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    Johnny Marr wins 2021 Boss Lifetime Achievement Award

    Congrats Johnny Marr.
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    "Kill Uncle" at 30: Oddball album or timeless classic? - Dickie Felton

    Morrissey /Marr was a match made in Heaven on Kings Road for his solo albums, I always liked and still like Alain Whyte, he's no Johnny Marr, but a great Lad who made good songs with Morrissey, same counts for Boz for songs...Alain just always was more into it at live gigs. Viva Kill...
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    "Kill Uncle" at 30: Oddball album or timeless classic? - Dickie Felton

    it's a good Morrissey album, just different from the ones after...I just gave a thumb down who said that it was better than WPINOYB and LIHS...athere's no comparing in Morrissey's album. Nuff.
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    Sylvain Sylvain dies (January 13, 2021)

    Godspeed Sylvain Sylvain Mazhri.
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    Morrissey Central MORRISSEY SPEAKS, NEW YEAR'S EVE 2020

    All the best wishes Morrissey for 2021 and all Morrissey-solo and the headmaster David Tsjeng.
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    Morrissey Central "BMG DUMP MORRISSEY" (November 16, 2020)

    Bad news, I wonder if any Label at the moment will sign Morrissey. I hope for the better but know it's a huge problem ever getting signed, knowing His age and personality as Musician.:unsure:
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    Morrissey Central "AND THE SOUL GOES OVER …" (October 31, 2020)

    Godspeeed Sean Connery ...waving, yes I do visit every day but due COVID-19 little is happening in music and around Morrissey...
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    Morrissey Central ELIZABETH DWYER DIES (August 14, 2020)

    my condoleances for the family. Thoughts and prayers for them R.I.P. Elizabeth Anne Dwyer
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    Morrissey Central "ELIZABETH ANNE DWYER" (August 8, 2020)

    Prayers and Strength for Elisabeth Anne Dwyer.
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    The 1981 gay pride march in Huddersfield - Morrissey spotted in photos?

    so Morrissey age 22 went to a Gay Pride march, what's the fuzz?
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