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  • oh, much thanks..and thanks in advance for your efforts..i'm really privileged;)
    have a nice day..
    hugs and take care miry:)
    PS: thanks for your friends request..the pleasure is mine..as always!!
    oh and welcome to the jungle..nice to see you here..and a hottie pic in the frink thread..one of my favourites as well..especially the expression of his blue eyes:rolleyes:
    i read at the frink thread that you also play the bass..nice:)
    well i have a question..do you have the bass line for let me kiss you..i'm on search for days but couldn't find it anywhere..i have the verse part but i need the one from the guitar solo after each verse..and the part at the end of the song..same melody..do you know the few chords?
    lovley greets from cold and windy cologne
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