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Kewpie sends the link (via Morrissey reddit), originally posted by george baker in the forums (original post):

Johnny Marr and Jo Whiley discuss if guitar bands are dead - BBC Radio 4, Front Row
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  • The Brian Jonestown Massacre have a song called 'Johnny Marr is Dead' - []

    It sounds ok, but it's not anything to do with him, is it?!

    Also, some absurdities from Uncycopedia:

    Johnny Marr had started out as a footballer, being approached by Nottingham Forest F.C.. He soon came to the realisation that running around in short shorts with other men was a silly way to spend time, so he donned a pair of garish tights and became a superhero instead.

    [edit] More easy than fighting with Morrissey Together with the Morrissey known as Morrissey, Marr began fighting crime in 1982, forming The Justice League by recruiting Mike Joyce with his invisibility suit and Dr Hibbert with a fluttering cape. After two fights, Hibbert was replaced by Maher's friend Andy Rourke, after being eaten by a common or garden Bigfoot. By then, Morrissey had dropped his first name and Maher had changed his name to Marr to avoid copyright infringement with Marvel Comics.

    Marr, in The Justice League, was known for a delicate, angelically sweet fighting style that could evoke brutality from just a few well-chosen punches. While he would probably blanch at the comparison, Marr's playing is in many regards similar to that of idiosyncratic progressive fist-fighters such as Bruce Lee, Humphrey Bogart, and Popeye.

    Indeed, his understanding of harmony and counterpoint was light-years beyond that of most crime fighters of the time, and replicating many of his witty lines requires considerably greater skill than is needed to say a typical 1980s "hair metal" gutter slang riposte. Contrasted with the common superhero flashiness and speed of the time, best exemplified by Flash Gordon and his legion of imitators, Marr's fighting was out of place in the usual dingy back alley or smoke filled crack den. In fact, all of The Justice League, in their own way, represented departures from the typical fighting style of the time, which had increasingly become less about fighting crime and more about picking up chicks.

    For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Johnny Marr.After the demise of the Justice League (1987), Marr fought in gangs with The The and also teamed up with New Order getaway driver Bernard Sumner to form The Fab Two. He also became a sought-after street fighter, touring and kicking-proverbial-and-literal-ass with, among others, Garth Crooks and Des Lynam. He has recently joined the Wakefield fraternal vigilantes known as The Cribs in order to eradicate generic gangs simply by the fact that he is in their gang.

    [edit] Useless Information

    His gaze can set one's hair aflame

    One Johnny-Marr-Year is equal to approximately 4.7 human years.

    He can dance.

    He should avoid singing unless trying to fight off a herd of Modest Mouse fans.

    He can play guitar with his eyes. One look and "This Charming Man" begins to play.

    He changed his name to Johnny Marr when fighting in France. According to a worthy source, his enemies shouted j'en ai marre (meaning "I've had enough") at him. He therefore changed his name to the closest English version. This was Johnny Marr.

    Wasn't that last one brilliant? I thought so!

    Johnny Marr's real name is Noel Gallagher.

    Johnny Marr's playing style is known to represent a "ton of mi fuckin' mates wiv those fuckin' fings wiv strings init".

    - []

    goinghome -- Sunday June 27 2010, @07:19AM (#353767)
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  • Since when has guitar music had anything to worry about from the top ten? Whether it's people playing flutes or harps or casio keyboards the charts have always sucked. Way to go stupid radio show giving mediocrity some more false superiority like it needs anymore.
    marred -- Sunday June 27 2010, @06:25PM (#353787)
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  • If it's not this, it would be another "The Death of Rock 'n Roll" discussion for the millionth time.

    The reality is, as many people grow older, they don't have the mental strength to keep in touch wit current developments in the arts, and well, just about anything. They then wonder why everything sucks now, compared to when they were a kid, and it's simply because they're out of touch. They drifted away, not popular culture.

    It's an illusion created out of the intellectual laziness of an aging mind. It's just people becoming their parents. Many Generation X'ers promised that they wouldn't fall into that trap, and yet, many of them have fallen into that trap.

    You even it see it in aging artists from the 80's, who were facing the same unimaginative charges.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 29 2010, @04:25AM (#353821)

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