posted by davidt on Friday May 08 2009, @03:00PM
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  • Just home after a fantastic night. Morrissey was on top form, and treated us to Ask and Death of a Disco Dancer. Too busy enjoying myself to take note of the full set list. Sorry!!

    Two girls came up to my car outside the Barrowlands, thinking my other half was Morrissey. Flattered or wot!!!
    Paisley Buddy -- Friday May 08 2009, @03:26PM (#330040)
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  • I think we lost Seasick and I Keep Mine Hidden, and gained Ask, Sorry Doesn't Help Us and Death of a Disco Dancer.

    At times it was like the old days (even though I only go back to 1992, my forst Moz show at this very venue as a pimply 16 yr old) down the front...bouncy bouncy...good stuff.

    Moz to crowd: "Tomorrow's your big day... [referring to the Rangers v Celtic match]...that'll be Partick Thistle against Queen of the money's on Dumfries."

    Instead of "...and half my life's already gone" in How Soon is Now, he sang something like, "Look at my face! All my hope is gone".

    Quite a few people made it onto stage for First of the Gang.

    Maradona -- Friday May 08 2009, @03:56PM (#330044)
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  • The Chosen One (Score:2, Interesting)

    I was the first on the stage for FOTGTD. Morrissey practically hauled me on once he got my hand. I will post more tomorrow cos I'm still on such on a high but thanks so much to the gent who gave me a footy up to help me on my way. I'll probably never see you again but you gave me one of the best moments of my life and I'll love you forever for that.

    If any one has any pictures of a tall geeky bloke in a black Fred Perry top getting on stage please send them to [email protected]

    Good night and thank you.
    JohnnyMunro -- Friday May 08 2009, @04:27PM (#330047)
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  • i am truly blessed got to touch moz by way of a very firm handshake, 27 years and hey ho , thank you thank you morrissey, i'm blessed.
    juli70 -- Friday May 08 2009, @04:34PM (#330050)
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  • setlist (Score:1, Interesting)

    i think this is the setlist

    This Charming Man
    When Last I spoke To Carol
    Black Cloud
    How Soon Is Now?
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    Girlfriend In A Coma
    Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?
    The World Is Full of Crashing Bored
    Let Me Kiss You
    Death Of A Disco Dancer
    Something Is Squeezing My Skull
    One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
    Why Dont You Find Out For Yourself
    Best Friend On The Payroll
    Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
    Sorry Doesnt Help
    The Loop
    Im OK By Myself

    First of The Gang To Die
    Anonymous -- Friday May 08 2009, @04:50PM (#330052)
  • Despite the fact I was getting odd looks from people at the start as if they were thinking...'How dare she like Morrissey!? Is she even old enough to know who is?' was amazing!!! I doubt I will ever be this satisfied by a gig unless I see him again! I am 20 and look about 12, and yes of course I know who the hell he is...he is about the only person in music right now that gets me excited! And I may not look old enough to appreciate him, but don't blame me - blame my parents! They're the ones that deprived me of being able to go to more of his gigs by having sex TOO LATE for me to be around for most of his career. But a brilliant night, hope to see him as soon as humanly possible again!
    Anonymous -- Friday May 08 2009, @05:30PM (#330055)
  • I shan't believe a word until Mr S Docherty clarifies it. Unless he has already anonymously of course. He's that kind of guy. Incase you're unaware, he is actually the man.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 08 2009, @06:34PM (#330059)
  • There seemed like a lot of bother going on down the front, what was that about? Security types were in dragging out folk including a HUGE bloke but I don't know why? At one point it appeared that Moz asked the big Moz security man what was going on (During Let me kiss you), any ideas? It seemed more than the usual "fighting over the shirt" bit...
    Overall great 2 gigs, so sad they are over with. I also went to my first Moz gig in 1992 at the Barras (aged 15 Maradona!) and just cannot beat seeing him under that roof! Its calmed down alot over the years and no flowers anymore but still has an electricity in the air.
    Loved Moz coming on in a shirt tie and jacket with his jeans, nice for him to have a costume change AND a setlist change for those seeing him two nights in a row!
    Now I am Moz-free til the Birthday gig in old Manchester - the Mancs crowd have Glasgow to beat for atmosphere, can they do it?!
    FWD -- Friday May 08 2009, @06:52PM (#330060)
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  • I have been at the gigs all week and they've been absolutely breathtaking. Moz is sounding as good as ever with the band on top form. They really do look like they're enjoying it up there and not just going through the motions.

    Here's hoping that God willing, Morrissey continues to entertain and inspire us for a very long time.

    As expected and as usual, the Glasgow crowd was a class above. Trust the calculating Weegies to lure the Gorillas at the front into a false sense of security (no pun intended!) by attempting no stage dives during the pre-encore set. It then, of course went completely berserk with bodies flying here, there and everywhere!

    Laughed like hell when one guy who was being wrestled away from the pit at the front, reached out and grabbed a handshake from Morrissey as The Moz attempted to pull him up onto the stage. The mischievous grin on Morrissey's face as he tried to pull the bloke away from the security and up onto the stage was priceless. The big guy adores all the attention and don't we just love giving to him!

    Morrissey last night, once again gave us a glimpse of his genius mind at work. The strategically placed "Death of a Disco Dancer (it happens a lot round here)" First time he's played it during the Scottish section of this tour. For any of you unfamiliar with the venue's past, we were in The Barrowland in Glasgow, which was once the Barrowland Ballroom. This was the old stomping ground of the infamous "Bible John" (the nickname of an unidentified serial killer) who allegedly carried out a series of murders in the late 1960's. Three women were picked up in the Ballroom and then brutally murdered in the surrounding area with the culprit never caught.

    So Morrissey, this is either an uncanny coincidence or you were as I suspect being a little bit naughty but ohhh so bloody clever. If it is the latter, I tip my hat in admiration as appreciation of your greatness. Who else would have attempted this little bit of cunning? No one can have any complaints of course as the great man was simply stating the facts that "The Death of a Disco Dancer" (it REALLY does happen a lot round here).

    Hello to the tiny redhead right at the front, who asked me to lift her up onto the barrier. In under 5 seconds she had hold of Morrissey's hand (and wouldn't let it go again) Class! Managed to get own my paws on Moz twice, oh and a wee handshake from Boz.

    The dust is still settling and I'm sitting here this morning with a horrible, empty feeling in my stomach knowing that my "Morrissey week" is sadly over. Yes, there are other nights of the tour down south, but unfortunately work commitments bar me from attending. Fingers crossed there's an announcement soon of an arena tour at the end of the year. There should be if the past is anything to go by.

    If Morrissey doesn't fancy the arena tour then I will revert to plan B. Susan Boyle live at the Shettleston Juniors Club. I hear its £3 a ticket; bring your own handgun, grenades optional!

    If you're planning on attending any of the upcoming gigs let me tell you now what a bloody treat you are in for. We all know how good a night to expect but be prepared for pure magic.

    Expect the unexpected - There is only one Morrissey

    Tino -- Saturday May 09 2009, @03:39AM (#330084)
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  • Full Review (Score:3, Interesting)

    What a gig last night. Morrissey and the band were superb. Stirling was good but the two tweaks to the set list made it an even better gig.

    We (partner and I) travelled through on the train from Edinburgh, went for a meal, wandered towards Barrowlands stopping in a shop at which point a young girl came in and shouted three times at the shop owner – Have you got a phone – Her friend was wearing a Celtic tracksuit and was bleeding in his mouth. Got out of the shop pronto walked down the road a bit to see some sort of bother between a dozen blokes outside a couple of pubs – Welcome to Glasgow.

    Visited Bairds bar, the shrine to all things Celtic, saw a few familiar faces including the (decentish) Morrissey lookalike who I remember seeing 17 years ago in the bar in exactly the same seat – More on him later (He’s the guy who did a mock up of the Vauxhall and I cover)

    Got in, went to the bar, New York Dolls came on the screen I and decided to give the bar a miss. Started to move as close to front as possible and we were about a dozen back – Perfect spot on the edge of the madness.

    Morrissey immaculate in suit, black tie, white shirt and jeans. He’s looking brilliant. Straight in to This Charming Man – Musically I’m not fussed but Morrissey’s voice wins you over. When Last I spoke to Carol was next and I was delighted as this song was a bit screwed up in Stirling due to techie problems.

    He wound up the Glasgow audience with his reference to the big day tomorrow (meaning old firm game) before talking of Partick and Queen of the South from Dumfries (Dumfries pronounced in broad Scottish accent).

    Not one weak song in the entire set, Death of a disco dancer stood out for me.

    Anyway, when the band went off at the end I told my partner I was going for the stage and she held my glasses and £30 for the signed album in case I got chucked out. The band came out and I started towards the stage. Got as far as a couple who weren’t going to let me through. No problems – I’ll wait for the song to start, the place’ll go mental and I’ll make my move then. FOTGTD starts and indeed the place went mental. Managed to move forward a bit, put my hands on two blokes shoulders and jumped up – No luck. One of them turned round (and I can see his face know) and offered me foot up. There is a god! I went for it and I was up. Surfed a little bit, looked up and saw Morrissey looking at me as I pushed my hand towards him. He moved towards me but the bouncers weren’t having it. Morrissey still moved towards me and I managed to get his hand (thinking that’ll have to do – not a bad result)

    What happened next is still sending shivers down my spine. Morrissey didn’t let go and started pulling my hand and me towards the stage. The bouncers relented a little and I found myself being hauled on to the stage sluglike! I kissed his hand as I got a little closer and when I was up I managed to kiss his hand again. Bouncer grabbed me and had my hand up my back but I told him I’d be no bother. Marched off the stage and was able to give Boz a pat on the shoulder as well. Bouncer said “you got what you wanted” and when I was further down the stairs on my way out he said “there’s always one arsehole” but he was at least smiling when he said this and I didn’t care anyway. Outside in the cold, seconds later on a massive high, punching the air and shouting.

    Went round the front only to see Mozzer lookalikey shouting and screaming at bouncers calling them “meat eating scum” and the like. I think drink had been taken…

    Managed to get back in after telling the bouncer I’d left my jacket, met my partner and my mates and got one of the signed albums. My favourite Mozzer gig ever (think it was number 19 for me).

    There are special moments in your life where everything goes in slow motion (finally handing in my notice at an old job after too many years of working there springs to mind) but looking in to Morrissey’s eyes as he returns the eye contact while he holds your hand is absolutely well up there.

    Thanks for reading. If anyone has any pictures or videos from last night, I’d be so grateful if they would send them to [email protected] My sincere thanks to the guy who helped me up there – You made a special moment come true for me.
    JohnnyMunro -- Saturday May 09 2009, @05:15AM (#330088)
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  • Lots of zealous appetite-whetting reviews are rolling in from Scotland.

    I hope to make it to the London RAH show and meanwhile here's a reason why Liverpool, where Morrissey plays tomorrow, is always a special stop-off: []

    goinghome -- Saturday May 09 2009, @12:02PM (#330109)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • Just got back from last night's Glasgow triumph. Felt compelled to write.

    Was the first time i'd been to see him at The Barrowlands since the 80s and 'The Smiths in Scotland' tour. Thankfully the place didn't seem to have changed that much, and neither had the watery beer!pish!

    Still, it was worth the anxious wait for the late arrival of the tickets and the three and a half hour drive after work. Morrissey is so much better in a small intimate venue.

    The set list was spot on, and i agree with most that 'Death Of A Disco Dancer' was the highlight.Interesting stuff from Tino about Bible John - it does seem like too much of a coincidence for Morrissey not to have known the significance of that song played in that particular setting. For me other highlights included 'Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others' and 'One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell' which were both superb.

    I was near the front when his shirt came flying into the audience. Yes there was a bit of a fight as most scrambled for a piece, and the ensuing kafuffle did seem to go on for a long time - but that was down to the the fact that it took ages to rip. People were clutching sleeves and collars for dear life and not so much as a button fell off. Not sure where he gets those shirts from but they must be made of industrial strength cotton.

    Have now been following Morrissey for over twenty years, last night reminded me why - he never diappoints. Ridiculously sublime night.

    Terry the Collier -- Saturday May 09 2009, @01:47PM (#330118)
    (User #20858 Info)
  • It was a good gig - very good indeed. But not GREAT. Don't get me wrong - Moz was on top form, as were the band, and setlist was fantastic. But I thought the audience were a bit po-faced. Sure, they knew all the words, and sang along with gusto (sometimes too loud - would be nice to hear The Man sing, not a bunch of tone-deaf Scots!), but there wasn't too much energy in them. It seemed hard to get a real good mashup going. I was popping in from 10 or so back, up to 2 back for a bit of a thrash. It's getting harder to worm your way to the front as people get fatter - more body mass for this wee fella to displace! And mobile phones should be BANNED!!! I want to see the band, not a forest of phones held aloft - why do they do it: the pictures / sound are invariably shite anyway!

    Anyway, as has been mentioned, DOADD was a highlight - especially the trippy improv outro. The Loop was awesome. FOTGTD and IBEH were good, but better on Quarry tour. I think Quarry's a stronger album than this one, but Skull and Paris were ace.

    I'd love to see them do "Reel Around The Fountain" live - surely worthy of inclusion.

    Good night, but Greenock Town Hall 2 years ago was better - audience had more energy (and I think Moz did too!)
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 10 2009, @02:41AM (#330140)
  • okay the 1st night will never be topped for me by any concert, but 2nd night, despite a much better setlist, just thought it was merely good.

    started off well as got a ticket off one of manchester totus for £20 so made it into venue just as the projector screen dropped to the ground.

    my main aim of the night was to get one of the signed lps they were selling after failing to get one at stirling @ glasgow the night before, so thus wasn't going to be troubling people down the front but was standing near the back in order to hotfoot it to the merch stand to get the vinyl (got 2 as it went).

    what puzzled me standing near the back was the number of people who constantly went for a wander, either to the bar or the pay nearly £40 and then miss several songs to go for a drink?

    as i say, think thr setlist was a lot stronger than the other nights i'd seen him, but just wasn't into the gig that much,(perhaps from standing at the back and not being down at the front?)

    felt at times moz wasn't as connected with the full audience as usual, seemed to be playing to the first 10 rows (particualrly with a lot of the new songs)...the encore turned into a bit of shambles as well...always enjoyable for those at the front or those that make it over the barrier/on stage...but for the rest of us...very vic reeves on shooting stars....but then since i'm usually down the front that wouldn't bother me.

    the lesson learned: always go down the front for morrissey.
    pubrockcoma -- Tuesday May 12 2009, @01:53AM (#330533)
    (User #12215 Info)
  • I don't know much about Morrissey's band, but app when Morrissey went off for a shirt change Boz was playing and some fans were booing? The friend I was with told me this, I can't remember it tho as I was more drunk than planned... So if this did happen why do folk not like him?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 12 2009, @10:48AM (#330625)
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