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    Norm MacDonald Laughter Accolades

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    Norm MacDonald Laughter Accolades

    He made stuff up all the time. He was a story teller. Even his memoir was a work of fiction. But I wonder about the blind guy story. I think he tells it better to Seinfeld. Its a story about shyness and epiphany. It feels almost like a parable. Its about seeing the world as it really is...
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    Norm MacDonald Laughter Accolades

    Can we talk about this story (blind guy) please. He tells the same story in a different way on the Norm MacDonald Live podcast episode with Jerry Seinfeld
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    Norm MacDonald Laughter Accolades

    Any fans of Norm are friends of mine
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    Norm MacDonald Laughter Accolades

    Norm was my hero
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    Johnny Marr announces new double album

    To me it sounds like a demo for Once I Saw the River Clean.
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    Dimes - Splitting Blood

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    Morrissey Central "THE BOYS IN THE BAND" (July 19, 2021)

    I've said something similar before but this a clear road map for Johnny Marr. Alain contact Morrissey without ego. He said he regretted how they'd partied ways. Told Morrissey that he remains the greatest lyricist and collaborator and that he'd love to work with him again. Morrissey suggested...
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    "Johnny Marr says The Smiths had a “blind spot” of being obsessed with media and notoriety" - NME (July 5, 2021)

    History has shown it was a terrible decision for JM. Morrissey went on to huge success all over the world and JM became a was.
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    Dennis Herring (producer) / Twitter - Extraordinary story about the Smiths' songwriting and recording

    I agree with this. Morrissey should be considered the song writer. Ive made a similar points before.
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    Fiona Dodwell: "Eight Tracks That Prove Morrissey Is As Great As He’s Ever Been" (June 23, 2021)

    Interesting that you so closely equate quality with commercial appeal. I assume you would satisfied if he produced the musical equivalent of "hot cakes".
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