    12 - Irish Blood, English Heart
    13 - All You Need Is Me
    14 - The World Is Full of Crashing Bores
    15 - Why Don't You Find Out For Youself
    16 - Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed
    17 - The Loop
    18 - Death of a Disco Dance
    19 - First of the Gang to Die
    mspendl828 <[email protected]> -- Wednesday January 30 2008, @03:14PM (#293291)
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    I offered love and it was not required... what else can I do?
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  • ...this was a good but not a great show. M's voice sounded fine and he was in good spirits.

    The venue was quite bizarre and a bugger to find.

    Crowd was right into it, but nobody made it onto the stage.

    There was of course the obligatory passing of the mic to Julia (yawn).

    Sorry I can't write more, these bloody Blackberry keys are way too fiddly for me!
    Evil Legal Eagle -- Wednesday January 30 2008, @04:34PM (#293325)
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  • Really great show.Really great.I've seen him about twenty times and tonight was one the top five gigs I've seen.Maybe top three,I will have to sleep on it. Highlights were Why Don't You Find Out For Yourselves,Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed,That's How People Grow Up and Life Is A Pigsty.Amazing.
    The Smiths songs really didn't work for me, though they were still great,but the solo stuff sounded so good.The band were brilliant too.The accordian on WDYFOFY was fantastic.What a turn up for the books. Loved the singalong opening to FOTGTD when he replied "I have" to the line "You have never been in love...".Pure class
    I also laughed my socks of when he thanked Asda.Maybe you had to be there.
    Goodnight and thankyou
    stphngrncr -- Wednesday January 30 2008, @04:44PM (#293330)
    (User #20264 Info)
  • A good gig, but not quite firing on all cylinders. Moz seemed to be in good spirits, but the banter with the audience has been better. Great to hear Billy Budd, Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself and The Loop again. The new songs sounded really good live, too. The good news is that he's back on the road - now let's have those re-scheduled gigs, pronto.
    mozmal -- Wednesday January 30 2008, @05:02PM (#293334)
    (User #17231 Info)
    "chips with cream for the last time"
  • Great show
    Little concerned about the Moz fan who got hit by a jeep like car hope he/she is okay
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 30 2008, @05:10PM (#293336)
  • thought the gig was ok, was it me or was the basketball team in, very tall people about, the sound was a bit iffy n all, saw him last time here (early 90's?) mozz on good form, new songs sounded really good, thought he would of played a few more solo singles..everyday, interesting, boxers, suppose the back catalogue is so vast it would be hard to please all, good night, but been to better venues, hotton!.....u had to be there.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 30 2008, @05:54PM (#293352)
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  • His voice didn't sound very strong. Suppose it just cost too much to cancel a whole tour so he's prepared to gamble.

    Previously saw Morrissey at the Dome in 91. That was my favourite gig ever. This one was very tame. The house was very full. Some great oldies for us oldies. Some of the more modern dirge (Paris, Pigsty, Crashing) very dull. That's How People is such a terrible song. Enjoyed Squeezing My Skull and Mama Lay. Best song The Loop. Cheers, Morrissey. It was worth one last go.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 30 2008, @05:57PM (#293353)
  • that Mama Lay Softly on the Riverbed and Something is Squeezing My Skull are his best new songs since Quarry.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 30 2008, @06:12PM (#293356)
  • I like this one a lot. Edgy title too.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 30 2008, @08:03PM (#293368)
  • My baby Morrissey played tonight and I was listening to Rubber Ring. I love Rubber Ring. If I were in England, I would have requested Rubber Ring. I still don’t understand I am quite puzzled why Morrissey did not throw fire, throw throwing shirts. Oh yeah I want to play scruples with my baby Morrissey. You can learn about somebody if you play the game scruples with another. Rewind - I don’t have to play scruples with Morrissey. I know, I know, I know, “IIII know you”. You don’t have to play scruples with the significant other if you know them. Right. Oh and the song Something Is Squeezing My Skull is the most tip top number one masterpiece as of today Thursday, second is That’s How People Grow Up, and and hear this, the video for THPGU is the most beautiful video I have seen up until today Thursday. I tried to squeeze his face on the screen of the computer while he has the expression on his face at that point but I keep missing every time I try to squeeze his face on the screen. I also think that Morrissey should stay really much away on the stage from his fans because instead of throwing beer next time, they might throw something even more dangerous like maybe they might throw fire. Wow man, the reviews of tonight’s show across the Atlantic were like really really insightful man. Something Is Squeezing My Skull reminds me not so much of depression, and anxiety, no wait it does, maybe. Hear this, more importantly Something Is Squeezing My Skull is tip top number one of my excruciating migraines. It literally reminds me of migraines, my migraines.
    Memo, I urge everybody to vote for Barack Obama. I love Barack Obama. Don’t vote for Hellary. And if you vote Republican, then you should fall down a long spiral staircase. I hate Republicans and George Bush is a terrorist. I can’t wait to see you Morrissey and please keep in mind, to stay away from the bad people who are being provocative to you like the ones from NME and the ones who tell you, you have to do something, that you have to do something or they say Morrissey, you will lose a lot of money if you don’t do this or that or this or that. Don’t listen to these people Morrissey-you do what you want, when you want, if you want. Because, because you, you are the nicest most genuine truthful compassionate adorable, both inside and out, man in this sad sick world. But you, you are someone who really is against the odds. You don’t belong with bad people in a sad sick world. You should be floating on a nice, on a nice raft on blue blue water like in Hawaii maybe drinking nice cold drinks in the beautiful blue sky sun.

    P.S. I Love You, I Love You. I Love You.
    P.P.S. I read the comments from the other fans. Oh God, I didn’t think it could get worse -- then it just did. They are so, so, full of anger, and spite.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 30 2008, @09:53PM (#293384)
  • Morrissey didn’t want to show up tonight but he did and he was nauseated and disgusted at what he witnessed when he went out on stage and saw his audience, such an odious slushy pile of black magic carcass blood that was ejaculated out of a wino’s hemorrhoids and they were farming.
    You all with your black magic and spells and trying to cast your evil eye on Morrissey while he is singing, bringing illness upon him, but he had a spring in his step and scurried away from you all because he believes in Jesus and you black magic spawns cannot touch him because he is a child of God -Deal with it, too bad leaving you with dead carcasses that you fuck. Even the operators on the phone disconnect you, they don’t want to talk to you. You are like an expired pot of boiling soup that witches throw little children’s specimens hair into so that they can face evil and Satan. You use a cookbook of black magic to initiate your spells. We know all about it, we’ve been informed, we are going to expose you for the Satan worshipers that you are.
    Morrissey can’t wait to be through with this round of shows and then hopefully you all will be exterminated with contortions and leprosy. You are like crack addicted black magic witches that need to have an asteroid or planet fall on your head and then we can watch the blood suckers suck all of your Satan blood out of you so your well runs dry and then Morrissey will finally regain his health knowing that his evil nemesis has been returned to the caves from where they have been hanging.
    It’s incredible, you have no more sensitivity than a black magic witch, your hatred and jealousy to our true love is completely and utterly unforgiving. Go back to your sad little homely hometowns you twits and keep brewing your black magic potions and what you reap, you will sow and what you have done to Morrissey will come back to you ten fold. Now go fuck your sister’s vagina then masturbate to Jeffrey Dahmer.
    You masturbating Jeffrey Dahmer followers, go ejaculate into cups, then proceed to place the cups in said freezer, your cum won’t freeze in case you didn’t know it you brain dead witches .but you are on your way to Satan’s home as he has reserved a spot for your eternal suffering and never ending misery and agony. You will be sorry for what you have done to our true love.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 30 2008, @11:21PM (#293401)
  • the moziah sang brother i'm a poet...
    and manchester blood in his veins during 'stretch out & wait'
    strange view from boring balcony
    but well worth it after saturday in camden
    am loving the new songs
    especially drumming at end of 'mama'
    all the lazy dykes -- Thursday January 31 2008, @01:00AM (#293411)
    (User #11757 Info)
  • for me this was my fav Moz gig, but that might be because i got to the barrier to the right of the stage(as u look at it) and got to touch the great man as he stretched out his arm for me!!! it was magical. also got to shake hands with boz at the end and Kristopher Purley(spelt with a K).
    highlights include.... Mama Lay softley, sister im a poet, stretch out and wait and something is squezing my skull.
    and hi to the lovely people i was talking to in the q and on the barrier(sorry cant remember your names)
    mozsupportsrovers -- Thursday January 31 2008, @03:25AM (#293427)
    (User #18054 Info)
  • amazing night, morrissey was fantastic, thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to see him again! thanks to everyone that made us feel welcome in the day, putting our names on the list, giving us the transfers and generally looking out for us!

    night was topped off by our car breaking down on the A1, waiting two hours on the side of the road for recovery! but that's what you get for driving a '69 beetle! all worth it after such a great day :)
    Danielle and Carl -- Thursday January 31 2008, @05:03AM (#293435)
    (User #20816 Info)
    • Re:amazing by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday January 31 2008, @07:07AM
  • I’m sitting in Durham public library after a sunny drive up the A1 from Doncaster.

    Last night was good, but he didn’t seem particularly engaged with the crowd. He 'appeared live on stage' but it did feel like it was a standard 'performance'.
    The gig felt like a professional run-through of a catalogue. Nothing wrong with that, but it didn’t quite move up into full-gear hysteria as Morrissey wasn’t up for it, even if the crowd were. Still, it can't be Dionysian excess to order ever night.

    Extremely hot down the front, but good fun. Well: If you’re a strapping 6ft bloke it was, but I do wonder how safe some of the younger and/or smaller members of the audience are in the crush.

    He was asked several times “How’s your throat” to which he just *rolled eyes* and smirked as if it was a bizarre outlandish enquiry. No reference to the unfortunate cancellations in London whatsoever, as if it was any of (y)our business! I think he's hilarious when he's being dismissive and offhand with his 'fans'.

    Glad he has a night off tonight and looking forward to, hopefully, full-on weekend madness in Sunderland and E’bro.

    To my ears, ‘That’s How People Grow Up’ sounded a bit leaden and sluggish last night, as if it was slightly under-tempo. Other than that, all present and correct.

    His voice still sounds a bit frail in his higher register, but it is obviously recovering well.

    Starting to really enjoy Girl In A Coma and it’s good to see them getting a fair hearing.
    BrummieBoy -- Thursday January 31 2008, @06:58AM (#293446)
    (User #11602 Info)
    sig cancelled
  • I thought it was a great show though shorter than usual but that was to be expected after his throat problems.

    Morrissey appeared to be enjoying himself but I think the absence of Mikey Farrel is quite noticeable.

    phcbr6 -- Thursday January 31 2008, @07:57AM (#293452)
    (User #12311 Info)
  • Anymore Moz banter at last night's gig? Sounds like Moz wasn't saying much. Scratchy throat?
    Anonymous -- Thursday January 31 2008, @08:39AM (#293458)
    • Re:Banter? by Red676k (Score:1) Thursday January 31 2008, @09:25AM
  • Well I've just returned south after my little jaunt up north. i arrived in Doncaster about 3 and checked in so I had plenty of time to kill. Thanks to the guys on the forum for suggesting The Tut n Shive pub, it was a god send but still not as many Moz fans in there as I thought there'd be. It certainly was a treck to the venue as I had read but well worth it in my opinion. Moz came on near nine holding a black and white picture of himself over his face with the lines "Doncaster, time to check your watches, cos it's that time of the month" before breaking into HSIN. i was just glad to see him after the train journey from Reading etc. All the way up I was tempted to check Solo on my phone to see if the show was off but I couldn't do it!
    Like already mentioned Moz was not as talkative but I still thought the show was great. After some quite tame crowds in Camden and France at times the front last night was bedlam which makes a difference.
    Later on he asked if he was ruining everyones night and followed up with "we will do". He also mentioned that he was becoming obsessed with the town Hotton but couldn't find it anywhere on a map. hotton is a fictional town in the soap Emmerdale, which morrissey said on Russel Brand's radio show that he watched.
    Julia and a few others asked if his throat was ok to which he frowned and replied "what do you think?" He also had a word for a couple of the guys at the front left asking "have you been away" one guy said yes, Mexico to which morrissey said "nice"! Any idea who the guy was he must have recognised you!
    The set was pretty much the same but in a different order though the band were all set to go into a number when morrissey turned to them and made a change, the double bass was quickly brought on and they went into The loop, not sure what was cut, maybe national Front Disco?
    All in all a good show one of the best performances in this mini tour so far though he was definitely holding back on a few notes and looked not to be straining to hard at times, but he sounded great for a guy who was struggling so badly.
    Moz returned for the encore in a white cowboy style shirt, which was the only one that was thrown to the crowd.
    Then it was out into the cold night for the walk back into town and savour the nightlife of Doncaster, well worth the £26 advance return train fair I'd say!!
    Whalley Range -- Thursday January 31 2008, @09:38AM (#293465)
    (User #16734 Info)
    • Re:Sunny Donnie by Whalley Range (Score:1) Thursday January 31 2008, @09:53AM
    • Re:Sunny Donnie by SimmyOnion_Moz (Score:1) Thursday January 31 2008, @09:55AM
      • Re:Sunny Donnie by Whalley Range (Score:1) Thursday January 31 2008, @10:03AM
    • Re:Sunny Donnie by mike06 (Score:1) Thursday January 31 2008, @12:25PM
  • During "Stretch Out...." he asks if there's "any point in ever having children?"
    Last night he said "YES"

    Oh celibate God, please give me children.
    Anonymous -- Thursday January 31 2008, @10:10AM (#293476)
  • Lyric change from "balls" to "legs".

    Anonymous -- Thursday January 31 2008, @10:25AM (#293480)
    • Re:Billy Budd by SimmyOnion_Moz (Score:1) Thursday January 31 2008, @10:29AM
  • Boz Boorer is slimmer of the year?
    Anonymous -- Thursday January 31 2008, @11:20AM (#293494)
  • Moz didn't really seem up for it, and not in a great mood - maybe the voice problems were stressing him?

    The crowd were up for it - very boisterous, and crazy scenes down at the front. Lots of crowd surfers. The folks in the seats up at the back looked very subdued though - were they asleep? I pitied them...

    I didn't think Moz was going to last the night - he seemed to really be struggling during 'Stop Me', but somehow seemed to get a second wind.

    Solomon seems to enjoy himself - a lot more active on stage than Gary Day. Matt is an excellent drummer!

    The new single is starting to grow on me - maybe it is above average after all?

    The best new song is 'All You Need Is Me' - a banging tune with some great Morrissey lines. 'Throwing My Arms Around Paris' is very pleasant too...

    Not a fan of 'The Loop' generally but it was a real highlight last night. WDYFOFY was excellent too.

    Boz Boorer must have lost about 3 stone since this time last year. He seemed to appreciate the crowd last night and applauded down at the front right at the end.
    Anonymous -- Thursday January 31 2008, @11:37AM (#293496)
  • This was the fourth time in nearly as many years I've seen the great man and probably his best too although I was disappointed with the keyboard player (new genius?) he cocked up LOTFIP and was out of tune playing auld lang syne at the end of pigsty.
    I didn't see one fan in the seats at the back singing or dancing either!! Liked the humourous lyric changes (brother I'm a poet, anyone?!) Can someone tell me what he was referring to re: Hotton?
    Also waited in the freezing cold for 20 mins to get a glimpse of the great man getting on the tour bus! Overall it was a fantastic night tinged with sadness when it ended! Love you Mozza! lets have a few more dates this year!!
    Mozzmeister -- Thursday January 31 2008, @03:12PM (#293542)
    (User #20520 Info)
  • Dont know how true this is but Ive just called roundhouse and they have said they are having trouble finding suitible dates as Morrissey is going to Brazil??? And that a refund is more likely?
    Dont know how much this person knows or if its just mis information, but thats what they said.
    ma1979tt -- Friday February 01 2008, @05:10AM (#293589)
    (User #20400 Info)
  • This was one the best gigs I've seen him do. I suppose the whole thing is entirely subjective, but I once thought I could never have such a great time seeing him if I wasn't right at the barrier; how wrong can one girl be. This was my 9th Moz gig, and the only one where I couldn't hack it down the front; the pit was mental. The guy who helped me out probably won't read this, but I'd like to thank him anyway, as I almost went under. It's a feature of the smaller (especially Northern) venues, that a lot of boozed up blokes attempt to ramraid their way to the front. During 'Stop Me' I had to get out of there. My love for Morrissey doesn't quite outweigh my need to survive, and I was literally being suffocated. Two days on and my ribs still hurt.
    But, who cares about me, on with the performance. Moz tried to banter with the crowd but, being a tiny venue his words were drowned out by a group of blokes shouting the Morrissey footy chant. Few seemed to get his reference to what I think was Hutton, a little village en route from Donny to Bridlington, but nevertheless, what he did say was funny, especially the bit about thanking Asda. He certainly seemed to enjoy himself. To my mind he stayed on longer than last weeks Roundhouse gigs. The songs sounded better than at the Roundhouse as well, I think the acoustics of smaller venues really suit his voice. As for the band, they were fabulous; Irish Blood, English Heart never sounded better. The new single is so catchy it should carry a health warning, and Mama Lay Softly was very moving (the military drums at the close reminiscent of I'd Love To) and was it just me, or did he look slightly upset after finishing the song? He certainly spent longer than usual by the drum kit with his water. Just one thing spoilt it and that was the overzealous Dome security, who layed into a guy they'd pulled over the barrier. His friend passed out so he went over with him, and as he was being led away, he gestured for Moz. He shook his hand but when Moz continued singing, the security punched the fan a few times and threw him out, all for "trying to pull Morrissey off the stage". What I think they meant is, "being a bloke showing affection towards another bloke". It was brutal to watch and my friend who saw the guy later said the security were just mocking him as he got upset. The poor lad was as slight as anything, not a lager lout or a muscle bound bruiser. To say he was anything other than respectful towards Moz is ridiculous. I don't know how Morrissey's securtiy communicate with the venue staff, but that was totally not on. I work in Doncaster and it's a rough place; if the security are anything like the bouncers at the town's clubs, the crew shold have taken steps to ensure fans safety.
    Overall though, a triumph. If you're off to see him tonight or tomorrow, you're in for a great time. And does anyone know who the band were before Girl In A Coma? I didn't catch their name. They looked about 14 and played four songs, but the singer was mini Moz; same enunciation, same mannerisms, same clothes. It was like watching your kid do a talent show, so sweet, and yet so incredibly brave of them to appear. They weren't bad either.
    Juat one last thing, I saw the ambulance for the fan who was knocked down. It wasn't speeding off to hospital, so I presume it wasn't serious. I hope they're ok.
    Mozzersgirl -- Friday February 01 2008, @06:26AM (#293597)
    (User #14229 Info)
    "There's more evil in the charts than in an al-Qaeda suggestion box" - Bill Bailey
  • This was the first of two gigs i attended on this mini-tour. Cant beleive how badly it all went wrong.

    Was there with two friends, and during the crush, halfway through How soon is now, my friend began to go all limp and faint. Spent the next four songs trying to keep people away to let her breathe. It was all too much for her, and she had to be taken away during 'Billy Budd'. I followed her and found myself close to morrissey. I made an attempt to shake his hand but nothing, so allowed Morrisseys own security to take me away. As i was walking off, i got a tap on the shoulder, and the man himself is offering his hand! Who wouldnt shake it??? Next thing I know, the domes security knock me off my feet, and nearly send morrissey with me!

    This was labelled by the domes security as an attempt to Pull the man off the stage rather than just over-aggresive security. Nevertheless, I was taken outside, without being allowed to see my friend safely to people i knew and who would look after her, and beaten and pinned against a wall. Unbeleivable.

    Anyone know what I can do?? because the only man who can prove i did not try to pull him off stage is morrissey, provided he didnt feel i was trying to, i hope he didnt, because i would never do such a thing =[

    Any advice would be appreciated, and you can email me on [email protected]

    thankyou =] and thanks to those who tried to help keep me upright!

    and thanks to mozzersgirl for the supportive comment earlier in the thread.

    any advice would be appreciated xxxxxx
    Johnny1990 -- Saturday February 02 2008, @08:21AM (#293903)
    (User #18001 Info)
  • Why?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 30 2008, @04:27PM (#293324)
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