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largactil writes:
"YOUR LOSS JEW BOY" - Alleged fax from Morrissey.

Co-dependent Relationship Junkie Scott Matthew Is Happy To Be Single - BUTT Magazine


Did you get to ever meet Morrissey through Spencer?
No, I mean, they’d been feuding for ages. Still are.

Do you have any good Morrissey stories?
(laughs) Yeah, I got one. I don’t know if I should be telling this...

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Johnny Marr on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme
There was a short interview with Johnny Marr this morning on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme talking about his collection of Fender guitars - a couple of excerpts from The Smiths. You can hear it again on the 'listen again' page on the BBC shortly after the programme has finished at 9am.

the interview with Johnny Marr is about 1 hour and 16 minutes into the Saturday morning 12th June programme.
Johnny Marr contributes to the soundtrack of 'Inception'
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Johnny Marr Inception Trailer - Johnny Marr official site

Here is a link to the trailer for Inception, the science fiction action thriller film written, produced and directed by Christopher Nolan, that Johnny contributed to the Hans Zimmer composed soundtrack. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio, with a supporting cast that includes Cillian Murphy, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Tom Berenger, Dileep Rao and Michael Caine. Inception is scheduled to be released on July 16 2010. Inception Trailer
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Johnny Marr covering Bowie's Moonage Daydream with Crowded House
'Moonage Daydream' with Johnny Marr & Connan - Crowded House official site

Check out our footage from Manchester Apollo of Crowded House with Johnny Marr and Connan Mockasin playing a cover of David Bowie's 'Moonage Daydream'. Click here to watch
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Johnny Marr in LA Times Magazine 50 Greatest Guitarists Vote
50: Greatest Guitarists Ever - LA Times Magazine
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Marr on Rory Gallagher
Johnny Marr has just featured this evening on an RTE (Irish Television) documentary on the legendary Irish guitarist Rory Gallagher.
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Damian sends the press release:

Pete Shelley's " I was nearly a Smith" Revelation on Ultra-Hip New York based East Village Radio!

Buzzcocks legendary frontman, Pete Shelley made quite an amazing statement during an interview with the ex-Smith, Mike Joyce on Mike's show today. When asked about a story that Johnny Marr had approached the singer, Pete backed up the story by saying, " I was at Legends (Manchester nightclub) in about 1981 and this kid came up to me and said, if you ever need a guitarist, I'm available...this kid it transpires was Johnny Marr. He also went on to reveal, " When I supported The Smiths at The Brixton Academy in 1986, he approached me again...I still haven't taken him up on his offer...yet!

Pete was being interviewed about Buzzcocks massive Stateside tour on Mike's show, The Coalition Chart Show on East Village Radio. Which features such luminairies as, Mark Ronson and Steve Lillywhite. The Chart which is compiled from all the independent record shops across the U.K. has The Fall in session next week.

The Coalition Independent Chart brought to you by the Official Chart company exclusively on East Village Radio. Every week @ 10.00am ET & 3.00pm GMT
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Tracklists of my tears - by Dorian Lynskey, Guardian Music Blog


Songwriters have good reason to complain when po-faced journalists miss the joke, but misreading their intentions in the opposite direction can be more perilous. I once made the mistake of telling Morrissey how much I liked the witty self-parody of How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel and was rewarded with a withering glare. "It's amusing when you say it," he said unsmilingly. "I don't know why. Isn't it something we all feel at some stage?" The shrivelling of Morrissey's spirit since the Smiths can be measured by the fact that Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now is funny and How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel is not.
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An anonymous person writes:
Bikubesong (translated: Song from the beehive) was one of the most successful plays in Norwegian modern history and was an adaptation from Frode Gryttens novel by the same name. The play was sewn together by a lot of Smiths (and one Morrissey solo) songs. The play (and the book) is a loving tribute to the Smiths.

Now, the band from that play, including actor Hans Rønningen (who had the lead role as M, a huge The Smiths fan) are reuniting for one, propably final gig. At the bar Revolver in Oslo and their Mr. Shankly's Social Club, they will perform a bunch of Smiths songs on Thursday 17 June.

The musicians usually play in other great (and some are a bit Smiths influenced bands), and they are:
Rune Berg (The Margarets) and Børge Sildnes (Dylan Mondegreen) on guitars, Per Amund Solberg (Number Seven Deli/Ephemera) on bass and Trond Slåke (Orango) on drums.

More information (in Norwegian) here:
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