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  1. davidt

    The Simpsons - "Panic on the Streets of Springfield" (airing April 18, 2021) - reminder / reports

    UPDATE Apr. 18: Posted after the airing: Official Morrissey Facebook: Simpsons Response (April 19, 2021) The Simpsons ("Panic on the Streets of Springfield" season 32, episode 19) premieres Sunday April 18, 2021. An extended cut to air...
  2. davidt

    "Shoplifters Of The World" movie released (March 26, 2021)

    "Shoplifters Of The World" is released today in theaters and on-demand 1987. Denver, Co. One crazy night in the life of four friends reeling from the sudden demise of iconic British band The Smiths, while the local airwaves are hijacked at gunpoint by an...
  3. davidt

    Nick Kent talks Morrissey and The Smiths in DN interview - Fredrik Strage / Morrissey 61 Facebook group

    An anonymous person sends the link: Excerpt: Post by Fredrik Strage: Jag intervjuade just rockjournalisten Nick Kent för DN. Han är aktuell med sin första roman "The Unstable Boys". Jag frågade också om hans relation till Morrissey och han gav mig väldigt utförliga svar. Eftersom jag bara...
  4. davidt

    "Hand in Glove" named one of NME's "20 Best Love Songs of All-time"

    Shoplifterromo sends the link: Excerpt: The Smiths, ‘Hand In Glove’ (1983) Remember your first relationship? Very “us versus the world”, wasn’t it? That spirit is bottled by this song, which Moz and Marr wrote...
  5. davidt

    "Kill Uncle" at 30: Oddball album or timeless classic? - Dickie Felton

    Link from Dickie: "Kill Uncle" at 30: Oddball album or timeless classic? - Dickie Felton
  6. davidt

    "Honey You Know Where To Find Me" #23 in UK best selling vinyl singles of 2020 - NME

    shoplifterromo writes: The best-selling singles of 2020 U.K. chart has been announced by the Official Charts Company (OCC). NME lists Morrissey’s “Honey You Know Where To Find Me” at number 23 in the year’s top 40 chart...
  7. davidt

    Murray Chalmers briefly talks about Morrissey, Courtney Love on the Four Marys (The Courier)

    Stan writes: Murray Chalmers has a rather obscure mention of M in his recent column for The Courier, a newspaper that covers East Scotland. Excerpt: "It’s nothing to reminisce fondly...
  8. davidt

    "Please, Please, Please..." used in Telus commercial (Canada, Dream Academy version)

    GK writes: The Dream Academy's instrumental of Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want is being used in Telus commercial in Canada
  9. davidt

    "We Are Who We Are" (HBO) episode 4 party scene includes short clip of "This Night Has Opened My Eyes" This Night Has Opened My Eyes THE SMITHS Party continues. everyone is drinking and smoking.
  10. davidt

    Site software upgrade to XenForo 2.2

    The site has been upgraded to the latest XenForo forum software version 2.2. This includes many media/interface improvements and and some new features: Media gallery improvements for browsing / viewing. Attachments to posts has an improved interface also. 'Forum attachments' media gallery which...
  11. davidt

    The first couple in the world to marry at Salford Lads Club - Manchester Evening News Iconic building will stage couple's big day in May Excerpt: Joy Ainsley can't wait to tie the knot with her charming man. There might even be a vicar in a tutu. For they will be the...
  12. davidt

    Morrissey Central JULIETTE GRECO and Angie Best post (Oct. 5, 2020) JULIETTE GRECO 1927 - 2020 Angie Best post
  13. davidt

    Morrissey Central Beloved. (August 31, 2020) Description: Brow of my Beloved -MORRISSEY ( fan made ) Posted by: MADNESS tv Fan made video in dedication to the Loving Memory of Elizabeth Ann Dwyer
  14. davidt

    "Vauxhall And I" re-enters Official UK Vinyl Album Charts at #11 (Physical #25, Sales #25)

    The re-issued HMV exclusive blue vinyl Vauxhall And I re-enters the the Official UK Vinyl Album Charts at #11 Also in the Physical Albums Chart Top 100 at #24 and the Album Sales Chart Top 100 at #25...
  15. davidt

    Tributes paid following the death of legendary NME writer Dele Fadele - NME

    Ben writes: ...reporrting the passing of Dele Fadele, a pivotal figure in the NME and particularly famous for his part in the 'Flirting With Disaster?' cover story about Moz's attitudes towards race. Dele personally told me that Morrissey had sent over a drink - probably a pint of cider - to...
  16. davidt

    Lil Yachty wears Morrissey shirt in his new music video "Pardon Me"

    Tim writes: rapper Lil Yachty wears a Morrissey shirt with vertical text. Image in video is pixelated. also posted on Instagram: UPDATE Aug. 15: MORRISSEY'S SYNDICATE IS STILL READY TO SQUARE OFF TO THE...
  17. davidt

    Testing @ mentions

    @GirlAfraidWillNeverLearn - testing @ mentions.
  18. davidt

    Morrissey Central RINGLEADER DELUXE ! (July 17, 2020) Morrissey’s third UK number 1 album ‘Ringleader of the Tormentors’ will be issued this year by BMG for the first time.The album is presently being ‘rebooted’ by producer Tony Visconti and will feature more sections by...
  19. davidt

    Morrissey Central Growl Howl (July 17, 2020)
  20. davidt

    Keith Vanetta RIP

    Rest in peace to my friend and longtime fan Keith Vanetta who passed away yesterday. My condolences to his family and the many who knew him. Posted in the Book of Condolence Thread: by Famous when dead: Alain dedicated this to him in June...
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