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Link posted by dothewatusi in the forums (original post):

In video: Marr's guitar - BBC Radio 4 Today
Johnny Marr will attend the 'Inception' UK premiere at Leicester Square 8th July 2010
Kewpie sends the link tipped by a friend (via Morrissey reddit):

Johnny Marr Twitter:
Johnny Marr attending the Premier of Chris Nolan's Inception movie on Thursday in Leicester Sq
Johhny Marr on BBC 6 Music 'The First Time' (July 11)
Kewpie sends the link (via Morrissey reddit), originally posted by george barker in the forums (original post):

Johnny Marr on "The First Time With..." - BBC 6 Music (July 11)

The First Time examines the Mancunian maestro's earliest musical memories, his first fumbled grapplings with a guitar and his initial, and crucial, meeting with Morrissey leading to the formation of The Smiths.

The programme also explores his post-Smiths career and collaborations with The Pretenders, Electronic, Modest Mouse & The Cribs.
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goinghome writes:
Guest blogger on popcandy site, Chris Cummins, showcases the humour in several Morrissey videos and shares some related links:

Guest blogger: Reviewing Morrissey’s funniest music video moments - Pop Candy, USA Today

  - With the release of each new Morrissey album comes tired commentary from lazy journalists about how the ex-Smiths frontman is the "maestro of miserablism" and "the Pope of mope." Nonsense. Anyone who has spent even a little bit of time listening to Morrissey's music can tell you that his lyrics are crammed with wit and subtle humor that is often misunderstood...
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An anonymous person writes:
Since Alain Whyte stopped touring with Morrissey, a lot of people wondered what he was up to and whether or not he was going to disappear. That is anything but the case. It turns out he was trying his hand at pop and hip-hop music, and he is now building quite the resume outside of Morrissey. His most recent co-writes are:

Kelis - "Carefree American" & "Song For The Baby"
Rihanna - "Photographs"
Kid Cudi - "Up Up & Away"
Kid Sister - "Daydreaming"
Blake Lewis - "I Left My Baby For You"

He also has a project coming out called Setting Fires and a rumored co-write on the new Nick 13 solo album. I am hoping there is more to come from him. Its so rare that a musician can go from being a prolific songwriter in one genre to being so successful in another one that is present day and so different. Good for him!
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thetexasbloke writes:
It's World Cup time and even though England and the U.S.A. are out, Q magazine listed the top 10 football songs of all time. It's in the July issue with Muse and U2 on the covers. How did they come up with this list? Who knows.... but Morrissey came in at # 10 with 'Munich Air Disaster 1958'. There is a small write up about the song. #1 was 'World In Motion' by New Order. Not a bad song either. Some Morrissey pix in there, too.
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