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Foo writes:
Jonathan Ross on his last show:

"I promised Morrissey I wouldn't cry"

'Lucky' Ross brings down curtain on chat show -
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someraincoatedlovers writes:
Watch: Johnny Marr and Hans Zimmer perform Inception score
It turns out Johnny Marr’s involvement in the forthcoming Inception goes beyond collaborating with the equally legendary Hans Zimmer on the film’s score. Last night, the former Smiths and Modest Mouse/current Cribs guitarist teamed up with Zimmer and a 20 piece orchestra for a live performance of the score, reports The Playlist.

The performance took place at El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles shortly after the film received its premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. And while the event was a private party, us common folk can relive the concert on The performance begins at the 53:00 mark. There’s also an interview with Marr and Zimmer at the 50:30 mark.

Inception hits theaters July 16th. The soundtrack drops on CD and digital three days earlier and on vinyl August 3rd.

Watch: Johnny Marr and Hans Zimmer perform Inception score - Consequence of Sound

An anonymous person writes:
Watch the Inception premiere red carpet and live performance by Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr... Soundtrack album on Reprise Records/WaterTower Music.

See it on:
Fan Afraid writes:
Johnny Marr guitar site
...I stumbled across this excellent site devoted to Johnny Marr's work with The Smiths:

There are lots of guitar tabs and anecdotes about the songs collected from other sources but it's a great site none the less.
From the official Johnny Marr Twitter. Kewpie also sends the link to the post in the forums by Helen Bach (via Morrissey reddit):

A new flower is to be named in honour of Johnny Marr
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Loathedd writes:
I love love love Morrissey and have since 91, anyway I do alot of recording under the name Loathedd, and of course Morrissey runs thru my veins and my tunes have a slight tinge of our Mozzer in them. so Ive been working on a Morrissey project and just finished what can only be described as a Morrissey parody, it is like a 'How to be Morrissey' lesson, of course no insult intended, but I feel only Morrissey fans will get the joke. Anyway I was thinking this would be the place to tell about it, it is on youtube, is the proper link. hope someone gets a smile from this it was a month of my life!
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Missing Link writes:
"Surely John Inman and Morrissey could never appear in the same scene. Well, they do. Sort of. This is a new kind of impression show."

Your chance to listen again (starts at 15:45)

A very posh, slightly camp, yet intellectual-sounding Morrissey giving John Inman a few tips (no pun intended!) on Frankenstein and a few other things.

For those outside that don't know - John Inman was a well-loved actor from a BBC 70s TV show called "Are You Being Served?". The sitcom was about the goings-on in a department store. John Inman played a slighly camp gents outfitter, Mr Humphries.
When asked -- "Mr Humphries, are you free?", he would tout his timeless catchphrase "I'm Free!!"

Find out more about John, his career, and hear that that classic catchphrase here...

John Inman Tribute (1935 - 2007) (YouTube)
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