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    Wardrobe clearout, T-Shirts

    Not everyone seems to be bothered about lack of ironing It takes guts to be gentle and kind
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    Wardrobe clearout, T-Shirts

    Some of my Smiths -Moz T shirts, All good condition Happy Bidding !
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    Jean Unsworth, former secretary of the Salford Lads Club passes away at 89

    Visited SLC earlier, They now are more than happy with the Smith's - Moz connection. Very nice staff doing good work for the local community!
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    Cruel World festival postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19 - Goldenvoice

    It was not clear what that may mean for Cruel World and Lovers & Friends, two daylong music festivals from Goldenvoice scheduled for early May at the grounds at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson. No announcements have yet been made about those festivals, currently scheduled for May 2 and May...
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    Cruel World festival postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19 - Goldenvoice

    Nothing about cancellation on Cruel world site
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    Cologne - Palladium (Mar. 9, 2020) post-show

    PARIS CANCELLATION top night in Cologne
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    Mporium - 25% off over the bank holiday (UK) Stop by The MPORIUM Store this Bank Holiday weekend and get 25% OFF everything excluding music. Offer ends Midnight BST Monday 26th August
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    Morrissey & Smiths 12" Collection

    Hi Following my 7" Singles sale I have now Posted my 12" records on Ebay I will post worldwide but it will incur extra costs. Please see Ebay Items 130312291930 & 130312295970. Thanx for the messages of Support on my last sale. Thanx to Moz for playing Hull...
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    Smiths - morrissey

    OK due to American timewaster SMiths stuff still for sale please see ebay 130307317580 Thanx
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    Smiths - morrissey

    HI I know I would maybe get more splitting lot, but Ebay charge per Item, :confused: & I don't want to be left with an odd single, It's hard enough to sell them as it is.:o I will see how it goes; I have alot of 12" and CDs so may split them, Thanx for your support
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    Smiths - morrissey

    HI I have just lost my job so having to sell my record collection some quite rare stuff including This CHarming Man Original Pressing with withdrawm Rough Trade Logo On please see EBAY (I Know I'm Sorry) 130303135876 and 130303139261 thanx
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    Moz denim jacket

    One of a kind Denim jacket on ebay (sorry biggest network) Please have a LOOK! item no 130278548140 Please mail any questions THanx DJ
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