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TTY: Morrissey Ticket Sales; "World Peace..." re-launch confirmation

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Morrissey Ticket Sales -
10 August 2016

Morrissey's show at Philadelphia Tower Theater (22 September) and also at Brooklyn Kings Theater (24 September) both instantly sold out.
The added date at Bren Events Center in Irvine is close to sold out.
Morrissey's first show in China at MacPherson Stadium (Hong Kong) has almost sold out.
Plans remain in place for the re-launch of World Peace Is None of Your Business (pictured above).

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WPINOYB to be reissued by Étienne, Nov. 2016 with new sleeve - Typical Moz e-zine/ Facebook

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Original text:

En noviembre saldrá una reedición de WORLD PEACE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS (último álbum de Morrissey) a través de otro sello...por lo que se ve en la imagen es Étienne. Pronto ampliaremos la información.

Photo source posted by Famous when dead:

The Passion of Joan of Arc (Dir: C.T.Dreyer) is a great film.

"The Smiths - 30 years of The Queen Is Dead" triple DVD box set (out Aug. 12, 2016)

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I just noticed this on Bull Moose pre orders.. Has anyone heard of this?

The Smiths: 30 Years of the Queen is Dead - VideoETA

While the title may appear a little passe and the message somewhat less outrageous than it did 30 years ago, The Smiths' sophomore album remains among the finest pieces of musical work to appear during the eighties - if not the finest since punk and new wave broke in the mid to late '70s. And while our beloved premier (overseas readers excepted) may count it as one of his own fave raves, we won't let that put us off - most of us round here don't believe him anyway - being that such a fine and creative array of music is captured in its grooves. So in celebration and honour of this dynamic album's pearl jubilee comes this triple disc box set of DVDs. Featuring three separate films focussing on The Smiths in general, The Queen Is Dead album and the Morrissey/Marr angle...

2016 Smiths Re-Issues? (180 Gram Vinyl)

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Just noticed that a local record store has Louder Than Bombs and The World Won't Listen as 2LP re-issues.

Then I found these on Amazon:

Louder Than Bombs:

The World Won't Listen:

And Rank:

With June 7th, 2016 as the release date.

"The Smiths" by Nalinee Darmrong - new photo book out June 14, 2016

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If you are a fan of The Smiths, this amazing photo book from the personal collection of family friend Nalinee Darmrong is worth a purchase... for yourself or friends who are Smiths fans. All photos were taken by herself over a few of years traveling with the band. The book is published by Rizzoli and is on sale at Amazon right now. Forwards by Nalinee, Andy Bell of Ride, and Marc Spitz music journalist of Rolling Stone and others.

The photos are really great. Comparable to professional magazine photos.

The Smiths (Hardcover) -
by Nalinee Darmrong
  • Hardcover: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Rizzoli (June 14, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0847848124
  • ISBN-13: 978-0847848126
  • Product Dimensions: 8.9 x 1 x 12 inches

Link posted by FROSTY...

TTY: The Queen Is Dead

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An anonymous person sends the link:

The Queen Is Dead -

Morrissey has commented:

"I would like to congratulate the Smiths, and also Stephen Street, and also Rough Trade Records for 30 fantastic years of sales for The Queen Is Dead,which is 30 years old in June. We have always been gagged, of course, but certain recordings rise with time, and The Queen Is Dead and also Meat Is Murder both had the courage to put the fullest meaning of British life into words and music. It was the hope of helping things to evolve, and the mobilized strength of both recordings for 30 years has been fully understood and appreciated by those with sensible passions. Central issues in 2016 England include an urgent need of social justice for animals as well as an obvious recognition of 'monarchy as anarchy' (therefore, something with no place in a democratic society)...

"Vauxhall And I" aborted re-release bonus tracks

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An anonymous person writes:

I have a lot of morrissey's albums but I never listened to these versions:

please post it for everybody to download and listen. it's in a zip file.


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Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself (Electric)
Black-Eyed Susan (Alternate)
Used To Be A Sweet Boy (Orchestral)
Interlude (Harmonium Version)
Swallow On My Neck (Alternate)


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