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  • hi mell..
    oh no how could i?:eek:
    i always love him until death..
    once..then always..!!!!:rolleyes:
    i'm still on the news..i haven't missed anything..
    .just sad with the album..
    but on the other hand it's a bit positive..
    cause next year i will have definitive more money..hehe:)

    btw i were here..but not often..i was very
    buzy and it's still going on..i started my education
    3 weeks ago..and it's very have to do a
    lot of stuff...especially after school..but i'm happy
    with's much better than i thought..and that's, isn't it? i think i can handle it..i'm watching
    the wma's again..i liked russell moderation..just
    sad that it was for THAT POOR event:tears:..with
    these POOR artists:mad:...but hey tokio hotel won..
    they're from germany..i don't like their music..but
    respect them for their huge sucess..never thought so..
    best performance was kid rock..well, how couldn't it..:D
    it was LIVE..what a wonder..thank god for it...:p

    so how are YOU??
    xoxo miry:)
    I think they will make it big in America very soon. I'm sure they will be here in '09. Now is the time to go to England, as the exchange is the best it's been in years, and will hopefully improve even more. It's still not great, but at least it's improving. :0)
    I'm trying, trying, trying to get tix for the Friday show, it's sold out :0( I figured if I wasn't seeing Moz, I'd find another band to see....and this fits my schedule. Yes, you can come if you can get a flight!! :0)
    Thanks Mell! It almost looks like a painting... that is way better than the arms I was just seeing before~! It looks very airbrushed and unreal but very beautiful. What an odd choice for an album cover! WHat is up with the butterfly on the baby and the thing on Mozzer's arm?
    Oh by the way... Is there a good pic of the new cover? I saw the one on here the other day- the thumbnail- but I can't even make out the picture very well! I searched for it in google images but that went no where. Maybe there are more copies on line today.
    Hi Mell! -why did he have to leave so soon? My friend Michelle at work said she was on you tube yesterday and there was footage of Morrissey and she watched it because she knows I love him. I asked her what it was and she said he was leaving the stage and was so handsome. Not much help. She was looking at Paris Hilton's presidential ads so I thought maybe it was somehow linked there but no such luck... I wonder what she found. She is not a Morrissey fan and only watched because I am always talking about him. Too funny! Glad she thought he looked good anyway!
    Hi Mell... very sad that Morrissey skipped out on us! How are you? I loved the pics of him at the cafe on Sunset. Yesterday I was at a dreaded staff meeting and fantasized about how wonderful it would be if Morrissey was a fellow faculty member at my school. I can hear him speaking up about all the crap- sitting in the back corner with me as we'd mutter under our breathes at the stupidity of the work place and how we'd decide to go grab a bite to eat after the awful meeting ended. How I'd have such a crush on him and be so disappointed after years of wishing he'd ask me out... I pay absolutely no attention at staff meetings... Hope you are well! - Love, Laura : )
    Thanks Mell- I don't recall him ever singing it but I thought maybe I missed it?? I think we need to plan a weekend trip to the Cat and Fiddle sometime soon....
    Hey Mell- When did Morrissey do "The first Time Ever I Saw Your Face?" Can I find it anywhere? I just saw it posted under the subject of what song was playing when you touched Morrissey's hand. I had no idea he ever did that song. It is one of my favorites and I would love to hear Mozzer's interpretation.
    Thanks Mell! Love that pic of Morrissey- WOW! He's here! So he was at The Knitting Factory huh? DAMN!

    Not sure what to do about the Texan. I am not kidding about the baggage though...
    Hi again Mell!
    Hope you are having a great weekend! I just finished my second week of the new school year. My class so far has been really good except for a few kids who are under the impression that school is for zoning out. I didn't do the Bowl show either as my friend Mike had tickets for me and my other friend Deb but she flaked and I didn't want to drive down there by myself so I didn't end up going. Been kicking myself ever since. Oh well at least we can relive it on DVD.

    Yes my date was a nice time but nothing more. I can sure pick em. I met a boy in Texas who I adore and was gonna go visit in October but the more we talk (text mostly) the more baggage he has comes out and it ain't good! Where is that man and when is he gonna arrive. I am tired of waiting and constantly being disappointed! Hope all is good with you! take care! - Love, Laura : )
    Just noticing this message - thanks Mell!
    I've always loved Morrissey but my love has grown to 'obsession' this year, hence joining solo! Don't have a lot of time to post because quite frankly it might take over my life! ha!
    Hope you're having a great summer!
    Hi Mell!
    How have you been? When will we be getting our Hollywood Bowl DVD? is it only a UK release? How are things in SD? How is the roommate working out? I miss you and hope all is well! - Love, Laura : )
    hi mell how are you? i`m a bit mad because of the album delay,i can`t believe it,that sucks aghhhh but what do you think about this? .... have a great weekend and take care,greetings from mexico...bye amiga :)
    aww, thats nice to know mell :) i'm still there sometimes, just less than before with the mega posting sessions. :) if i get inspired i will go crazy again :D thanks for befriending me :D
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