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    Yes, I've been a volunteer for 3 years :) I don't think they should have killed the big rat just to take a photo! It's just pathetic!
    Yes, I hope she gets a place in uni too. She definately deserves it for all the hard work, ridicious early mornings and stress that she's indured for 2 years.
    I see some annoymous users enjoy your posts on here, I do too! Your really funny :p
    I'm hoping I get this full time paid job with Barnados! I would love to work in charity, if I can't be a teaching assistant....I've had no luck in that department at all :(
    Yes, I'm fine thanks :) I'm currently working "almost full time" in a local DIY store at the moment. It's boring, but it's money for now! I'm trying to get my band some gigs and get us somehow successful, but it's failing terribly! I'm trying to just coast on though and not let life get me down in general.
    Mrs Davie is great too, she's hoping to get into University to do Nursing, but she's got an Nursing Assistant apprenticeship in case she doesn't get picked this year. She was fighting against 200 candidates on the day she was interviewed....competition is tough around North Wales!
    We do fight a lot though! We're like an old couple (Jack and Vera off Corrie :D), we had a pointless break for 2 or 3 days and went back together again. It often happens, but we never give up on our relationship. It does generally work haha :p
    Hello there, I doubt you even remember me! But I remember you! How's things? :)
    I am religious in my own views of the world and life :) Dramatic? not now, not really.
    Aww, at least you have a job :) I'm sure there are many people who are really in need for a job at this current time. I always try to look on the positive side, most of the time anyway.
    I'm thinking of teaching RE or Theatre Studies, but I might just teach Primary because that seems easier and you don't have the stress to try and make all the children pass their GCSEs :)
    cool, do you injections and that sort of thing! scary!
    Yeah University Challenge was the best episode there was! :p
    I liked Bottom as well and Mr Bean is cool too!
    I'm fine, just bored working on recieving deliveries in a card factory :( going back to college next year. I want to be a teacher!
    you seem really nice. what do you do then? :)
    how are you? I like Absolutely Fabulous...but I like Blackadder and The Young Ones more :)
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