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Set List:

This Charming Man / Black Cloud / When Last I Spoke To Carol / How Soon Is Now? / Ganglord / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Is It Really So Strange? / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Death At One's Elbow / Teenage Dad On His Estate / Because Of My Poor Education / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Cemetry Gates / The Loop / Ask / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die

mollymmorrissey writes:
Morrissey opened the show with the Elvis Presley "Spinout" vinyl record we gave him as a Christmas card, flashing the cover about durring, "This Charming Man". Kind of a thrill to have been able to please...Hi there Morrissey. His opening greeting was,"San Diego, I give you my heart." Morrissey quite chatty with comments on the, "Past visits to your beautiful city did not work out, thank you for keeping the faith" Two stage crashers attempted, the first made it onstage, the second did not..same set list as past dozen shows... GOOD SHOW Morrissey and crew and Thank you from Molly Mae Morrissey and David G.
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  • Good show. However, not the same energy as Pomona. Only one stage invader and he was denied. The security was very vigilant tonight. Last thing-the crowd was a bit hard on the eyes. Better looking crowd at Pomona.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @12:09AM (#346657)
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  • Does anyone know who the pointing guy on the background screen is? Thanks.

    The show was great, but too damn short!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @12:26AM (#346660)
  • decent show (Score:2, Interesting)

    but awful venue.

    sure acoustics, whatever. architecturally beautiful, yeah. but parking was a nightmare (literally) and the staff were fucking retarded (also literally).

    i emailed ahead to Copley and asked about cameras-was told it was cool. the usual; fixed lens, no professional gear...

    guess no one told the hired goons. missed TCM and half of Black Cloud walking back to the car. obviously i was already late, but that just made it worse.

    naturally everyone else had cameras, so at least i can see other people's vids on youtube :)

    i had pit tickets and was only one back from the rail, but very few people seemed very enthusiastic around me, including Julia who always seems to stand right in front of me.

    setlist was good with only a minor slow spot, Moz sounded very good as did the boys. made mention of the last two crappy gigs in SD (he's not counting 97 i guess) one shirt tossed, one stage invader (which got the biggest applause of the night) and annoying kid on piggyback that was really distracting, lots of gifts that will make it to the trashcan on the way out. Solomon got an AWESOME bass solo at the end of OKBMS

    i got a drumstick and a pick, the wife got a handshake

    and to the tall bald-headed Mexican guy in the front, you missed a single hair. and it looks like you might have missed it the last 2 shaves
    mr. superinvisible -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @12:41AM (#346664)
    (User #6367 Info)
  • He sure is sticking with that setlist isn't he.. The songs are played well, and he puts all he has into it, but I just don't connect to a lot of these songs. If this was a b-sides tour, he sure has some better options out there. I was pleased to hear Cemetry Gates, Why Don't You Find Out, Is It Really So Strange. Sad to say I prefer the Hooligans version of Ask to the bands. Its been said before, the whole rocking out of This Charming Man....doesn't really work for me. That stretch of Teenage Dad, Poor Education, Crashing Bores sure takes the wind out of the show.

    I was worried about Moz aging and losing it, but now I'm more worried about the fans aging and losing it. I saw more than one Pomp that isn't covered in the back anymore.

    Big ups to Moz for acknowledging the previous show on the bay. I swore after that show I was done with him, but I came back and it was nice that he realized it was bullshit the way he finished the last time here.

    San Diego hasn't really been that enthusiastic of a crowd since the 91-92 era. Then again, with that setlist, pretty hard to get everyone jumping. (My feet were sticking to the ground. Gross.) Got to be the mellowest pit I've ever seen at a Moz show. But then again, the maniacs can't get that close at a show where you are only up front if you shell out big bucks. Stoked for the kid who was on the shoulders in the 3rd row the whole time, but sucks for everyone else. Nothing like going to see Moz for 17 years and never able to get that close, but kids first time there is where it was. And in your view.

    Keep the mike on stage please, especially during the song. Its bad enough that I know First of the Gang is the last song, but at least sing the whole thing..

    I know that sounded like a lot of complaining, but I've paid my dues to Moz. I enjoyed the show and he won me back just a little bit.

    Stuck around to watch Moz get into the car. That would have been a lot more exciting to me 15 years ago I think, but better late than never.
    Bob -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @12:58AM (#346670)
    (User #246 Info)
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    • This is kind of funny. I'm bitching about the setlist, but also bitching about the last time he played here. Check out the setlist from last time:
      Set List:

      The Queen Is Dead / First Of The Gang To Die / You Have Killed Me / In The Future When All's Well / Disappointed / Ganglord / Girlfriend In A Coma / Let Me Kiss You / The National Front Disco / That's How People Grow Up / Panic / Irish Blood, English Heart / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / I Will See You In Far Off Places / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / How Soon Is Now?

      Chances are, if I just got home tonight, and that was the setlist we saw, I'd be on cloud nine. DISCLAIMER: This is the full setlist from the night before he played here last:
      The Queen Is Dead / You Have Killed Me / In The Future When All's Well / Disappointed / Girlfriend In A Coma / Let Me Kiss You / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / I Will See You In Far Off Places / The National Front Disco / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / That's How People Grow Up / At Last I Am Born / Panic / Irish Blood, English Heart / All You Need Is Me / Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // The Last Of The Famous International Playboys / You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

      Damned if you do, damned if you don't these days Mozzer.
      Bob -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @02:19AM (#346678)
      (User #246 Info)
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  • Ugh! What?! I was told by the venue there would be no standing area. Damnit! Bummed now that I didn't go. >=(.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @02:52AM (#346679)
  • everyone on here just cries about everything.

    parking was easy, i left my house at 7:20 and was parked and seated by 7:45

    not a bad seat in the house, the venue was awesome.

    moz was in a great mood, joking and making sounds, he talked to julia for a second, and he played some amazing classics.

    seeing them play The Loop was amazing, they nailed it, one of the best songs I have ever seen played.

    stop complainging and enjoy the music.
    danarel -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @05:33AM (#346684)
    (User #18092 Info |
    "Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages"--Thomas Edison
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    • de nada, Moz by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday December 09 2009, @04:51PM
  • I've been reading the comments after every show, to see how the show went and if the set list was going to change before I had my chance to see Morrissey here in San Diego! I can't get over all the negativety, but the great thing about the internet, it gives every person a voice to say whatever stupid thing they want! I went to the show last nigt,my friend ended up getting sick and couldn't go, so i sold my $90 extra txt for $40 and went in to the show. Morrissey was great, yes he has had better shows before, I've seen over 12 - 14 shows and the set list wasn't the best I've ever heard, but it was still a good god damn show!!!!! Who gives a crap what some "unknown" jack ass has to say in a negative way about the show, crowd, etc.... Life is to short to dwell in negativety!!!!!! If you are a true Smiths/Morrissey fan, then you would never act so ignorant! Hang in there Morrissey, i will always continue to support you! Period!
    antoby69 -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @09:00AM (#346691)
    (User #23166 Info)
  • a bunch of idiots. to the guy that siad the crowd was better looking at pomona..if youre going to shows to people watch then go to the park. the parking complaing guy...are you serious? did you not see all the lots in the area with $5 parking signs? people that complain about setlist...shut the fuck up and have a good time. you are all a bunch of wankers and need to grow the fuck up and except the this moment your seeing a legend perform live and he will not be here forever. if your gonna go to these shows and whine about it then just stay home!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @09:33AM (#346701)
  • does anyone know the name of some of the songs or artist in the video compilation they play before morrissey takes the stage?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @09:38AM (#346704)
  • I've read all the comments here and in past shows and it seems like the true loyal fans don't care about paying what they paid or where the parking was or what songs he played, they and I came to see Morrissey and hear him sing, what ever he decided to sing. The set lists have been going around so there was a good idea of what he was going to sing, what songs he might not sing. I understand that he can't be singing the same songs over and over, and probably can't sing a lot of Smiths songs which is probably what we all want more of. The man is a great act, singer and person, those who have followed him throughout the years know this and keep on being loyal to him, even after bad outside shows that we've all been to. I don't think I have to say how long I've followed him or what show's I've been to, I don't think it matters, I don't have to prove that I am a loyal fan by saying this. The fans as well as Morrissey have aged so it is expected to see a different atmosphere. We all knew where the venue was and how it was not going to be standing room only like in Pomona, there is always a different atmosphere with standing room and we all knew this. So don't compare one show to the next, they are all going to be different on a lot of ways, to what songs he sings, to how attractive the crowd was to how bad the venue was. We are all loyal fans and will always be, until he stops singing or he dies. I think his music unites us all and has touched us in more ways than we will ever know, so just be happy that we got to see him sing, when he is gone we will not have that chance anymore and would regret not seeing him more, what ever the cirmustances where..........

    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @09:46AM (#346707)
  • Pull out meat is murder, the queen is dead, strangeways here we come, viva hate, bona drag, etc.. and listen to the music and shut the fuck up already!

    For fuck sake!
    antoby69 -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @10:15AM (#346710)
    (User #23166 Info)
  • They are looking for footage of their invasion... hope someone out there can help!
    Anonymoose -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @10:48AM (#346712)
    (User #19768 Info)
  • Slightly unrelated to the thread but has anyone noticed how wonderful the version on 'Swords' is? Gone are the incongruous keyboards and the gentleness of the b-side released on the 'Quarry' singles and in its place, something visceral, dark and majestic. This is arguably Morrissey's finest ever moment as a Smith or solo artist.

    I'm playing it very, very loud and enjoying it even more than the phenomenal John Peel version he did a few years ago.

    Absolutely magical and would make a great set-closer for the Morrissey cognoscenti.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @12:29PM (#346718)
  • was as follows:

    Handsome Devil
    You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
    My Life is a Succession of People Saying Goodbye
    The Operation
    Nobody Loves Us
    The Boy With The Thorn
    Rusholme Ruffians
    Lifeguard Sleeping, Girle Drowning
    Mama Lay
    Something is Squeezing my Skull
    Seasick, Yet Still Docked
    I Started Something
    Half a Person
    The Never-Played Symphonies
    I Will See You in Far-Off Places
    First of the Gang to Die
    Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @12:36PM (#346720)
  • I thought Morrissey sounded great. Especially considering the last two shows in San Diego, I'd say he had a very good night.
    Now for my complaint, which lies with the San Diego crowd. I usually get tickets for the the shows in Los Angeles despite the fact that I live in San Diego. Now I'm sure there were some real, passionate fans at the show, but they surely were not sitting anywhere near me and didn't seem to be in the pit area either. I mean even whem he sang Smiths songs people didnt seem to know enough of the lyrics to even sing along to the chorus!
    I don't expect everyone to sing along to every single word like I do, but I do expect some familiarity with the lyrics on more than the chorus of How Soon is Now. I had people sitting down near me and people texting during the show when we were only about 10 rows back, really people?
    I generally get tickets to the LA shows because I like watching the shows with people who I feel like appreciate Morrissey as much as I do, and if I have extra money I buy tickets down here as well just to be able to see him twice. Unfortunately this time I wasn't able to.
    But complaints aside, Great show Morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @01:43PM (#346725)
  • This is 1992...pale, much?

    He is a pale man.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @02:52PM (#346729)
  • []


    1/ CHARMAN
    2/ CLOUD
    3/ CAROLO
    4/ HSIN?
    5/ GANGLE
    6/ PARIS
    7/ IS IT REALLY?
    8/ ONE DAY G'BYE
    9/ ELBOW
    10/ TEEN DAD
    12/ BORES
    13/ WHY DON'T YOU?
    14/ CEMETERY
    15/ LOOP
    16/ ASK
    17/ DADDYS
    18/ I'M KO'd

    enc: FIRST

    Setlist identical to Pomona's but there was a huge difference in atmosphere and Morrissey's energy level. In Sandy Gringo, he was ON it this time, despite the seated venue. As others have reported, he said it didn't work out the last two times (I was thinking that all the SD shows since '97 were downright the worst or simply mediocre compared to other shows on a given tour) so he's glad we had faith enough to return. But of course!

    This amazingly right show was a fabulous way for some of our east coast tour mates to end. You will be sorely missed.

    Not only did Moz seem to have more energy and stamina, he didn't flub any notes, voice was strong, and there were no metallic containers of hot liquids anywhere on the stage. Throat seems improved! He simply drank room temp water. No fancy Fiji or Volvic water this time, plain old Crystal Geyser, I think.

    When doing band intros, Moz announced these were the men who would/could not kneel – ooh-er – before going into a song that seems to reference fellatio (Daddy's Voice).

    When Moz did the shirt toss, it was horrifying and amusing at the same time. I don't mean anything disparaging about the state of Mozzer's body, I meant that he flung it into the middle of the pit where only moderately interested attendees or clueless season ticketholders were SITTING on chairs. Rabid fans raced over to attack for the shirt and literally knocked some of these poor folks out of their seats! Good thing that little kid on someone's shoulders wasn't knocked off. : /

    Not only did Moz give so-richly-deserving Joey a present of the Elvis record that Moz autographed, many fans were giving him gifts. It's early X-mess for Moz!

    When the first guy successfully dove over for a stage invasion, Moz was mightily gratified and called him, “Action man!” and then wondered, “Where's action WOMAN?” None of the girlies on house left wanted to risk it for a biscuit. But I wondered about that unreleased “Action Man” song.

    I'm not sure if anyone else actually got onstage besides Action Man, even during FOTGTD, but there were several attempts. These were met with firm shoves downward -- kind of like playing bequiffed whack-a-mole for the security, which lined up in the moat before the encore, prepped for the stage invasion attempts. During FOTGTD, Moz sang/asked, "You have never been in love?" and D popped up and yelled into the mic, "NEVER!" Apparently, he's never seen the dawn rise behind the home for the blind or the stars reflect in the Silverlake Reservoir.

    Moz very generous with the handshakes. I got another funny hand-flipping back and forth during my first one.

    The venue staff in this genteel hall were darling. I was especially tickled by the sweet, elderly ushers who were so keen to show you to your seat. One staffer in the pit literally leapt up with joy when someone actually wanted her to show them their seats; most of us bypassed this courtesy to head straight for the rail. It was hilarious when these white-haired ushers at the doors looked at our tix and said, "Oh you're down in the mosh pit, aren't you?" No, Gran-luv, that's the MOZpit.

    I expect the Moz Angeles show tomorrow to be incredible now that Mozzer seems more fit and not struggling with throat issues. In 2004 he did some wonderful rarities including the "Redondo Beach" cover and "I'm Playing Easy to Get" at the Universal Amphitheatre.
    Mel Torment -- Wednesday December 09 2009, @10:18PM (#346770)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • Glad to see the many posts and perspectives for this show.

    I happily got some rest at the attached Sheraton hotel (posh and just perfect after 1 hour's sleep, half day at work waking at 6am, errands, long drive to San Diego during rush hour necessitating a 1/2 hour rest to not crash, then making the show right after This Charming Man started!). I was rightly knackered after the show and hoping everyone else would have at it first to share their experiences. And I pledge that for the next shows I will make it in time for Doll & the Kicks, darnit!

    Mel and others have covered most of what happened, so I'll just fill in with a couple other highlights.

    Moz began in a brown suit jacket and slacks, navy blue collared shirt that was low-cut and nicely showed off his chest. It seemed the stage might have been cold at first as M kept tugging the collar closed in the beginning. The top button came undone and I just wanted to jump up there, stand before him and button it up while giving him a nice 'ok, carry on, dear' kiss. I very nearly went for it as it was a low stage, I had no barrier in front since I was late and off to the side, but two watchful bouncers hindered my ideas from becoming Action.

    During IOKBMS, the bouncer in front of me turned away and I went for it (stage left, house right) but alas the bouncers were quick to catch my feet and legs while I landed on stage. I was pulled back down by their tentacles. After I was back on the floor, they pulled off my wrist band and out the pit I went after that! (Thanks for serenading from the far stage right speakers, M. ;)

    Moz also wore 2 silver necklaces that had large-sized bling hanging from them (couldn't tell what the charms were).

    The boyz wore black collared shirts and nice, black silhouetting slacks and black belts.

    Moz warmed up after a few songs, gave his jacket to the crew, and sweated a little in back. What was totally cute was when he pulled up his collar Elvis-style, then put his arms out like he was holding someone to dance and shuffling playfully back and forth, feigning romance. Then he broke out of it, joking, "That was silly!"

    He came back on later in the sea-green/light blue (neonmadraslady, I think you're right, it is close enough to blue also) collared shirt and I think blue jeans. I think this was the shirt he eventually unbuttoned all the way and tossed to back pit center, but I could be wrong (it might've been the first navy blue shirt after all because I can't remember a third shirt). The skuffle ended surprisingly quickly (Mel's account seems to explain why).

    As mentioned before the crowd was somewhat mellow but seemed appreciative and into the show. Moz was in a charming mood, almost as talkative as Oakland. There was a pretty long statement in the middle of the show that I couldn't hear because some selfish guy from the audience took it upon himself to loudly complain to a security guard next to the pit while Moz was talking to us. Even M heard it and asked what was going on there and looked in the general direction house right. I quietly answered "stupidity." So if anyone can post what Moz said, it would be much appreciated.

    Other banter, 'he said "What the hell did he say?" or something, which I thought was at a nicely casual level.

    Also, a gracious "for me?" while accepting gifts. He finally took mine after a barrage of others. He did take them all with him, as his PA helped take it all to his car as he got in to leave. There was so much that she had to ride in the next car with the tour manager! So I think we can rest assured Moz at least opened everything in delight and saw everything at least once before who knows what.

    The first couple gifts he took during the show were an Elvis (different from the first one he brought out) and some other records (couldn't make out what the second one was), and some sort of action figure, maybe of Oscar Wilde in a white cloak?? Moz displayed these three proudly on the drum stand.
    romeogirl -- Thursday December 10 2009, @04:15AM (#346818)
    (User #2891 Info)
  • Anybody want to go see Morrissey in Ventura this Tomorrow, Dec. 11, 2009????

    email me at [email protected]
    mozzomy -- Thursday December 10 2009, @03:07PM (#346890)
    (User #23287 Info)
  • 2 Morrissey tickets for Ventura!

    Anybody want to go see Morrissey in Ventura this Tomorrow, Dec. 11, 2009????

    email me at: [email protected] ...
    mozzomy -- Thursday December 10 2009, @03:20PM (#346893)
    (User #23287 Info)

  • 2 Morrissey tickets for Ventura!

    Anybody want to go see
    Morrissey in Ventura this
    Tomorrow, Dec. 11, 2009?

    I'm selling 2 tickets.

    email me at: [email protected] ...

    mozzomy -- Thursday December 10 2009, @03:41PM (#346902)
    (User #23287 Info)
  • Found some more photos of Tuesday's show in San Diego from the paper in town. Nice suit Moz - looking dapper!

    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @12:40AM (#346944)
  • does anyone know a girl in a blue sweater? she was staying in the Comfort Inn in Pomona the night of the show? She was also at the SD show, saw her in the pit after lights went on.

    She was really cute and had brown hair in a ponytail i think. Had also a button down under the sweater.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 12 2009, @12:57PM (#347236)

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