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Kewpie sends the link (via Morrissey reddit), originally posted by ThinkOfMeKindlyLV on and in the forums (original post):

Morrisey: Don’t ‘I do’ it, Russ - The Sun

WHEN it comes to booking a wedding singer MORRISSEY is not the most chipper choice to put a smile on the face of the congregation.

But RUSSELL BRAND and KATY PERRY have asked the miserable Manc to do the honours - even though he's told them not to tie the knot.

Katy said: "I met Morrissey for the first time the other day and we had tea together.

"He's Russell's mate and he is fascinating but he was giving us a hard time about getting married.

"He swooned and sighed, 'Oh, left hand third finger, don't do it.' It was just so eloquent and poetic and like one of his songs."

I suppose that classic lyric-writing comes in handy when you need to say something out of order.

But Mozza - who Russ named his beloved cat after - has still been invited to this autumn's nuptials in India.

Katy added: "It would be great to have him at the wedding but I told him, 'We can't have a Mr Misery like you messing things up.'

"It's going to be a small ceremony, so I don't think we'll have a proper band. I'd love to have Morrissey."

Meanwhile, Russ has been out in New York in his undercrackers again- filming more scenes for his next movie, the remake of Arthur.

And Katy has been trying to wean Russ off his beloved Brit rock. She told Q magazine: "Russell's all about THE STONE ROSES, OASIS and Morrissey.

"But I'm experimenting on him. Singing new stuff, like ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, MGMT and the YEAH YEAH YEAHS.

"He says they look like they're in the same band. He has a point. But I've also introduced him to great new English singers, like ELLIE GOULDING.

"I'm giving my man the very best."
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