posted by davidt on Friday July 30 2010, @11:00AM
Quinn writes:
The Baltimore Independent Music & Arts Festival is hosting a special Smiths/Morrissey event at The Ottobar (2549 N. Howard St) Friday, August 27th. The evening will kick off with a screening of the documentary Passions Just Like Mine with an introduction by director Keri Koch. Then it's on to four great bands. Two Baltimore based indie bands; The Courtesy Line & Cutlery as well as a rockabilly homage to The Smiths/Morrissey and related acts (Polecats, Echobelly. etc...) from Norfolk, VA - Speedway Operators and finally, headlining the evening, Maryland's own remarkable tip to the Smiths, Spineless Swine. This will be an awesome evening of entertainment and this 400+ capacity venue is expected to sell out.
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  • ....the event is $12 and ALL ages.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 30 2010, @05:14PM (#354764)
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