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    Has anyone else not received their pre-ordered WPINOYB yet?

    I received my poster separately over a week ago but no album yet. Unfortunately, the tracking number stops once it gets transferred from UPS to the US post office. Last update was that it was transferred to a in state post office about a week ago. I ordered it around the 1st of July. Just...
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    Need two Royal Oak tickets!!!!!

    Anyone? Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh? Please! :)
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    Need two tickets to Royal Oak! :)

    Was gonna go through Criagslist but it appears to be all brokers. Stubhub is the next option. Unless anyone has two extra they are selling?
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    Best site for folks in US to purchase Moz/Smiths shirts?

    Going to the show on 12/18 and I would really like a new shirt...something kinda unique. I googled it and there are so many shirt sites--but I have concerns about quality. Any suggestions? thanks!
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    Nice live cover of "Girfriend in a Coma" by Robin Wilson of the Gin Blossoms

    I think he does a fairly good job! :thumb:
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    Morrissey needs to dress more casual

    can't say I am a fan of the sports coat/dress shirt/slacks/dress shoes look. Need more jeans/boots, casual shirt type stuff. A little bit more rock and roll, for lack of a better term.
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    I Know Very Well How I Got My Name

    Yeesh, nearly 20 years after the fact--I have finally discovered this song! No clue HOW I missed it. And no clue how this was left off Viva Hate.
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    Morrissey acoustic show?

    I think it would be great to see Morrissey in an intimate setting (well, as intimate as his popularity allows) doing an acoustic show with just him singing and Boz on guitar. Anyone else yearn to see this?
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    Christian Dior/ROTT b-sides

    I would love to hear this track if anyone can help? Also, can anyone list the ROTT b-sides. I know I am missing some (Sweetie Pie, Floorboards, etc.) Thanks
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    The Police just blew the roof off!

    What a killer performance at the Grammy's. Band was TIGHT and sounded great. This is one reunion that will measure up the past. And how the hell is Sting 55? Dude looks 20 years younger.
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    The Specials: Ghost Town

    "Too much fighting on the dance floor!" Great f***in' tune.
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    This dawn raid....

    ...soon put paid to All the things I'd whispered to you At night time And I will never stand naked in front of you Or if I do, it won't be for a long time Look once to me, look once to me Then look away Some of Morrissey's best lyrics (and vocals).
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    Moz's prime= Your Arsenal/Vauxhall

    I was watching some vids from that era and it occured to me that era 92-94 was the pinnacle of Moz solo. The sound, the band, the looks, the music---kinda depressing knowing he won't reach those heights again. Anyone else agree?
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    ROTT Deluxe Edition/B-sides

    Anyone know how many b-sides there are? When/If the Deluxe Edition comes out will it ONLY contain the b-sides released with the singles (say if he only releases 3 singles) or will it have all of them.
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    Random memory linked to a Morrissey song

    For some reason, everytime I hear the song Southpaw I link it to a specific situation. Fall of '95 was a golden time for music. You had Morning Glory, Great Escape, and Southpaw all with what, a week or two? I remember every morning during the fall/winter leaving the apartment I lived at...
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