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  • Hi Amie.

    Happy Happy Birthday to you. Got any nic plans for today?

    Hope you've not melted in the heat.

    Have a good day.

    Jen xxx
    Haha....maybe! *looks unnerved*
    Have you ever heard the demo of Morrissey - Stay As You Are? I really cannot understand a word in it, but it's great!!
    Don't diss the turkish whores, they're very friendly you know haha!
    What can I say? I'm a very annoying person! I like to annoy Jackie and Billy in many ways! No there's nothing on your profile...I shall walk off in shame haha! Only joking!
    Well, yeah, sort of. Some would say that the lack of a father gives you a lack of security and therefore I will always fall for men that represent that security for me, men that are older then me for example. Then on the other hand my ex boyfriend was one year younger then me.
    Haha, yeah. Or maybe she were brought up mormon but became a rebel! I don't really care about what happend to my dad. But according to Freud for example the fact that I didn't have a dad in my life will forever and ever affect my relationship to men.
    A mormon family? She probably lives in Utah then, maybe she has been on a mission. Maybe she went to BYU. Maybe she has been sealed (married) in the temple. My dad isn't really good at handling relationships in general, it's just the way he is you know. And to be honest I've never really had a relationship with him. He's just my dad, he's just there, but that's it really.
    Oh how sad. Have you ever thought about trying to find her? How old were yu when your mum and dad split up? I grow up with only my mum and I have no siblings. My mum and dad were never together, I was the result of an unprotected one night stand. But I've always know who my dad is and we meet although I don't really have a good relationship with him.
    Haha, it's 12.30 here. The parents are at home today so we're going out together later. Why are you up, because you haven't gone to bed yet or because you're allready awake?
    I liked it. However, I can imagine that it might be to little space to write the names on, especially for people with long names.
    Wow! It's beautiful, I really like it. Did you just draw it yourself or did you have some help? It's really good. I'm really lousy at drawing!
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