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    this charming man in apple pride playlist

    shame there’s no moz in the 90s playlist but maybe they thought piccadilly palare was simply nowhere near the brillance of rupaul’s “super model (you better work)”
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    Nothing But Blue Skies For Stormzy … the gallows for Morrissey - Morrissey Central

    i’m sure this bloke has some sort of a point, whether it’s intelligent or not about stormzy and moz but i just can’t stand that terrible droning voice of his
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    SER: "A Larks' Tongue In April" - Morrissey interview - Morrissey Central (24 June, 2019)

    i think instead of race, culture. as no matter how open you are as a person, we will always lean towards familiarity, and if you grew up in a time or a place where you were solely surrounded by a certain culture, well, change will always be intimidating.
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    Saint Laurent Smiths shirt

    i just love that a lot of very wealthy people are going to be parading about with the smiths on their shirt, at their most young and working class
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    Peter Katsis statement: "What Is The Goal Of The Guardian?" - Morrissey Official FB (31 May, 2019)

    they definitely fancy mozza, just a little shy is all and the only way they can show it is by being cruel, it should pass as they grow older
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    Morrissey - Buffy Sainte-Marie - Suffer the Little Children [California Son Interview Series]

    these videos are great, makes the album feel more intimate. really hope moz makes an appearance;)
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    Morrissey at #2 in UK midweeks charts

    so pleased for moz, so proud too.
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    "Because This Is How I Am" - SER / Morrissey Central (24 May, 2019)

    i think all of this will be very significant one day, whether it be if mozza retires or when he’s gone somewhere else, all of the silliness that follows him around at the moment will open a great deal up for artists to come. i think the world will appreciate him someday, looking back.
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