posted by davidt on Tuesday December 08 2009, @12:30AM
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Set List:

This Charming Man / Black Cloud / When Last I Spoke To Carol / How Soon Is Now? / Ganglord / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Is It Really So Strange? / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Death At One's Elbow / Teenage Dad On His Estate / Because Of My Poor Education / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Cemetry Gates / The Loop / Ask / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die
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  • Just back from the fox! Moz was in great form, seemed happy and well. Similar setlist as previous shows! Onto San diego!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @12:44AM (#346543)
    • Re:Great Show by mozzomy (Score:1) Thursday December 10 2009, @03:17PM
  • was tonight recorded for a dvd?
    if so.... im curious to see the set list.... its been one of if not the weakest of his career. so why record it? hopefully he changed it....

    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @12:46AM (#346545)
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  • Does anyone have video or photos of me on stage? I was the only one to get up I believe.. Blue jeans.. black jacket, black boots... Would be greatly appreciated!

    Axed -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @12:59AM (#346549)
    (User #1405 Info)
  • The show was great, the boys played beautifully. Morrissey seemed very happy, and sarcastic as usual :) Im really happy he played the loop and why don't you find out for yourself, oh and definitely happy he played how soon is now.
    mr.danny89 -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @02:02AM (#346553)
    (User #21940 Info)
  • Honestly I would have to say it was a good show but it wasnt his best. When I was leaving I kept hearing people say why didnt he play two more songs? well i mean he did go longer than an hour and he stayed in a positive mood. he wanted people to go on stage w/ him. i think this was one of his best shows this tour.
    and hello when was the last time he took off his shirt?!
    billybuddgirl -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @02:03AM (#346554)
    (User #23269 Info)
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  • I was really looking forward to hearing "Because of My Poor Education" in Las Vegas. Daaaaang.

    On the brightside, and totally unrelated, I just scored a vinyl copy of "Bloodflowers" by the Cure.

    Lucas Has a Cat -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @02:09AM (#346558)
    (User #20254 Info)
    • Re:So Lucky..., by mozbilly (Score:1) Tuesday December 08 2009, @09:22AM
      • Re:So Lucky..., by Lucas Has a Cat (Score:1) Tuesday December 08 2009, @11:52AM
  • Back in good form! (Score:1, Insightful)

    Sold out. Fine venue. Great sound. The set list isn't so bad after all.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @02:34AM (#346562)
  • Nice sequence: "Teenage Dad On His Estate," "Because Of My Poor Education," and "The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores."

    It must have been rush hour at the bar when he played these.

    This tour has the worst setlist ever. EVER!!!

    Even the sycophants on this site must admit that.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @03:09AM (#346566)
    • Re:My god by mozbilly (Score:1) Tuesday December 08 2009, @09:27AM
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  • It's been years since the Palladium, Hollywood Bowl, and the Greek Theatre. But thank Morrissey and all his fans, it's still a concert worth going to. I am older and wiser but no less a true believer in the redeeming power of good art, music, and an intelligent point of view. I felt like I was 13 again at my first Smiths concert.
    toogoodtobetrue -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @04:10AM (#346568)
    (User #23270 Info)
    • Re:good show by nursejuju (Score:1) Sunday March 07 2010, @09:58PM
  • Is this it, hasn't anyone got anything a bit more substantial to say? Any banter, any incidents, any setlist, anything at all?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @04:57AM (#346570)
    • Re:Info by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday December 08 2009, @05:03AM
  • I am very tired and ill today, so I wasn't going to write a review, but since several people asked me so kindly I am obliged...And if you don't like me, you don't have to read me.

    Good, solid show. Not an amazing show like I had expected. Crowd up front was a lot tamer than expected as well, with the exception of the crazy non-fan who threatened the people at the front of the queue with gun violence if they got in his way. Was on par with one of the so-so shows of the Hollywood Palladium in 2007. It certainly wasn't worth two full days of queuing and drama, so I'm glad I took care of my health and rested instead of queuing in the cold rain.

    Soundcheck was the usual. No new songs, a portent of things to come.

    DATK acknowledged those who had queued for two days. Mentioned that they'd be playing their own show @ the Whiskey on Sunset a week from tonight. I liked Hannah's fringe skirt because it hides what looks like her underpants. And you can't go wrong with black!

    Morrissey was wearing that blue and brown floral shirt, same that he wore in Seattle. I wish he hadn't; the gaudy design makes his belly look preternaturally bloated. He looked so fine in fitted trousers and white shirt in Vegas. Why, for the love of Moz, does he wear such unflattering shirts? Very late in the show, tossed this ugly shirt into the crowd and returned with a more tasteful dark shirt. Frayed, overly baggy denims again.

    Came out onto the stage, bowed several times and announced, “This pretty face is going to hell!” (refer to his desert island discs picks) and launched into the usual garage band massacre of TCM.

    Between most of the songs he drank frequently from the metallic drink containers. It made me somewhat worried about the condition of his throat. His voice cracked terribly on one note, but other than that glaring falter, he sounded very good. Crooning on Because of My Poor Ed was especially blissful.


    Exclaimed, “Pomona, Pomona, Pomona!” much in the same way he used to be given to saying “Pomme, Pomme, Pomme”, a Eurovision contest fave of his that he featured in the intermission music some years ago.

    After Gaglawd: “It really isn't too bad because in Vegas I had died for 8 minutes.” And on the 3rd day, yea, our lord hath risen from the dead. Hallelujah! Amen.

    Pointed to the stage and to the wings and all around, each time questioning, “Is this really Pomona?”

    Introduced Is It Really So Strange with “This song is a very spiritual one.”

    “Is everybody okay? (huge cheers) Is anybody having a horrible time? (audience roars no, but contrary Moz points over to house right where there is mighty consternation at a rude, abundantly fleshly troll crashing the barrier -- apparently she lied and said she only wanted a photo, then wanted a handshake, then invited her entire rude, pushy crew to come up and trample on the generosity of a kind fan who then decided she had had enough of being nice) “Somebody said, 'Yes'”

    After Death Elbow band intros: “Dancing his legs down to the knees, would you believe, is Boz Boorer (meanwhile Boz is doing a fun little dance)? Would you even believe, on the bass guitar, is Solomon Walker? It was his birthday yesterday, and today he looks old – on the drums is Matt Walker. (Pretending to read notes written on his palm and looking mock quizzical) Guitar, uh, his name is, uh, I believe is Jesse Tobias. And playing the piano is Gustavo Manzur. I am angry, I am ill, and I am as ugly as sin (from the Magazine song “Under the Floorboards” covered by Moz several times in concert; he has also quoted that verse in letters to Robert Mackie). Don't applaud that!”

    After Teenage Dad said, “That song and this song are on our recent cd called Swords, which you can buy in Rosemead with the frozen vegetables.”

    “Now I'm very sorry that the modern world of music is so terrible. And modern radio, music television is so awful. I think as we music lovers know, the world is full of crashing bores...”

    After Why Don't You F? he s
    Mel Torment -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @05:11AM (#346572)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • Foxy in Pomona (Score:5, Informative)

    This'll be a short one since I have to get up for work in less than 3 hours!

    Of all places, Pomona seemed to be the chilliest so far. Gosh, it was absolutely Freezing after the rain (yes, come back to LA for rain of all things!).

    Enough about the weather, the show at the Fox Theater was Great!

    Being a GA/standing show on a work night, my view of the stage was intermittent. The feeling of the crowd, of Moz and the band was totally positive. This was the Moz marathon sing-along that should've also happened in Vegas. Everyone from what I could see was getting along and loving Moz together. It was the giddiest crowd so far.

    Doll & the Kicks: a good crowd for them again. Very pretty pink ruffly collar and black girdle/bustier for Doll/Hannah tonight. Moz plugged their post-tour show at the Whisky in Hollywood on Dec. 14 ( []) during his set.

    Moz wardrobe: navy-blue light silk patterned shirt (ripped off quickly and unexpectedly at the end of I forget which song, my brain cells are fading). Then came back out in a light pastel pink collared shirt (?). The boyz: black loose-fitted t-shirts, almost-black blue jeans (classic rock-n' roll 50's style to maybe go with the era of the venue).

    Show highlights:
    Someone gave Moz a tapestry wall-hanging of Elvis. He loved it! Played with it a lot on stage, even covering his whole head with the image of Elvis' head. I almost thought he'd sing the next song like that, then right before the vocals he snatched it off. Very funny, that one!

    I'm Okay By Myself totally rocked tonight! Solomon's extended bass ending is just simply awesome. I'm waiting for him to go buckwild on that.

    Jesse riffed like the rockstar he is (imho). The crowd around me was impressed. What was kind of odd was one young audience member yelled, "Johnny Marr, you rock!" All I could do was smile quizzically at that. Jesse also had the Mexican flag with Moz's face at the center hanging from his amp (first time on this tour).

    The Loop: Moz having the time of his life dancing and shaking that tambourine. Yeah! I'm also loving that little accent from Matt in the middle of the song (best I can describe it without knowing drum-speak is a top-hat shuffle-skip, almost like when a comedian tells a joke and the drums go, ta-da-tah!). It makes the song happier and playful.

    Moz kicking up like a school-boy at the end of Daddy's voice. Cute ;). He said something after that about the end words (Italian?) of the song, but I didn't quite catch it.

    During the band intro, Moz pointed out that yesterday was Matt's birthday. Happy belated Birthday, Matt!!!

    At the end, I think after the bow, Moz said, "I don't deserve your love, but I've received it, and I'm happy."
    Moz, Likewise ;).

    Belated cheers to Damon, and Cheers to Charlie, Milky, Lloyd, Preston, Rocky, Joey, Miro, Arlene, Lucky Duck, Suswa, Nobody's Nothing, and Jose.

    Cheers (and 2 hours of sleep before I'm off again),
    romeogirl -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @05:20AM (#346573)
    (User #2891 Info)
  • the show was full of em..........

      Still a good show to enjoy in the pit. I was definitely happy to see him content over the course of the show. No assholes were pushing their way up. Everyone respected each others space. Good vibe from the crowd. Beer was served at the pit section. Super ++++1!! Must say, 'The Loop'was by far the best song of the night. Pretty much where most of his energy was spent aside from the 3 moments on the floor. Also, got a kick outta watching him place a silkscreen print of elvis over his face as if he, 'elvis' was about to sing.

    on a side note,
    Moz is definitely looking tired these days. But good to see that i caught a good night. This of course, is based on what you twats have been crying/twittering about throughout his tour.
    mozcar78 -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @09:36AM (#346595)
    (User #4118 Info |
    Paying morrissey's bills since 1991!!!!!!
  • Sorry Mari (Score:2, Funny)

    bout that fat girl with glasses who was hogging up the platform rail. she didnt even move her cupcake filled ass to do anything;not even clap or cheer. thank goodness i was between my kid cuz i caught her looking at him probably thinking,"get in my belly""i want my baby-back,baby-back,baby-back,ribs"
    mozbilly -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @09:50AM (#346597)
    (User #22117 Info)
    • Re:Sorry Mari by concergirl79 (Score:1) Tuesday December 08 2009, @10:55AM
    • Re:Sorry Mari by lovelymorrissey (Score:1) Tuesday December 08 2009, @11:44AM
    • Re:Sorry Mari by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday December 09 2009, @11:49AM
      • Re:Sorry Mari by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday December 10 2009, @02:26AM
  • I am surprised a very small crowd waited for Morrissey after the show. We were a small group no more then 15 Morrissey could've stopped to shake some hands but all we got was a wave and a smile as he dove into his mercedes with leather seats of course.
    littlegunshots -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @10:15AM (#346601)
    (User #23271 Info)
  • vids up (Score:2, Informative)

    Thanks to Mel and romeogirl for the summations.

    Not the best vids. There was a lot of pushing last night so I didn't even know my phone was upside-down for a cpl of these. Mostly, this is for Elaine to see the blurry sideways vid of Moz w/her Elvis banner! ;)
    Suswa -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @10:50AM (#346604)
    (User #6274 Info |
    • Re:vids up by goinghome (Score:1) Tuesday December 08 2009, @01:01PM
  • Does anyone need tickets to the show in San Diego tonight? I've got 2 I can't use and I'd hate for them to go to waste. They're great seats on the floor.

    Reply to this comment and we'll work it out if you're interested.
    todpop -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @11:02AM (#346609)
    (User #23273 Info)
  • Very nice set! why don't you find out for yourself was sweet!! don't think i ever heard this live before. band was tight and sound was terrific, clean and LOUD!!me likeeee. Awesome frontman. such a talented songwriter. Would have loved to see something off of Viva Hate.(Late Night,Maudlin Street)maybe gibson? don't matter his catalog is chockful of classics.Like his new stuff, Carol most of all. Looks like he's ready. Great opportunity to see him just in case this last tour. gibson here we come! Band fantastico!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @12:09PM (#346622)
  • Anyone need 2 tix to the LA show? I won't price gouge you. face value. right in the middle, pretty decent seats. Just 2 extra that I cant use. reply for info. thanks!
    MindKiller317 -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @12:42PM (#346625)
    (User #18214 Info)
    • Re:LA tix by Brighteyes15 (Score:1) Tuesday December 08 2009, @01:44PM
    • Re:LA tix by bigmouthxxx (Score:1) Wednesday December 09 2009, @12:03AM
      • Re:LA tix by MindKiller317 (Score:1) Wednesday December 09 2009, @12:09AM
  • omg!!!!! i saw morrissey in real life!totally worth it, i would definetely do it again, next time im gonna invite michael 4sure 4sure!!!!!!!hahahahahahaha
    p.s i hope they recorded it!
    Brighteyes15 -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @01:41PM (#346633)
    (User #23272 Info)
  • Pair of side by side tix four rows back at the grand tier for face value. Email [email protected] if interested. M
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @02:28PM (#346639)
  • I bought PIT seats from ebay and lost them in a move. The Ebay person says they cannot replace. This was the first venue I saw The Smiths in the 80's, been to Moz concerts ever since. Anyone have a Pit ticket to sell?
    MzzMozz -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @08:00PM (#346650)
    (User #23265 Info)
  • While I can agree with some peoples' gripes about the setlist (after the Palladium setlist, I dun't think he'll ever have a better one, personally), I think the show as a whole was awesome! He seemed to have a lot of energy and the crowd had energy as well.

    Thanks to the lovely lads who helped me at my stage invading attempt annnd thanks for letting me sling over the barricade at the barge of the annoying drunken lady who obviously didn't get the concept of personal space. =D. It was a valiant effort and atleast I got to hug his leg =P. Whatevz, I've still 2 days left for success, right? Not sure if the lady who told me she got a picture of it comes on here, but if you do, would you mind sending it =D?

    I had an amazing time at the show and it erased my negative gripes about certain things. So, hello again, to everyone I was standing around!

    See you guys Thursday!

    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @01:26AM (#346673)
    • Re:Yay! by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday December 10 2009, @12:31AM
      • Re:Yay! by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday December 10 2009, @01:32AM
        • Re:Yay! by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday December 10 2009, @09:48AM
  • Seeing morrissey for my 1st time was nothing i expected! Once he came out i couldnt stop from smiling. Hes an amazing performer! No words can explain how i felt that night!! I hope i am able to see him again!

    Brighteyes15 -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @10:25AM (#346711)
    (User #23272 Info)
  • 2 Morrissey tickets for Ventura!

    Anybody want to go see Morrissey in Ventura this Tomorrow, Dec. 11, 2009????

    email me at [email protected] ...
    mozzomy -- Thursday December 10 2009, @03:15PM (#346891)
    (User #23287 Info)

  • 2 Morrissey tickets for Ventura!

    Anybody want to go see
    Morrissey in Ventura this
    Tomorrow, Dec. 11, 2009?

    I'm selling 2 tickets.

    email me at: [email protected] ...

    mozzomy -- Thursday December 10 2009, @03:38PM (#346901)
    (User #23287 Info)
  • It was an okay show. Morrissey has been doing the same setlist for the passed 4-5 shows, so really nothing changes. What ALSO doesn't change is the same idiots that have been following Morrissey for the passed 5 shows. These idiots are just causing trouble at every single show they go to. You've just about gotten fed up with these people and tired of their b.s. by the time you even get in to the show. So they sorta' ruine it for you.
    What do they do???
    Well I'll tell you!
    It's about 15 to 25 of these idiots who all know eachother, and what they do is take turns at being the first one to get to the next venue with a F'ing list with all their names on it from teh previous show. Then the rest start showing up when ever they feel like it and don't have to wait in line. In the meanwhile, you've been there before most of them and you end up being 40something in line cause these assholes show up with even more people. These people have no idea what being a Morrissey fan entails. They behave like they've just got hip to Morrissey. I really wish I would have seen a familiar face from back in the early 2000's or 1990's tours but I guess some fans have slowly dropped out.
    All these new fans claiming they've been fans longer than me, with nothing but burnt copies of 1/3 of Morrissey's catalog, if even that!
    One of those "FANS" actually told me they've been going to Moz shows since the "Quarry" tour.
    "Wow, that beats my 22yrs of Moz concert going!!"

    But now I've got a question...

    Since when did Morrissey start attracting shaved head gangsters???
    I could have swore I saw the guy who did that stupid "Lean Like A Cholo" song, in line way in front of me.
    I guess Moz started appealing to gangsta's since he put out "1st Of The Gang" and "Ganglord".
    I'm really strugling to forgive Morrissey for that right now.

    Now lets move into the venue, shall we?

    I read here that someone say that "people respected everyone's space".
    Really... ?
    then why was I getting smashed against the stage by some fat tatooed cow dressed in flamenco garb that smelled of sweaty bologna??

    Then there's the fat girl that wants me to help push her fat ass over the rail!
    What a carnival bunch Morrissey is attracting these days.
    As for Morrissey, well he was in perfect form as usual. He looked a bit under the weather, but I thank him for choosing to go on with the show, being he had canceled the previous show I had tickets to, due to "blowing out his voice".
    I am seriously thinking of not going to any more Morrissey shows though after this experience.

    But will I ever see Morrissey at Pomona next time, if there is a next time? Hell no!
    I'll never make that mistake again.
    It's that same East Los Angeles crowd that just kills the experience.
    They are very immature and rude.
    And dare I mention, rarely bathe.
    Then you had the incident that happened just before they started letting people go into the venue. Some black guy, whom looked somewhat homeless tried to get in line to go in and the shaved headed cholos, lets call them "the Hectors", didn't waste any time in taking it personal and wanting to start trouble with the homeless guy, rather than being mature and letting security handle it. This only made the homeless guy more aggravated, which made him start bothing everyone.

    To sum the whole event up:
    Morrissey's Performance: Not the best, but not bad.

    The setlist: Exactly the same as the passed 5 showes.

    The crowd: Awefully rude lowlifes who don't bathe.

    The Venue: Just o.k.

    Opening band: "Doll & The Kicks", was annoying.

    Parting words: I hope I don't see any of the same idiots at the next 3 shows I have tickets to.
    magnificent -- Thursday December 10 2009, @04:39PM (#346916)
    (User #23037 Info)
  • as for an early x-mas gift my sis got me tickets to the pomona show and it was amazing! we were so close to him i almost wanted to jump on stage & kiss his feet haha. he looked so amazing and i was really happy he opened with this charming man :)the only problem was that chloe sevigny (i think thats how u spell it)was in front of me & she's super tall compared to me so i couldnt see that great haha.the doll & the kicks were awsome as well and i also got to meet mclovin! was an amazing night even though i cried through the whole thing but they were tears of happiness to finally see my hero :)
    dreamoz -- Saturday December 12 2009, @01:51AM (#347174)
    (User #23300 Info)
  • does anyone know a girl in a blue sweater? she was staying in the Comfort Inn in Pomona the night of the show? She went to the show in SD also.

    She was really cute and had brown hair in a ponytail i think. Had also a button down under the sweater.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 12 2009, @12:55PM (#347235)
  • He was beautifully stauesque, my charming, handsome devil.

    In Moz We Trust
    NatalieMorrissey -- Saturday December 19 2009, @11:39AM (#347956)
    (User #23320 Info)
  • seriously dude, will you shut the fuck up
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @12:44AM (#346542)
  • Not true, full setlist with FOGD for encore
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @12:48AM (#346546)
    • Re:so... by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday December 08 2009, @01:46AM
  • i think the mexi greaser is done. More like remnants and recycled versions of hipster mexi rebels. lol
    mozcar78 -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @09:21AM (#346591)
    (User #4118 Info |
    Paying morrissey's bills since 1991!!!!!!
  • good question but lets not give the east LA greasers any importance cuz they will keep multiplying. maybe 49.75%?
    mozbilly -- Tuesday December 08 2009, @10:08AM (#346600)
    (User #22117 Info)
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