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Set List:

This Charming Man / Billy Budd / Black Cloud / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart / Let Me Kiss You / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Ask / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / The Loop / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Best Friend On The Payroll / Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed / Sorry Doesn't Help / I Keep Mine Hidden / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die

setlist provided by KarelMoz (scan from Mrs. Shankly)
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  • Ahh ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhh ahhh.........
    Anonymous -- Monday March 16 2009, @08:06PM (#324618)
  • Set list (Score:2, Informative)

    Just came back home, great show! stood right on the rails and manage to shook his hand and got the set list too:
    Charming man
    B Budd
    Black Cloud
    Irish B
    Lemme kiss u
    How can anybody
    disco dancer
    Best friends on the payroll
    I keep mine hidden
    crashin Bores
    I'm ok
    KarelMoz -- Monday March 16 2009, @08:28PM (#324621)
    (User #11748 Info)
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  • The piano man has gots to go.

    Ruined the night for me.
    Anonymous -- Monday March 16 2009, @08:41PM (#324624)
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  • I little gripe... (Score:1, Interesting)

    So, I was there tonight, second "row," and Moz sounded fantastic, looked magnificent, and the venue was nice and pleasantly smaller than expected (the "moat" was a big downer).

    Okay, here's my issue. I'm a relatively hardcore fan, and I _love_ songs like Seasick, and the tracks from Years of Refusal...BUT, the problem is that tonight felt a little boring. Not because I didn't love Moz and what he sung, but because by leaving out so many beloved songs, the crowd was sort of not that into it IMHO, and that made it, dare I say, slightly boring from an adrenaline standpoint.

    The way everybody was singing and hyped up during First of the Gang (yes, granted it was the encore), would be very similar to how people would respond if he peppered in more global favorites like Playboy, Suedehead, etc. And just a couple!

    Anyway, tonight for me if he came to my house and sung for me, 9/10...but in terms of hoping for an adrenaline rush...7/10. Though he did look and sound so fabulous!
    Anonymous -- Monday March 16 2009, @09:00PM (#324628)
  • that adorable heart shaped sweat stain!

    Anonymous -- Monday March 16 2009, @09:00PM (#324629)
  • A very pungent mixture of Navy Bean and Red cabbage soup!
    Anonymous -- Monday March 16 2009, @09:26PM (#324638)
  • I managed to lose my envelope with the tickets in it in my 2 block walk to the show. Thanks to whoever brought them to will call. I had a wonderful time! Some people still do have hearts in this world! If someone can prove that they were the ones by stating the name (mine of course) in the envelope, you will be handsomely rewarded.
    Anonymous -- Monday March 16 2009, @09:35PM (#324641)
  • Moz just stopped singing as if he forgot the words....He started singing it way off key and then just stopped mid song and never came back. Any ideas? The whole rest of the set was amazing aside from that bit which had me scratching my head.
    Anonymous -- Monday March 16 2009, @09:37PM (#324642)
  • Anyone see that huge black guy with the sunglasses starting fights with almost everybody? What was that guy's deal? Who starts fights at a Morrissey show?
    Anonymous -- Monday March 16 2009, @09:41PM (#324643)
  • Vidoes from tonight (Score:2, Informative)

    Intro + charming man:
    The loop:
    KarelMoz -- Monday March 16 2009, @09:43PM (#324644)
    (User #11748 Info)
  • Excellent show! Set list submitted by KarilMoz is accurate. Black Cloud, Throwing My Arms Around Paris, and Seasick all sounded perfect.

    Some memorable coments were:

    What the hell is there to do in Montclair ...besides go to Whole Foods?

    He referred to "Pals Diner" a crumby, local steakhouse which is actually called Pals Cabin.

    Anything that is advertised on tv in America is basically bad for you.

    Other highlights:
    the heartshaped sweat stain on the back of his final shirt after wardrobe changes.

    the guys taking a bow and falling upon one another, before the encore.....

    Out near the tour bus later on, my firends and I encountered a man bringing trays of food in bags for the people on the bus. Being hungry we asked what was for dinner and the man told us in a thick British acccent: "It's not food, it's grilled brocoli" -a clever man indeed!

    LibraryMike -- Monday March 16 2009, @09:47PM (#324647)
    (User #22163 Info)
  • Moz was amazing tonight. He seemed in good spirits, looked great, and sounded excellent. The venue in Montclair was beautiful and for my first time being there, I enjoyed it a lot. The balcony was nice and I was in the front row where I could see everything. From my vantage point the crowd seemed into a lot of the material, however there seemed to be a lot of quarrels over spots which sometimes brought confrontation. The invasions during FOTGTD were crazy and several people headwalked over others to get onto the stage, only one was successful. Moz also tossed two shirts into the crowd and people went ape shit over them like usual. Moz was also chatty and made some great comments (that currently escape me). Also major thanks to Solomon for chucking a drumstick close to the balcony after I was waving and pointing at him, miss the balcony by several feat but the effort was great. Also the drunk black lady on the balcony that kept screaming “OBAMA! OBAMA!” was at first funny, then annoying, then finally funny again. PS. Moz never heard you.

    In short an excellent show with many interesting and nice people. Can’t wait for Philly!!
    GetUpKid -- Monday March 16 2009, @10:36PM (#324664)
    (User #20290 Info)
  • I was right at the barrier at center stage. The crowd was great - very enthusiastic but well behaved.

    Morrissey was in fine form - his voice was very strong, he looked good and the band pretty much got everything right. Moz was very, very chatty, and clearly in good spirits. I loved when the entire band took a bow, and Morrissey knocked everyone off-balance and they tumbled to the stage in a happy heap.

    There was quite a gap between the barrier and the stage, and not much hand-holding. The encore, First of the Gang, was insane. The barrier came withing inches of going over and taking everyone with it. Morrissey was clearly impressed.

    The only thing that kept this from being a great show (and I hate to criticize) is the set list. As has been noted before, there are several songs that slowed down the evening a bit. He could knock this thing out of the park if he just switched out a few mediocre numbers for any number of other great songs.

    Highlights: "Seasick," "Skull," "Charming Man" and "Disco Dancer."

    It was great seeing friends and faces from previous tours, and meeting a few familiar names from Solo. The woman I was standing next to on line (who ran into Morrissey around the corner): it was a pleasure talking to you.

    Good luck Pittsburgh, I sincerely hope you get your show at last.

    Oh yeah, I got a pick!

    Anaesthesine -- Monday March 16 2009, @11:11PM (#324670)
    (User #14203 Info)
    If Moz did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.
  • I got Boz's autograph, photos with Boz and Jessie. I got a big piece of the black shirt that smells like Moz and a guitar pick. Don't be jealous tho..
    I just got home..I should have been home HOURS ago, but I got injured really bad by the barrier. My foot got stuck underneath it when it came back down and then I beat up my hernias.
    OK, so the hernia thing is my fault for being up there, but having to have EMS check out my foot was uncalled for...Stupid Wellmont..nice barrier you got there....fuckers
    Anonymous -- Monday March 16 2009, @11:22PM (#324672)
  • Here are my vids:

    Charming Man:


    How Soon Is Now:

    The Loop: part 1 and 2:

    Something Is Squeezing My Skull:

    Seasick Yet Still Docked:

    Why Don't You Find Out (Plus some stuff about American food):
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @12:10AM (#324673)
  • Okay is it just me or has Moz lost some of his "spunk"? He seems so bland from what I've seen on the youtube videos...its like an old Moz trying to rock out, he seems bored or tired or SOMETHING? Its really sad. I am NOT liking his outfit choices they really are making him look rather chubby....I dunno I really think this is the last tour, I really do. I've been thinking that since 2001 that each times he's toured since oh this will be it....but he keeps on truckin'. Like I was thinkin' This Charming Man would be like WHOA! But from the videos its SO bland I think The Queen Is Dead was a far better opener from the last tour-that one hits ya like POP!! He needs to keep that buzzcocks cover on the setlist because seriously that is a song the buzzcocks MADE for Morrissey to sing its SOOOO him and SOOOOO GOOD! So is there any info on like what the intro music is at his latest shows? I havent heard anything yet. DO TELL.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @02:14AM (#324680)
  • Pics (Score:2, Informative)

    A couple of pics from the rail at last night's show and the piece I got of the black D&G shirt that he threw out after Let Me Kiss You. []

    IDrank1ItBecame4 -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @04:52AM (#324686)
    (User #20406 Info)
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    • Re:Pics by RCRAVEN (Score:1) Tuesday March 17 2009, @08:10PM
  • BOZ!!!! He's the man.!!!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @05:49AM (#324693)
  • Long Day (Score:2, Informative)

    Spent 11 hours in the queue. The Wellmont staff and security in general were very nice, and often very amusing. Boz and Jesse stopped for many pics and autographs. There was no real dressing room at the Wellmont -- walked past a Winnebago parked out front that held the wardrobe and a barber chair.

    Sound checked When Last I Spoke to Carol but didn't play it.

    Barrier + 4 foot gap + high stage limited stage invasions until the encore. Moz gave out a half dozen hand shakes throughout and came down the steps to the crowd for a bunch more. 3 shirts, black D&G that he thew out after Let Me Kiss You (got a piece of it), blue/brown plaid, and pink.

    Highlights (for me at least) were mostly songs he didn't do on the last tour -- This Charming Man, Something Is Squeezing My Skull, Seasick Yet Still Docked, Best Friend on the Payroll, and I Keep Mine Hidden. I wouldn't have minded if he dropped How Soon Is Now? for It's Not Your Birthday Anymore or You Say You Don't Love Me.

    Scary moments during the encore when the center barrier started to collapse under the huge crush of people. I came very close to going over top of the collapsing barrier -- luckily got a push off and bailed out to the back of the crowd. A couple of people got dinged up but it could have been much much worse.

    Long drive home, and my car still smells like Morrissey's shirt this morning. Hope to see everyone in Philly.

    IDrank1ItBecame4 -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @06:12AM (#324695)
    (User #20406 Info)
  • Yeah, as others have said, the set list could have really used some more of his early solo material. You could argue that he was trying to focus on the more recent "revival" stuff, but then what was up with all the Smiths stuff? "You're gonna need Someone on Your Side" would have worked really well with this band.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @06:24AM (#324698)
  • what an amazing performance. Barely made it on time after a horrible drive from New York. Because of the cancellations I wasn't sure about flying all the way to the east coast, but I am glad I did. This Charming Man was a highlight for me. Managed to get a piece of shirt as well! Overall, not quite as good as the last Atlantic City gig, but still really great. Was also lovely to see so many familiar faces: Barbara, Julian, Tony, Andrea, etc. Didn't see Julia, was she not there? Missed seeing some other regulars; Greg, Mike, Andy, Doug. Where are you guys? Will be back for the NYC gigs. I cannot wait!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @06:57AM (#324704)
  • Here's a couple of photos using my P&S: []
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @07:24AM (#324710)
    • Re:Photos by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday March 17 2009, @12:44PM
  • 10 more hours until I FINALLY get to see Morrissey and I am seriously excited now!!! I feel like a 13 year old, all excited about being in the same room as the man, but oh well! Keep thinking that it'll be cancelled at the last minute! Holding my breath and counting the minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @07:30AM (#324711)
  • i been to a couple of moz shows, and usually the crowd is in it to win it, but the people at this show sucked, dont stand in the front if you dont know who morrissey is. i was 10 deep and noone sang around me, i had to be the annoying guy actually happy to see morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @07:30AM (#324712)
  • Anybody else see Morrissey smoking a cigar after the show?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @10:03AM (#324726)
    • Re:Morrissey by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday March 18 2009, @03:40AM
  • Poetry, set to words, sounds nothing like this next post...

    What a beautiful evening. Montclair didn't know what hit them. The Wellmont was jam-packed from the floor to the ceiling -- 2,000 easy. Security was chatty, almost flirty. Oh, yes. They reminded me of old hippies.

    I stood just out of barrier's reach, Jesse's side. Most of the Intro music sounded like someone left BBC2 theatre radio on, along with Bow Wow Wow's version of "I Started Something..." The film reels consisted mostly of last tour's features, with Shocking Blue, Jobriah, and Shelagh Delaney added. Red Cortez were charming. Lots of energy and enthusiasm. Set the mood for what was about to go down.

    The big guy then hits the stage with a black shirt and light denim. I never saw a Morrissey show with him in denim. Big difference in attitude, I think. More relaxed. His Jordaneers were in very neat light denim prisoner's uniforms. Whatever problems the band had has pretty much been resolved. They sounded tighter. Even Pooley was more restraint than usual. Look out when Boz starts throwing his weight around. Go Boz.

    Three shirt changes; black to plaid to pink. Lots of crap thrown on stage; scarves, a bouquet, and a Union Jack(!) He quipped about the lack of dressing rooms, because the theatre is still under construction, so they had to dress in the street. He remarked about Saint Patrick's Day and to remember as the ale and other things flow how no one should tell you how to live and what to do.

    Encore song was First of the Gang and then everything got all crazy. I just hung on to the barrier in sumo position as everything else flowed around me. Note to Wellmont; get rid of the crap barriers from the Who's Cincinnatti concert and use something a little stronger.

    No concert review is complete without the coveted Mozmic_Dancer now-that's-what-I-call-customer-service award to the staff at the Wellmont and the people of Montclair for their overall good spirits. Major boos go to the big calzone in the knitted cap who ruined my enjoyment of "I Keep Mine Hidden" by getting into people's faces.

    PS-- Some great gossip I overheard of a certain Manchurian peacock who decided to strut his feathers on the sidewalks of Montclair as blase onlookers strolled by. I knew he couldn't resist the little English store. Did he find his favorite digestive biscuits, we can only guess.

    mozmic_dancer -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @10:04AM (#324727)
    (User #11277 Info)
    "I am the fun and the fair, on a Mozsite for the criminally insane..."
  • I managed to walk away with a piece of Moz's shirt last night! I tried to steer clear of the shirt-ripping frenzy at the end (more worried about helping the people up who got knocked on their asses by the crazed), but a guy who threw himself into me while claiming his piece, offered me some. Maybe he felt bad, cause he turned to me, all bewildered, saying, "I'll give you a piece!" while I was at the same time, saying, "Hey, give me piece!" He kindly tore off about a 6" piece and it was mine. So thank you kind sir, if you are reading!

    Also walked away with one of Jesse's picks. He threw out numerous ones during the show, one hitting the girl in front of me, who I don't think realized what it was. It fell to the floor and was still laying there after the crowd dispersed.
    kath1216 -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @11:02AM (#324733)
    (User #18457 Info)
    • Re:Souvenirs by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday March 17 2009, @08:49PM
  • Was Julia there!?!?!? Was Julia there!?!?!? (sarcastically, of course)
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @11:10AM (#324734)
  • being sold on the tour.. 50 at each stop of YOR signed and numbered by the band?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @11:12AM (#324735)
  • Jesse's guitar (Score:1, Interesting)

    Does anyone know the name of Jesse's main guitar? The one he uses on most of the songs? From where I was at, I could tell it wasn't a Les Paul...maybe some special kind of Gibson??
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @12:52PM (#324753)
  • A few comments and observations:

    Venue security was remarkably laissez-faire. Though they were pretty particular about not blocking the stairs, they seemed to have no issues with all the people with iPhones and cameras taking pictures. Intro sequence was very similar to the ROTT tour - same videos, etc. Personally felt that his deliberate omission of ROTT material and inclusion of strange live choices like Seasick, coupled with the tepid (middle-aged) crowd resulted in a weirdly "off" show.

    Moz did seem in good spirits and particularly chatty, stopping every few songs for some grumbling comment. Less one-liners than usual, and more...two-liners this time. Notable comments included

    1. "Everything advertised in America will kill you. Have you noticed this? There's a reason." (mumbling) "I don't know what it is."

    2. Which either followed or preceded the dissertation on Whole Foods. Asked "What is there to do in Montclair?" and disdainfully mentioned Pals Cabin (calling it "Pals Diner"). "There's a Whole Foods in Montclair," he said, following with something to the effect of "Which is very important. I'd be dead if it weren't for Whole Foods." (Bringing to mind all sorts of quaint mental pictures of Mr. Thundering Suavity himself pushing a shopping cart, sniffing produce, et cetera...)

    3. At one point mused (in his usual enigmatic way): "Was I ever born?" and turned to Boz. "Boz knows - Boz was I ever born?"

    4. Mentioned St. Patrick's day, joking it was America's "most important holiday."

    5. Towards the end, commended the audience for "liking decent music" after alluding to someone (Michael Jackson?) who'd "sold 75,000 tickets in ten minutes." "It wasn't me."

    6. The aforementioned dressing room dig. Said something like, "I was going to tell you about our dressing rooms; well, we didn't have any." Said they had to "change on the streets," and apologized to those who were "appalled...or excited" by the visual.

    7. After he tore off his shirt for the last time at the end of FOTG, as he was exiting the stage, he peeked out and clung to the curtain with a pained expression on his face in a fit of (extra) theatricality.

    After the show ended, a lot of people stuck around the front entrance for about a half-hour or so, waiting for Moz to come out. I never saw which exit he came out of, but the one large tour bus on the main drag (Bloomfield) was the first to go. Another touching moment - though not Moz-related - was seeing a Lifetime original playing on the t.v. inside one of the tour buses. Who knew the Moz Posse are Annie Potts fans?

    The violent drunk girl with the jiggling gut being forcibly removed from the venue, though: not so touching.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @04:05PM (#324781)
  • how come no one has recorded this song? i'm dying to see it live.
    charmingman92 -- Tuesday March 17 2009, @07:53PM (#324803)
    (User #22067 Info)
  • Anonymous -- Friday March 20 2009, @03:50PM (#325120)
  • thank you from the heart of my bottom
    noassatol -- Monday March 16 2009, @08:31PM (#324623)
    (User #21796 Info)
  • Yawn ,
    Spammer .
    Anonymous -- Monday March 16 2009, @09:10PM (#324633)
  • huh he hasn't done the Buzzcocks cover since the greatest hits tour mate.
    marred -- Monday March 16 2009, @09:52PM (#324651)
    (User #16308 Info)
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