posted by davidt on Saturday June 28 2008, @03:00PM
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Set List:

Irish Blood, English Heart / Ask / First Of The Gang To Die / That's How People Grow Up / Sister, I'm A Poet / All You Need Is Me / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / What She Said / Billy Budd / The Loop / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Mama Lay Me Softly On The Riverbed / Stretch Out And Wait / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / You Say You Don't Love Me / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Vicar In A Tutu / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // Last Of The Famous International Playboys

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  • And I'm anonymous too! :)
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 28 2008, @03:01PM (#306176)
    • Re:Me first! by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday June 28 2008, @03:08PM
  • ...I am modern art
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 28 2008, @03:41PM (#306182)
  • last of the Famous was in the set list I heard it during a phone call from a friend
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 28 2008, @04:12PM (#306183)
  • Set list (Score:2, Informative)

    Irish Blood English Heart
    Thats How People Grow Up
    Sister I'm a Poet
    All You Need is
    Boy Happy
    What She Said
    Billy Budd
    Crashing Bores
    Mama Lay Softly
    Stretch Out And
    I'm Throwing My Arms
    Death of a Disco Dancer
    Why Dont You Find Out
    You Say You Don't
    One Day Goodbye
    Vicar In A Tutu
    Encore Playboys
    Domestos Salad -- Saturday June 28 2008, @04:20PM (#306184)
    (User #13197 Info)
  • Yep i even enjoyed the NYD. Great Johnny Thunders tribute tune. Anyway Moz was ace tonight. Top form very talkative. Lots of Irish banter. New songs sounded good. Lots of drunk people. Why was there a champagne bar ? Apologies for the quality. id had a few Heinekens.

    Anyway HSIN here -

    All the best.

    Johnny Tabasco.
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 28 2008, @04:40PM (#306185)
  • Encore (Score:2, Informative)

    Before he sang LOTFIP he gave a few lines unaccompanied of a bunch of thyme! Its a famous irish folksong.

    he sang the following lines:
    Come all ye maidens young and fair
    And you that are blooming in your prime
    Always beware and keep your garden fair
    Let no man steal away your thyme
    morrisseyquarries -- Saturday June 28 2008, @04:56PM (#306187)
    (User #13945 Info)
  • what a show (Score:2, Informative)

    Hi all

    Just back from the show and as a veteran of 23 Morrissey shows for me this ranks up there as possibly the best. It blew Cork out of the water.

    The setlist was virtually the same as Cork but mixed around a bit He opened it Irish Blood. "You are in the museum of modern art...and I am Modern art"
    He spoke after virtually every song. He sang an intro into Industial schools by Damien Dempsey..and then broke into What she said. He complemented the crowd after that song saying you sound exactly like the crowd on " Rank"
    After Vicar in a Tutu he said "Does anyone really like that song? to which even replied yes. He said I heard someone say know I am gonna get you.
    Death of a disco Dancer
    Life is a Pigsty
    Mama lay softly on the Riverbed(until now did not like thiis song)
    The Loop
    Why dont you find out for yourself
    You say you dont love me( What a brilliant song and got a great reaction)

    He closed with Playboys and dropped Skull from the setlist

    I was in Cork which was a great show but there is something about Moz playing Dublin. I have never seen him in better form

    I personally despite being up at the front did not take any photos sorry
    However they were loads of cameras and videos so it wont be long before we see them.

    "If anyone read the Hot Press Interview I am very sorry what I said about your new Taoiseach...but I am sorry its true"

    For the encore he came and said "Its 1 minute to 11 they told me to be off this stage by 11 and then sang the first few lines of an Irish Ballad
    Come all you maidens young and fair
    All you that are blooming in your prime
    And always beware
    To keep your garden fair
    Let no man steal away your thyme.

    before thundering into Playboys.

    The New York Dolls were just simply excellent. A similar set to Cork but it was clear the crowd were more into it as the band was also. They set the night up perfectly for Morrissey

    Noise is the Best Revenge started proceedings and ...well they tried but they failed. Unfortunately the singer eh...cant sing...however he was trying his best. There were some boo's but I cheered them on. No matter how bad they are there is no need to boo them IMO.

    Roll on the new album
    cossy -- Saturday June 28 2008, @05:10PM (#306188)
    (User #6724 Info)
  • Absolutely incredible, Morrissey was really at his best

    2 minutes of life in a pigsty before the security guard made me stop shooting
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 28 2008, @05:38PM (#306190)
  • Only outdoor gig I made an effort to go to...this year and now I know why

    Great gig great moz & band , NYD brill....however for the wannabes that were fcuking banging around and wrecked two girls night out to see Moz...well done...I hope them two stayed to see him, it was a great gig...I stood my ground(yes,I am male and a regular moz supporter while hes in Atha Cliath) and they just seemed a pityful bunch out to prove they were bigger "some girls are fatter and big mouthed than others"fans...what ! sorry to the two real fans who had to are the bigger and wiser and dont blame moz....great to have pints in the local after ... Inchicore boys are always jumping over fences...Saints
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 28 2008, @07:39PM (#306198)
  • Noise is the best Revenge -

    New York Dolls - Private World -

    Morrissey - I'm Throwing my Arms Around Paris -

    Enjoy :)
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 28 2008, @08:26PM (#306205)
  • Brilliant as always. He's got better with age
    anninero -- Sunday June 29 2008, @01:33AM (#306218)
    (User #21298 Info)
  • It hurts me to have to say this , being a Smiths and Morrissey fan since I first saw them aged 14 on TOTP's in 1983.

    I've loyally and fanatically followed Mozza since I was 14. I am now 40. But the controversies (of which there were many).His deliberatedly ambigious flirtation with the race issue began with "Bengali In Platforms" way back then, was difficult enough to deal with as a loyal fan. Nonetheless I gave him the benefit of the doubt, even though one of my strongest principles is , that there can never be any ambiguity given on the race issue, never.

    It's old news I guess and many here will want to bitch and moan at me, or insult me when I raise the controversies and attempt to explore them. But I have had enough of his playing around with controversies. Because when I closely scrutinise Morrisseys positions on a number of key issues he comes out of smelling of nothing but hypocrisy. I too have grown tired of lazy journalists who give him a free ride. While The NME might have chopped, edited out of context certain comments Morrissey made in last years NME, he has never once said "I didn't say those things. Your an immigrant yourself Morrissey and your comments regarding immigration sound like a patsy who wants to be accepted. An uncle Tom if you will.

    But the final straw that has broken the camels back, and has tested my loyalty to the absolute limit was the announcement that he will be playing a gig in Israel. I have had enough Morrissey.

    One of of Morrissey's more rarer songs he wrote a song called "This Is Not Your Country". A song about 800 years of British imperial rule in Ireland. Why then he will play in Israel is beyond me. It is not the Israeli people I blame for the illegal occupation of Palestine (I do not want to be accussed of anti semetism). It is successful and continual Israeli governments (with the absolute tacit, financial and military support of various U.S administrations) that continue o illegally occupy Palestine. A people denied statehood.Israel has been constantly found in breach of U.N. resolutions and has been roundly condenmed by reputable organistions such as Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International for their human rights abuses in the Gaza Strip (the new Warsaw Ghetto) and the West Bank. Illegal settlements, illegal "security walls", illegal house demolitions, illegal checkpoints and deliberate shoot to kill policies. I could go on.

    Before anyone puts it to me "why so one sided?". My reply ,it is not the Palestinians who are the oppressors. And remember Morrissey thought it was very funny to add the comments along the lines after the I.R.A bombed the Tory party conference that it was a pity they hadn't killed Thatcher. So all you who want to go on about Palestinian "agression" , remember Mozza likes some "terrorists".

    Morrissey suits himself when he wants to appear to be taking a "principled" stand on issues. After all he boycotted Canada because of their annual seal cull policy.

      Really and truly Morrissey does the opresssion, maiming, killing and near genocidal policy of the Isreli government to attempt to wipe out the Palestinian people mean nothing to you?. It seems so. Let me remind you again Morrissey you wrote a song called "This Is Not Your Country". My word how vacous that song sounds now. I guess your songs "weren't meant to mean a thing".

    It is with great regret that I made a conscious decision to boycott both of Morrisseys Irish dates. I was once proud to wear my Moz t-shirts. Now it's embarrassing.

    Maybe Morrissey you might be able to restore some faith by making a clear and unambigious statement at the Israeli gig and speak up for the Palestians. I doubt you will though.

    Seems your only in the game now for the money.Playing Israel is blood money.

    A Palestinian land for a Palestinian people, but you haven't got the balls to say it Morrissey at the Israel gig.

    even if you did say something at the Israeli gig, it would be too little to late. Just as artists have been asked to boycott Israeli cultural events. And just as I consciously boycott Israeli goods, I will be extending the same principle to you Morrissey. It will be difficult for me too do but I understand why I need to boycott you too.

    Anonymous -- Sunday June 29 2008, @01:41AM (#306219)
  • who knows whos that 3 men in the picture behind morrissey???????
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 29 2008, @03:47AM (#306235)
  • i have read your very long post and respect your decision and opinions.

    What I do take exception too is this is the post gig thread!!!!!!. i.e we discuss the Kilmainham gig??. While you are perfectly entitled to your opinion this is completely off the topic and you have basically hijacked the thread. Post your opinions in the forums and you will get reasonable responses from people who have a reasonable open mind and dont hide under "anonymous"..just a suggestion

    This is a post show thread. You were not at the gig or have any interest in the gig so feel free to post elsewhere on the board

    best wishes
    cossy -- Sunday June 29 2008, @04:23AM (#306244)
    (User #6724 Info)
  • Brilliant, another gig punctuated with dire album tracks and new songs and very few crowd pleasers. Nothing approaching good from Viva Hate, Southpaw, Vauxhall, Arsenal or Ringleaders. I'm glad I've wasted another £40 to see this dross at Hyde Park.

    Grow up Moz, stop being such a petulant child and show some respect to your fans.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 29 2008, @04:34AM (#306248)
  • Details please!

    What was the backdrop for Cork and Dublin?
    Before Morrissey came on stage was it interval music or the video projections, and if so, which ones? Same old James Dean, Bardot, Caretaker etc or some new clips/tunes???

    Any info greatly appreciated!
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 29 2008, @04:52AM (#306253)
  • I was there last night too and couldn't agree more with the lazy set list comment, half the crowd where i was standing, which was approx 15 rows from the front, were clearly bored until he'd throw some scraps of decent material to us. to me it looked like the only song he was really arsed with was LOTIP and that was the last song.

    Big fan of the man but disappointed none the less, i dont know how some people are posting saying "best gig ever".

    Take the rose tinted glasses off folks!

    Ask, All You Need Is Me, Death Of A Disco Dancer,
    How Soon Is Now? // Last Of The Famous International Playboys

    were the only "A" material he played in my opinion.

    and his comment about how the audience sounded like the audience from rank, followed by "but those days are long gone.... thankfully"

    Jesus man, get over it, you wouldnt be here without the Smiths!!!

    rant over.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 29 2008, @07:39AM (#306278)
  • Why all the moaning?

    Listen, "Skull", "Mama" and "Farewell" are all good pop songs, much better than most of what's out there at the moment. I actually prefer them to most Ringleader/Curry songs except Irish and First of and Pigsty.

    He's bound to play his new songs - he has a new album coming out soon!

    I've been critical of him in the past and thought Quarry was average. But I actually quite like the new material. It is certainly nowhere near as bad as some of you are saying, and I would for instance take "Mama" over the original Smiths version of "Shoplifters" (bad production).
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 29 2008, @08:40AM (#306284)
  • Are the Southpaw songs going to start showing up in the setlist?
    Heres the tracklist.....

    Boy Racer
    Do your Best and Don't Worry
    Reader meet Author
    Honey, you know where to find me
    Dagenham Dave
    Best Friend on the Payroll
    Fantastic Bird
    Teachers are Afraid of the Pupils
    The Operation
    You Should have been Nice to me
    Nobody Loves Us
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 29 2008, @10:56AM (#306303)
  • It was my first time seeing and hearing NYD and they sounded terrific. Such a pity that Moz didn't see fit to refer to them during the show. Even better, he might have sang Trash as he did all those years ago on the Live in Dallas Video.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 29 2008, @11:40AM (#306309)
  • Reading the reviews for the Dublin Show makes depressing reading- dominated by moaners and groaners...
    Oh the setlist should be this and that- why does he play this track and not that one...The usual litany of shite..
    It gets funnier when people start trying to evaluate Morrissey as a human being- reading his lyrics as some sort of political instruction-
    making arguements like he should not play there because it's not politically correct!
    Well that rules the USA out then...
    I'm glad he's playing Israel- he can play where he likes..
    If some one was to ask me why Ireland has one of the highest suicide rates in Europe- I'd say read the reviews on Morrissey for Cork / Dublin gigs- the clues are all there...
    Anyone for a prozac?
    tallpaddy -- Sunday June 29 2008, @11:42AM (#306310)
    (User #16766 Info)
  • “There has been much nonsense and conjecture written about Morrissey over the years.It is no wonder. He is the most important, most enigmatic Pop artist of the 20th-century and, thusfar, this.”

    These are James Maker’s recent words but there is a much wider consensus about this observation in the cultural world.

    Crowds flock to see Morrissey in their thousands wherever he appears around the globe. His oeuvre is cherished and studied as a benchmark, and peers and critics rate his influence as wellnigh immeasurable.

    The situation is rather different on Morrissey To date over 21,000 users have registered. Probably near half of these stay engaged for a short while, then move on. Some more simply read and never post. Others forget passwords, are banned, and need to re-register while some register multiple names for whatever reason. Miscellaneous anonymous comments are voluminously interspersed with identified users. It could be estimated that this leaves perhaps a couple of thousand regular users which is a minuscule representation of Morrissey’s fans. The forums are run to an acceptable degree of civility and accommodate reasoned playful discussion on the whole. The same cannot be said of the front page which allows for a distorted picture of Morrissey to be portrayed. This is I believe very regrettable and plain wrong in the minds of many who would otherwise take a more active interest. One can only hope as well that visitors do recognize the failures of logic and social etiquette with which this area can be replete, and that counter-intuititively it does not damage the artist’s profile or longevity.

    While the site has achieved much in scope, scoop (news-wise) and in attracting numerous admirably creative and cordial members, on the flip side it has also earned disrepute for a lack of integrity and for tolerating ignorant, misinformed and downright malevolent input. That it isn’t taken seriously by more principled commentators elsewhere on Morrissey, the Modern Artist, is quite a relief.
    goinghome -- Sunday June 29 2008, @12:12PM (#306317)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • I don't care at all about this drama happening on the site...

    I DO care about What She Said! I cannot believe he played it! Amazing choice from MIM.

    That coupled with One day goodbye..., vicar, and why don't you find out for yourself! I bet it was an amazing show.
    acharmingman -- Sunday June 29 2008, @04:24PM (#306364)
    (User #20152 Info)
    "There's more to life than books, you know, but not much more."
    • Re:christ... by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday June 29 2008, @09:32PM
      • Re:christ... by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday June 30 2008, @06:46AM
  • What can I say..Morrissey is Morrissey..He never ceases to surprise and amaze me...There is a God that never goes....out."Let the Man speak".. I'm not 50...We made our own after show in Murray's Bar..Happy Days..even nights..
    Oliver Cromwell -- Sunday June 29 2008, @05:43PM (#306371)
    (User #13946 Info)
  • He played "what she said". I wish i could have been there. I would have loved to have seen the NY Dolls open for Moz. i'm so jealous of everyone who went.
    biggurl12 -- Monday June 30 2008, @12:24AM (#306381)
    (User #19834 Info)
  • Morrissey

    Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin

    SOMEONE MUST have told the weather that Morrissey was coming to town. After a week of torrential downpours, bar a brief shower to tease us, the rain was suitably distant for Manchester's most famous misanthrope.

    With a brief greeting to "Baile Átha Cliath", the dapper 49-year-old and his five-man band burst into Irish Blood, English Heart, the song that pricked the ears of a younger generation who had consigned Moz to the 1980s relics list and reignited his career at a vital time. Morrissey's stock has rarely been higher. With a recent greatest hits on the shelves and a new album due in September, his career is in rude health.

    But Moz has always had the luxury of a devoted fanbase who would happily put up with renditions of his songs accompanied by a banjo playing monkey if he so desired.

    Ask and First of the Gang to Die, with audience singalongs, followed and the first half of the set smartly matched new Morrissey with classic Smiths. Referring to the venue's proximity to the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Morrissey declared "I am modern art" and everyone cheered. Strange then, that the mid-set was such a flat affair. New material, including the impressive Mama Lay Softly on the Riverbed, together with a pedestrian cover of The Buzzcocks' You Say You don't Love Me, the rarity Stretch Out and Wait and a dour Life is a Pigsty drew impassive responses. Even Vicar in a Tutu appeared to appeal to a select few. A re-ordered setlist could have made for a show that would have appeased the die-hard fans and the less committed.

    It was only the heavenly reverb intro to How soon is Now? that brought the audience back to life. Finishing with The Last of the Famous International Playboys Morrissey could have fooled the fans into thinking the whole set was as strong as this finale. It wasn't. But don't expect Morrissey's disciples to agree. - BRIAN KEANE
    Anonymous -- Monday June 30 2008, @04:23AM (#306397)
  • Do you like, or no? I personally think that it's the weakest of The Smiths' songs that he has performed in his solo career. It just doesn't sound good live. Agree or not, and why? What She Said, on the other hand, AMAZING.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 30 2008, @06:21AM (#306405)
  • Could anyone guess that the lead singer of the first support band is actually Morrisseys nephew?? Emulating...much?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 01 2008, @04:06AM (#306465)
  • Thought saturday night was a superb performance from Morrissey, he seemed to be in a very happy mood, constantly joking with the audience.
    For those interested he did change a few lines of the smiths songs,

    "I was lifting some lead of the roof of the Salford Lads Club" in Vicar

    "So you stand on your own and you leave on your own, well what a surprise" in How Soon

    there may have been more.

    I managed to get "What She Said " on my rather poor camera and although it doesn't really do it justice i will post it whenever i can find time in my obviously busy schedule.
    andyk -- Tuesday July 01 2008, @05:02AM (#306466)
    (User #21303 Info)
  • i got a piece of morrissey's shirt and an elbow in the face. a pleck from the new york dolls i told julia true to you was shite i felt bad then.i kept shouting at the roadie with blonde hair.
    it was the first moz concert where i was drinking i think i shall do it again.
    bit of a crush though but it was worth it hear what she said live.
    log -- Tuesday July 01 2008, @07:36AM (#306469)
    (User #21306 Info)
  • I'm glad to see "Ask" finally make it's solo debut. I've always considered it to be a great song.

    As for "Vicar In A Tutu," it's a fun little song that is unexpectedly thrown in. You can tell that Boz had some input on this one!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 01 2008, @08:52AM (#306473)
  • Olivier A -- Tuesday July 01 2008, @01:31PM (#306484)
    (User #21308 Info)
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  • Hi, does any one know what jailbirds (i presume) were pictured on the backdrop for the stage?

    Anonymous -- Thursday July 10 2008, @05:40AM (#307293)
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