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    Do you feel detached with your semi?

    I feel fenced in my terraced.
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    You can thank me later

    Ahhhh, you're the devil! I'm really stuck and it's driving me crazy
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    I've tried it. Drugs are better. My advice: Just ask the GP for drugs and lay off the morrissey-solo.
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    Holly and Hef have broken up.

    Weren't a lot of the playmates like fired? The economy is in shambles when you have to start firing girlfriends!
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    Trust & Distinction amongst good vs. bad

    The most attractive traits to the opposite sex are those to do with health. And one study I read a long time ago stated that we are only attracted to people who are HEALTHIER than we are in each of the aspects: someone who is healthy looking... pretty, fit, takes care of themselves, takes...
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    Tonight's Debate...

    I always think of Lon when politics come up. He'd be so happy to see Bush leave the White House.
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    Trust & Distinction amongst good vs. bad

    It was definitely Mozzy1 that made the popular statement and then left in a huff. (excat words were "I'll get my coat"?) Are you saying that comment was or was not directed at me?
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    Trust & Distinction amongst good vs. bad

    I tried to be cool and say hello to you the other night and you left the chatroom saying that "I can see some people are more POPULAR in here" Misconceptions: I repeat: I want the record to show, that I do NOT respond to trolls. It only feeds them. They could call me very mother a dirty...
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    Tonight's Debate...

    We do try. Heck, I bet we'#ve got the debates on some channels over here tonight even. Instead, we're watching "Secretary" (yes, I thought of you) cause Marts taped it the other night.
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    Tonight's Debate...

    I predict that loads of people are going to be very angry... ...because nothing else is on tv :)
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    Market Research. If I Ran a Forum....

    You sound much too sensible for such an endeavour! I fear for the Sin Bin. I think that would become the focus of your site, sadly.
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    Trust & Distinction amongst good vs. bad

    I want the record to show, that I do NOT respond to trolls. It only feeds them. They could call me very mother a dirty rotten whatever and I would still remain mute. I do not feel that defending someone on an internet forum is a marker of friendship. One should think of people who have given...
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    Anyone in Chat the other night for the NHS vs US private debate

    For those in chat the other night. I have to admit some defeat! I said the other night how poorly my GP treated me and raised his voice to me the two times I took the baby to the doctor. Today, I switched GP's. This one is closer to home as well. And the doctor there was LOVELY. She was an...
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    What's Everyone Reading At The Moment?

    Just finished "The Contortionist's Handbook" by Craig Clevenger Currently reading "The Book Theif" by Markus Zusak
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    Does anyone use this site?

    No, you just search the library and request swaps from people. They look at your list and see if they want anything you have. I think if you have less than 10 completed swaps, you can only do 5 requests at a time.
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