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thetexasbloke writes:
This month's Rolling Stone magazine issued the "500 Greatest Songs of All Time". The Smiths have two songs in the top 500. The songs are 'William, It Was Really Nothing' At # 431 and 'How Soon is Now?' at # 477. There is a little write up about each. Not bad when you consider Rolling Stone never wrote anything great about the Smiths.... or anything great at all. JK.

Other names on the list, The Cure with 2 songs, Sex Pistols with 2, and New Order with 1. Morrissey's solo work? No songs.
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Adam Krause writes:
Carnivores + Destructores is a self produced series. My subjects are obsessed with the singer Morrissey and I documented the various dimensions of their obsession.

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Posted in the forums by Uncleskinny:

Jim Kerr says something nice about Morrissey

From the new Record Collector magazine:

Q: Which artist would you do on MASTERMIND?
A: Bowie. No one's done anything really new since the 80s. No one sounded like Morrissey, Boy George - fantastic originality.
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Kewpie sends the link to the post in the forums by joe frady (via Morrissey reddit):

Re: Strange/unexpected Moz references?

In the latest issue of 'The Word' magazine there is a Christopher Eccleston interview conducted by Andrew Harrison (Moz-favoured journo). The actor is promoting a forthcoming BBC film about John Lennon . CE talks a little about his own musical background, leaving Manchester in 1983 for London but 'carried The Smiths down with him' (not literally. Emotionally.) Saw them twice at Brixton Academy, '85 and '86, two best nights of his life, etc.

At the close of the talk Harrison asks, having played Lennon, would he consider playing another Northern legend ~ Morrissey. He then replied, according to Harrison in a 'thrillingly perfect Mozzvoice', "I'd like to think I could, but I'm afraid I'm slightly past it'. Harrison replies 'You've been practising the voice then' to which Eccleston, still in 'character', says "All my life."
posted by davidt on Thursday June 17 2010, @11:00AM
Chris writes:
PETA has nominated the 'sexiest vegetarians'. You can vote for Morrissey.
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