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    Morrissey Documentary

    If you use a VPN, then you can watch it. Try Private Internet Access.
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    An REM thread for r.e.m. stuff

    Is this a 22 track collection, including a cover of "In the Year 2525?"
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    Smiths/Moz boot needs (but have many to share in return!)

    Is there a particular thread on this site where people can request shows? I've been on here for years, and cannot recall this. Having said that, I wonder if anyone has these shows: 11/12/97 St. Petersburg, FL 7/12/07 Clearwater, FL Thank you.
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    Prince - Welcome 2 America (2021)- FLAC

    Got it. Thank you very much! :thumb:
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    HMV: Bona Drag LTD Edition vinyl released today (July 24, 2021)

    Wow. Forty-four dollars for a vinyl copy of of 31 year-old record. :crazy:
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    Request: All The Colours Of You (Deluxe CD)

    "The 11-track album is being issued as a 2LP vinyl set and on CD. The deluxe CD offers DVD-sized packaging with “additional images and artwork” but no bonus tracks." -
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    Morrissey Central "Wikipedia" (June 8, 2021)

    How Morrissey spends his free time: Looking himself up on Wikipedia, and complaining about inaccuracies. :thumb:
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