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  • This is a poem I wrote for you, you lumberjack fiend. Please enjoy:
    Tasty snack.
    Shaq attack.
    Booty crack.
    Pancake stack.
    The colour black.
    The Beatles Get Back.
    Rick Astley's track.
    Old men's bric-a-brac.
    Estuary plaque.
    Baby smack.
    My Sharona The Knack.
    Rabid donkey pack.
    Daddy touches my sack.
    Ouch holy f***ing shit balls cock that f***ing hurts jesus christ painful shit who the f*** puts that shit f***ing there f*** shit balls f*** hurts to sit on - tack.
    -Yours (Always, I am, forevr), Erotic Manwich.......................
    Well Howdy Doody Do partner, I wish to inform you that i am a member of the colony of Cowboys, in which we ride around in a convoy of buttsex and other things that are homosexual. Such as Tomas. And Madden. WE DO NOT HAVE BUTTSEX WITH TOMAS OR MADDEN. WE FORCE THEM TO HAVE IT WITH EACHOTHER, they do it willingly becuse they are gay. Howdy Doody Do.
    Greetings, chumpling. I am your friend/wend. I enjoy you and I appreciate other things including you. Goodbye for now, I've got to go now. Good tidings, my turtle-shaped buthole of mine.
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