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  • Hi there dawndelver

    No problem. Thank you so much for sharing your artwork on the thread and please continue to do so. (A thread is just the name we give to the different topics on the forums. So all of the pages in the artwork section are collectively known as a thread. I hope that makes sense) :)

    Thank you very much. I actually use charcoal pencil for the smaller details, which makes it much easer. I used to paint a lot in high school and at college. But I’ve always preferred pencil and charcoal. I feel that I have more control with a pencil.

    How about you? You draw so beautifully with coloured pencil, you must be a great painter.

    It’s a long story but I actually have tried to send Morrissey one of my drawings. I can’t be certain that he actually received it but I live in hope. How about you? Have you ever considered sending Morrissey any of your art?

    This is the drawing I sent to him, along with a letter.
    you're f****** talented..do you sell them??
    Don't mind your post in the frink thread..if this isn't frinky..what else??
    You should..you could become a rich girl;)
    lovley greets from cologne
    xoxo miry
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