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Set List:

This Charming Man / Black Cloud / When Last I Spoke To Carol / Is It Really So Strange? / Ganglord / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Ask / Irish Blood, English Heart / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Death At One's Elbow / Because Of My Poor Education / Cemetry Gates / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Teenage Dad On His Estate / How Soon Is Now? / The Loop / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / I'm OK By Myself // Something Is Squeezing My Skull

set list provided by Mathias
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  • How did it go? I hope nobody upset him tonight?
    Anonymous -- Friday November 20 2009, @03:59PM (#345026)
  • We love Germany (Score:3, Informative)

    Just got home from a brilliant show! Great and appreciative audience, very powerful sound, band very tight and focused. And yes, Morrissey in fantastic form! Some of the songs have never sounded more to the point and stronger than today. Honestly, I have been following the man since 1987 and have been attending lots of his concerts since 1992, and I couldn't notice any signs of fatigue or boredom or whatever he has been accused of over the past weeks. Moz appeared in great shape, both physically and voice-wise, and totally seemed to enjoy himself and his time here - before the encore he solemnly said "We have had a fantastic time in Germany. With all of our rusty hearts, we love Germany!"

    The facts & figures: Same setlist as Düsseldorf; three shirt changes; last shirt thrown into audience during "Skull" followed by quite a riot; one guy made it to the stage and hugged Moz during "Crashing Bores"; lots of gifts handed to Moz from the audience. ... and yes, there almost was another bad incident: Some young kid very close to the stage and a few feet away from me was waving a plastic bottle. During "Cemetry Gates" a security guy came into the crowd, stood right next to me for about a minute and told me he was looking for the guy. When he spotted him, he rushed over, grabbed him by the neck and pushed him out ... You could literally feel people holding their breath around me, anticipating another ecalation. But I must say that the situation was dealt with quite professionally by the security guy, without Moz even noticing what might have happened.

    And last not least: Doll & The Kicks were really very good. An absolutely perfect evening.
    Mathias <[email protected]> -- Friday November 20 2009, @04:32PM (#345031)
    (User #3110 Info)
  • @lestighaniker
    "Er kam sah und schaukelte (kurz) das Haus. #Morrissey"
    [He came, saw and rocked the house (short-time)]

    @textelle (pic from Tonhalle, Munich)
    maynardmorrissey -- Friday November 20 2009, @04:34PM (#345032)
    (User #21173 Info)
    To be finished would be a relief.
  • Just came home from the show. 7th concert ever, for the first time first row, managed to get a handshake and his volvic-bottle!
    Moz was really in great form, my favourites were Crashing bores; HSIN and Because of my poor education.
    Moz, you are the man! Take a rest and come back, my little daughter also wants to see You live on stage!
    rosenclaudi -- Friday November 20 2009, @05:38PM (#345042)
    (User #21701 Info)
  • link (Score:1, Interesting)

    intro/this charming man
    Anonymous -- Friday November 20 2009, @05:45PM (#345043)
  • to RECORDED Smiths.

    Have you listened to live Smiths recordings? They don't sound exactly like the records. They sound - well, live.
    Davinder -- Saturday November 21 2009, @07:01AM (#345085)
    (User #355 Info)
    • Re:I love how people compare LIVE Moirrssey..... by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday November 21 2009, @01:10PM
      • I have to concur, almost. All Moz's bands have stood up well to the test in fact. They breathe new life into the old songs.
        The Smiths were exciting live, of course, and I couldn't say they were awful by any means. But to continually drag especially Jesse down by these inaccurate comparisons is simply wrong.

        Anyone who still has the chance to seem this year in Europe or in the States, go buy your tickets now. You'll have a great evening. Go jump around a bit and make some (positive) noise!

        Tomi -- Sunday November 22 2009, @10:08AM (#345130)
        (User #15918 Info)
    • Re:I love how people compare LIVE Moirrssey..... by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday November 21 2009, @01:46PM
  • Gig was just great. Enjoyed it a lot !!!! Only a bit short.....
    Please: does anyody have a SETLIST???

    Thanx! Dscheybee
    dscheybee -- Sunday November 22 2009, @09:29AM (#345128)
    (User #23211 Info)
    God bless us all. Especially me. Morrissey (Offenbach, June 09)
  • that was really great. Has anyone a video of "Crashing bores"? That was also the song when i got a handshake, so it would be very special for me. Thanks
    rosenclaudi -- Sunday November 22 2009, @11:29AM (#345135)
    (User #21701 Info)
  • Sorry for the delay, maybe some of you are still interested...

    Doll & The Kicks were great once again, spreading their energy all over the place & giving pleasure to the eyes as much as to the ears. After the gig they were selling T-shirts & their cd & just like in the summer, they were really nice, chatty & they signed their cd for you if you wanted them to.
    Matt (their guitarist) told me that they will probably go on a tour through Germany next April. He also said that they will release a live cd at the beginning of next year. Something to look forward too!

    Morrissey was absolutely stunning. This was my fifth concert of his & though not the most emotional for me, I think it was the best of the ones I´ve seen. I could detect absolutely no illness, cracking voice or any such thing.
    He was in great shape & seemed to be in an incredibly good mood, making many funny gestures, tons of small lyric changes (unfortunately I can´t remember any of them clearly, sorry) & he seemed genuinely happy. Watching him I couldn´t help feeling that deep in his heart he might be a comedian as much as a singer. :-)

    Boz also seemed to enjoy himself big time during the show...pulling funny faces & doing a lot of his dancing steps.

    Everyone in the band gave their all & once again I enjoyed the bass solo & was completely amazed by Matt´s drum playing. The speed in which he hits that drum during his solo is simply amazing! Arms flying all over the place, faster than the eye can look! Wow.

    My personal highlight was "The Loop", it just can´t get better than that - or at least it´s hard to top. Such energy! Ah happiness! :-)

    It was so nice to hear Morrissey talk in such an affectionate way about Germany...well, Morrissey, Germany loves you too & we hope to see you here again soon & many times more! :-)

    The successful stage invasion was done so well, I was standing in the front row & I saw the guy climb onto the stage - but it was as if he´d appeared out of nowhere...he really did a good job. He was able to hug Morrissey before he was pulled off the stage. Congratulations!
    The confused look on the security guy´s face after he realized that someone had just slipped past him & was now on the stage was also priceless! Ha ha.

    "Hello" to the other fans who were there´s nice to recognize faces from other times in the cue & to chat a feel the connection between us that lies in our shared affection for Morrissey &/or his music.

    Hope you all got home safely, to the Czech Republik, France & wherever else you came from! :-)

    & congrats to the girl who again, like in Offenbach, managed to give her present to Morrissey, well done! Congrats to everyone else, too...I´m glad my shoulder could be of service to the guy behind me in such a noble task! :-)

    A huge Thank You to Morrissey, to his band, to Doll & The Kicks & to the fans who made this evening so wonderful. & thanks to the security guy who picked up Matt´s plectrum for me after Doll & The Kicks finished their set - it´s so nice to have that kind of souvenir! & the biggest thank you to Tanja for seeing the plectrum & for being my Morrissey concert friend! :-)

    Cashews -- Monday November 23 2009, @02:06PM (#345178)
    (User #18140 Info)
    • Re:late review by goinghome (Score:1) Wednesday November 25 2009, @12:29PM
      • Re:late review by Cashews (Score:1) Wednesday November 25 2009, @01:28PM
  • Re:Yup. Yup (Score:2, Funny)

    He didn't do a gig in Cumbria did he?
    Hello Indie -- Friday November 20 2009, @03:34PM (#345020)
    (User #13749 Info | offers free jars of beetroot for the elderly.
    • Re:Yup. Yup by Hello Indie (Score:1) Friday November 20 2009, @03:36PM
    • Re:Yup. Yup by goinghome (Score:1) Friday November 20 2009, @03:37PM
      • Re:Yup. Yup by Hello Indie (Score:1) Friday November 20 2009, @04:00PM
  • nonsense, absolute nonsense.
    Anonymous -- Friday November 20 2009, @08:23PM (#345055)
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