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  • Hi sweetie! Hope you are well. You're more than welcome for the artistic compliments, you are extremely deserving. I've seen a few that I would LOVE. we are due to begin work again on my house next week, so come October, I'll be hanging pictures ;p
    hey Tbevie, can I use one of your drawings to make myself a t shirt?
    I'll show what I've done with it afterwards. Thanks
    I'm just okay. You don't want the long story =o)
    I'm loving your artwork, keep 'em comin! Dare I ask... any word?
    hi Teresa. hope your still making moz art! thanku for showin me ur thread (what is a thread?? lol... no really i am dumb about forums) Have you ever tried to post a drawing to morrissey, like to his record company or something? i would love to see a painting of him. I think you would make a brilliant painter , you slay charchol so well, where everyone else can't use it for anything let alone portraits!
    Thanks a lot :)

    I just wanted something different and I love your drawings. I have a smiths t-shirt but not a Moz one, so this will be my first and a personalised one ;). Many thanks again :D
    Hi Tbevie

    I'd like to ask if it would be OK for me to use one of your magnificent Moz drawings to make a t-shirt :)

    You are a fantastic artist, by the way :) - cheers
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