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  • yeah, i thinking "i take on more responsibility" that was a f-ing stoopid ding 2 do!

    It all takes time, be ready to speak about it, that helps.
    alright...really. pretty stressed by work, the last two hours on friday were a night mare. i read that you recently loss your grandmother, i'm sorry to hear that.
    Hey do you by any chance use AIM? Since we seem to have a lot in common we should exchange screennames if you do! :)
    Mine would probably be a tie between BSITS and Sing The Sorrow because STS was the first album I bought from them and BSITS is just brilliant.

    :lbf: I don't want to think about Moz talking dirty to someone and mentioning his "kegs" :sick:

    I see nothing wrong with Maladjusted, I don't really know why it gets such a bum rap. I do love ROTT and Your Arsenal equally as my favs though.

    haha I'd definitely write to them and bitch them out on it. I love seeing people going Jersey! My mum is from Brooklyn so it's definitely similar to what I get to see when she's pissed off.

    I think I will join when they open it back up :)

    I hate people like that :mad: I don't understand why they can't like a band for their music instead of their "cool-ness".

    I'm sorry that you had to be a preteen girl. :p
    Definitely same here, CexCells is a brilliant record. What's your fav AFI record?

    haha ROTT is actually one of my fav Morrissey albums, and DGPHM is one of my fav songs, but the "explosive kegs" line really throws me off when I hear it. It just doesn't fit into the song smoothly without making you go WTF?:confused:

    Ooo it's only $29.99 to join now, but they aren't accepting new members until they change their ordering system or something. I think I might join at some point.

    Oh god, those 13 year old girls absolutely terrify me :eek: They're like an evil mob!
    CL is a really good album. I can see that DU was really sort of closer to a Blaqk Audio album rather than an AFI album. I do like DU but I don't really think of it as something AFI made because it doesn't sound like them.

    Aww, I love ROTT :o

    Sadly no, not part of the DF. How much does it cost nowadays?
    Much thanks, m'dear! :)

    Yes indeed! My Red version was f***ed up as such. All I had to do was first go to Viridian Town and talk to the gent there who taught you how to catch Pokemon, listen to his spiel, then fly to Cinnabar and surf up and down the eastern coast of the island and ta-da! Wild Mewtwos at level 132, Golbats and Golducks at 144, and the ever elusive Missingno ripe for the plucking! :D
    Hmm..Eh, now that you mention it, I am craving a taste for the original.

    Yellow would be lovely, pleeeeease :)

    In the past, were you, by chance in possession of one of the versions that had the glitch making it possible for you to catch wild Mewtwos on Cinnabar Island? :cool: Ahh, the good ol' days..
    Errm..well how far do they go?
    Like I don't want to get into all that new shit that's out there now, but I must say I at least went up to crystal in my childhood :blushing:
    I hate to say this... but we could really learn some air punching from the Guidos. Now, if only we could protect ourselves from hair gel and fake tanner... I am thinking colorful Biohazard suits.
    You need to practice your air punches. I know I do. I wish Richard Simmons made instructional air punching ugly cry face DVDs.
    OMG! I'll bring the fruit platter and throat coat tea.

    We are the best. *throws arms in the air and cries*
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