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  • hi! Thanks for writing me back! :) heh, 1983? I was a mere 4 yrs old then. WOW! You beat me by 20yrs lol! That's so cool that you've been a fan since the beginning. The stories you must have to tell...Yeah, I love Di's Morrissey Photoshop creations soooo very much ; I think they are just genius! :D We just began writing each other last Dec ; I joined flickr JUST so I could correspond w/ her and comment on her fabulous pics she makes! You too are probably close cos your b-days are close! I'm into astrology so I know you are both Scorpios on the zodiac wheel :) I'm a Virgo so we should get on fine! I can tell your avatar came from Di as well! Wish I knew HOW to make one for myself! :( I don't have my own home pc so I have to use the library's Internet services. I try to go a couple x a wk inbetw work. I'm a cat tech at my local SPCA :)---Nice chatting to you! take care, Karrie
    hello! We both write to Di and I was hoping we could be friends as well ;) I luv your name a line from one of my favourite Smiths choons "Stretch Out And Wait". I've been a Moz fan for '6 long years of my life' now since 2003 :) I live up in northern New England, USA in the tiny state of New Hampshire and I see you are a Northerner yourself hailing from Leeds, UK! Hope to hear back from you sometime, Karrie
    I like you, not your avatar :p It looks weird, can you see it? We must fix it, dear, something's wrong with it
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