posted by davidt on Tuesday June 22 2010, @12:00PM
Little Frank writes:
Manchester comic legend, Frank Sidebottom has died after being found collapsed on the floor at home. he had been undergoing treatment for cancer.

Frank - real name Chris Sievey, had performed as Frank since 1984. Prior to that he was the main man with The Freshies who had the song in the chart with the longest title in pop history!
'Im in love with a girl on the Manchester Virgin Megastore Checkout Desk'.

Amongst his many songs was a cover of Panic (Panic on the streets of Timperley)

and Mike Joyce / Andy Rourke were regulars on his TV show

Thanks for the memories Frank, we will miss you - you know we will, we really will.
Evans Lyonnais also writes:
Not a scoop - just wanted to share the terrible news that Frank Sidebottom, Manchester Legend of comedy, has passed away today following a fight with cancer. He regularly covered Smiths and Morrissey songs in his Manchester Medley routine - one short trip to Youtube will unearth a treasure trove of Morrissey related clips. RIP Frank AKA Chris Sievey
Dickie also writes:
Sad news from Manchester this evening. I think Moz will be sad to hear of this:

Creator Of Cult Comic Frank Sidebottom Dies - Sky News

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Matthew Turner writes:
I've just uploaded a cover of 'Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want' on my website

Recorded in Germany earlier this month, the divine lead vocal is by Fabia Lewis and the guitars are by me, Matthew Turner. All comments welcome!
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Mud writes:
Fun times tonight!
Pix album here

Here's some video I took:
Also from Mud:
L.A. Club Vanguard with DJ Andy Rourke and Miss Lady Kier 6/18/2010

"On Friday, June 18th, Gloss VIP invites you to the ACID WASH 80’s Party at Vanguard in Hollywood featuring music legends DJ Lady Miss Kier from Deee-Lite (Groove is in the Heart), Andy Rourke from The Smiths, and DJ Paul Ryder from Happy Mondays."

So I went last night and I hung out with Andy Rourke quite a bit- and afterward dropped him off at his hotel downtown L.A. along with Lady Miss Kier of DEEE-LIGHT.. bizarre driving around with them and I just happened to have several songs The Smiths on my mix CD with a few hindred MP3's on it... he would talk about the recording sessions as The Smiths songs came up! And Miss Lady Kier sang a few bars from "Groove Is In The Heart" for me- from my backseat ;^)

Pix from the night here.
posted by davidt on Tuesday June 22 2010, @12:00PM
Kewpie sends the link (via Morrissey reddit), originally posted by sweetness522 in the forums (original post):

Hotel review: The cream of Cornish retreats at the Lugger Hotel, Portloe, Cornwall - Daily Mail

Location report: ...Morrissey celebrated his birthday here a few years ago.
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