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  1. Tbevie

    ‘Greatest Hits’ & ‘Swords’ vinyls for sale

    Also a few other bits and pieces. Needs must I’m afraid.
  2. Tbevie

    Mojo / Andrew Male: review of IANADOAC (4/5*s)

    Found a clipping on Twitter. not much of a review but it is positive.
  3. Tbevie

    Radio X ‘Best of British’

    Hi guys. I don’t know how many of you listen to Radio X but every year around this time they do a ‘Best of British’ competition. Listeners can go onto the radio X website and vote/pick their favourite 3 British tracks of all time. Then all the votes get counted and on Easter Monday the station...
  4. Tbevie

    Radio X make "Spent The Day In Bed" their record of the week

    This means the song will be played on every show throughout the day all week. Great publicity.
  5. Tbevie

    Dissaponted there's no new material on this tour

    I was really hoping Moz would have premiered a couple of new songs on this American tour. Didn't Moz say in an interview at the end of last year that they were hoping to be back in the studio in Febuary this year. I don't know If that was just wishful thinking or if he was in talks with a label...
  6. Tbevie

    Article: "World Peace..." LP to be released on Virgin EMI according to Piccadilly Records (expected

    WPINOYB to be released on Virgin EMI
  7. Tbevie

    Original Moz/Smiths drawing for sale

    Original Moz/Smiths drawings for sale I'm selling quite a few of my Original Morrissey and Smiths related Drawings on Etsy if anyone's interested.
  8. Tbevie

    Looking for old tour merchandise

    I'm wondering if there is anywhere online I can buy old tour t-shirts. And by old I mean 2006 onwards. I'm not a big Merchandise collector but I do like to have a least one t-shirt with the dates on the back of each tour i go on but I'm missing a couple of t-shirts.
  9. Tbevie

    WPINOYB live

    I was at the Hydro on Saturday, my first Moz gig since WPINOYB was released. And although I had read reviews, complaining about the set list being too WPINOYB heavy and feeling a bit flat in those areas I was shocked at how little atmosphere there was in the crowd whenever a WPINOYB song was...
  10. Tbevie

    Signed EILS record store poster

    I'm regrettably selling my 2010 'Everyday is like Sunday' signed poster, if anyone's interested.
  11. Tbevie

    Selling a few more original Moz/smiths drawings

    Hi everyone. I've decided to try and sell a few more of my original Moz/smiths A4 drawings on eBay. Here's the link if anyone's interested.
  12. Tbevie

    Selling a few of my Moz drawings

    I'm Selling a few of my A4 Morrissey charcoal and chalk drawings on Ebay if anyone's interested.
  13. Tbevie

    Doomsday 21 December 2012?

    Do you believe anything significant will happen? Should we all celebrate Christmas on the 20th, just in case?
  14. Tbevie

    Rare Moz/Smiths Books and DVDs for sale.

    I’m not to familiar with this part of the site so I don’t know if I’m allowed to post this here but I’m selling a few rare Morrissey/smiths books and DVDs on eBay if anyone’s interested. I’m moving house at the end of the month so I’m having a bit of a clearout. Here’s a link to all the...
  15. Tbevie

    Prints of my Morrissey drawings are now available.

    I don’t know if I’m allowed to post this here and it’s a little bit embarrassing advertising my own work but a few people on the Morrissey Artwork thread have expressed an interest in owning some of my drawings. This is of course a huge compliment but as I’ve explained to a few people these...
  16. Tbevie

    You, Me and Morrissey. (book)

    I just saw this on Amazon. I was wondering if anyone has read it yet. It sounds quite similar to ‘The Smiths, Paint A Vulgar Picture’ book, only with Morrissey song titles as well as Smiths ones...
  17. Tbevie

    Brian Clough

    I’ve been reading and watching a lot of footage about Brian Clough recently, mainly due to the release and media coverage for the new Film ‘The Dammed United’ which I still haven’t seen yet. For some reason it’s not showing at my local Odeon and doesn’t seem to be showing at many Odeon’s in...
  18. Tbevie

    Alma Matters – David Letterman (youtube)

    ‘Alma Matters’ live on the David Letterman show
  19. Tbevie

    No Jools Holland?

    Sorry if this has already been disscussed but I was wondering if anybody has heard anything about Moz being on Jools Holland. He usually does when promoting an album.
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