posted by davidt on Friday May 22 2009, @03:00PM
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Set List:

This Charming Man / Irish Blood, English Heart / Black Cloud / How Soon Is Now? / All You Need Is Me / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Girlfriend In A Coma / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Let Me Kiss You / Ask / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / I Keep Mine Hidden / When Last I Spoke To Carol / Best Friend On The Payroll / Sorry Doesn't Help / Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others / The Loop / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die

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  • did johnny show? i'm guessing not.

    happy birthday though, moz. hope it was a good one!
    mywar -- Friday May 22 2009, @03:02PM (#331920)
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  • Still thinking of you and your lyrics of wisdom.

    May the show go well and the evening be even finer!!!!

    Give em hell!

    Little Bastard
    -San Diego, CA.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 22 2009, @03:03PM (#331922)
  • Anyone got a set list?
    Bonaparte Shandy -- Friday May 22 2009, @03:03PM (#331923)
    (User #18355 Info)
    my god, that's tough, he's stood us up, no point in us remaining
  • Any truth in the rumour that they're supporting on Saturday?
    Bonaparte Shandy -- Friday May 22 2009, @03:07PM (#331925)
    (User #18355 Info)
    my god, that's tough, he's stood us up, no point in us remaining
  • I heard that Doll and the Kicks did a smashing cover of Hand in Glove. Otherwise, everything went smoothly.

    Morrissey has a party to go to, purportedly;
    let it be full of love, peace and harmony!
    goinghome -- Friday May 22 2009, @03:12PM (#331926)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • Wenger (Score:0, Redundant)

    Arsene Wenger on front row of circle. Seemed to be absolutely loving the gig...
    Anonymous -- Friday May 22 2009, @03:18PM (#331928)
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  • Doll and The Kicks dedicated Hand In Glove to him

    Best Friend On The Payroll and mostly the same set. No Billy Budd, Death Of A Disco Dancer, Reader Meet Author. Other than that, business as usual.

    Band went into "Happy Birthday" with Boz singing at one point. Moz said after, "Did you practice that? It sounded like it"

    He pulled one fan up on stage
    Anonymous -- Friday May 22 2009, @03:20PM (#331930)
  • Fucking Mega! (Score:2, Interesting)

    my friend & i came all the way from san francisco (sf vegan moz squad) and it's been so worth it. morrissey was on fire the whole night. the crowd went mental singing along to every word.

    we were up in front but when moz came out the push was intense. we only lasted two songs. people were being pulled out from the front all night long from exhaustion.

    throwing my arms was a big sing along. carol, crashing bore, sorry doesn't help all ecellent. the loop was of special note as the crowd and band were one and then i'm okay by myself ended with morrissey yelping endlessly, almost like miserable lie.

    the crowd was really mental, i've never seen anything like it before. i ran out to the merch table to get a signed vinyl but they sold out. there were some pissed off people but the signed lithographs of the album cover photo were only £20. people were waiting 30 minutes for the signed vinyl.

    one young womyn got up on stage at the very end. i saw here at the front and we've she was really cute. she hugged moz for a long time and he seemed into it. every one went mental. this is my 10th moz show and by far the best.

    we've done the whole manchester visit, stretford, 384 kings road, rusholme, the cemetry gates. it's all been so worth it. all true fans should make the pilgrimage. manchester is a beautiful place.

    hope we make it onto the moz bus tmrw. thanks to our kid for getting this whole trip together. xoxo
    Anonymous -- Friday May 22 2009, @03:22PM (#331933)

    Wonderful ovation as Moz came on stage which seemed to last for ages until the music kicked in!! Pumped-up Mancunian audience enjoyed the show and made for a great atmosphere. Ask and The Loop were standouts tonight but not many seemed to know Best Friend on the Payroll. Several shirt changes and numerous attempts to crowd surf to the stage. Only one girl made it fully on stage to be greeted by a warm embrace. Great night. Celebratory Moz 50 years T-shirts outside for £10 and a big shout to Dickie selling his book - looks a really good effort, well done!
    collo -- Friday May 22 2009, @03:27PM (#331934)
    (User #16343 Info)
  • Moz is 50 & on Fire! (Score:1, Interesting)

    The show was an epic masterpiece. Morrissey sounded prefect and the band was as hot as ever. the set list hasn't changed from the last few shows. I must say there is nothing like seeing Moz in Manchester. This was my 9th show & tomorrow is my 10th -until tonight i had only attended his shows in California. The crowd tonight was like nothing i've ever experienced. there weren't any half ass d-bags like in SanFrancisco taking up space -everyone i encountered was a ture fan and it made the show so so beautiful. thank you Manchester you have nothing to answer for.

    love, SF Vegan Moz Squad.

    "I'm not 50, I'm 40 - 10" -moz
    Solomon rocked an amazing solo for his big daddy's birthday on 'i'm okay by myself'

    ps. ~we saw you Mel Torment in line looking good. do post something soon, we love your updates!
    Anonymous -- Friday May 22 2009, @03:44PM (#331940)
  • I was sat near Jo Brand, Alan Carr and also was in sight of an actress out of Channel 4's Shameless.

    Any more celebs or well known faces that people spotted?

    Was Wenger really there? Anyone else see him. Random.

    Great night! Roll on tomorrow now :)
    Merlotionite -- Friday May 22 2009, @03:55PM (#331943)
    (User #22586 Info)
  • wouuld of loved to of joined you all there tonight but will have to wait till tuesday,hope everyone hade a great time and the great man loved it all to.Viva morrissey!
    bonehead -- Friday May 22 2009, @03:58PM (#331944)
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  • Perhaps he's saving Johnny Marr for the Troxy crowd.
    Don'tOweYouAnything -- Friday May 22 2009, @04:02PM (#331946)
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  • were his parents there?
    Anonymous -- Friday May 22 2009, @04:02PM (#331947)
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  • flying in sat morn - anyone know of any good aftershow parties sat nite?
    Bonaparte Shandy -- Friday May 22 2009, @04:07PM (#331950)
    (User #18355 Info)
    my god, that's tough, he's stood us up, no point in us remaining
  • Dunno what the setlist encore alias is tonight, but the m-solo banners are sure being kept suitably beautiful tonight!
    goinghome -- Friday May 22 2009, @04:08PM (#331952)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • The look of sadness during im ok by myself.

    He looked up presumably to his parents, gripped his chest and sweelty sounded 'Im OK by Myself'

    Also did anyone else see that blond teenage lad (last stage attempter) nearly get on stage whilst morrissey took off his last shirt for the encore... then get beaten up by the security??
    Anonymous -- Friday May 22 2009, @04:08PM (#331953)
  • The band were susan perb tonight, shame about moz, i thought he would have made more of an effort on his birthday.

    And as for playing that maudlin dirge before he came on, an insult to all mancunians.

      moz, you let us down .
    Redchris -- Friday May 22 2009, @04:18PM (#331955)
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  • i was there (Score:2, Interesting)

    I was there, fantastic gig but nothin different to ant other nights, crowd in very good form, half the cast of shameless there (not that anyones arsed). Encore FOTGTD but nothing else. The Loop seemed to get a fantastic response! My highlight of the night.

    Any more questions? Only one person got on stage, was a girl with short hair and was stood next to me for second half of the gig, sure she is in pics from the radio 2 show in London... anyone?

    I also got a piece of his white shirt

    RatDog -- Friday May 22 2009, @04:40PM (#331973)
    (User #15820 Info)
  • Tonight was a massive letdown for me.

    The worst Moz gig in years, yet strangely, the best band I've ever seen him play with.

    I'll never forgive him for YNWA, and I'm sure his dad will agree with me on Monday.

    Redchris -- Friday May 22 2009, @04:45PM (#331977)
    (User #10841 Info)
  • 1 Charman
    2 Irish
    3 B Cloud
    4 HSIN?
    5 All You Need Is Me
    6 How Can?
    7 Coma
    8 Paris
    9 Lemme KY
    10 Ask
    11 Skull
    12 One Day Good
    13 Why Don't You F?
    14 Bores
    15 Hidden
    16 Carol
    17 Best F On P
    18 Sorry Doesn't
    19 Some Grills
    20 Loop
    21 I'm Ok By
    Enc I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)
    (A great night marred by a few selfish arseholes)
    Anonymous -- Friday May 22 2009, @04:56PM (#331981)
  • Well, I queued in the rain for eight hours, and got wht I wanted. At least an hour with the apes in the zoo (metaphor for the ignorant pillar-boxes at the front) I was one row from the front, hoped to get a hand shake but Morrissey was dishing them out tonight. Not bothered though, I got two pieces of Morrissey's white shirt (which is striped and smells of sweat) shirt which I'm currently framing.
    I hung on, and on, and on for these pieces and their mine. After spending an hour being crushed to death, and also suffocated by some TOSSERS!! hair, I decided to go to the toilets (I held it in for an whole hour) I was shaking with adrenaline fro being at the front and holding something so pathetic, but yet beautiful and meaningful in my hands. But all the same, pathetic to people....Momentous for me!

    Boz was brilliant, v.v.v. good. Nice solo from him. Morrissey, like I said not dishing out many handshakes, not much was said, the whole thing like 'You know I'm not 50, I'm really 140' Boz laughed, which made me laugh.

    Morrissey, rolling around on stage, and at one point, the bass was rolling and the band members were just stood still, almost like manikins I suppose, with the light beaming down on Morrissey.

    I presume Morrissey's parents were there, he kept looking up.
    Moz came out fully suited and booted, in (like I said) a stripy white shirt, later he changed it to a bright pink shirt.

    I'm going to bed, ready for tomorrow's gig.
    Hasta leugo.

    Hello Indie -- Friday May 22 2009, @05:46PM (#331991)
    (User #13749 Info | offers free jars of beetroot for the elderly.
  • Wow! (Score:0, Flamebait)

    Wow guys!

    I knew that he was gonna do somthing special. I waited around for two hours after the gig and all of a sudden Moz, Johnny, Andy and Mike came on a did a whole set of Smiths songs. Can't believe y'all missed it, it was amazing!!
    Anonymous -- Friday May 22 2009, @06:37PM (#331997)
    • Re:Wow! by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday May 22 2009, @08:38PM
  • Congratulations to everyone who made it to this historic gig. Curious if it was pro shot like the 45th birthday show was?

    Seems like The Loop is becoming a show highlight. Always thought it was a great song but not a major one. Perhaps the lyrics carry more weight now all these years on.

    king leer -- Friday May 22 2009, @08:07PM (#332009)
    (User #80 Info)
    • Re:Pro shot? by hand in glove (Score:1) Friday May 22 2009, @08:50PM
    • Re:Pro shot? by THE_dizzywhore_1804 (Score:1) Saturday May 23 2009, @12:22AM
  • people make such a big deal. 50 is nothing now. chuck berry is still out. at 82. little richard? still performing. at a mere 76. bob dylan. he'll turn 68 this weekend. and performs over 100 shows per year. and doesn't cancel one out of ten. not to mention the countless blues, r&b, and country performers in their 70's (bb king, willie nelson, merle haggard, etc) still performing. 50 is nothing. all those mentioned above have mad a greater contribution to popular music that morrissey. and you don't hear one whisper about retirement. i hope the moz has another 30 years left. then we'll truly celebrate.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 22 2009, @09:26PM (#332014)
  • I was very moved to experience a Moz show in Manchester, especially on this special evening.
    I can't imagine how wonderful he must feel, the way he put Manchester at the forefront of so many people's minds and how far he'd come in the career he's worked so hard to achieve, and of course the fans who empathize so much with (and/or are so amused with) his songs.

    Arturo in a suit jacket after the show!
    Moz's mum (petite, looking well), sister and nephew (the one with his band, "Noise is the Best Revenge") leaving after the party.
    Linder Sterling shyly stopping to take photos!
    Spotting of album art designer Anthony Lui!
    Irish Blood, English Heart sang heartily with Moz by the entire venue!
    Moz getting frinky and enjoying singing "I Keep Mine Hidden" (wasn't doubtful about whether the crowd knew the song).
    Boz also getting totally frinky stage left and rocking out with Jesse also downstage towards the audience (don't remember the song).
    Changed welfare house to 'council house' during "All You Need Is Me."
    Solomon's powerful extended solo ending "I'm Ok By Myself." Crowd by me were stunned at how awesome that was.
    Moz snatching back the mic whenever he was about to give it to someone in the audience. A couple people did get it, and said nice things (have a beautiful birthday and such).
    The entire venue enraptured in unison song for every Smiths song and some of the solo songs.
    Moz dragging the band down after the bow.
    And, of course, the band initiating the Happy Birthday song after Moz did the band introduction introductions. His face showed that he was very touched. And he shook it off after, saying, "We didn't rehearse that"..."You can tell" (at least that's what I heard).
    Also, new intermission video: Shirley Bassey! I don't know the song, but it was a taped black and white television performance.

    romeogirl -- Friday May 22 2009, @09:32PM (#332016)
    (User #2891 Info)
  • Was anyone successful with giving M birthday gifts??? tonite????
    TroublelovesE -- Friday May 22 2009, @11:54PM (#332023)
    (User #20161 Info)
  • What a show! Moz on top form. thankyou to the guy between me and the front barrier-you were a good cushion. Surreal moment when moz passed me the mic and i declared passionately "Morrissey, i love you, you handsome devil!" Does anyone recall this or was it all just a dream? i need proof that it really did happen. help me out here. also does anyone know where to get live recording of the gig? the days of bootleg tapes now long gone.
    kazmominx -- Saturday May 23 2009, @12:32AM (#332026)
    (User #21362 Info)
  • ahhh... Mozza... hope it's goin great!!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @12:56AM (#332028)
  • at the end of the gig, my glasses (recently new and very expensive) went flying, when a scuffle for a drumstick occured, my eye sight is very poor, so i feared the worst, but a massive thankyou, i'ts a long shot you will read this, but it was a longshot i got them back in one piece, so truely thanks....
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @01:06AM (#332029)
  • the cheer that rang out when mozz took the stage was class, great gig, ask sounded good, loved the loop, top gig, people talking before about what special things will be at the gig guests etc, well you dont get mozz then, it was how we like it, no fuss just class, nice one.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @01:24AM (#332030)
  • Good gig, not the best ive been to. Moz seemed pre-occupied about something... 40 plus 10 perhaps? Highlights? How can anybody, girlfriend, carol. One day. The loop our shirley Lowlights... Lack of banter, that fucking bass solo didnt realise i was watching level 42, and the aftershow at the ruby lounge feeding one sad man's ego. Enjoy tonight see you in brixton. Bb
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @01:54AM (#332033)
  • My 20th gig since '95 and up there with the very best. An amazingly jubilant occasion with a wonderful atmosphere.

    I actually secured my ticket from a tout at 8.50pm having exhausted every other potential way of getting one. Managed to get them down from £150 to £70, but only by hanging around with the low-life touts for an hour.

    Wanted a standing ticket but settled for the circle (middle of row C) in the end - and was amazed to find myself in the next-but-one seat to Julia, and two rows behind Moz's entire family. She had a lovely perma-smile on her face throughout and seemed to be enjoying it as much as everyone. At the end she was warmly embraced by Moz's nephew and mum, who looked unbelievable for her age. The whole of row A in the circle seemed to be full of Moz's family - his sister was there and at least two other pensioners, one of whom could well have been his dad.

    Directly in front of me was John Robb, while over to the right of me was Alan Carr, Jo Brand and Janice Long (up on her feet and going crazy for most of the night). When hanging around outside before I also saw Linder and Michael Bracewell arrive, as well as Simon Rimmer (Scouse TV chef).

    A sensational night.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @01:57AM (#332034)
  • Unhappy Birthday (Score:1, Interesting)

    It was a good gig. This band are really tight, however when they perform Smiths songs, it's clear they aren't a patch on the Smiths. It leaves one wanting more.

    Morrissey himself wasn't very chatty, He said 'I dream of a time when someone says no to a Brit Award or The Mercury Music Prize'
    Before launching into 'Crashing Bores'

    Can I interest you in a microphone? Morrissey quipped. someone said 'Be young, Be Foolish, Be Happy' (Which is actually a Tams song, which Morrissey said was his 'going out' song in an interview) I think it was Q Magazine or some equally irrelevant publication.

    Also he lamented the publicty for SISMS saying 'you need a degree in Anthropology to find our latest singe' which I thought was amusing.

    We were sat in the seats near the back, but the fervor was still present, middle aged men hugging and embracing and singing to each other.

    This was the 6th time I've seen Morrissey in Manchester (I'm a local boy) I had a great time.

    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @02:16AM (#332035)
  • Oh, what a night! (Score:2, Interesting)

    This gig was clearly THE one to see on the tour. The ovation when Moz and the band entered the stage was unbelievable and truly unforgettable, he was clearly moved by this. Dressed in a very smart black suit with open necked white shirt, the man looked immaculate. The set list was largely unchanged, apart from All You Need Is Me, which wasn't played in Hull. As you'd expect, the crowd was energetic throughout and sang their hearts out to most songs, especially the Smiths' classics. At one point someone handed Moz a home-made poster that had the infamous nude pic along with 'Nice bithday suit' written on it. Moz held this up to show the crowd and then handed it back. Doll & The Kicks deserve a mention, for me they are the best support band I've ever seen on a Morrissey tour, a set full of catchy, melodic and memorable songs. Thank you Hannah for being so kind and posing with my daughter for a photo after the gig. Someone sign this band up! I also bought Dickie Felton's book outside the Apollo - it looks very good. A fantastic night!
    mozmal -- Saturday May 23 2009, @02:43AM (#332040)
    (User #17231 Info)
    "chips with cream for the last time"
  • The garden of Eden (Score:2, Informative)

    Everyone inside the Apollo last night received a Morrissey birthday tag []
    Awesome gig,Morrissey made me laugh when he said "I'm not trying to say that the Manchester Apollo is the garden of Eden but i'm very grateful and you're very gracious"
    pebbles+sand -- Saturday May 23 2009, @03:35AM (#332045)
    (User #16479 Info)
  • Did anyone see Morrissey deliver his trademark whipping of the microphone wire which hit a bouncer in the head?

    The bouncer looked dazed but probably because he didnt have a brain.. but Morrissey went over to him clutched his shoulder and mouthed Im sorry
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @04:50AM (#332051)
  • Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @05:01AM (#332055)
  • While I wasn't expecting Johnny Marr to show up, I was thinking something unique would happen. Maybe I hoping something unique would happen... like something new to the setlist.

    I'm sure it was a great show and if I went I would have had a great time. I guess all the hype set my expectations too high.
    bored -- Saturday May 23 2009, @06:10AM (#332069)
    (User #8415 Info)
  • Memories of yesterday will forever be in my heart. I arrived at 11am with no ticket, but by 5pm I had one. Face value from a true Moz fan. I was willing to buy from a tout but they were selling tickets for £200!! It gets me so angry.

    I have met so many wonderful people who were all trying to help me get a ticket, and I did. So thank you to you all.

    Happy Birthday Morrissey, I had a fantastic evening and I hope you did too

    p.s I saw them bringing Morrissey's birthday cake into the Apollo. The girl bringing it in didn't even know who Morrissey was!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @06:36AM (#332072)
  • Where did you all get them? I saw people wearing them but didnt know where to get one. Were they on sale?
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @06:39AM (#332073)
  • It was so wonderful to attend this special gig, I'm still there :)
    We flew in early in the morning and spent a great day in Manchester (nice city, by the way!). Bought rar vinyls and visited Salfords Lad Club in the afternoon. The Smiths Room is really touching, all the posts from fans, paper articles...we came across a photographer of the Manchester Evening News who did some shots with us in the Smiths Room. Unfortunately this photos weren't published - anyway, I had big fun. Then picked up our tickets at Star and Garter for the after gig birthday party and arrived at about 5 pm at Apollo.
    As soon as we queued up we saw the band (and I think I spotted Alan Whyte in the bus?) driving back to the hotel. Then a Mercedes limousine drove away but it was shaded - guess Moz was inside. (And Boz were picked up by a pick-up).
    After the doors opened we immediately went to the merch but "Something is squeezing my skull" wasn't available - Moz later referred to it and said "they couldn't found it".
    Well, the gig was wonderful. As soon as the curtain fell everybody jumped up, screamed and welcomed Moz enthusiastically. I was in heaven, really. It was more touching for me to be THERE during THIS gig then I could ever expect. Beside others HSIN is still one of my favourites, a song for my entire life! I'm Okay By Myself is an awesome song! Moz himself sounded great and was energetic - it was a fabulous gig!!!!
    To get one of the signed vinyls my husband sneaked out during The Loop, although he was the 9th in line he couldn't get one - unfortunately some guys before him bought several copies (sold 20 in total):(
    After the show we saw that the circle bar was decorated for the aftershow/birthday party, with a huge ice sculpture ("50 glorious years of Morrissey" or something like this on it) placed at the side.
    The party at the Star and Garter was fine and we were back in the hotel round 2 am - anyhow, we catched our flight back in the early morning. And now I'm back home but still happy and satisfied and and and...and a little bit sad that it's already in the past!
    Did someone in the front rows take pictures????
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @11:20AM (#332118)
  • I went to last night's gig and was supposed to go tonight but didnt. To be honest its put me off going to see him again. I started off third row from the front and there was this couple in front of me and my friend (you know who you are by the way). They kept on shoving me and my friend backwards even before doll and the kicks came on even though no-one had even started pushing then. The woman of the two said to the guy that we were going to get it and then when Morrissey came on obviously everyone pushed forwards which is normal and expected but this couple started elbowing me really hard in the stomach and the woman said if I didnt stop pushing I was dead when I couldnt exactly do much else with the whole crowd behind me pushing she kept turning round and moving her hand back and forth across her neck and saying I was dead. She managed to hook her leg around mine and I ended up on the ground and kicked in the head, I couldnt get up and I must have passed out as the next thing I was at the side. That couple made the gig a misery for me and after spending £130 on my ticket I was gutted, I spent the rest of the gig at the back crying as I couldnt believe that couple had been so cruel to me, they should have been so near the front if they didnt expect there to be pushing and why take it out on one person?
    lovemorrissey -- Saturday May 23 2009, @11:38AM (#332119)
    (User #17895 Info)
  • Drove up from SE London yesterday and checked into the Malmaison. The lifts in the hotel are very pokey and 2 guys walked in and nigh on crushed me. Realised that one was Alan Carr and briefly got chatting. He received an invite from Moz but had no idea why apart from someone had told him he was a fan. Bumped into him again in the bar pre-gig and he was very nervous. Very very nice bloke is Alan and genuine too, no airs and graces.

    I had seats near the back of the circle but the gig was amazing. Never seen an audience go so mad at a Moz gig before as last night when he walked out. Was surprised he wasn't as chatty as normal and the band seemed to race into the next song.

    I presume his birthday party was in the circle bar afterwards as there was flowers being shipped in?

    My 2 kids both have the birthday passes ready to wear at school to show their teachers and pals. . . Suffer Little Children!!

    Shitty 5 hour drive home and am shagged out but am still totally elated that I went.

    Onwards to Troxy and Brixton.....

    PS: Dickie's book is well worth getting. Great read!
    devout -- Saturday May 23 2009, @12:20PM (#332124)
    (User #6172 Info)
  • ...but some people are right arseholes at the front! Saw Linder and the Morissey clan leaving the venue; I assume they were as they they were all older and well dressed. Shame Moz couldn't have shook a few hands outside before he jumped in his car but hey-ho he had some drinking to do! Viva Moz!
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @12:34PM (#332126)
  • Alan Carr was talking on his radio 2 show tonight about Morrissey asking him to come over and meet his mother and how he brought him sweets for his birthday present. His impersonation of Morrissey was....
    Listen again for the first 15 minutes, the first hour was funny, people ringing in about about wedding incidents and favourite motorway service stations, unfortunately nobody rang in and named Morrisseys' favourite.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @02:53PM (#332143)
  • I really enjoyed the show. Moz looked and sounded great and the band are very tight. It's great hearing the new songs live - particularly I'm OK By Myself which Moz really nailed himself to. I did wonder whether the setlist might be missing something like Life Is A Pigsty which provided a nice gear change on the previous tour. Anyone agree?
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 23 2009, @06:42PM (#332184)
  • Hey,

    I taped the full show and have videos up on my youtube chanell.

    johnky -- Monday May 25 2009, @03:48AM (#332462)
    (User #22605 Info |
    "No it's just more lock jawed pop stars Thicker than pig shit. Nothing to convey. They’re so scared to show intelligence
  • Was looking forward to this for so long and was the most excited i have ever been about a gig! The atmosphere was unbelievable, never seen anything like it, especially down the front. It may be a little obvious but i was hoping above all hope that he would finish with There Is A Light. I don't think FOTGTD is as strong a tune but i managed to surf over and he grabbed my hand! Then, me and my girlfriend managed to tear off a whole sleeve of the pink shirt, so now that song will give me shivers every time i hear it as those few moments were overwhelming! Does anyone know which tune had the massive bass solo at the end?
    jonyred -- Tuesday May 26 2009, @03:38AM (#332592)
    (User #22611 Info)
  • shut up. you know nothing about that song and want it stands for!!idiot
    lainey -- Saturday May 23 2009, @03:55AM (#332048)
    (User #21226 Info)
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