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  1. Vegan

    Morrissey Central "MORRISSEY NEW ALBUM" (May 30, 2021)

    Serious lack of reading comprehension. I'm actually a Moz apologist but for simple folk like yourself? Over your head.
  2. Vegan

    The Telegraph: "No record label will touch Morrissey – and that’s the music industry’s loss" (June 4, 2021)

    I've loved Moz's recent albums and am eagerly awaiting purchasing the new one. I think he has always gotten shabby treatment from the press. What's frustrating to me is how easy it would be for him to set the record straight on some things. The man is not racist for example but he just lets...
  3. Vegan

    The Telegraph: "No record label will touch Morrissey – and that’s the music industry’s loss" (June 4, 2021)

    It's true. The man has a right to his opinion and to believe what he wants. I despise the right wing like every rational, reasonable, compassionate person but Moz really hasn't done and said anything that rises to this level of derision. My only gripe is he hasn't made any real effort to defend...
  4. Vegan

    Morrissey Central "MORRISSEY NEW ALBUM" (May 30, 2021)

    Moz has made zero effort to rehabilitate his reputation. Just effing defend your right to believe what you wish- left or right. While not quite Trumpian his stupid quadrupling down on the same loser strategy of martyr mythologizing and lack of self awareness is post-annoying at this moment...
  5. Vegan

    Morrissey Central "GODDESS MILEY IN A SMITHS TEE" (March 12, 2021)

    More like godawful. Please she's no longer vegan.
  6. Vegan

    Does anyone know if Morrissey has religion?

    The universe had a beginning. That's a tough one to discount without....something. Is Moz religious? If it gives him peace I hope so. I used to be religious. I sometimes envy those who are.
  7. Vegan

    Morrissey Central "SUCCESS !" (February 12, 2021)

    Better than nothing but humans are lost cause. Hopefully a genetic cul de sac.
  8. Vegan

    Morrissey A-Z: "Darling, I Hug a Pillow"

    Gorgeous song. Love it. Trumpets are glorious.
  9. Vegan

    Poll What should Morrissey do next?

    I don't "prefer" my own race. Shit, I don't even prefer my own species. Anyway, doesn't Moz support far right causes like For Britain?
  10. Vegan

    Poll What should Morrissey do next?

    He needs to rehabilitate his image right or wrong. His last album flopped hard. It didn't even make the Billboard Top 200 in the USA!! There's no commercial incentive for BMG or any significant label to release another Morrissey album. The thing is if Moz is a rightwinger that's his choice...
  11. Vegan

    Was Morrissey right to call out Chinese eating habits given the current COVID 19 situation?

    It's never wrong to call out cruelty. Moz wasn't the first to allege Covid came from wet markets.
  12. Vegan

    Best songwriter: Morrissey or Bob Dylan

    I love Moz but this poll is absurd. It's not even close. Dylan is another league.
  13. Vegan

    Rank Morrissey's 21st century LPs

  14. Vegan

    With the death of 'For Britain' where will Morrissey go?

    How is For Britain's views on Islam "racist"? Have not witnessed a coherent, fact-based argument. I wonder if those that make some claims actually understand Islam and it's mission.
  15. Vegan

    "Darling I Hug A Pillow" is one of his best songs ever

    Everything about this track is great. The vocal, the horns, the harmonies, the arrangement. Reminds me of Joan Armatrading at times. Definitely Top 5 Morrissey songs.
  16. Vegan

    Morrissey Central "Everyday Is Like Sunday" & "Everyday" (April 8, 2020)

    and Bernie is far left so so much for the Far Right drivel he's accused of
  17. Vegan

    Springsteen plays Morrissey on his SiriusXM radio show - April 8th

    Bruce is the King Of Rock & Roll. He also knows his music. I'm not surprised he knows Moz. "Sunday" pretty much is THE Morrissey song.
  18. Vegan

    Poll IANADOAC is his best album since...?

    2 people are either trolling or they believe the new album is his very best. Maybe it is. Time will tell.
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