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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart / The Loop / Let Me Kiss You / Ask / First Of The Gang To Die / Cemetry Gates / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Is It Really So Strange? / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Death At One's Elbow / Teenage Dad On His Estate / Ganglord / Black Cloud / This Charming Man / I'm OK By Myself // One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
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  • Interesting that the last show for the foreseeable future is One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell.

    Hopefully it's not his ironic way of saying bye to everyone.

    Can't wait for Mel's recap!
    nowherefast944 <[email protected]> -- Saturday December 12 2009, @12:06AM (#347147)
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    sycophantic slag
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        You can't tell me that Ventura will be the last concert ever - He's well aware of his place in history and Ventura ain't the place to stage the finale to his career.
        Furthermore he needs to perform - that's what he does -0h he'll be back - one day - but as far as I'm concerned he's got some very serious problems to address- both in terms of his health and his creative direction - over the next year or 2.
        I hope he never gets trapped into a tour like this again - if he needed the money which some of you think he does because of the sub prime thing why didn't he do a Smiths reunion ? pride ? cussedness? or was the tour a menopausal thing instead of buying a motorbike he went on the road. What ever the reason people close to him should have adviced against it - he might not have survived
        And to the nasty people who say he can't cut it well I saw him twice this year and they may not have been his best concerts and he may not have been particularly well but he was, is and always will be special - so leave him alone
        Off you go my love to a desert Island and don't forget the discs and complete works of Wilde - a comfy bed is waiting for you
        orlando -- Saturday December 12 2009, @01:17AM (#347170)
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  • "in spite of yesterday we still have five friends in echo park and this is for them." then he played ganglord.
    fut -- Saturday December 12 2009, @12:08AM (#347149)
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  • At least he got How Soon Is Now? out of the way early. I'm glad for everyone who was worried whether the show would go that it happened. Nothing worse than finding out its canceled the day of (especially after flying to Vegas).
    Bob -- Saturday December 12 2009, @12:11AM (#347151)
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  • I'm so glad I made the trip from SF to see this show. Let Me Kiss You was a surprise, replacing Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself. The order of songs was refreshing, so I thought, different from the Oakland show. Nonetheless, to all the haters out there and the conspiracy theorists, stop it. I'm glad this was the final show so I don't have to read or listen to people speculate about the fall of this great performer. He showed no weaknesses or lapses, had great energy, and even said in the end, "No matter what happens, I love you." Thank you and Good night!
    Big Sur -- Saturday December 12 2009, @12:20AM (#347153)
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  • The tour is done . Time to take at LEAST a year off.
        And then....
        Lose ALL of your band members and songwriting collaborators. Thank them for their yeoman's service but please move on.

        Get your ass into some therapy or at least some self-awareness training. You've got some heavy stuff in your future with getting old, coming to terms with your mortality and more importantly the mortality of those who you are close to.

        Get the Smiths or at at least Morrissey/Marr reunion (and payday) out of the way. Just Do it. You know in your heart you would like to and the years are creeping up fast on all of us.

        Come back with some new collaborators and a fresh take on your gifted talent. And when you do ,realize that you can't do 100 dates a year anymore or sleepwalk through some cities three times on the same tour. And when you hit the stage again, get some decent players whose spirit, professionalism and prowess can carry you through a set if you are having an off-night.

      The bottom line is you are a half-century old. You've likely got less than 10,000 days left to live on this planet.

    Make them count.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 12 2009, @12:25AM (#347157)
  • Morrissey was in good form, and it sounded great. My favorite part was when Mozzer said, "Whatever happens, I love you."
    Jessikers -- Saturday December 12 2009, @01:02AM (#347167)
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  • I thought it'd be canceled. I thought last night was it. Tonight's show was one of the best I'd seen since '92. Great voice, great energy. Nice to see Irish Blood and Let Me Kiss You come back.

    Yes I think with his parting words and choice of encore, this could be the last US show.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 12 2009, @01:20AM (#347171)
  • I posted a bit of a rant within the Gibson comments and decided to follow up here since I'm vain and think more people will read this here, now that the Gibson gig is literally yesterday's news.

    Anyway, I must say that although I was confident Moz's onstage "issues" were a result of acoustic wonkiness resulting from monitor issues, his truncated setlist in Ventura has me suspecting otherwise. As many of you are surely aware, several years ago he was doing upwards of 22 songs. This evening, 17. For the end of the tour? The grand finale? Hmmm...

    I digress. Some suggest that Morrissey is not soundchecking properly and I heartily agree. If I'm not mistaken, the man doesn't always show up for soundcheck. Does he ever? I'm not sure. Big diva mistake if not. The vocals are as sensitive and as unpredictable in the monitors as any instrument and the vocalist needs to be present in the hall to sort out his particular preferences and communicate them to the sound engineers. There are no tried and true settings that will work adequately for all venues but I suspect that's what the beleaguered tour staff is left to work with while Moz is tucked far away from the venue, nursing a hot cup of tea and scones. As a sensitive, sometimes tonally challenged vocalist, he should be there early, every night, every gig, working out his onstage set-up.

    As far as the decision to not wear in-ear monitors goes, it's unusual for an artist at his level, but not unheard of. Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) also foregoes wearing them. It has to do with the aural experience. In-ear monitors can give one the feeling of being underwater, almost the sense of not really being there. It's like wearing ear plugs. A primary sense is being messed with in a way that can't help but alter the experience for the performer. Interesting, but related aside: Hannah from Doll and the Kicks wears in-ear monitors.

    But I will say this: even a meticulous, careful soundcheck can't guarantee a flawless on-stage sound mix come performance time. Two wild variables: 1. soundchecking occurs in an empty hall - people filling a room alter acoustics, sometimes dramatically, and 2. guitars, distorted and affected, are unpredictable beasts at times and can throw off one's sense of pitch quite easily. Overtones and such...boring boring, I'll spare the details.

    This will get boring if I go on.

    My thought on the Swords: Morrissey does seem exhausted. But with no record deal and no release for the foreseeable future, I imagine a long vacation is exactly what's on tap for the man. Good for him.
    mjparkin -- Saturday December 12 2009, @01:28AM (#347173)
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  • This was my favorite show I saw of this tour. Same setlist, different order and he played Let me kiss you. omg!!! i too wonder if he was trying to say something by suddenly closing with one day goodbye will be farewell, after closing with sisms or first o the gang. crowd was more hollywood than the actual hwood show. ryan gosling wzs standing next to me sniffing his nose and disappering the whole set.hmmmmmm. anyways. loved it. amazing finish to my mozventure. back to my real life now :(
    zodismycopilot -- Saturday December 12 2009, @01:58AM (#347175)
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    lighten up, morrissey!
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  • I thought "oh no!" when i saw the last song he sang was "One day goodbye will be farewell. Please Morrissey don't let this be the end.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 12 2009, @02:30AM (#347179)
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  • Yummy humble pie (Score:2, Informative)

    I'm happy to be wrong! I don't mind eating humble pie if it meant that Morrissey did a 180 and pulled off a strong, good (not great, though -- let's not get carried away simply because he completed the planned setlist, which was already an abbreviated one with no special surprises, and didn't keel over onstage) final show for 2009.

    1/ HSIN?
    2/ IRISH
    3/ LOOP
    4/ LET ME K YOU
    5/ ASK
    6/ FIRSTOF
    8/ PARIS
    9/ IS IT REALLY?
    10/ DADDYS
    11/ ELBOW
    12/ TEEN DAD
    13/ GANGLORD
    14/ CLOUD
    15/ CHARMAN
    16/ I'M OK BY


    I thank the Heavens for the 10% chance that it might go on and the rain that kept me in L.A., waiting to hear word on whether the show was canceled. I really thought I would hear that the show was canceled. Crew thought they were gonna have the day off on Friday. Who could blame us for thinking it was a strong possibility?

    Slept in. Kept checking for the word in the late morning. Then got the text/call that the gig was ON! Showered and drove up to Ventura. If nothing else, I was looking forward to some good raw vegan food at Mary's Secret Garden around the corner from the venue. The wait turned out to be pleasant if a little cold when the sun set. It had stopped pissing down rain 15 minutes after I arrived. Skies were clear and blue the rest of the afternoon.

    Although tix were still available at noon, by 1800, heard that the box office was 20 tickets shy of selling out. I think it sold out eventually. This was a relief but still rather disappointing since the last time Moz sang @ the Ventura Majestic, he had sold out much earlier and that was a mid-week show amidst a plethora of SoCal dates that week. Latecomers were able to score tix below face value ($60 instead of $105 including ticketbastard fees) very easily today.

    Morrissey sang for approximately one hour tonight. I only noticed that he dropped notes once. The green and red metallic cups were onstage, but I think he only drank from the room temp water bottles -- looked like Fiji water. Voice was harsh and growly during Teen Dad (sounded like his raw, tour-ravaged voice on Live in Dallas), but he seemed to go back to smooth and velvety tones after that. But I still worried he could be damaging his vocal cords permanently by pushing himself to finish the shows and not taking proper care. Please, take a break, Morrissey! You deserve it!

    The stage was low, but there was a barrier. They blocked off the sides of the stage with stacks, thwarting a means to steathily stage-invade that had been used the last time he sang @ the Ventura Majestic. The venue did not allow most types of gifts, so it was not early Xmess for Mozzer this last show.

    Moz came out wearing a dark (navy blue?) blazer over a black shirt and the usual frayed denims. At the appropriate moment during Lemme K You, he tossed the black shirt into the crowd and came back wearing a nice light blue shirt. Encore was a white shirt.

    Crowd was very excited and appreciative, but it did not seem more so than in L.A. or Pomona. Most of the audience was from L.A. DATK asked how many had traveled from L.A. tonight. They invited the audience to inquire about tix for their show at the Whiskey on Monday.

    Got a funny look of recognition with some exaggerated eye-brow raising from duh Man. When Solomon does his repetitive badass bass outro in the spotlight on “I'm OK”, I can't look at him, so I look at Moz even though he's inscrutable because of the darkness over his face. But I could tell his eyebrows were going into overdrive with the constant up and down motion.

    Banter (not quite as chatty as some other nights):

    After IBEH: “Are you happy? How do you know?”

    After Lemme K You did band intros in reverse order from usual: “My band is your band. And we have Gustavo Manzur. We have Jesse Tobias. We have Matt Walker on the drums. On the bass we have Solomon Walker. And the irrepressible Boz Boorer.”

    Before Cemetry Gates: “As we scramble our way around the gl
    Mel Torment -- Saturday December 12 2009, @02:49AM (#347182)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • Moz Fans,

    This definitely was a step up from the Universal show last night! At Universal I was 5 rows back and Moz's voice was a bit off and he also seemed out of it- but tonight I was "on the rail" (technically) up front- but far to the right next to the speakers so I had no chance at a handshake - but the view of the stage was awesome! My ears are still ringing but hey what an amazing closing show! I managed to meet singer Doll from opening band Doll and the Kicks before the show and got a quick pic with her. Afer the show saw Moz get into his waiting getaway car and also got a lucky quick snapshot of that. And finally as I was heading home I ran into Boz as he was headed into the Irish Pub across the street for a Pint- got a quick hello and pic with him as well!

    All my pix tonight:


    Mud <[email protected]> -- Saturday December 12 2009, @03:02AM (#347184)
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    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
  • Thank you Morrissey for all the amazing nights in your tour. Even the bad ones "Liverpool" have their own particular memories. You were still wonderful when you were wonderful, and we live in hope that we will be able to show you our love again soon. It must be a nice feeling to know that your work is done but on the other hand sad because there's not much to do this time of year except sleep! Take Care and keep safe. We all love you to the core, and wish you the best of health for the future.

    Always yours, DJ.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 12 2009, @05:33AM (#347194)
  • Many of you people are just simply a bunch of whiners, who unless they all their favorite songs, get to touch Moz, whatever...CAN NEVER BE PLEASED! Shut the hell up.. If you are so frustrated with your pathetic lives, that you have nothing better to do than bash one of the greatest songwriter/singers of our time please don't post your garbage here anymore. Maybe it is the end of touring, but I doubt it. Certainly not the end of making brilliant albums.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 12 2009, @06:38AM (#347198)
  • his last few gigs and farewell

    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Saturday December 12 2009, @08:30AM (#347208)
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    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • I'd planned on pretending that it was no big deal that our family's favorite artist was in town (reason being, I couldn't afford tickets: what, with 3 kids and christmas around the corner).
    I got the kids dressed and ready last night to go return a video and thought to know what, go see Moz. We were ticketless, it was pouring outside, I had the kiddies in tow, but damn it I was gonna give it a shot! It's not the first time I decided to see Moz on a whim.
    We had no umbrella with us so we made a quick stop to go buy one. Well, I wasn't going to be a total reckless mom.
    We pulled in to the parking garage and could not find a single spot, drove all the way up to the top level and found 1 left in the very last row. My 7 yr old son said he 'had butterflies in his stomach'. So did I. We walked up to the theatre door. We could hear it!
    I told my 9 and 7 yr old boys to follow me. The guard at the door did one of those number's where they just turn around and act like they don't see you walking through. But again, I did want to be a 'good mom' and not completely embarrass my kids if we were stopped. So I told the guard we are all Morrissey fans and I wanted the kids a chance to see him...if only for a second. We got in!
    It was during the encore - one day goodbye will be farewell. You know how you sometimes overlook one of his songs, then all the sudden you hear it at a time in your life when it just makes sense, and your like 'why had I not found the meaning in this jem before?' We only saw him for a mere momment, but what a momment...It was one of those momments. His final verse: "so grab me while you still can - goodbye". I hear ya Moz! I'd heard you all night in my heart saying this.

    I a 2004 show I saw him at he said the words, "this is what happens when you leave the house!" I want to show my kids that you can't be affraid to take a chance. Maybe we wouldn't of made it in, at least we tried. What if the cashier at the store had taken a little longer to ring up those umbrellas, or the light outside the freeway hadn't stayed green as long as it did, on there wasn't the one spot open atop the roof, or my 9 yr old had failed his mission in 'heeling' fast enough to catch that elevator door before it went back down without us. No, not tonight my love...the star aligned for us! Don't be afraid to take a chance, and to show the ones you love while you still can.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 12 2009, @09:52AM (#347218)
  • I’d been keeping up with the posts/tour for a while now and was so glad when you scheduled here- right in our backyard (Burbank)! We fed and bathed the kids and then shot down the street to the show. It was an awesome show by the way and it sounds as if Ventura was magnificent as well. You guys sounded great. And yes guys, take a long time off because you deserve it. I’ll be at the Holy Mass every Sunday at 10:30am at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, North Hollywood hoping that Jesus saves me from myself. Good job. God bless all of you.

    bbgfe1 and family

    P.S. The other day, my youngest son said, “Dad, I want to hear Morrissey because we haven’t heard him for a long time. I said okay. Without the CD even starting, he started to sing, “When last I spoke to Carol I said….. “ I was thinking, ‘Man, you better learn your prayers!”
    bbgfe1 -- Saturday December 12 2009, @10:22AM (#347219)
    (User #20028 Info)
  • Anyone know the story behind the fan note passed to Moz that started with "THERE WILL BE BLOOD" in big letters? I think this was at Gibson, or possibly Ventura. Moz stood the note up on his drum riser. Sounds pretty creepy.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 12 2009, @12:18PM (#347233)

  • ix
    Piccadily -- Saturday December 12 2009, @01:57PM (#347243)
    (User #22795 Info)
  • My personal highlight?
    Maybe it was the late night booze with jessie tobias and boz in a hotel bar in omagh that refused to close ?
      Maybe or my "bunking in" to the Alexandra Hall aftershow when Moz ws like ten feet away from me?
    Surely his homecoming/ 50th birthday show was the best?
    A ticketless dickie felton loitering selling some silly book and someone, a saviour called cathy, appeared with a spare ticket.
    Or was the main moment that six seconds on a pier in great Yarmouth when Moz signed my book and later namechecked dick dastardley during the show?
    My attempt at rushing the stage was comical that night. At 36 years young and carrying a stone more than I should be, Arturo has never had an easier invader to deal with. still, I did get a handshake from the father...
    Oh come on dickie, you can't top publishing a book on him and his fans? It was even in the "most recommended " section of Waterstones York for 15 minutes. Infamy at last.
    Liverpool was a shocker. Six minutes then no more.
    Has anyone lynched the perpetrator yet?
    What about Dublin? The sea? The free wine in the exclusive bar inches away from the bay. A dash to the national stadiuum, cracking company and getting locked out of my dorm at 4.45am. Ouch.
    The best moment???????
    The songs the songs the songs?
    "why don't you find out for yourself" sounding as emotional and lovely and bitter as anytime in 1994.
    Or getting given a strip of his shirt on my last night. The scent of Commes Des Garcons still lingers. It's on my Christmas want list.
    The worst moment? Sat at home in Liverpool as reports of a near disaster at Swindon came thru. Thank god it was all ok.
    The criticism has been stinking this time. It's uncalled for, rude and almost criminal. Go and watch Britney mime for two hours instead if you don't like him anymore.
    Glasgow barrowlands was perfect. Slightly drunk and slightly sunk by the kindness and charming conversation of fellow Moz warriors. Chaynne is the name.
    Oh hannah the doll was charming too. I have the photos to prove. She was blonde in bonny Scotland but brunet by swords. Either way a talent. And she took my book for her dad. Lovely.
    Belfast was nice. I got a tattoo. "Ss Ceramic White Star Line" Torpeadoed 1942 my grandfather aboard and doomed. Moz was sensational that night at the city's Waterfront.
    Ah the sea the sea the sea. Mickey and pals were so fine on the street outside.
    But the moment? The numero UNO?
      An august morning and Frankie felton arrives on this earth.
    Mum and dad shocked and thrilled.
    When we got him home that first night we played him morrissey and frank Sinatra.

    Dickie felton dec 12th 2009

    dickie -- Saturday December 12 2009, @02:52PM (#347248)
    (User #10153 Info)
  • ok, it's time to stop procrastinating. It's just beginning to hit that this was the last show of the tour (and the rest unknown), and I haven't begun sobbing yet, but...

    As mentioned by many already, it was a Fantastic show!
    The entire tour, indeed the entire year, has been quite an experience for Moz, his entire posse and us fans (!).
    Last night was certainly a night to remember (and yes, I'm being honest, Moz).

    Before I go into it, I'll cover a bit of the context of the night before since I wasn't able to write much of anything for the LA/Gibson show. Cheers to rocketboyracer and Melanie for remembering the banter to a "T" and the flourescent green bandaid Moz wore on the end of one of his pinky fingers. (That's very sweet you returned it instead of taking it away to analyze the dna for future Moz clones, haha!... erhm... ;).

    The Gibson show was held in great admiration (from the inside) for Moz sticking it through the entire show even though at one point it turned into a train wreck (it's hard enough to face a crowd and do a great show, nearly impossible to do it when you know things have messed up and can't get your mind off it and only thinking what next will go to sh**? while standing in front of thousands of smiling expectant faces). To put it shortly, it was confirmed that Moz stuck it out for us. He definitely felt the love coming back to him and bravely stayed with us to finish despite not feeling it (and probably wanting to run right out). He did walk before Sol's solo at the end of 'Ok by Myself' and I turned to Miranda Grey next to me and said, "uh-oh, maybe he's not okay by himself?" I was very surprised there was an encore, really happy there was one, and delighted that the boyz all came out in Doll & The Kicks shirts. M had obviously planned a great night for us all, knowing it was near the end of (at least) the tour and ready to gently hand off Doll & The Kicks to the arms of our future support. Yes, "you win some, you lose some" and it all evens out in the end. Despite the hisses and groans, we truly love you, Moz, and the ones who care, who dare, will be there to the very end.

    Doll & the Kicks: They really gave their all for the industry-filled LA show. Very strong performance and Doll/Hannah wore a stunning creme white taffeta top tucked in at the waist, translucent silk/chiffon sleeves and chest with diamond studs paired with punked out tight black shorts with ripped black stockings and shiny black high heeled shoes. She was definitely dressed to impress and they (all the band) sure did with their performance. Very supportive audience as well. Doll/Hannah gave a very sweet, warm "Thank Youuuuu" to Moz for having them along for the tour before the end of their set. She'd earlier also mentioned that they were spending this next week relaxing in LA, and found out last night that they will be playing not only The Whiskey on Monday night (8:15pm start time), but also possibly an acoustic set on Thursday at The York (in Highland Park), and The Echoplex on Friday (in Echo Park, entrance off Glendale Blvd, street parking anywhere you can find it off Glendale, the park, and Sunset above).

    Wardrobe: Moz wore a diagonally checkered shirt (dark blue on white, I believe), pin-striped slacks. Hair a bit on the tousled side (too busy for hair product that night?). The boyz wore charcoal dark grey collar-less thermal tops, dark black-blue jeans.
    Okay, yesterday, Friday, Ventura, final show... of Swords...
    Arrived mid-set for Doll & The Kicks after rain, traffic and security hassles over candy and camera (lame!).

    Crowd seemed to be showing pretty good support to D & tK, not too rowdy, though, at this point. Doll/Hannah wore a pretty black and white, gauzy collar with small black polkadots on one layer, paired with vintage black top with diamond jewel/crystal at the cleavage and shorts with turned up silver-studded cuffs and belt (the same as Oakland). The Ventura Theatre (as well as that whole old-town area) is vintage
    romeogirl -- Saturday December 12 2009, @10:46PM (#347299)
    (User #2891 Info)
  • One day goodbye will be farewell.

    What will happen next?
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 12 2009, @11:34PM (#347307)
  • does anybody know the name of the Intro video band it was a bunch guys and one girl walking around what appeared to be New York singing something like,"sweet-sweet-sweet". please help,its a cool song.
    mozbilly -- Sunday December 13 2009, @12:07PM (#347348)
    (User #22117 Info)
  • But where is Moz thought to be calling home thesedays? When he isn't touring, of course.
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 13 2009, @12:32PM (#347351)
  • 16 live shows and never a cancellation....What are the odds?
    Sumonessweetie -- Sunday December 13 2009, @04:44PM (#347373)
    (User #20842 Info)
  • Check out this old set list its only 14 songs. Those who coplain....You are not getting what you want, thats all. 14yrs old when first I saw Morrissey in 1997 at the Greek Theater and right when "Shoplifters of the World" Started fans rushed the stage...I did not enjoy the ending, only if I were the one invading would have been happy. But Thousand Oaks show was much better, for me at least.

    Maladjusted / Boy Racer / Alma Matters / Billy Budd / Reader Meet Author / Wide To Receive / Ambitious Outsiders / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Roy's Keen / Speedway / Now My Heart Is Full / Paint A Vulgar Picture / The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils // Shoplifters Of The World Unite

    Anonymous -- Sunday December 13 2009, @10:28PM (#347391)
  • While I know it is wishful thinking, Fantasy Springs website does not list the show as canceled yet as of 12/14/09:

        Fantasy Springs Resort Casino regretfully announces that the Morrissey concert scheduled for Saturday, December 5th at 8pm has been postponed. The rescheduled date will be announced as soon as possible.

    Fantasy Springs Resort Casino management was informed Saturday morning that Morrissey had “blown out his voice” and would be unable to perform Saturday night.

    Tickets to Morrissey’s December 5th show will be honored at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino for the artist’s rescheduled date, or ticket holders may receive a refund in person at the Box Office or via telephone (800) 827-2946. The rescheduled date will be announced as soon as possible. Fantasy Springs Box Office hours are 10:00a.m. to 9:00p.m. on Saturday, December 5th and 10:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. all other days.

        TICKETS: $39 - $69

    Two Night Package from $629
    One Night Package from $469

    Anonymous -- Monday December 14 2009, @07:31PM (#347428)
  • Just want to weigh in here; I saw the Ventura show and really, really loved it. The band sounded amazing; the closing bars of “How Soon is Now” was one of the loudest things I’ve heard in a long time. I live on the east coast, and have seen Morrissey twice already this year, at Webster Hall and Carnegie Hall in New York. This show was on par with those two, although obviously not as momentous as the Carnegie Hall show (and not as small and intimate as the Webster Hall show). I thought it was a great setlist, with the exception of “Let Me Kiss You” which is, I think, the weakest song on “You Are the Quarry.” The crowd in Ventura was certainly subdued, however. I had a good vantage point from the back of the room, and could see the crowd and stage perfectly. Whenever I can, I’m in the pit, as close to stage as possible (which almost got me killed years ago in Santa Monica when they were pulling out bodies left and right from the pit; outside the venue it looked like an accident scene with all of these ambulances), but on Friday I was with my cousin and so we hung in the back. And normally, during “Irish Blood, English Heart,” when the chorus kicks in the crowd goes wild with bouncing and dancing, but there wasn’t much of a reaction in Ventura. Oh well. This show was also special to me since I was born in Ventura, and later went to high school there, and I first bought “Viva Hate” when it came out at a record store (now long gone) around the corner from the Ventura Theater called 12” Fun. (The ironic thing is that I bought it for a girlfriend; at the time, I was into The Beatles and The Doors. When we broke up, in 1989, I started listening to Morrissey and The Smiths and have been a fan ever since.) Anyway, I was really glad he also played “Ganglord” and “Teenage Dad on His Estate,” two B-sides I really, really love. I also have been listening to “Swords” a lot lately and totally love it; it’s the best compilation he’s ever done. I mean, it doesn’t have any album tracks. All his other compilations were kind of marred (no pun intended) by having on there yet again songs like “Suedehead” or “Everyday is Like Sunday.” I mean, those are great, classic songs, but they belong on their original records. But for all the claims of “reissue, repackage, repackage,” “Swords” is pretty pure. My one complaint is that “Mexico” is not included and I’d prefer to have the cover of “Human Being” take the place of the live recording of “Drive-In Saturday.” Other than that (and the, uh, shite cover photo), it’s a really great record. I’ve even grown to love “Sweetie Pie.” Anyway, that’s my two cents. Ventura was my 12th Morrissey show, and he is a wonderful performer; I’m glad he’s still around, and I hope he continues to record and tour.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 15 2009, @07:14AM (#347446)
  • i went to Gibson and it was good. He was sexier than hell. If fact he said, "Welcome to Hell", not "Welcome Home" as the Los Angeles review said. I lost my "LOuder Than Bombs" by loaning it to some cool people who I suspect want to keep it. I'm trying to trade it back for "Bona Drag" because i have two copies. I know Moz is going to be the new Frank Sinatra. He did it "His Way" as the song goes. I didn't buy "Swords" yet, but I know that "Christian Dior" is excellent. I adore Morrissey, but he doesn't know me so I can' say love is the word. I felt a sppecial union with him during the show and I can't believe he has grey hair now, but he is especially sexy for a hunchback. He inspires a certain Je ne sais quoi - sex of the brain. [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 15 2009, @08:13PM (#347532)
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