posted by davidt on Friday March 13 2009, @08:00PM
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Set List:

This Charming Man / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / Black Cloud / Billy Budd / How Soon Is Now? / All You Need Is Me / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Ask / Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / Let Me Kiss You / Best Friend On The Payroll / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / The Loop / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / I Keep Mine Hidden / Sorry Doesn't Help / Death Of A Disco Dancer / I'm OK By Myself // Irish Blood, English Heart

setlist provided by Bullet in my gullet
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  • Hope he plays a better set list...and that he's still healthy.
    Anonymous -- Friday March 13 2009, @08:08PM (#324289)
  • Set list (Score:3, Informative)

    My hotel was one block from the hotel so I'm already back in my room! What a night! Morrissey was in true Moz form, talking a lot and shaking a lot of hands. (Except mineeven though I was in the front row!)

    I was handed the setlist at the end so this is 100% accurate:
    Charming/Skull/Black Cloud/B Budd/ HSIN/All you need/How can?/ Ask/Mama/Seasick/let me kiss/Best friend/One day goodbye/Loop/Why Don't You/Bores/Hidden/Sorry Doesn't/Disco Dancer/I'm Ok/Encore - Irish Blood

    Bullet in my gullet -- Friday March 13 2009, @08:20PM (#324294)
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  • Moz was in a great mood and so was the band. I can't really remember seeing the band interact so much with the crowd after the show. Very surprising seeing more people get on stage in Durham than at the smaller venue in Richmond. Fantastic that Disco Dancer was added to the set. I wish it had replaced I Keep Mine Hidden instead of Pigsty but c'est la vie. I think I'm OK by Myself is a masterstroke for a set closer. Irish is perfect for an encore but he needs to give us a second song for the encore. How Soon needs to always be the third song. It is perfect early in the night. I love the restructure of Charming Man but I do miss the high pitch of the guitars. And bring back Paris! Drop Hidden, not Paris!

    Is it me or does the audience seem to not be responding in a big way to the YoR songs?
    angryelv!s -- Friday March 13 2009, @09:48PM (#324305)
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  • Ah, I love the man! (Score:5, Informative)

    Great wonderful beautiful show, though I am so tired, more tired than I can say, so i'm kinda typing in a blur... . will try to post more later...

    a few things I remember:

    -lotsa lyric changes during All You Need Is Me:
    "you won't miss me when I'm gone... you won't miss me when I die" (i yelled "nooooo!!!" but he didn't hear me, haha)

    - I loved the blue plaid shirt, ridiculously so. did anyone else notice that's what NRITH said he would be wearing? haha, Moz, were you showing solidarity with NRITH? :p It worked!

    -moz asked if we felt "ridiculous or..."

    -he said he knew we all had "good jobs, fulfilled lives, great lives" but did we ever feel ... then he made a *splat* motion

    -I was second-thirdish row bozside; it was mostly locals on the rail, and they wouldn't let anyone up to stage invade, forget the bouncers! odd eh?

    -almost got a handshake, but when I thought I was finally close, he gave a silly face and backed off, maybe I was laughing too much? haha, it was with joy tho! ah... I love the man!

    -at the end of Irish Blood, English Heart, he was looking around, surveying the crowd, with a playful and slightly bemused look on his face, saying "oh, this is too bad" or something to that effect... it seemed to me that he was referring to either the lack of stage invasions and/or the impossibility of them. he kinda hung around a bit after Irish Blood's lyrics were over and was shaking hands and sorta muttered that. (it was almost like he expected at least one, maybe? but then, he could see that it would've been almost impossible for it to have happened...!)
    (side note: I really wanted to help a friend of mine up,i mean he really wanted to go, and I was especially fired up about it since i was lucky enough to go myself last night (!) but it proved impossible! we tried all night basically, ha ha, but we couldn't find him an in... like I said, it was the local people where we were... maybe they just didn't know? I dunno)

    -moz asked for something original to be said, and he handed a girl the mic, and she said "we love yoooooooooooou!" lol, it was cute but kinda not so original, right? so moz said, "I SAID original", but you could tell he was joking (he was all smiley, too, bless him! so cute and sweet... but, i digress...) anyway, he sort of skipped a beat, and said "...but, thank you" and smiled. :D

    -thanked us for Years of Refusal selling well, briefly mentioned it and also the Southpaw re-release.

    -then said "here's a song that's NOT from it," and then proceeded to play Best Friend on the Payroll! haha, i loved it!

    -moz asked if we knew what talent was ("What IS talent? Hmm.")... i didn't hear anyone answer, and he seemed to chuckle to himself. moz, after all this time! ahhh. what a guy, what a gift he is.
    Oh, moz, you silly goose, I love you!

    See everyone in DC, hopefully! :)
    Anonymous -- Friday March 13 2009, @10:20PM (#324306)
  • How was it for you babes?
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 14 2009, @01:55AM (#324320)
    • Re:Where's Mel? by Celibate Cry (Score:1) Saturday March 14 2009, @08:13AM
    • Mel is a very busy woMAN, and, sadly, she was on the other coast. Her porn career (you know, girls with boy parts) is very important to her. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

      I had to literally get on my broom and fly out to Loose Angela to reweave her stunt merkin. (Such is the life of an in-demand Friseuse.) While beautifying Hell-Lay one she-male at a time, Mel was kind enough to take me to see Morrissey's manicurist/psychic (who He named from the stage at one point) to ritually bless my thumbnails. They became horribly infected after a cheap manicure in NYC. (Let this be a lesson! You get what you pay or lay for.)

      I don't know how many days Mel has on-set for the chick-with film (it's art, not just porn). She has a hand-modeling gig soon, but I have already hired queue stand-ins for her in case she makes it to NYC.

      Mel would inevitably want me to send her love to you all, and it would spray everywhere. Enjoy!
      Adam_Atl <{adam} {at} {}> -- Saturday March 14 2009, @10:28AM (#324355)
      (User #12724 Info |
      So suddenly meaningless...
    • Re:Where's Mel? by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday March 14 2009, @12:58PM
  • Moz once again seems to have forgotten his past.
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 14 2009, @05:48AM (#324329)
  • Not a single track from ROTT?
    Macsim -- Saturday March 14 2009, @06:56AM (#324331)
    (User #17094 Info)
  • i've never heard of this song
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 14 2009, @07:01AM (#324332)
  • Great show....chatted with Morrissey outside the venue..note to self, he doesnt like to sign pictures of himself from 25 years ago...oh well...glad to see the Death of a Disco addition...but hated to see Paris go away.

    Crowd was pretty into it and the reason less stage invasions was due to the tight security and 4 foot gap between the barrier and the stage. Had some great people near me....3 siblings all into does that happen? Sold my DC tik...see you at Bowery and Philly

    Anonymous -- Saturday March 14 2009, @08:20AM (#324337)
  • Great selection of clips from this concert here:

    If you're here, thanks!

    Morrissey looks fighting fit. I knew he'd get stuck in once he recovered!
    king leer -- Saturday March 14 2009, @08:23AM (#324338)
    (User #80 Info)
  • I've always wondered what happens to people who get up on stage and are escorted off by security? Are they kicked out of the show, or escorted back inside the venue, or does it depend? Has anyone had this experience? Might be worth getting kicked out just to get a whiff of Le Moz... :-D
    Wndroo -- Saturday March 14 2009, @08:31AM (#324341)
    (User #22148 Info)
  • National show (Score:2, Informative)

    His Morrissey-ness was in full performance mode. Chatty, funny, self-deprecating. He reached out to audience members numerous times and, apparently, genuinely enjoyed himself. The “Years of Refusal” songs sounded splendid. Morrissey said the album’s selling very well indeed and expressed his gratitude for that.

    Boz and the band were really dynamic. They also brought out acoustic guitars and an upright bass for softer songs.

    The Richmond show happened at The National, a recently rehabilitated vintage movie theater that’s a terrific music space. An appreciative audience, too.

    Posted from the lost city of Manchester, Virginia (aka Southside).
    ManchesterVA -- Saturday March 14 2009, @08:42AM (#324343)
    (User #22144 Info)
  • It would be fun to possibly meet him. Thanks for the help.
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 14 2009, @08:52AM (#324346)
  • Great show in a great venue. As a moz fan, I must find something.

    #1. In Gibson's Grill (the attached-to-the-venue-meat-cookery) a female customer wondered aloud how all these people could be here for the former Smiths lead singer, to which her companion replied
    "Yeah. He has a nice little fan base!" Discuss why this statement outrages me Arrrrghh....

    #2 The Anonymous poster about being 3rd row boz side was a very insightful recap of the eve in our area, but she left outone event: this midget mutant bald, bearded, leather-jacket wierdo on the rail telling a girl he would kick her ass if she tried to get on stage because "I been here since 6:15 in this spot". Again, discuss.

    I also learned that if Julian is out back waiting for Moz, he will appear. Sorry I didn't introduce myself, Julian, but you are the man!
    baltimoz -- Saturday March 14 2009, @09:05AM (#324348)
    (User #19454 Info)
  • does anyone have a picture of me?
    tan/olive skin, slender, wearing an off-white collared vintage shirt with french handwritting and a drawn man's face on it and jeans

    glad i could slip through the baracade far right of the stage, facing it
    security didn't touch me and Morrissey smiled at me for a long time holding onto my hand after the kiss

    showed up late and misssed some songs in the beginning, rush hour traffic from Alexandria to Richmond was terrible

    Moz didn't sign autographs after the show, so i was told by people i know who work for the National, including the owner, how did anyone meet him? desperately trying for DC

    even checked if his tour bus was at the Jefferson Hotel this morning at 11 am before checkout at noon at it wasn't, just want a picture with him!

    (i'm on facebook too)
    SwinginVixenLily -- Saturday March 14 2009, @10:35AM (#324356)
    (User #12945 Info |
    home: Alexandria; work/life: DC
  • Yeah the show was awesome last night and Morrissey sounded great. I was able to get a whole bunch of videos and I guess some of you have already seen them and here is a link to them

    Will be in DC tonight for the Warner show. Won't be videoing since it's a theatre and I think my seats are far back. Anyone been there???? How are the views there?????? I'm in ORC but in the back.
    eore227 -- Saturday March 14 2009, @10:47AM (#324358)
    (User #22151 Info)
  • Does anyone know the band that appeared in the black and white film footage? It was the one with the female lead singer. Also, where is the curtain image from?
    wildereader -- Saturday March 14 2009, @11:31AM (#324361)
    (User #17834 Info)
  • I loved the show, but of course there are always those songs you would have liked to have heard...

    - I Have Forgiven Jesus
    - Bigmouth Strikes Again
    - That's How People Grow Up
    - Tomorrow
    - Everyday Is Like Sunday

    Surprisingly, considering where he was, he did not do National Front Disco.
    thesilencebureau -- Saturday March 14 2009, @12:17PM (#324363)
    (User #22152 Info)
  • .. the massive drum part right at the end?
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 14 2009, @04:48PM (#324381)
  • I was gorging on cabbage and bean soup all day long for that blowout!
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 14 2009, @04:55PM (#324382)
  • weres that version of youll never walk alone from can some one post it
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 14 2009, @06:37PM (#324392)
  • There Is A Light That Never Goes Out is the ONLY song I'm cheesed about not being on the setlist. I for one LOVE Morrissey so much that I'm just happy to be seeing him live, no matter the setlist...except for that song.
    charmingman92 -- Saturday March 14 2009, @07:44PM (#324395)
    (User #22067 Info)
  • I have been hoping that he'll sing that one in Dallas. I have a Marquee app on my iPhone and plan to flash the word "Seasick" at him, hoping he'll take the hint. Think so?
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 14 2009, @08:05PM (#324398)
  • I posted my bootleg recording of this show over in the forums []. All the cool kids are downloading theirs now--why aren't you?
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 14 2009, @11:02PM (#324440)
  • brilliant set list ... and in just three months plus two days he will play them for me :-D
    Danishdog -- Sunday March 15 2009, @03:11AM (#324453)
    (User #21756 Info)
  • Whoever scored Morrissey's sweat drenched shirt, could you post a pic? I wanted to see how thread bare it had become after the major struggle that ensued. Hopefully, it's not too tattered, wouldn't want you not have a stitch to wear.
    Anonymous -- Monday March 16 2009, @12:15PM (#324587)
  • Links to two reviews of Richmond, Va., show D8628F4AFE8063B6A6D51090A8
    ManchesterVA -- Monday March 16 2009, @08:26PM (#324620)
    (User #22144 Info)
  • So Robby is planning to murder Chico, eh? Didn't he say he never threatens people's lives on this website?
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 14 2009, @10:37PM (#324435)
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